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and what we’re doing their energy initiative diagonal what we’re doing on the energy side I keep it informal people lose I want to ask question can interrupt up yourself I can do this fifty thousand foot level I think I’ve got the pipe feet take it back up two hundred thousand feet ain’t y’all busy we’ll make it fun and easy okay so before I start Ron said that the I used to work for the electric utility I spent 22 years without in various leadership positions i was head of generation planning I hid all the power plants on Oahu for actually headed corporate communications with a corporation came over here general manager 4001 half series integration actually went to work for Pearl Harbor get that for about 18 months after four months I said I I gotta be something else 18 months cave and I said I’d be insulted other folks were asking what i did i said okay i’ll be back and then that’s when I met dutch hybrid collapse yes I went back to the big galaxy kidding best decision I ever made is coming to pick up the worst decision ever made leaving that big either so glad up here I talk about my back a little bit because I am going to talk but utility a little bit not yes I used to work there but the people you know the guys the deckplates have the most admiration for those guys during Hurricane the leadership and the direction of the company its slowest reaction solution so a little bit about Parker ranch we were trying 1847 monthly one of the oldest companies and the big app over 160 years I think of close to nine sixty years formed by a gentleman named Tom Parker who married great for the granddaughter of King Kamehameha the first interesting story he was I thinking China working his way back to Oregon when he passed through the first time he waited two years to get my ship to get back to a bigger and they had that barrel cao cao cao’s about over that they got and the kingdom to do with it because Springfree his job was to like kind of get him back together he started off with two acres got to 10 the rank eventually went about 11,000 acres right now during 6th generation Richard smart decided this before he passed away to throw the branch of trust so you model in something he modeled it after Queen Emma so it’s a the beneficiaries are health care education and community this case it’s a North white community hospital HP a punker schools and the Richard smartphone is part of what really validation this goes out flow rate scholarships the kids and under big oven and most of relations are going through Hawaii and so our mission is to maintain an improving the quality of life in my main area of led by providing vegetable support president beneficiaries through seven management improve investor from trust assets and we’ve been a cow-calf operation for a long time and that’s really where the lead of our but yeah what we’re answer what always going to be arranged but we decided to also split up into other areas one is what we call Lisa culture drastic I’m going to release the local Eve program over here we don’t want to call it grasp it because there may be times i doing a garage with my Hector some on the cow over or alfalfa farm or something he is oh so it’s locally grown feet and we have about 2,000 dead 2013 in the program right now for puppy or think about 1,500 into a slaughter by the end of the year think about two million pounds of even to the local market a lot of its going to the local slaughterhouse over here together be but some of it is also going to see y hasta on Oahu and it’s being market included chef zone under the final count company brand that’s for nothing two restaurants we’re doing that right now you know maybe hope you woke up you big enough to get my purse I

and tell a little story about animal power as we the only banking stuff now so that’s Khyber a couple years ago yes looking at our cow operations margins the Mauna Kea side of the ranch that’s where a lot of our water pumping roads are those margins were being wiped out by the high energy costs so you want to do something about it he hired a team from booze own booz allen hamilton and siemens oh so look it to look into it you know can all talk about it but I wanted to show this or right here it is graphic because poker ranked by mangled khattala isn’t it a red circle at spot besides of Hawaii acting in the dark blue is the wind resource we have up there in its class seven wing teaches you about investing you can get in so you can imagine Minister enough wind resource through there we’ve had it measured to provide share with not just a ranch in or Paula my mammoth actually in Thai private so that chassis ok ok let’s try to unlock the other renewable potential of this wind resource of this roof of the resources we have the energy resources to reduce the electric car everyone and look like well why we wanted to do that but we have wind resources and the one thing you want to talk about a little bit is filled volatility so this is graph of fuel prices these are he could help her feel classic over the last nine years the data we went south code word 2014 from the seabed website so i didn’t have any observable taxes with that but what it shows is that volatility original tilly over three year period was forty percent 3917 but the overall both to live within time various eighty-four percent what does that mean yeah we’re just going to ask you what you define mom ability use context okay sheriff Sosa volatility releases the swinging the oil prices and require a house computer it’s the standard deviation of returns which is the log of the differences okay they are pretty technical the technical folks that’s how it’s done so well what it means is when the utility makes investments in power factor safe awesome by our power plants that’s what it’s been over three years the shareholders basic video put their money in and expect to get a return but the fuel price and the changes in Google+ gets passed on to customers so when I say that fuel prices and volatility of feminist wealth it’s because you can put like you know your money in the bag heaven Grove for the interest but in this case one month to build to be two hundred dollars and X months it could be 180 4020 just moves around so you can’t like you know those people on fixed income especially you better have a little more money than you would only have case your classes farewell my pillow forts and paper bills so because you can’t you can’t just like you best that money or take any savings and put in the back to grow from that’s how your your wealth is effective where you yeah mr. Walton but the shareholders of Cena obviously shareholders that are here see general shareholders my time shielded that’s important because the cost curves of the google energy between solar have got that storage have gone down so those costs are gone down and they have zero bullets granted they move because cloud cover because of wind changes but that’s not price cover that bet fluctuation can be doubling the stories it’s also has your request and if you take price volatility who have caffeine Resource Bank on from planning you’re going to see that fossil fuel assets falsified assets cannot compete with the brutal essence even with the oil and what do you think we’ve got to be computed estimating it’s better word while at about forty five dollars about renewable energy oh and I say like they’re so we need to take well to lead into account the energy planning process because it’s not regularly done that way and again do that you can see that and store that more you look good boss

so we work with a team with Siemens and lose out on them put together a plan to help us at the ranch say okay how do we fix our ranging situation how to reduce costs for the ranch and they put together plan they look at our resources that we get wind of storage hundred feet does anyone know home storage matter who pays sometimes I just an engineer so you should let’s get away around yeah so uh I have a gun oh so silly oh but they look at potential resources on the ranch hey you can do I have lmg on there because elk a massive dictators what’s nice about it is if used it really is a bridge and when you get this term but if you really want to lower costs right now natural gas for my by understanding swimming if you do data study and you know it L&G price that email per kilowatt hour we had one of our partners to Deadspin solution quite when I making some it’s a nice educators it’s not permanent right right it’s a bridge yeah and and I’ll show you later on some plans that we have but you’re just resources that we were looking at and if you own one thing that we noticed was this is kind of interstate house that concludes out who’s out Hamilton particularly came up with it is probably for an energy transformation you have to spend about building building nothing’s 1.2 billion now I have here that lower rates and when you take into account the multiplier effect become generously the secondary tertiary effects of people everyone having extra money to spend into the cottage that’s 11 and a half times it’s about 1.4 billion dollars going those are big numbers recipe okay is it for me utility guy billion dollars is roughly on 200 million bell rings they’ll grow beyond that moonstruck two hundred million dollars of you spend a billion dollars right now okay what is well placed or what is how much does the utility spinning well being about 250 million and if you take into account the other independent power producers they made powered by powerful it’s about you know since utility basically generates about half like this date forty-seven percent so the remaining generation that they buy power from including the renewable it divide powerful men at oil costs principe garden and so figure so its marketing officer is five hundred million dollars or half a billion dollars in oil related costs per year for you that’s it goes away deciding the seven and if you’re placing to put a million dollars and clean you’re saving money you spend a billion dollars and you would say that’s good counterintuitive each other nothing that it’s impossible hey guys think see it and there’s about 200 million dollars net book value of existing awesome food unit strategy to be written off so you can make an argument that in their planning going so the shareholders repair that processes we’ve been bearing the volatility Prospero this time so we can sell those things Ella one who wants to 70 year old boiler okay so what year was spending a billion dollars actually reduces race then we get that too seems down to that’s a week so you know so we started thinking like utility it’s like a hybrid to see well I really do this in the right way and did actually came up with our first plan towards redo microgrid for go to cross over as a ranch we wanted to reduce our

cost of water pumping operations to increase our margins of cattle ranching do we said well students were involved in the community so let’s see will be something for my man also good cop and that’s how this region how we can save everybody there about money utility came back after we talked to one sit well you take away the northern part of ye then everyone else has defecated for the remaining infrastructure that these guys are paying for any more and so it’s a good so we lose you wait and everyone else loses and we said there’s like six hundred million dollars with benefit he got two hundred million dollars with old units for getting two hundred million dollars and you guys will be home and will still save water please plus the secondary economic they went how does that work so instead of working with utility in trying to get this microwave or looking at my pay grade we’re looking at resource planning we decided we go to be bigger transformational change but only happen with a commission of the legislators that’s not too happy that’s a good class play and we came up with a study we published a study of the regional microwave sir can we back up this did that cost we’re talking about when you’re done all the transmission lines they have already in place is that part of the equation yes actually there’s two ways we looking at one where we with legal the power we would basically used facility three distinct fence we should be sufficient wires hanging important and yoga that’s the big cost of the other one was we’ll just build it over yeah oh well yeah and by building a line we still owe you know so they kind of told you how inefficient system appearance but of course tsunamis not going to build good so young so but it was the point right happens me one point and we could publish the study you know I think this is on our website if you want excuse me but stopped about the microgrid so the nice thing about you guys know what am I commute is so Micah did basically is a smaller grade within the bigger on the cream so this case it was Waimea and what kahala but you can also form a series of mine could really okay series of my foots uncommon why can’t you do that so you would do that because for example even the storms that we had tsunami would please he could divide the evidence different groups perhaps the Waimea much power my people being that generator examples we have a lot of the wind resources there in elevation for storage so these older people natural gas-fired engines of needed the Kona Coast to me about the grid maybe in the Makua if you helo put up etc and what’s nice is if and the utility they could either Bowl the entire by the group is at themselves so they can own the wire for the transmission backbone and these the different life degrees and during a storm each might agree could separate from the other he don’t like it’s like that for example you know the other way we could still stay in service or maybe you know what may I like to be in that generated electricity to maybe most of the my critics but you know new resiliency or stalking the people cut sep reserved attention so is it costs more to do this we don’t think so we think you can do it clean but again just increases resiliency for the ill but not like the mainland work maybe I’d like to get your only cost more but given the strong prices are high well mainland has two major grids the name all these independent utilities some which are we messed around so much monkey that basically serves a geographic area that basically the same as quickly as matter fact they’re all interconnected those are saying didn’t help each other out yeah so the whole the whole national utilities we just don’t have that really hard to borrow some power compete from

big yeah so we wanted to demonstrate the value that my grid PUC but then we said well why my custom money we’re saving could we could potentially save all this way or what may why don’t we use something for the warhead so we did another study and I’ll show that shortly what we looked at the entire as a utility with the transformational standard and we were able to five percent sooner and lower cost point into that I’ll talk a little bit about gonna be stewards they said I would and you guys know about battery energy storage so they have utility steel storage which is a gay one perspective you divert tesla powerwall bigger units boarded the megawatt range they’re good for management of the grid in the seconds to minutes time period they move very fast so it provides a regulation will need and ramping that you need when so I’ll storage hopper can do the same thing on the short side but they also work on the longer minutes to hours duration and what they also provided is a rotational inertia for grid management how batteries do that do they call it the dedication so it’s it’s about the same but it’s not but what’s nice about I’m storage hydro or any long duration storage is when wind is being curtailed you can use that energy that would have been curtailed or back off to run a campana uphill and then in the evening time but that want to go and it would reduce the use of people unified utility total fire broken on so you’re making best use of existing google energy resources and served by false equivalence how do you agree pumps or two terms or conditions kilowatts I don’t need it because pumps are solely unless you’ve got a reservoir dump dude it’s much lower than the reservoir keep popping into pretty low yeah so nice thing about Parker anxious you know accepted 2500 foot level event elevation up to 9,000 feet so you got a 65 7,000 foot elevation difference we looked at 49 different places on the ranch it puts a pump storage but you hit the length ratios on whether there’s a number of places I don’t know match to basically firm up so you know the Apple on lower the lift basically really matters less give excess energy and doesn’t matter how much he used to talk about the hill because you’ve got excess pretty funny house of costume million dollars to run one light bulb and I’ll guests gasping and I will show that it’s it’s very very sensible we have report on that hydro efficiency right now that’s a first d I’ve seen that claim I went to how much weeks for killer yeah I don’t know the exact number when I was at utility I was here between 2007 2011 2011 as I didn’t say sir my home is it will be using them to generate electricity what they needed water and it really bothered it was that from you that’s thinking kind of small so I said you know if I were doing automatic Alec station why don’t I water from one field open up the station used electricity

produced and in the water i got i can use for irrigation in my men and I do it to prom thing instead is worth this electricity and o pretty-pretty sets your unstable what we think is comes to watch tiger given the water the ranch will change the face of every cruise leaves it who are finishing for pasture lands want to talk about farming you grow crops if there’s a lot of potential there’s potential for hot a lot of high elevation water up in our area source then some say it’s a tremendous resource so yeah so again i’m looking at energy but i also look at all which is the ability and culture did you work it is is compatible so you’re going to do that’s okay so okay so here’s some storage in a nutshell so it will lower reservoir that all this we want to back off you lose too much energy of the grid use that water up the hill and then evening you let that want to go now that’s traditional pumps going you see that California out of the way we want to do it is you could ahead to penstocks to ice to pops so you’re pumping water up the hill when you pick wind Energy’s being backed off and if you put your constantly trickle flowing water down here management and the great movies so you’re doing hoping the same time actually that’s really what we think is the next level next stage development yes if you use the win you know of course to get the water back out know that so all the numbers bertling hood also say win fifteen percent of 15 says 20 says whatever it is to get down few guys that you have any idea what where you might be per kilowatt hour power we have any idea what we might be but oh well let’s look at the resources separately ya think when I mammalia to get down to about two and a half three sets into an hour probably hello here probably eat pump storage it really depends so we’re gonna put out a request for information on palm storage on everyone is always the baby like crazy you see we fill the reservoir so okay so distant parts to it when is best due to the greatest in the late afternoons solar to test the time so the periods where there’s a lot of weight or a lot of solar to leave this can’t take that power into the back Wow believes that power water and then with all that what I was up to the top of the hill and you hit the date the evening people poaching right now they’re starting with the diesels instead of starting up those units just let the water down I’m going to generate electricity by just having water flow field generated alternative color remains electricity and now its just oh you’re making like these through google resources and you’re not starting

ezel dinner so there’s examples of bloomer westbourne upper reserved or house and help hero Spanish colony near islands is actually one hundred percent renewable they used to be good to this picture at least it has diesel generators because there’s a lot of power the town now diesel generators are just fat they have two other boards one up one down they have I think they also have two lines to test sets of pipes they’ve got the window so they can do it and so they cannot eat ility fans are their fans are too slow think their focus too much on the ship older it’s accidental hero do you know what the numbers are of what it’s producing and what it’s costing to produce or for these guys yeah I had the numbers I don’t have them I don’t have a mom but I can give to you okay let me sub is gonna be targeting right yeah they just that they go we’re generating but i will show you what we’ve come up with caustic said how much water is to discover it on the big island having five thousand foot elevation so you could pump it from 5,000 feet up to maybe 6,000 and then got 6,000 be ahead you can recover if you looked in developers it OMG 10 we we’ve looked at home several from 1000 foot bed to about five thousand foot hit I think you get the head is too large too soon who’s the cannibal me just that pie yeah the stage so there is a that is to grow our pies Cooper dance 4.1 Pete there you go my water 2 pumps are careful to the biggest can’t seem to let go of me just the pasta player generators too often sentra because we think that over here I mean think about it we have the highest rates I Pacific the lowest thing comes mostly gone through the counties and so the nice for transformational change to meet you hey we have the vision of potential exact day he been saying the same thing and up so we think i will show you some clans that we could accelerate the installation make celery retirement existing fossil fuel units in created value saying that even said the same thing doesn’t show you a graph of hell coast I arpita’s premise submitted 2013 got rejected by the Commission but i just wanted to show you a couple things this plan had a lot of renewable energy resources and data people at the bottom right you know there were 89 megawatts in 15 your plan why did the Commission rejected because there were no time rates of mosca units there was no fuel switch there was no display some customer value and so if you look at just added generation to the system it results in added incremental costs and so their costs and representation going on and that’s what I’m showing this reference if you look at their cop supply included plan so after the Commission rejected their I resource plan I said okay you got four months to come up with so they submit this lady they’ve added battery’s completely fuel switch allocated 2222 2018 what’s the

ISO containers that contain your eyes which has the scale for volume to reduce the cost of the head to your Bibble resource could even go out to win and they actually started to retirees and so they had 49 megawatts of economies not as much renewables and the utility called this a transformation this is transformational and all I say but what’s the interstate is with this new power supply equipment plane they’re saying that costs will be going down right about twenty-seven percent over two years and so if you lay on top of that the old iron econ’s member they have any retirements or feel switch so the cosmos go on you can see that tremendous value was generated just by listening heading back I was calming so we did that and we said well can we get better so we started with help coast of pounds of life in this plan he says is that 25 make wanted you go ballistic why realistic really there’s no tam thanh against at this point in time to prove the resource and the state wasn’t involved chemical analysis etc so the time it takes to develop the resource meant to do something really good like 25 so what if you were to replace that we pump storage hydro wind so 20 megawatts pump storage and 75 a lot of weight and in addition what salute requirements let’s accelerate those memories whether they have happening to them all okay get rid of one right we can get rid of that volatility and so what’s going to happen so if you look at the bottom right you’re retiring same number of units to suitors you’re adding a lot more renewables some of it firm and what does that do your cost well receptor became remember 2018 coughs go down to the ability because lmg came in containers in 2022 it went out again because the ship you putting a lot of potential gas then the sled benefits so by exerting retirements accelerating mg you can add little value and so we drop by Steve further faster because to benefit the customers right and we wanted it faster round eight so you could be excited too doesn’t sound the best interest of the customer we do that customer value drive shareholder done so I we t you can add more value and it turns out when you accelerate storage but uh this thing about Mt tility should be focusing on LG totally down on rebase assets which utility we’re saying we hear that if you want to do L&T what the gas company hit the gas company actually has already said that lmg for electricity would really be a bridge that they’re good folks on transportation so hey ramp up your city but it was the electric utility that’s a perception it though they had to buy so I’m you look at the clamps degree helko Pemberley comparable incur the ruination percentage of the health effects on ego say we have one hundred percent of Allah energy and uh really it’s the way formula is calculated for mothers in via

google voice and his life and he might have heard any critters talk about it or some folks are at but pepper advisors say it’s a greater number sir well we can really just did a pure engineering math percentage you know what it’s ninety percent rps real new things about just do it the way the laws so I said earlier that we think that the way you should look at this is customer value should drive shareholder value not the other way around you don’t build infrastructure and put it the rate base you think of what the customer needs first off you do that and that should hold you like that gave up of the list I like that they would let them stopped in what are some of the things that you could be doing to improve customer value I put number number three is my volatility one you know that if you’re able to discount all costs resources that he saw secure with in-store boston conservatory just just having a fraction so that we’ve been working on so we do let agreed that no computing Commission our long-term plan you’re working through the Commission we’re good rather get the Commission to he’s playing there but in the near term what can we do so come on this program with the utility called a community-based program you guys I’m Dennis No ok so it’s a lot that was passed by legislators this year signed by the governor and those that don’t have rooftop solar and like Richards like small business owners office space with delinquents or that reduce our costs now they buy you a solar developer can put solar somewhere else and you would subscribe to that program so now everybody that’s the good news the bad news is those that have that’s that energy so you guys are getting your credit full retail rates for these guys so those folks have put in palms so you’re but at least now thank you look get maybe two tajuk young Parker actually you would subscribe to that bugger by putting money down to buy panels and solar or wind and the utility will take compute the output of that plan figured out which is yours okay so

we’re working on that we were trying personally to have this thing down so we project in place before 2016 so those of you Phil but given how long tasty projects go back possible that very soon everything going how they should call it distributed power or funny what happen all about reef system solar panels and all this this will be wasted investment or if you think it’s such a long time it is worthless I think there’s two components I think there’s for those that have customer choice that have the ability to choose for those that’s where for those that so we think though but I think for camellia Google what we want to do anyway is just let folks know that if you can’t 40d baking up into Jim’s program you guys are gems google jams I don’t know so we’re all wait for that this seems like prices for those compliments are going down so fast yeah that’s true people are saying so therefore what we were told when I was a consultant so after a utility harbor and I got bored and consulting side I represented a company did fly will project that meeting to 10 feet over a walk and storage cloud potential taking the jitter short term energy huge big motors on the ground what’s amazing is I think in July so I but of the things are changing so fast it is do your water for estimating if I you know a traditional storage because because of the type of water you’re not going to the ocean right let’s play it’s all the country so but bra outside we pay it back we’re paying back there’s a round numbers I hoping about forty cents drill without electricity if they cut the generation cost to nearly nothing we’re still playing about twenty cents for grid now and they are rural counties in America we’re paying eleven cents less than that she always says a lot of the question is why is our grid so expensive that one question Matt back when we did this study just a really great

utility cool since the national average of electricity ensue cane almost injury suffered earlier southern Indiana counties we don’t a local generation for sending the power down from Great Lakes your pain 11 cents got it trees a bit of 150 miles young lass so why is our so much is anybody know yeah you know from utilities speaking just the cost of shipping things over here why but then ultimately don’t look at the design of the system to how it grew up right and so I think you know plantations I don’t know looks like our transmission lines are relatively low voltage 69 thousand volts vs 4 45 50 thousand gray and so then the question becomes what if we would do you know cooperative eat yeah but we got twice no madness of all the others should be higher let’s remember to do that and whether HS structured right now cost of new stuff I think that was thinking for we like that higher actually they’re converting the street lights to LED and I’ll say to two hundred thousand dollars a year but you’re still there 20 LED rings yeah I don’t know ik optimum for LEDs you talk about the twelve cents gonna prove whatever transfer cutter diversity yeah and the apt remember people forget the devil’s advocate they forget bit we have a cost of all the people that maintain these lines and their high tech people think it came from and so Bob Costas never been totally and so the event it’s good paying job they deserve to be paid and so that’s one thing yes you’ve talked a lot about LG being a transitional fuel behind er stood there was a problem in bringing the gas to the island there’s really only so obviously we’re an advocate for all

do that so we go sign a couple collaborations we’re working with Google X it’s a windmill that flies and it’s using ninety percent less mass than traditional way to win turban which is a tower of this so this thing is just looks like apartment everything they’ve been testing different versions of testing the full full potential prototype version now it’s going to be 600 KW energy flying on the tether and making big circles 711 30 feet high the winds there the stairways yeah the wings about 90 close to 90 feet it’s kind of exciting but the two are separate companies so we’re over here we don’t work with so we spoke to a lot of there is no project yet so what’s the vices and this is for lambs so you haven’t adult the projects were really we must put 150 megawatt project which we think you’re something and then why yes we’re going to finish the space will see that so some tea sites it’s been a lot of money to fix rates have you guess one thing I want to go any questions of you that figure twenty-seven percent reduction electricity rate sounds useful but not overwhelming is that what your heart beating like 25 to 30 production come down to about what don’t you mention an industry that’s a

good one you put rough idea with pretty natural sword with battery so including all the capital cost I think it’s it’s more expensive batteries of the killer could you have to replace that made very optimistic estimates of the cost of operating batteries like assuming you battery lasts 30 30 years the time of you straight weeks until V is also not publicizing the big help that’s where you pay lower cost than higher rated so maybe from an economic perspective it may not be a good thing but you know for someone to take control in the future so I tell folks some hobbies member incense know me now get ready for that rainy day probably expensive but you know what happens you i’ll be ready right before i go i look at the story FFF band used to be s’okay transformation should that make your first house sir what do we what do we I know it I knew it he told me what their cost is what are we paying we being fossil fuel cost % they mark it up from what they buy it because they buy it really achieved it depends okay first of all for any power that utility purchases from a third party there is no market for boston’s passed on now if the independent power producer is the wind or a group of energy that it’s probably would cost contracts the utility day so they cover the cost of one so they could be generating electricity pulses to expand so we pay 45 so they get a triple mark up no yeah there are our process like 45 see what their face 15 seasons what even 26 well that’s just the wholesale generation yeah you gotta stop delivering them energy at the twelve cents for that that’s included in all those taxes you ever see all the whole town getting the bottom of this like in California house in California we paid for me taking down a San Onofre and then when they put it up again we paid for the pretty young they took it down everything so we have three charges from San Onofre taking me down pointing up taking it down which i think is ridiculous but where is it utility come in a lot of millions the building’s they make where do they put their foot in and try to reduce the cost as for commissions come in what that’s where the Commission’s come in and easy there that causes the public interest me they have milk oh la la open or PowerPoint that never got built this so that’s the race he uses who is on the puc the chair is Randy awase is the

recently just a revolution he you see it actually needs to be exploding joke the PUC was wholly owned subsidiary of being built yet and now it actually answers to a different part of the legislature and it’s becoming more consumer authenticity this Commission has been very progressive and really shut down to the proof plans that the until we have plenty big fight the Commission has invited many many times over the collision is for transformations and the utilities and the utility I mean the Commission Oxley looking for the utility look at what’s going on Ashley with the New York Commission is pretty much the same thing same thing so our Commission Oh point because the Commission opened up the Pops play with and AH theater last year has a big part of this because Sarah we would actually in the merger documents we didn’t go with a park-wide full of plant operators going two days a week it are made in the murder docket and in the end when we wide awake by a solid a planet with an orthodontist that’s only way to know like discuss this company’s coming for the future so you merge the resource plan offers for each of the merger eat up mission tonight at which is fine but in the end he said well our resource plan or plans that we’re developing will work whether it’s a bit of a great utility whether its co-op whether it’s totally what is your inside feel why I wilco is some reluctant to change is that are they feeling pushback from their shareholders to hold on the oil way of doing things work probably just don’t have in light or all time it’s the latter i mean really i mean when i was here the destruction was there any new applause you this costco but the utility was just does not not a bunch of smart people i think there were a few of us that really want to change for asking treat the disruption like between a score all your energy into it branchburg party place resolve these plans oh its plans I am doing something right now that you mention in public just play action teeth to some of the plans but the other one is that community want something Newton we’re trying to make it happen so we’re trying to make land to build we want to say an agriculture but you’re

still going to be a ranch right we could get a lot of do a lot of land that example with mothers there’s make well land available