LA SOLUTION au problème de frein parking automatique renault velsatis / scenic – Alarme défaillance

here the alarm with the flashing of this witness and blinking here at the joystick I remove the key parking brake failure there the calculator warns me that there is something wrong yet it’s tight there is no problem hello to all of you I am delighted to find you on my DIY chain I will come back for the third time on the issue of ash parking lot my velsatis but this time I’m going with a tool that will allow me to diagnose because the previous ones it did not go very well I dismounted half of the car and I did not find the fault so there in terms of accessibility it’s like “Ushuaia” he is there the device. this black box and that’s back in the heart of the problem and it’s even worse than that I had tried to solve the problem dismounting the car I had decided to follow the bundle of cables today we will take care of the brake automatic rear which still poses problems this is the third time that I take care of it and this time it’s the last in fact the connection of the rear brake with the calculator that is the front goes under the seat so I have to remove the seat and I even think that we will have to I go under the tank because the son go under the tank so here once we have raised this case we access this connection and we reach the top of the fuel tank but that’s not the problem I think here is the connection between the automatic brake booster and departure to the calculator so here when looking for a failure we are looking for something blatant damaged cable protection a cable envelope that is damaged by friction or other we are looking for severed cables we look for things that move that is. pins that move inside that are not well fixed or else corrosion that’s what we’re looking for in an electrical fault gold here we see no injury on the cable there is nothing obvious ideally it would be necessary check from start to finish and that’s impossible mission where it would be necessary to the calculator that should tell us if there is a fault on a circuit but I do not have any equipment who can look at the calculator so I’m annoyed because I think more and more that the parking brake has no problem but something is not working well on the information that goes back to the automaton so too bad it’s cold outside it’s 7 degrees I put a little bit of heating in the car it is very dark because there are a lot of clouds but I’m decided once and for all to solve this problem until now I had taken my old habits mechanic:we disassemble we disassemble and we’ll see after! but it does not work. it does not work! because with modern cars there is a lot of information circulating between the mechanical parts and there are small boxes what are called calculators and his calculators make the car live and decide to make it work or not in this case I think the calculator receives information who tell him that there is a problem and yet I have an alarm on the brake but the brake works very well I do not have any problem to start up hill I have no problem for the brake parking works the only thing is that the calculator sends impulses all the time when the car has been stationary for a while and it ends up emptying the battery we can hear it very well at the back of the car and that’s the calculator who has bad information and who sends systematically a tightening order while it’s already tight that’s the rattling noise we hear when the calculator does not work well he sends a good order without stopping to brake more while it is already braked and that’s what ends up draining the battery I even got to put a circuit breaker on the battery here for extended stops because I got to empty the battery nothing but the history of the parking brake if I solve the parking brake problem I will be able to remove it put it back correctly this device is also used on motorhomes for vehicles that do not work often it allows like that to protect the battery it’s been two years since I

galley with this problem but here I have a technical check that will happen and he must this alarm disappear especially since it does not correspond to anything brake again works so here I was obliged to take the computer to install software with an OBD2 probe and with that I think I will come to find my problem so my idea is simple I will diagnose before dismounting and I think that I should have started there so I recovered some software that is called maxiecu in we can select vehicle models me it is for vel satis but there is a whole bunch of renault models I can select the year mine is from 2004 Velsatis was produced from 2001 to 2006 I see here all the calculators the one that interests me is this one electric parking brake and to diagnose and well they need software you saw it here it’s maxiecu I contacted several companies two answered me there is a third who laughed at me who gave me an appointment and who never held it he did one of the two who answered me who told me that his software could not access because actually not all suitcases can access to all calculators just because each calculator to a communication protocol who is particular a protocol is a language and this protocol on the vel satis he is very particular and so suddenly it is not accessible on any suitcase finally it’s OBDauto who answered me and who told me that he could lend me a demo software or test I do not know too much what that means but they told me that with that I would be able to diagnose the calculator parking brake I thank them for helping me in this process that’s why that I speak to them today I can also talk about “doctorauto” who were really laughing at me he gave me a phone appointment never reminded me so I imagine that if you have a problem with the tools you buy from them well you can wait for to be recalled and sebastien from “OBDAuto” was super nice he sent me a suitcase that I received this morning and that I will test the parking brake calculator automatic with several parameters to consider he has this command here they call it a palette so that’s the parking brake clamping pallet the calculator it takes into account the clutch pedal so you can start up hill so there is information that comes of the clutch pedal it also takes into account the engine speed not the position of the pedal sensor but the engine speed all this to have the point of friction to start on a hill and the calculator it also takes into account the plate the car or the angle according to the angle of inclination he will ask that the brake be more or less tight the calculator is accessed with what is called an OBD plug, Next car the catch is at different places mine she is here under the ashtray or under the empty pocket following the car models it’s a little different this OBD2 socket is connected to my computer with a usb socket the software is started I told you just now who had the opportunity to access a whole bunch of calculators me I’m going only access the electric parking brake he pay attention to this kind of software because we can modify parameters I just want to retrieve information but we can also have access to this kind of parameter here the reference of the electronic unit we have the supplier here and information about the calculator itself here we have a menu I can read them the fault codes and the real-time settings of the car so for example the engine speed in minute turns so I’m going to save it and I will start the car here is the engine speed that’s the engine speed 900 rpm that’s what we can get on a calculator so that was the real time fake codes this is what interests me so I click on default code here I already have all the faults codes which are listed which are memorized so there is a present redundant contactor tight brake signal inconsistency already it starts well and that one he is present there are some here that are sporadic manual control absence of signal multiplexers system abs connection failure unidentified electrical fault standby ,,,, it’s sporadic defects

whoever is present is contactor redundant brake signal inconsistency and that’s what makes this alarm that I have on the automatic brake I’m sure remains to know now what is it means that red brake contactor tight and here I can erase the defects so I will erase the flaws that’s it I have more defects they disappeared so that means I erased them of the calculator it’s not going to say that the defects will not come back but that means that I erased them from memory so I’ll get the key back the key and see what happens here I have the alarm that is there so it means that the alarm is always present since there is a check which is done every time the car restarts so if I do that I do it in “live” refreshment, the alarm 5172 present type is back redundant contactor tight brakes signal inconsistencies that’s what makes the alarm it’s not a brake motor problem it’s nothing else than this signal inconsistency so he may have redundant contact who checks that the brake is tight we can see the benefit of having a diagnostic case because with that I’m going to search now what does this mean and once I found I will not disassemble at random I will not disassemble everything to find the fault I will only go there where there is the problem here is a signal inconsistency which goes back to the calculator I’ll finish for tonight because it’s cold in the car it is 7 degrees and we do not see much to film It’s dark Hello. so today is PIRE it is 2 degrees and the snow has arrived practically at the foot of the house I put some heating in the car to continue this diagnosis because I am in a hurry to find the solution so I inquired about this history of redundant contactor brakes tight, It seems like it’s coming from the palette, The palette I remind you it’s this little controller here that allows you to tighten or loosen the brake inside there are several sensors and its sensors we can control them simply by going to see here in this menu we have the position of the unlocking sensor lock sensor position and redundant locking sensor position so we can see here that on braking on the lock there is redundancy and our alarm she tells us what she tells us redundant contactor tight brake signal inconsistency and we find it here because when we look at course the lock and its two sensors there is one who is inactive and an asset when they should be at the same value we have the possibility with this software to monitor them so here unlocking here lock and we will watch what happens when you manipulate the palette I will first start shooting on that one lock when I shoot it goes to active when I release it goes back inactive and the other the second the redundant him he remains active so there is a problem when I pull on the palette Ahhh! there he walked! he walks sometimes and sometimes he does not walk it comes from this palette there I am active inactive I released and it did not come back and if I release like that. that’s it so that’s it the other at the top of unlocking when I press it locked here so I have more alarm I’m going to tighten here and there I do not have an alarm I managed to get them both I go back to the beginning I will update manual control signal inconsistency so I erase the defects I redo a reading and there I have more defects

necessarily because when I look here here it’s good it’s coherent if I arrange for it to be more coherent shaking the controller like that I am no longer coherent I will go see the flaws just now I had ps now I reread the flaws contactor giving back signal inconsistency I find him Why ? because here I am not coherent so that’s it and so it’s the palette now I’m going to dismount it so here I am taped in three minutes I found the fault that I sought during two years a crazy thing there I win a crazy time now I’m going to disassemble the palette I cross my fingers I hope it will work disassembly is quite simple enough to remove this little protection in front of and we have two small torx screws I will not unplug it as long as I have not cut the battery it’s easy to cut clock battery so that’s great I think I will leave him finally to remove it you have to pull this little clip this one and this one are redundant so I think they are a little bit glued they must be activated especially this one I take my testers I put it on test of continuity and normally when the stems touch each other that makes noise I have a contactor here and I have a contactor here that are operated with this palette so I find him on this side I have one here so it’s not easy but we can get there if I do that here is it I look at each other I think that having manipulated it it took off because everything at the time it did not work I will use a miracle product that removes moisture and that’s very good for electrical contacts especially try that it fits well in contactors then I’ll have to maneuver we look at this palette we do not see other defects except the fact maybe these sensors here they are attached to the circuit board and these are the feet of the sensors that make the fixation there is no other way of so fix them with time this car at 14 but it’s been 14 years since some contactors are completely supported but if there are any years tablet and good for letting go it can be difficult I think that’s what had to happen we’ll see right away if it worked we cross our fingers we go back to the palette

we put it back that’s it then ah well yes I did not connect the battery I go back there to read the faults the computer is connected we will try to manipulate the palette, I do not shake any defect I loose. nothing, I am looking here for defects there is no I’ll do like everything at the time I will go get the settings in real time i’m going save settings in real time what do I have here then both must give the same value give the same value i’m going to manipulate the brake to active / inactive active / inactive that’s where I have a frank answer both contactors must give the same value and this is what happens so ultimate verification, I take off the key I put the key. neutral I start the car tight parking brake it’s normal here I do not have an alarm, it does not blink, All is well, I had not seen this display for a long time because the brake alarm masked this information everything is OK!! if we look at the angular curve the most right is the instruction that is given to the tightening and the curve which is slightly more inclined it is the measure of the real value so we can clearly see that we are set which means that we come to pull enough on the brake! two years that I am waiting to solve this problem and I had to get help with a software like that to make it happen very simple way, with that In the space of half an hour the problem is solved when I think I dismounted the half to the car at least three times to get me wrong I was wrong but huge because I looked behind when in fact it was in front of my nose, I think we must not hesitate we must first pass the bag it’s primordial there are several solutions either you go to a dealer and you pay the price he asks you for read the codes and after you you do it either you equip yourself with software like this one I found it very well because it there is a grip very easy, I have never used software Well. I could easily adapt it is necessary to add of course a probe but be careful not all software are not equal. some software does not do not read the protocols of some calculators including calculators safety like that of the brake of parkin, So. ask before buy it I put you the link in the description to “OBDauto” which helped me for this video I saw also on forums that even by going at a dealership sometimes there is had problems interpreting the defaults so it’s not guaranteed to find the solution but we must first pass the suitcase because frankly we win a crazy talent, I lost a lot of time not to want to use it It’s over for the parking brake of the vel satis, I’ve been waiting for two years that. I hope you had a good moment before this video even though she is a bit long I’m sorry but I really involved you in all phases of the diagnosis because that I think if there was a message to to pass today is that on modern cars and well these tools are indispensable, I give you an appointment you in an upcoming video that will only maybe not mechanics auto because that on this chain we tinker all round

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