2020 GMC Acadia Denali: FULL REVIEW | THIS is a Refresh Done RIGHT!

What’s going on YouTube? So one of gmc’s consistent top performers has been the acadia and so far this year. It’s on pace to set a new sales record But GMC isn’t just basking in a success But instead this year is extensively renovating the Acadia Denali in all the ways that matter luxury performance tech and utility That’s why we’re out at Don Franklin Buick GMC today to check one out and of course if you’re in the market for any new Buick or GMC Make sure you stop by their dealership or visit them via their website, which we provided a link to in the video description So with all that said let’s see just how much better the new Acadia really is So getting things started with the exterior design you would be hard-pressed to even recognize that this is the same vehicle up front GMC has totally scrapped the previous fascia and replaced it with this much bolder and boxier front end Now this being the Denali does mean we have the most eye-catching grille design being totally chrome But of course the lower trims like the 84 will come with more subdued designs Turning to the headlights This is the other huge upgrade since every model now gets these slender full LED lights Whereas the previous Acadia was not available with LEDs at all They have a very premium look to them with three crystals surrounded by a bracket daytime running light and turn signal plus LED fog lights below Now heading around to the side and back this is where you can finally tell that this is actually a Refresh and not a total redesign That’s not to say there are no changes. It’s just that they are more subtle like the larger and now fully LED taillight you The lower bumper has also been revised to body color instead of Chrome though. It still integrates dual horizontal exhaust outlets So overall, this was a very effective refresh design wise Since it not only fully modernized the Acadia, but also made it look more Handsome and upscale than the vast majority of the competition Now another important update our new wheels across the entire lineup This Denali of course has the most distinctive 20-inch wheels, but honestly It’s the other trims that are more of an upgrade since they went from basic to stylish this year and Moving on to the mirrors all models have heating but Denali also has driver side auto dimming and blind spot monitor And as far as all the other safety systems the Denali will get most of them standard like automatic emergency braking with pedestrian detection Lane Keeping Assist and auto high beam headlights, but if you want to adapt your cruise control, you will need to select the technology package But anyways guys that pretty much sums up all the exterior upgrades So now let’s go ahead and see these significant changes GMC has made to the inside So standard on every Acadia you do have GM smart entry system with the typical GMC key fob You will also notice on most of the trim levels you will have a remote start system Now as is the case with most General Motors vehicles, there is not a sensor behind the handle instead You just press this button to unlock All right, so taking a look inside the new cabin in the 2020 Acadia Denali As you can see certain parts of the design have carried over but there are a lot of new characteristics Now as far as the cabin color and material options for this Denali You do have several different choices. So you will always have the very nice perforated leather. Of course But you get the choice between jet black or this light coloured shale but one of the new things that’s very nice this year for

2020 is that we now have an open pour ash wood trim on Denali versus the previous faux butcher That’s already over here to your door trim it is very nicely appointed it’s got those same Materials from the seating and the other parts of the Interior So you do have the nice shale color leather through here the open pour wood that runs along this area And this part is soft touch plastic with a color contrast stitching Naturally on these on the loaded model here. We do have two person receiving and our front two windows are OneTouch auto up and down Now as far as the seats here on the Denali We do have an eight-way power adjusting seat with two way lumbar support that would carry over to most of the other trims as well And then like I already said this is a full real leather seat. It has a real nice and supple feel to this leather I also really like the perforated design and we have some new types of stitching here to give it a little bit more character this Year, and then of course like every Denali you do have the embroidering up here of the branding Now like I was saying there are a lot of new aspects to this cabin this year including some of our graded materials So across your upper dash here you have a soft touch plastic and then through the middle here We have some of this new open pore wood with the real brushed aluminum all this is stitched plastic We have more of the really nice brushed aluminum that goes around the screen here It also new this year we have a nice leather pad that runs through this area for your knee to rest against and then once again Some more of the real open or wood which looks very attractive Now as far as how everything fits together You may notice there are some panel gaps around I’m gonna chalk that up to being at the beginning of the production run but everything does still feel very solid Now turning over here to your screen this is the 8 inch touch display this is another area that’s been upgraded this year However, we’ll get into that a little later in the video All right, now what you’re looking at here is the upgraded reconfigurable gauge cluster that comes on Denali It does have an 8 inch display which replaces the usual 4.2 inch display Now this is the same version that was equipped last year So this is actually the older version which I prefer versus the newest reconfigurable gauge cluster that I’ve seen on recent GM’s because This one actually has more reconfigurable reconfigurability You actually can change like the designs and stuff where some of the current ones don’t have that option So we can like click in like this and we can change between two different design languages So that you can see this is kind of a weird modern look or we can go for a more traditional look Now it is worth pointing out new to the Acadia This year is a 6 inch head-up display now that would come usually in the technology package on Denali We actually have that package, but because that feature is not going to be available until later in the year We don’t have it on this particular model Now coming back to the steering wheel of course, we do have electric power assisted steering And every model will come with a leather wrap steering wheel. However, of course on the Denali we do have the real brushed aluminum accents as far as your buttons here these are for your adaptive cruise control we do have heating as well as power adjustment on this Denali and Then on this side, we have our buttons which control the multifunction display Off to the side here we have an electronic parking brake as well Now moving on to interior storage, this is one of the big upgrades for 2020 And I’ll go over the reason why in a second, but we do have a lot more this year So start out with we have a very nicely sized center console quite deep at least a foot deep we do have a little pad down at the bottom as well a Tiny space right here. We now have two cupholders oriented this direction now, we have a really large bin right here

With a nice wireless phone charger pad right here as well as now a USB type-c a regular USB and a 12-volt outlet The biggest upgrade though is all of this space down here So we know how they Center pass-through so you can stick just about anything down here It’s a good place to kind of hide something or keep it from rolling around on the floor Now, of course as you probably already saw the reason why we have this extra amount of storage is that we’ve now gone to the push button style shifter instead of the traditional one So now it’s up here kind of out of the way So it is very simple to use you pull on these toggles here and you push on the other buttons So for drive, you’re just going to pull back like so You can also Shift into low and also shift manually here if you want to for whatever Reason, but there’s not gonna be any paddle shifters on any of the models For reverse you’re also going to pull back on that toggle And when you do you will notice the brand new 360-degree camera system that is optional and Denali And this is the newest General Motors camera system Like I said, it’s got tons and tons of different views and really high resolution like I’ve shown off in many other models So you have the ability for like three dimensional views side views trailering views Really there’s just a ton of different things and like I said, the resolution is very high some of the best in the entire auto industry and Then for park you just press they’re big people Well right now our redesigned consul here we do have some other important buttons to look at so I’ll start off up here This is a brand new button this turns on and off your auto start/stop system that previously was not an available option It was on automatically all the time You do have a traction control defeat button your hazards and your parking sensors And then back behind it here We do have one of the Acadias unique features that carries over and that’s kind of having this drive controller right here they actually allow you to select when you want to be in two wheel drive and four wheel drive unlike most of the competition which Does that automatically And then off to the side here we do have Our controls for both our three-stage heated seats as well as our three stage ventilation both of which are standard on the Denali truck Now kind of bouncing off that to the climate controls we do have a three zone automatic setup on the denali acadia So it is very simple to use all you have to do is just adjust these knobs They’re nice and big and ergonomically friendly we do have our zones that trim around it And then your fan speed is right here. So everything is located right here Now that brings us on up here to our audio system now on the Denali Of course as you’d expect we do have the nicest audio system available in the lineup And that’s going to be an 8 speaker Bose premium audio system So let’s go ahead and take a sample up Some quality of this system is definitely excellent and I Especially appreciate the generous amount of base in the system All right, so now we are up here at our brand new GMC infotainment system So we’ll go ahead and take a look at that now I’m not going to be super in-depth about this in this video because It is the same type of system that we’ve seen in many other GM vehicles including other GMC models it is but it is new to the Acadia for 2020 So this version here the important updates are basically that we have a new screen much higher resolution Looks very clear and nice Very responsive as well. So you can just really quickly click into things and everything is just real snappy and zippy We have a redesigned layout so you have the shortcut buttons along the bottom like so Now hitting some of the highlights of the features On Denali you do have standard navigation

This is the brand new navigation system. It does update over-the-air Graphics are much better. And as you see once again, very very responsive to pinch zoom and whatnot Now you do have some buttons along here that you can’t control the system with and you can actually use this knob here To move about the system if you don’t want to put fingerprints on it As far as your other important features we do have standard apple carplay and android auto both onboard And that’s on they’ll be across the entire lineup even on the lower end models Now heading on up here you will find an auto-dimming mirror, of course standard on Denali with your three Homelink Universal remotes But as you can see right here, we have the technology package which throws in the brand-new rear camera mirror This is new to the Acadia for 2020 even though we have seen it on other General Motors vehicles And it does work the same way. It just cuts out all the obstructions behind you So you just get a super clear and nice view of Anybody that’s behind you And then turning up here we do have the dual panel moonroof setup Now it does continue to have a manual circuit which is a little bit different from the rival So you have to push up and kind of unclip it and it pulls back the same also goes for the back As I said it is dual panel It’s not a continuous piece like in some of the competition, but you do have the two separate panels The front panel does open up and you do have a windscreen now this is an option on the Denali as well as lower trim levels for $1,400 But overall, I am really liking the upgrades that GMC has made to the cabin for 2020 The stuff that they did I think is really meaningful They they hit all the important things and this is one of the nicest cabins in the class And you also have the rear seat reminder system like in other GM vehicles All right, well that does it for the front areas of the cabin So I’ll hand it off to Mason to check out all the back areas All righty, so heading around to the 2020 Acadias rear-seat you are gonna find a good amount of space You’ll find 40 inches of rear legroom and 40 inches of rear headroom Which does place it on par with most of the rivals like the toyota highlander and honda pilot Now turning over here to the door trim GMC has given you a very luxurious one especially here in the Denali trim So all this upper portion is soft touch plastic However, you do not have the stitching from the front and down below that we do have leather going all the way through here now in addition to that we do have a cup holder some more wood trim your power window and Down below that you have some bottle storage as well as a little cubby right here Now as far as the seat itself is concerned obviously we do have the captains chairs on this particular Denali They are standard on the Denali model. However, you can get five Six or seven passenger seating so there’s a quite a few different configurations You can actually have no third-row at all. Or you can have the event seat here in the back or this captain’s chair model Now as far as the seat adjustments itself, it does also slide and recline Now here in the center GMC was very nice to include your own climate control standard across all of the models So you do have your fan adjustment you have an automatic mode as well as the different fan zones and temperature adjustment Now down below that you might also notice that we do have three-stage heated rear seats which are standard on the Denali model and Down below that we do also have plenty of outlets to keep all of your family charged up so we do have a household style outlet a USB type-c and a smart charging USB and that is standard on the SLT models and higher down below further below that we do also have some cup holders as well as an integrated storage area and This model, does that the captain’s chair so we do have the integrated armrest and Above that we have the power We do have the twin panel moonroof, which really does I do like this feature It would be nicer if it was the panoramic set up, but I do like this feature It really helps tear out the cabin especially here in the second and third rows and we do have some holiday lighting

Your air vent right here as well as an assist grip and coat hook And as far as the rear legroom is concerned like I said This is on par with most of the class. So behind your seating position I have about seven to eight inches of rear legroom and my feet can easily slide up underneath the seat Now to get into the third row seats GMC has made it quite easy So you have to do is locate this little handle push it forward and seat this slide right out of the way Now obviously this particular model is equipped with the third row seating The vast majority of the Acadia lineup will have third row seating if you’re wondering And as far as the rear legroom is concerned it is class competitive However, one thing worth mentioning is that there are only two seats back here. Whereas some of the rivals will give you three seats And sitting back here My first impression is actually a good one so I have about an inch of rear leg room to spare and that is with us seat adjusted all the way back and my Feet also do have a spot to slide up underneath the seat. It’s not the most spacious but it is pretty good and Off to the side. We do have an integrated cup holder GMC was nice enough to include rear vents as well as some lighting as well and Off to the left side. We do also have a smart charging USB, which is a nice touch So overall this is actually a really good third row for the class It’s pretty competitive with most in the class of you’re wondering how this compares to a pilot or highlander. It is about And before I move out of the second row areas I do want to mention that there is also a rear seat entertainment system available I forgot to mention that earlier but it is an option if you want that And they’re heading the route to the tailgate of the Acadia it is hands-free power So all you have to do is wave your foot under the bumper and you can’t see it right now But there is also a projection under there And once inside the Acadias trunk you are going to find a little bit smaller space than you would in most of the arrivals So you’re gonna find 13 cubic feet behind the third row seats it expands to 42 cubic feet if you fold them and Then as a maximum you have 79 cubic feet with all of the seats folded Now like I mentioned that is a little bit smaller than the current Toyota Highlander as was the Honda Pilot But it’s not by a huge margin So I don’t think you were going to notice that really if you’re cross hopping between them Now as far as how they finished it back here. It is finished very nicely through there of a carpeted floor board Off to the side. We do have some storage as well as the handles to fold the second row seats So let’s go ahead and fold these seats and see what it’s like So I have to do is grab this little strap. It does hold the headrest and I push forward As you can see they do fold flat with the floor and I can fold the second row right here As you can see that is a very easy process some of the rivals Don’t allow you to fold the second row from back here. So that’s a nice touch and Underneath of the floor. We do have an additional storage areas as you can see. These are probably about six to eight inches deep So you can fit quite a bit of stuff back here Now coming over hit the passenger seat it is power adjusting as you would expect out of this Denali model In front the passenger you do have premium materials down below that a good size cloth box it is not felt line, but it is dampened and Up top. We do have a Sun Visor with mirror and light And it does also detach as was extend Now that pretty much sums up all the practical stuff about this GMC Acadia So that’s going take it on the road and see how it compares to its rivals like the Toyota Highlander and Honda Pilot All right, so let’s go ahead and cruise into the powertrain section Now with this car you actually have three different options

So that’s different from a lot of the competition right off the bat. So Just like last year your lowest in trims they’re gonna come with a basic 2.5 liter four-cylinder engine only 193 horsepower and 188 pound-feet of torque That’s not very common. It’s not on very many models. Just the very base once Now what’s new this year is a brand new 2-liter turbocharged four-cylinder engine That makes 230 horsepower and 258 pound-feet of torque That will be available it’s not available right at this moment It’s a late availability item, but it will be available on the 2020 Acadia later this year Now what continues to be the engine that’s on the Denali as well as most of the models is your 3.6 liter v6 engine that makes the most power by far 310 horsepower and 271 pound-feet of torque Also upgraded this year is the transmission across the entire lineup you now have a 9 speed automatic transmission versus the previous 6-speed automatic And you have the choice between front-wheel drive and optional all-wheel drive But the 84 does have standard all-wheel drive And then lastly we only have fuel economy numbers for the v6 because it’s the only one available right at this moment And it does improve this year the 9-speed automatic bumps it out by one MPG combined to now nineteen city twenty seven highway 22 combined with front-wheel drive and twenty-one combined with all-wheel drive But anyways with that said let’s go ahead and take this updated powertrain out on the road and see how it’s changed That wasn’t much of an acceleration, but I can tell are right off the bat just kind of how responsive it was I was noticing it even just moving around the parking lot This the tuning is a lot more responsive than it used to be Yeah, definitely way better Also noticing, what a comfortable riding car this is we’re just been cruising down the highway here about 55 miles an hour Very smooth very comfortable. It is an isolating type of experience here So you just don’t hear it any like road noise much wind noise anything like that and The ride is super smooth I haven’t driven the standard versions of this model since right now mostly it’s just eighty fours and Denali is out, but It is worth pointing out that you do have the act of dampening with the Denali So that is going to make it have this smoother ride It really does feel you know if I close my eyes and didn’t really know we were in I would probably predict that we’re in a Luxury vehicle because it does right that smooth and you know That’s particularly worth noting because a lot of people do cross shop this with luxury vehicles you know, it’s kind of an alternative to you know, a luxury 3-row, so It is important that you’re in the Denali trend that it does write like a luxury car and I’m happy to say that it does That’s right. GMC plays ball in both markets So you have the lower-end stuff that’s very competitively priced with Everything else in the class non-luxury And then you do have this denali which is on the top end and like based on saying people do cross shop this with luxury vehicles, which means has got to Actually deliver a luxurious experience. I Will say it actually feels very similar to the xt6 Cadillac that we just drove in that video. We were you know discussing that how much that had a lot of improvements versus the acadia and versus Different other general motors motor vehicles Now they’ve kind of brought a lot of those improvements down to this because I was comparing it to what I had driven Previously, which is the 2019 now We have a lot of those xt6 updates to the powertrain specifically in the way. It rides and how quiet it is I feel like that has come to the Acadia to now give it that kind of luxury Experience I

Do want to talk about the transmission this new 9-speed automatic Very impressed by this big improvement The biggest thing I look for when we have the models with high amount of gears is just Is it confused does it respond in different types of situations like that? Right just back There was a rolling stop, you know, that is really bad for a lot of transmission. Yeah, it really freaks them out No problem with this Of course you’ve seen from a standstill Taking off it does a great job very responsive under different types of throttle applications And you can barely even feel the shifts at all As far as the steering is concerned GM has done a really good job here as well He just feels that it has a good natural weight to it a nice balance You know nothing in this Category is like real athletic or anything like that, but you can see it just has a nice linear progression a good feel It’s not too numb. It’s not too light. It’s not too heavy You know, it’s just really a nice balanced steering setup for this category of vehicle Yeah, and a lot you can tell that this vehicle is a little bit smaller than some of its rivals because it does have less Body roll it does feel a little bit less massive and this kind of feels a little bit more agile than those cars Now in our controller we have a couple modes that we can choose So what I’m going to do right now is choose the sport mode since we’re on You know Street use there is also like an off-road mode And a towing and hauling mode as well Yeah, honestly I couldn’t really tell any difference there with the Sport model maybe it’s a draw maybe tuned a little bit more responsive But like I said it by default, it’s actually very responsive feeling Than the way that they tuned everything and I think that’s a big benefit because a lot of the competition that I can think of For fuel economy purposes and they just kind of tune things to be a little sluggish when you first get off the line and then it Doesn’t really want to do anything and so you’re really hammer it down You know this feels plenty responsive different types of drawing applications And 310 horsepower is more that a lot of the traditional riser and rivals will offer like the Highlander and Pilate those Are not even in the 300, you know, haven’t haven’t crossed 300 horsepower yet But over all of this 2020 Acadia is definitely an enjoyable vehicle to drive It definitely does a lot of things very well in this class You know, it just hits a lot of the important things and this refresh has really upgraded the driving experience You know and just like I had mentioned with the interior, you know, a lot of times we’re refreshed Sometimes they move they don’t do anything Sometimes they move backwards, but in this case, but this 2020 Acadia is definitely a great progression forward Very noticeably different in all throughout the entire package you All righty and now as far as the pricing of concern for this refresh 2020 GMC Acadia you are going to find very competitive pricing for its class of vehicle. If not a little bit cheaper So for the very base front-wheel drive SL that’s going to start at twenty nine thousand eight hundred Which is definitely not a you know Most in the class or thirty one thirty two thousand starting so that’s good price incentive there But if you want the SLE that’s gonna start at thirty three thousand eight hundred the SLT thirty eight thousand eight hundred

the all-new eighty four trim is forty one thousand three hundred and it is worth noting that that comes here with the all-wheel drive that Drew is talking about and Then you have finally what we have here, which is the Denali and that starts at forty six thousand three hundred dollars Now if you want all-wheel drive on any of those trims that’s going to be 2,000 additional Now as far as how this particular one is equipped, we have almost every single option that we can’t have So we’ve opted for the all-wheel drive. So that’s an additional two thousand and we’ve also opted for several packages so we have the technology package for 1795 as well as the dual skyscape sunroof for fourteen hundred We have optional white frost paint for one thousand and ninety five dollars We also have the trailering package for six fifty and then when you add any destination charge of one thousand eleven $1,195 that’s going to bring the total for this particular model to fifty four thousand four hundred and thirty five dollars Which is I would admit that is a higher price point than a lot of its rivals. Most of them will top off around 50 but it is worth noting that this car does give you a little bit more premium and experienced some people just across Yeah, this could be a luxury vehicles Often so it is something Well guys we’ve enjoyed watching this in-depth look at the 2020 GMC Acadia Denali Please hit those like and subscribe button if you haven’t already and we’ll catch you next time history sample more of the latest automotive delicacies