Let's Play Pokemon Firered part 33/39: Rex FINALLY evolves!

hey guys matter of fact seven-second here with another episode of Pokemon firered last time well last time we got the Ruby and we also assisted Longley and yes like I said in the last two parts I know that’s pronounced Lorelai but never mind okay fine open arms in law I had a change of thought since since I last mentioned her name I don’t know why I just had a change of thought while I was using the Pokemon Center and yes here we are on five island let’s go down here oh oh I should have gotten the cut flame and I should get cut flesh out of the PT this area is strictly off-limits out out I’m not taking orders from idiots like you is this for real well maybe I should go around here because there are some new Pokemon yes of course there centric and I think now’s a perfect battle for cut slash to face and why they make all the Pokemon here all the new pokémon here under level I mean if we want to have a a good poke month not our team from doto that has normally found the johto region then want to go through all the trouble of having to level it up rather go for all the trouble of leveling it up before we can evolve it and before we can before it’s worthy to have on our team oh by the way Sentra is apparently the the radical generation to the volumes of furet which is not really that good of a pokemon but not too bad with Pokemon but I see my animal guide zero zero one put it on his list of top 100 Pokemon it sounds on a sale so I can see a long way if it spots an enemy it cries loudly to warn its kind we’re about to see a female rocket for the first time you you’ll be wasting your time and time even if you were to get by me oh that makes me furious there’s nothing past your except our warehouse so what brings you here well to be honest so I didn’t mean to press step but it’s not too bad well by the way may I remember this but we need two passwords to get into or the warehouse that wasn’t supposed to happen here’s the memorial color and those of the bird brothers the best thing about birds it has to be the beat so we are going to get an item here that we really really need let’s teach the grater how to use

synthesis in because toxic is a better move of version of poison powder so we don’t need poison powder anymore oh so sorry I’m the metal can of the bird brothers the best thing about birds it has to be the wings flap flap I’m the youngest of the birth brothers best thing my birds have to be the down wait what does he mean by yet has to be the down and never quite understood that and oh my gosh I forgot to get something but I’ll get it after this panel is that hoot hoot shiny or is it just me well it’s not sparkling but then again I don’t know if there was sparkling in FireRed and LeafGreen it didn’t Sparkle and really sapphire emerald but then I guys I think I remember that hoot hoot was supposed to look like that for some reason and that’s not how it’s evolved for me both food hood and Noctowl are bird Pokemon that can use psychic attacks I really shouldn’t be using Fire Blast please it gaara’s so comfy makes me drowsy now when we can get something installed on city well actually oh okay there’s a hoppip so we can get something installed on city so the boy gives us a certain p.m wait we didn’t see the boy yet oh gosh it no synthesis maybe I’ll just use the ultra ball after this pin when half it was once an hop it in the grass flying-type pokémon it involves him to skip loom and then him to jumpluff his body a starlight it must grip the ground firmly his feet to keep from being blown away now he won’t be using facade in this left way but just to be nice to both the viewers and to the am to the boy there we’re gonna do this so we’re back in South I’m department store and let’s get something from the roof oh no I didn’t mean to get that but I guess I could use that sometime once I forget to mention that this is the same song from that is the same song now was that route theme from pokemon gold so and crystal I can’t remember what I was called again it was that robbed that was east of ecruteak city by the way the metal coat that we just got

that was the item I was looking for thank you that was my tactile mixes favorite drink I don’t even know but your act of kindness itself lifted me a little hey please take this out of my thing Posada is a move that gives more damage if your Pokemon is paralyzed or poisoned or something like that you’re going to find out why we need the metal coat so much I bet you’re wondering what why I’m showing the trade screen again well yep you already guess why if you already know one let me say this Rex has been the exact same Pokemon ever since the first ever since the early tens episodes until now that’s right after after over 20 parts rex is finally evolving that’s right that’s right we finally got steelix stealing’s is the evolved form of onyx is a ground steel type pokemon and it was one of the best steel types back in this generation and gosh I need to stop being repetitive yes it was holding the metal code when I trade it which is white of all even though you already knew it because it evolved and so I guess I should trade it back alright now let’s take a good look at Rex and now that we have now that Rex has finally evolved our team our team is now complete we now have a complete team of fully evolved Pokemon and you know what since today’s special for Rex I’m going to switch ed to the front of the party now maybe not because there are some swimmers here so but don’t worry also Rex eventually you lastly we’re not that oh my gosh I forgot to make a slot three for the agate yes maybe I should go back okay look I treat my Pokemon greatly what’s wrong with the way I train like that man won’t give me the egg even though oh I forgot to switch its Rex to the front of the party since today is Rex a special day like what is what that man even though I told him that even though I clearly show that I am nice and I Pokemon he still didn’t give me the Pokemon egg why not that guy has no idea what what someone who tricked is this book money right go up train well we’re going to meet Meryl and you may remember it being number one and spoilers you may remember it being number one on my over a Pokemon list now

to be honest I found out that Marilyn actually was only popular until the third generation what had lost his popularity I was wrong about being overrated people also have been commenting and commenting on my video about it having the UM what was that ability called again oh you have a huge probability which doubles is the tax status but then I told them that that would still make them have one 462 they still owe which is the same as dominium new pokémon are growing up and marbly well do you still think I’m driving my Pokemon harshly Wow that’s just so stupid of him I mean the things I’m driving my Pokemon harsh me when I clearly treat them nice he must be really oblivious up to how people treat their Pokemon because he’s still not giving us the Pokemon egg hmm the angle is not quite there oh I forgot to switch I forgot to switch racks to the front of the party again anyways that is smeargle it steps may be terrible but but it can use guest to copy any move so that kind of makes up for it so it’s kind of like a like I’m not like Pokemon it’s kind of like a like or hate Pokemon depending on how you see it I don’t prison I personally don’t recommend using one on your team unless you want to have a great move pool it’s nowhere near a bad Pokemon that’s a great Pokemon it’s just not good enough for me two years on my team oh my feelings they’re blue don’t worry Rex I promise I’ll switch in the front of the party now I’m visiting my friends retreat if you must know maybe I could have used rock slide but this still did decent damage and that’s the skip loom I was talking about earlier I already said that it’ll bulbs from hoppip nothing too special about it oh my so strong $10,000 excuse me I’m trying to ping please keep out of my sight well then why you come towards me why couldn’t you just stay where you were on keep thinking oh it’s using die and now just use flies so it’s Rex’s turn again and it’s still using fly even though even though one you get the idea you down in one hand this loss I feel like I’m wetting out I

get it because when you lose you it says that you white it out you I guess we have time for one more trainer I’m think of having a pool made specially for my Pokemon or married merit is a good electric-type pokémon and I recommend that you use it on your team that one if you want to go elective type well at least in the second generation since it’s at a low level since killing it and or at least well it’s hard to explain and we’ve seen enough well at least of Rex’s new leave of Steel at spawn and and obviously if laughing evolved from married and that allows them to Ampharos one of them which I which is it you’re about to is favorite Pokemon oh my goodness gracious now in the next episode we are going to the lost cave CNN