Turning Your Service Drive into a Cash Register

I good day everyone this is bryan pash CEO of PCG consulting and i am excited today to have this webinar turning your service drive into a cash register with me on today’s call is done read andrew barter and julie Chisholm and we are going to have a great day of engagement regarding what we can do in the service drive to increase profits um let me just say that the speakers on today’s webinar will be part of the automotive boot camp the fourth annual event it’s going to be in Philadelphia may 14 through 16 today’s webinar will give you an idea of the subject matter experts that will be at boot camp as well as some insights on what they will be speaking about the sponsors for boot camp are listed here we’re going to have a lot of different technology companies consultants and subject matter experts at boot camp so if you are in the market for looking for a new website or CRM or to do some new things in the service drive the boot camp in addition to the 48 workshops and Technology sessions will allow you to meet one-on-one in an intimate setting with some of the best companies in the industry if you haven’t visited the boot camp website please go to the homepage of automotive boot camp calm and you’ll see that right on the front is the updated PDF color brochure of all the workshops that will be at boot camp including those that are going to be offered by today’s speakers at the end of today’s webinar will be offering attendees special pricing to reward you for your hour of investment in education right down this phone number 9 08 60 160 4 75 f Kerry hem fells direct number she’s the executive director of first by educators who’s hosting the event and you’ll be able to lock in some special pricing so let’s jump into the subject today I was recently in Colorado at the innovative dealer summit there was a wonderful speaker named Dan Thurmond who was juggling sharp objects I don’t know if any of you are jugglers are there any jugglers on today’s call this guy was fantastic but he juggled these very sharp object on a unicycle which was even more impressive and I thought about how the automotive industry is evolved when dealers at the turn of the century first started selling cars obviously they didn’t have much competition they may have been the only ford dealer or a Chevy dealer or cadillac dealer in their market they knew their cost they knew what they had a Cell a 4 it was pretty easy to make some money and then as other brands came to market and other competitive forces came involved they needed to advertise why should someone buy a Ford or a Cadillac or a Chevy and then as the business grew in the industry grew they realize they need more people than just themselves so they had a start hiring and then training came into the picture and dealer principles how to start worrying about human resources and training an event of course the lawyers got involved and then States got involved and now we have regulations out the Gazoo and then of course the internet came and well things got a little crazy and course service marketing is part of that and today dealers are juggling a lot of balls as a result for the Internet I don’t know about you but you can answer this yes or no I’d like to see your responses do you feel today that there’s too many balls for you as a fixed operations director general manager internet manager how many balls can you really juggle at any one time is it does it feel at times a little overwhelming Diane says absolutely let’s get some other feedback from people today you feel that you have too many balls when he says yes well today these experts are going to talk about how to give you some insight and assistant this area of service marketing and service operations you have your own buzzwords and this is only a small list of the words a new vocabulary that we use in service marketing today let me ask you another question is anybody’s desk look like this are you the fixed ops director are you the service advisor team leader or is this your desk the

internet dustin says yes and my walls I’d like that the idea of how many reports how many analysis is how many insights are being thrown at you can you really handle at all and one of the things that I’m going to challenge everyone today on the call from the insights that our speakers give are you really willing to do an audit of your fix tops of your service marketing are you willing to look at your whole digital strategy and peel back the onion and decide what’s working and what’s not working let me ask a question would you agree with me today that dealers are spending money for marketing advertising operations yet there is not clear visibility to you what’s working what’s not working would you agree with me that is a fixed ops director or general manager you’re really looking for new ways to know what’s working and what’s not working there’s some holes in that budget Casey says absolutely yeah I’ve heerd this over and over so I’m going to challenge you later about this concept of an audit the other thing is is why are we missing so many opportunities today in the dealership and I don’t know about you but you know you have a log into your CRM you maybe have a login to DME you have a login to your website analytics you have your google adwords login you have your webmaster tools you get reports from your chat vendor you get reports from the OEM know about you but does anybody else feeling that they’re being overwhelmed with reports as a result we get a little overwhelmed we’re not making the right decisions and that’s what boot camp is designed to do to help dealers really sift through what is important what should we looking at and it’s also one of the reasons why is a consulting company we created a great product to organize and clarify and see the ROI of all your vendor data and that is something that will be displaying at boot camp for attendees to see it’s a single login for you to look at all your marketing data website data social media reputation in a single login and today for fixed ops directors and you’ll hear it from Julie and you’ll hear it from our other speakers digital marketing and engagement social media and reputation management is so important for our fixed effects department and having all of that data in your fingertips to make better decisions make sense before I jump into Julie I want to make sure we’re all in agreement that today’s infrastructure how people interact with car dealers look something like this we can use the stimulus radio TV print direct mail billboards to generate interest about our dealership but it doesn’t necessarily drive people directly to the service drive or directly to call and make an appointment they’re going to the internet and checking us out let me ask a question for everyone that’s on the line and if you don’t agree with me please this is not a you know a dictatorship would you believe that online reviews on the dealership is significantly impacting the dealership or it has a minor impact on the dealership do online reviews significantly impact the service drive revenue or is it really not a big impact what’s your what’s your answer dustin says very much so steve says huge is it a big thing of Tom’s as hudge but that is HUGE just felt wrong Diane says huge impact so today if we look at this ecosystem all of our stimulus spending is driving people to the zero moment of truth where people are finding out whether it’s for car purchases price performance and styling or if its service hey what are my prices Rick says only some and thank you Rick for sharing that dissenting opinion everyone else is saying huge Rick saying it just has some impact who will talk about that and then when they decide to reach out to you in the first moment of truth how well are we picking up the phone how well is our service advisors engaging what are we doing to get them into the dealership for service and then the second moment of truth how is that experience and what is our service team doing to generate positive reviews service rrose typically are five times

higher per month than car sales so if it’s only 200 cars a month they’re doing about a thousand ro s what are we doing with that huge opportunity in the second moment of truth to generate more positive reviews online so with that I’m going to turn it over to Julie Chisholm who is a digital marketing director at Cavender Toyota in Texas to talk about what she’s seeing is opportunities for you in the fixed odds department and what she’s going to be covering at boot camp so Julie take it over alright good afternoon everybody first of all I just wanted to let you know that I started off in retail about 13 years ago with Toyota selling cars also through the internet and after about three to four years of that I moved in and became a consultant with Toyota so I spent a lot of years on the road going all over the country helping stealers try to make sense of the internet space the e-commerce space and now what we call the digital space and I always told myself that if the perfect opportunity came along the perfect storm to step back into retail I would have really consider it so last July I made the leap back in Burma tell so I am at Cavender toyota in San Antonio Texas so really I wanted to break this down into three parts do you have great representation on your dealership website I think that is obviously step one because if you’re going to drive all this traffic to your website your mobile site is it ready is it going to stand out is it going to give customers what they’re looking for the next thing to think about is how much of your digital marketing efforts are given to your service center so not necessarily a percentage I’m not going to break it down for you like that but is it a discussion and your leadership meetings are you sitting down with your marketing director or with your internet manager whoever’s responsible for marketing are you sitting down with your owner and saying hey I think I think we’re missing the ball here and are you giving enough enough of your time and energy and effort and thought process to service marketing then the third thing how much of your digital marketing budget fish on parts and service and I kind of hesitated to put that in because that meant that I might need to share that number will queue and I don’t know that I have it broken down as a percentage or even as a dollar amount but I’m going to explain it in a little bit more detail great so so Julie let’s let’s ask our team here the dealer attendees on today’s webinar yes or no question could you answer Julie’s first question do you have great representation on your dealership website and fix us what is your home page looks like would you say yet we have great representation or we don’t what what are some of the feedback from your from your perspective the dealers that are on today’s call how would you rate your own website let’s see mike says marginal sadly Carl says poor see who else might want to chime in here well it’s obvious Julie that you’re hitting a sense of thing because a lot of people are saying that they do not have great representation on their website so let’s take a look at what you mean by that in this next slide so here is a screen capture of our homepage at Kevin the Toyota and as you can see one of our banners are part of our slideshow that’s on our home pages is clearly dedicated to our service department and right now we kind of have a campaign of going through the definitions of certain things our slogan here is cavern or confidence so we’ve got a definition of confidence we’ve got a definition of service we’ve got a couple of others but we’ve got that that phone number displayed pretty loud and proud and really just tried to put a unique digital effort picture you know with the wrenches and and that sort of thing just to be kind of eye-catching and unique underneath that well you see the red tabs we also have a make a service appointment and our raving fans those are two and the specials of course but service and parts are part of each of those three tabs if you see where it says tell you a truck month that is as a tile that we rotate and sometimes it advertises tires we have a tire sale sometimes it advertises certified used vehicle but we try to give our service department equal opportunity on that tile as well and Julie I don’t know if you’re going to cover them just go back are you going to be talking about the navigation in later the position of service and parts in the nav later in

the day I know we can go ahead and cover that so if you look at the top our main navigation tiles we’ve got home truck deals that’s a big a big push for us at this store because we have the toyota truck plant it’s just about 30 miles from us specials of course because so many folks visit your website for specials and then we have our citizens tab and underneath that you know if I could give just a little bit of advice of something that I’ve learned is not to have too many options under service and parts direct them where you want them to go help them with what what page you want them to see so if click on service and parts Brian will show you the slide of what you would see on your screen and we recently redid Julie you still there ok Donna you still there Don yeah I’m here ok ok so we may have lost you people hold on one second Julie she may have had a telephony issue here hold on a second let me me find out what happened to Julie here send the chat message to Julie all right Julie well he can’t hear you ok let’s see um what happened to to her phone it seems lately that there is a growing conspiracy on webinars that I host that something odd happens so we’re going to I think we’re going to have to do for Julie’s sake she may have had some internet problems i think what i’m going to do is I’m going to advance through her slides and we’re going to have to come back to her and I’m going to jump right into dawn and then we’ll come back to Julie code on welcome to today’s webinar as oddly as the order has just become thank you for being part of the upcoming automotive boot camp Don won’t you tell everyone a little bit about yourself thanks Brian appreciate the opportunity to speak with everyone today and certainly looking forward to attending my first boot camp dieter pro training started about 13 years ago we were made up of of X automotive retail dealers general managers and service directors I got started the service business many years ago back in the 70s is a service advisor and have always had a strong affection for the fixed operations side of the business as a dealer of 26 years i prided myself in having strong fixed ops and one of the biggest strengths that we can have in fixed operations of course is to have a hundred percent service absorption so the workshop that I’m going to be conducting at the boot camp is called the four essentials to achieving one hundred percent of service absorption and when I’m speaking of achieving 100% absorption I’m talking about doing it primarily through the service drive because majority of leaders don’t have body shops and I’m not going to talk hearts I’m going to talk strictly about the retail service drive so I think it’s important that we take a quick look at where we are today in our industry and the statistics tell us that today across the u.s. that the average the average dealer is running below sixty percent in service absorption last number i saw was about 58 in far too many stores we find that we have a stagnant customer base and by stagnant i mean it’s not going up it’s not going down it’s just kind of holding steady and of course if we’re selling more cars each and every month as we are matter of fact we’re having a very good year last year in new car sales why isn’t our customer base increasing in the service drive profit margins far too many cases below industry guides and the industry guides that I will be referring to or those of the nada 20 group programs and nationally we find that sales per repair order are going down

hours per repair order going down and are probably now currently at about an all-time low 1.3 or oh and we still have dealers that are either have a declining net profit or even a net loss in their service and parts operation so in the boot camp we’re going to be talking about some way so we can take those profits if they’re great we want to make them greater if they’re good we’re going to make them great and if you’re losing money we’ll give you some ideas on how how you can start building net edita pro we have a saying that we think that there is a cancer that is prevalent in fixed operations all across the country and that cancer is called lack of accountability the good news is is that at Kansas 100% curable and we’ll be talking about it don’t go forward so how do you cure the cancer that is prevalent and fix tops well done lets up let’s ask the dealers that are on today’s webinar do you agree with Don statement that there’s a cancer in today’s fixed ops marketplace in our industry and its lack of accountability which you would you agree with with Don on this because he’s going to go into what he means in that attention to see what other people have to say about what yeah yeah so yeah unfortunately this is not hold true for only fixed hasta ahead you’re absolutely right and we’re going to talk about that for sure so go ahead well Maya point in and accountability is this I mean I I’ve yet to find a dealer who doesn’t have some form of accountability in their variable operations I mean if I’m a salesperson at one of the dealerships on this call and the best i can do is sell four cars a month the question i would ask the leader is how long am I going to be employed here and the most common answer I get is you won’t last 90 days in my store if you can only sell for cars a month well I understand that but if you cross back over to the back end of the store and you visit your service advisor back here who’s writing eight tenths of an hour per repair order he’s got a job for life and my point being is at eight tenths of an hour per repair order is no better than selling four cars a month so why is it you hold the sales people accountable for their performance on the showroom floor but you don’t hold your advisors accountable for doing what they were hard to do in the service department so that’s the accountability that I’m talking about we have the correct processes in place on the showroom floor we need to have those same accountability processes in place in every department in our leadership as one of the as one of the participants so clearly pointed out the four essentials that I’ll be addressing at boot camp are number one we have to be able to control expenses and notice it doesn’t say reduce it says control and first step to controlling expenses is to measure them and then we’re able to then manage those expenses and control them the second essential is we want to be able to improve our profit margins on labor and our profit margins on parts and we want those margins to be in line with the with nada guides and we’ll discuss those in great detail for example we want to see a labor margin of no less than seventy-five percent far too many dealers are in the mid to low 60s we want to talk about raising our sales / retailer repair order and we can certainly do that starting today if we had the proper service drive processes in place with our advisors just like we have processes in place for the sales people on the showroom floor and lastly we want to get more customers in the door and we call we want to increase the number of retail repair orders and again if we’re selling more new and use we certainly don’t want to forget the used car buyer but if we’re selling more new and used vehicles we should be increasing our customer base customer pay base in our service departments and we have to learn how to sell more appointments the last graph is to exemplify what happens when you get a dealer who is committed to holding his people accountable in service and parts at the same level that he holds them accountable on the showroom floor this happens to be in Minnesota dealer it

sells GM products i’ll be there buick cadillac and GMC and as you can see the 2008-2009 he’s cruising along with a very very slight improvement in those two years and then all of a sudden he decides to attack that cancer that he has back there and started doing something different and that thing that’s different is called process so by installing new processes in training his people his employees on how to utilize those processes to maximize the customers visit each and every time they come into that dealership you can see this gentleman in the following year had a seventy percent increase in labor sales a seventy-seven percent increase in part sales these are retail not total service department and if you look at the dollar values on there that ends up being about 1 million 93 thousand dollars in new found gross profit not sales over a million dollars in gross profit same location same franchises same product same building same people the only thing is not the same or his processes so he is well on his way and and to achieving his goal of 100 servings of the go ahead Brian and at the boot camp are you going to be showing people at boot camp with the specific steps that they can take to create that type of an impact at that at their dealership absolutely I will we’re going to be giving around very very specifics great so so Rick dumas asked the question what did their trajectory look like for 2011-2012 ones processes are implemented the things level off today continued increased what was going on at this particular dealership that’s a great question and we continue to work with this dealer for another year past 2010 and we continue to see some improvements not quite as dramatic as what you see here but they did continue to improve in any operation once they become proficient in the new processes is going to level off and now in two thousand finishing 2012 he has pretty much leveled off I can tell you that he’s had the highest net profit in his service departments in 2010 11 and 12 he’s ever had in history of his store so he’s leveling off at a pretty good level at a pretty good number but yeah you’re going to level off at some point in time what the exception of traffic elite have the ability to bring in more traffic absolutely and it’s done i want to i want to encourage attendees here that if you’re looking for new ways to hold your team accountable and to implement the processes that can see that type of change well another great reason why you should be at boot camp I’m going to Julie I’m going to unmute Julie because Julie is his back here Julie are you there I’m here great so give me a second then Julie because I’m going to pop back to your slides because we were talking about that you put service and parts kind of front and center on the navigation bar and you created a very clear landing page for the service department and so let’s pick up from there talking about what you’re doing differently to digital the merchandize your website okay so one of the things that probably has made one of the packs for our service center is making customer feasts a little more front and center so we use something ever side and we get approximately eight of those pieces feedback a day and its really it’s a really handy tool it shows you ro number it shows how much they spent and then they it’s really one question they gets you on a scale of one to five stars and then they can write comments if they’d like and so what we are if so is take some of that feedback and put it if they are specific but they enjoyed about their service we can put it on the page that it relates to so i talked about how quick and efficient the process was then we can put that on our maintenance page if they love the car wash that we give compliments and you

know as a compliment to every service then we make sure that it is any place that we have that that logo this share with the FJ with the complimentary wash with every service so it’s really nice because they are up to date we can change them out as often as we so that’s probably been one of one of our favorite items that we’ve changed this year okay so Julie Alex ask the question does somebody go through and manually update these different services pages or is there an RSS feed or an API that would do it automatically tell us a little bit about that in our case we do then we do them by hand however we do have on our website where they go in automatically as a feed so having that there is great but we just decided to take it one step further and in you know disperse the the service feedback on the service pace and Mike Berryman ask the question Julie where are people filling out these comments is is this right after the customer leaves the cashier are they doing it from home where’s this feedback loop coming from some great questions they do it at home and they get an email within a week of ones to the service service center and I think one reason we get six RC responses is because it’s one question great and whose are you using a commercial product to automate those emails based on DM s ro data yes it’s automated through our provider so it’s a partner that that that they have so it’s a partner with the dealer ducks called driver side okay so you’re using driver’s side to send an email out after every closed retail service order they’re asked one question you get that feedback and then you’re manually cutting and pasting on the appropriate pages so that instead of just having a stream of comments which I really don’t like you you’re able to make each product page relevant with reviews is that correct that’s correct and one of the things that our staff has liked is that our service advisors if they are mentioned binds then and it’s a positive review obviously we put it with their bio left on our meet our team page and they really really like that right that’s a great idea so Julie let’s talk about your digital marketing efforts all right direct mail only was so 2008 little black eyed peas reference here don’t let your digital marks 2000 and late so this is not a slash the direct mail it definitely has its place especially when it’s targeted and you’re so you know it’s targeted towards your attention but we had kind of a supporter with our first quarter and we ended up not sending out any direct mail I wanted you to know that if if you don’t send any out but you have digital marketing strategy you don’t have to close your doors so with direct I’m sorry digital marketing here so key pieces that we incorporate for service search engine marketing obviously so those are words that come up in paid search engines display ads which come up you know side slit allow paid advertising so we have incorporated that now for our product that we sent out video pre-roll news channel websites over so if you have teamed up with one of your new local news channels and they have a site when we have teamed up and we do a lot of advertising with them and said this is probably I asked our general manager what he thinks has made the biggest difference and he leave this mobile what we’ve done to increase just service service knowledge locally with our mobile ads and Julie I I can’t agree with you more on there’s some great research coming out about when someone searching on their mobile device they’re literally minutes or hours away from making a purchase decision so let me ask everyone on the line here how many of you have a body shop or a quick lube shop it’s separate from the dealership I’d like to know how many and mike is asking you a question jewelry are you performing your service sem and creating your display ads video pre rollin house or using an outside vendor for the video pre-roll are you doing that in-house

Julie are using agency we do it in-house we made a decision to hire a designer in-house and this is one of the things that is really really benefited our tire store from but specifically service great and in my earlier question we have people asking do you have a body shop or a quick lube i have a yes one of each we have both an express we have a body shop and shannon is asking questions what’s video pre-roll shannon that is that 15 second or 30 second video that plays prior to a video that you want to watch so you’ve probably seen them shannon on youtube so if you wanted to watch black eye peas going along with Julie’s analogy video at fifteen seconds and if the consumer clicks on the video during this play time it can take them right to your website and every time you go to cnn.com for any news story on their homepage you’ll see that 15 second video pre-roll and we love pre-roll and I’ll talk about that so Julie let’s talk about year-over-year differences when you implement the comprehensive digital marketing strategy for service ok so again and that no direct mail or email campaigns went out during q1 of 2013 so of this year but total our account included our internal numbers we had a 2119 our increase for that quarter so if you divide that by three you know you’re in the substrate of an increase for customer pay only we had an exit of over 1,500 so if we divide that by three you looking at it a little over 500 and our account so does it work we’re leaning towards that would be a big yes with with anybody on this call like to have another 1,500 customer pay our OS so another 500 a month using some very efficient digital marketing strategies so Julie you tell us a little bit about these analytic charts ok so is this is an analytics that I pulled from our website provider so this is a cue for I believe it’s what I did on this one so november december of last year which is really when we started ramping up and thinking more of hates include our service center and the digital efforts that we’re doing so they were seeing includes mobile trap as well as desktop traffic and our page views you can pull over 95,000 if you’ll see our average time on page it slow but it’s because oval numbers are in there and our bounce rate is at forty-four percent be cut again because of mobile if you go down to the second circle right there you’ll see our service page views were at 901 for that for that time periods and let’s take a look at first quarter 2013 yes so this is just for mobile it’s what I’m looking at here I apologize the last screen was only mobile it did not include desktop so this is mobile site total pageviews increase to 150 thousand one hundred and I respect at that 7500 so just with a little bit of effort or pageviews for service really really increased so Julie let’s go back for everyone to see that the mobile in q4 of 2012 75 excuse me ninety-five thousand pages 921 or service and basically that went up about nine hundred percent from under a thousand to 7500 that’s huge yeah it is huge and you know we I mean we’re dedicating a significant number you know our digital dolls but we also make sure that what whatever the mobile ad or the display whatever it’s showing that it clicks through to the lot this is the right place to make sure that our pricing is very clear and consistent so you know we’re very very happy with the results here right and and Michael verla asks a question about bounce rate you know so bounce for everyone on the call bounce rate is is if somebody goes to a page in your website and then leaves your website and doesn’t visit another page on that domain that’s called a

bounce now there’s a couple things to keep in mind in an ideal world some digital cam paynes want to have a hundred percent bounce rate meaning wouldn’t in an ideal world if you can seven add $15 oil change they went to the oil change appointment form they filled it out and left right Julie that’s an ideal conversion it would have a hundred percent bounce rate yes and will even take the click to call I mean that is so they landed on our service page and on our phone numbers there and they’ve landed on our you know when they click the phone number they end up with our BBC or service fee and they set an appointment got to win yes so everyone who’s been overly focused on bounce rate needs to understand a few things number one phone calls are converging on mobile websites your phone to actual lead form conversion is almost like five to one or seven to one meaning you’ll get seven calls for everyone lead form that’s filled out if they’re on a mobile device the other thing is website providers like tea cake are sites and their power of five they could they have a separate microsite for service a separate microsite for new cars separate microsite for used cars so when someone jumps from one website to another even though it looks like the same website about so you have to be very careful in looking at cost per conversion what people are doing and ask yourself is the campaign designed in such that an ideal result could be a high bounce rate a high bounce rate in itself is not necessarily a bad thing and Julie arm for your closing slides here you’re actually showing some budgets July of 2012 and then we’re going to take a look at something more recent to tell us what we should be looking at so this is what actually they were they were spending a thousand dollars digitally for search engines and they really weren’t doing anything for display so that thousand dollars got you fifty dollars they did to the key words of Toyota Park which gave us 3040 freshens 45 clicks and two weeks fast word to what did I give you march we’ve increased that budget to 10,000 so right now I 7000 go into search engine marketing words and three thousand dollars to display and you can see that for the words toyota parts we know it’s 180 clicks but the impressions have really really increased for nineteen thousand and four parts we’ve gotten more leads that way and then tires you know spurs are interesting because you’re competing with discount tire and you know all these other shops that that’s what they specialize in so their route to get into that Ralph’s been difficult and it probably would take more money than this but we’re pretty happy with the entire sales have increased we’re at you know 62 clicks leave you know really they’re picking up the phone and calling or they’re tapping to call so the impressions getting close to 10,000 so which is an Andalite for those I’m sorry just touch screen exist and the top key tires didn’t exist in the top keywords when I got here so the fact that it now are there enough 10 or 12 it is important right and a couple of things I this is a little technical but it is important because I know we have some advanced users on the phone if you’re running your own AdWords campaigns companies like the other com normally don’t allow you to put in phone tracking software meaning they want you to run AdWords through their service so when Julie when you’re looking at the click 62 clicks if someone made a phone call Julie would not know that necessarily some website providers allow that you know driving force for examples is one of these vendors is they program their platform so Julie I could be tracking phone calls the other thing to keep in mind is that google recently announced enhanced campaigns so that your SEM ads can have free tracking phone numbers that can be mapped to your service bdc or to just your service line and for the first time you’ll be able to have google tell you total leads and calls and

clicks oh very cool what Google is realizing on the need to have phone tracking Rick was asking how does the ten thousand dollars get broken down Rick I would say it’s a good offline discussion because I don’t want to get too too much in the weeds on Edward budgets they really very store to store obviously at boot camp we’re going to have three or four classes on AdWords strategies and budgets I hope that you would allow that you know parts of your team to come out mike says Romero yes so Mike ddc does allow up to 300 unique phone numbers associated with their display remarketing campaigns and hook track response yes if you’re using dealer comms tcd products they have tons of tracking options it’s just that when you want to run AdWords yourself you don’t have that site wide replaceable numbers on cobalt or dealer com they don’t participate in that so um Julie thank you so much for your sharing of your digital strategies Julie tell tell everyone on the line what you’re going to be focusing on on boot camp specifically for those people who want to send their fix ops directors out to boot camp so you know obviously going to build more on this about has how to digitally market your service department I’ll show I think examples we’ll talk more about budget i’ll talk more about the partners that we use locally i’m going to talk a little bit about the spanish advertising that we’ve done because that’s been critical to our success and Antonio so from from that perspective as digital marketing relates to just the service center those are some things that are discussing and with a person that likes a question about duple do graphic design in-house my other session it will google docs into that and there’s definitely a big service center discussion later our digital I mean our yard designer great great and is there any dealers on the phone here today that are considering maybe hiring your own internal graphics person anybody on that fence because I will tell you if you attend Julie’s workshops you’ll see what the response of this their creativity I will also tell you that most set it and forget it kind of prepackaged display ads that website providers provide for Adwords is not the quality that will convert very well and Julie I saw some of your custom banners they are really really well done thank you so so with that in mind I’m going to turn it over to Andrew barter Andrew congratulations for being part of the boot camp team tell everyone a little bit about yourself hey thank you Brian and I want to say thanks to Donna thanks Julie and especially again thank you to you Brian I am super excited to be part of the boot camp team and to meet you and everybody Philadelphia today a little bit about me I work for a company called jet pack and we like to say that we are the creative fuel that you can use to propel your business forward we are creative agency and work with OEMs the manufacturers and we also work directly dealers and so we’re very unique in our space you usually don’t find companies in both and essentially what we do is we help build custom solutions for what we see as everyday common problems and there’s a couple of different areas that we do that in we work with the OEMs on marketing events and what we call experiential learning most often you guys might see in a vehicle launched in a ride and drive format but we also took those elements and we will really help the OEM get a lot of mileage out of them and really stretch their dollars by saying hey you know what we built this thing if you’ve got dealers that want to do a marketing event we will take this and will shrink it down and get size appropriate for a dealer for an auto group for an auto association or a local at association and we’ll take that big show on the road and you that direct for dealers we also do some stuff like la live if you go out right now if anybody’s in los angeles area and that the open common areas between the nokia theatre and the Staples Center we manage all of those displays within that area and we stopped them with product specialists and people who can answer questions on Toyota products last couple 12 months i should say in a big stories for us we did a

2013 avalon launch beautiful carcassonne Toyota’s out there doing well with it we also do mobile applications we created one recently for toyota called delivery pro which is a sort of a scripting tool that allows sales consultants and service consultants to work with customers during vehicle delivery and really focus on what’s most important to the customer make most efficient use of their time that’s really sort of a sale satisfaction you know push that they have going on we also did a great mobile app a game that’s based on the Foursquare api called the 100 days of avalon unfortunately if you don’t have a toyota spin number if you don’t have one of their internal learner ID numbers you can’t participate but it’s a lot of fun if you’re into force where you would really enjoy it let’s do a lot of editorial content in terms of writing things like competitive comparison that kind of stuff but then the last thing that we do is which is which is my forte and what I head up for the company is customer retention and income development direct to dealers it’s so good if you look at a little bit about my background I sort of came to training and consulting in a reverse way most of us start out and retail get sort of the taste for problem solving and then become sales or service consultants or trainers for me it happened to the reverse I joined the army right out of high school and later became an officer in the military and found myself in a track in the training world and so I did a lot of stand-up facilitation in when i was in the army it’s probably the most critical skill that the army looks at in terms of day-to-day operations is making sure that people understand how to do their job and basic soldier skills once i left the army like a lot of us i got in the car business because i was looking for something to do until the real job came along but that’s when the buff hit me when I fell in love so you started out selling cars and then you know kind of moved around through fixed operations two different times I’ve been an oem a facilitator both as a full-time employee for Chrysler and Daimler Chrysler after that buyout I’ve also just filled them that you know hired consultant you know for short-term programs or long-term programs what I do for jet pack and what I do for our clients including our dealer clients I helped develop the content that customers are going to see I’m also a tool builder meaning that if we need something to help us display an idea of visual lead to a customer or help make a complicated story more simple I help work you know with with our clients and our creative staff to make those tools and bring them to life and the last thing I think is probably most important is unction has what we call a resource partner so if you’ve got a problem and you’re not sure where to go for that solution you know that’s one of the the roles that we help fill for our clientele we’ll go out we’ll research all those solutions come back and say hey there are several things that would do what you want them to do it was just a matter of choosing the right one or some combination of those things so let’s jump in and talk a little bit about what’s going on in the world of service retention and why suddenly it’s become so important great quote that I heard from jay-z you know not long ago was that you know politics is the new hip hop and I thought that was an interesting statement counting from him the guy’s a billionaire he’s got a lot of business acumen and I thought as I said it was a very interesting statement I’m going to take a little license with that what I’m going to tell you is that service retention is the new customer satisfaction index and that’s really what’s happening at the manufacturer level right now I can remember in the late 1980s the first time my factory rep came in and showed me a 14-page survey and said you’re going to learn to live or die by what this says and it was the first time we had ever seen anything like that and of course after he left and I was very nice to him I smiled and and off he went I took that survey dropped it in the trash because I thought this is ridiculous no one’s ever going to take time to fill this out no one’s ever going to collate all this data no one’s ever going to make that big a deal out of it and as you all know I could not have been more wrong you know what I’ve learned over time is the factory only tracks things that they think they can make money on or that they plan to incentivize their own internal people on and so I’ve learned over time to take a lot of time and pay a lot of attention to what it is that they’re measuring and and realize that you know two to five years after measurement begins there’s going to be a program in place so they say this is the new CS on now one of the reasons why this is so important and it really has to do with some of the work that JD power does every year and they publish every year but there’s a link between two of the surveys that most of us at

retail you know just haven’t had time to make the connection on but you know large consulting companies like the carlyle group and NPD as well as JD Power and everybody at the elite level has been making this connection for the last four or five years and we’re really starting to see this come to fruition now in national strategies and even international strategies for all of the top automakers so you’re all familiar with something called the IQs study that measures whether or not customers have problems with their car 90 days after ownership that’s a pretty narrow survey it only comes out it’s on those pose as customers in the very beginning of the model year but there’s a second survey that they do they do it every year and nobody ever talks about it’s called BDS the vehicle door bill study and they think those exact same customers and they go back to them three years later and they ask what broke what went wrong and the OEMs are able to use those two sets of metrics to determine where their warranty dollars are headed up or down and in some cases it leads them to extend the life of a model year you know for instance if you look at some of the cars that are on the market place you know corolla is an example the last generation corolla lived well beyond anybody’s expectations well the reason for that is that the IQs you know numbers were great and the VDS numbers were great it wasn’t an expensive car for Toyota and customers loved it so even though Hyundai and other brands have six and seven speed transmissions in their compact cars toyota was doing fine with a four-speed it was not a very competitive product when you looked at the numbers but people loved it and it didn’t cost them that much money to cab that out in the field and so in some cases as safe it may be used to justify hey we don’t need to do a remodel on that in some areas though it can speed up a remodel where the factory looks at it and says look if we keep building this car based on the VDS numbers you know we’re going to basically pay for a ground-up redo of this model in three years just in warranty and internal expense and so they pay very very close attention to it what’s important for you to know at the dealership level is that warranty repairs are absolutely plummeting they’re dropping by on average about fifty percent or more with each model update and we also know that you know maintenance reduces warranty expense so if customers maintain their car in a regular fashion we see things preemptively and we begin to solve problems that are small rather than large problems case in point my wife and I have a minivan it just cracked a hundred thousand miles it’s been a beautiful vehicle for us I just got the oil changed on Friday they said to me hey bad news you got the valve cover leak now right now it’s very small but if I hadn’t brought that in and I wasn’t working with dealer that had a great multi-point inspection process I not know that and that might lead me to a catastrophic failure one out of warranty and so these are some of the reasons why you see the OEMs being so particular about all of these small of customer experience items and why they’re pressing so hard on dealers now about service retention because the obvious thing that’s going on out there is if warranty is dropping dramatically that means the dealers have to pass and that they are able to now do more maintenance well you’re doing more maintenance it means they’re selling more parts at retail not grant YouTube gifting them if you will under the terms of the warranty and that’s more gross profit for them but if there’s such a thing as a perfect storm they’re living it right now because their warranty expenses down so they’re gross profits going up but since there’s lower warranty that means that their spin structure is less every dollar that you can take out of expense drops right to net profit so not only are they grow see more in parts but they are spending less as a result of increased quality initiatives and so pausing there I would just ask you to get Brian some feedback do the the incentives matter I mean you understand now why they like some of the brands have such aggressive incentives for why they are threatening you no penalties based on how many customers you’re able to keep in service and so I’ll just pause and Brian you can get a little feedback on that yeah sure so for the audience that’s with us today here did these incentives and penalties make sense now based on what Andrew it is it is sharing here and and do you understand the the change of this mix that’s going on here at the dealership yeah so people are agreeing Andrew so so let’s jump in because we have met other

10 or 15 minutes left right and the real thing is when you sure this you know how to define retention for the brands that you represent because each one each one has a unique with a very similar definition is cover you know three variables there will always be some number of customer pay visits and this by the way is one of the big things that you know dealers were arguing about two years ago because all the OEMs with as matter of three months took out you know the the service you know warranty visits from their retention calculation and everybody got got a nap or worse so instantly you know the dealers you know can you know became awake to that and said why are you doing that and the ileum is response was well it’s really about you know whether or not we’ll spend their own money because if it’s just about the warranty well they’re captive they’re right they say they can only come to our brand for warranty but if they’re spending their own money they’ve got a lot more choices out there so they’ll always be a variable about number of customer pay visits will be a variable that time frame whether they’re measuring one year in time or 18 months in time or two years of time and then the third variable will always be how many model years deep are they going in the past to calculate the units and operation or very welcome commonly CSU IL now this is different than repurchase or repurchase intent numbers that you read about from various consulting companies that publish national service that simply is a yes or no question do you like your car enough that you would buy another one of the same model or have you purchased another vehicle of this a make or model you know since you bought your last one and so that those are simple up and down questions this is very very different and a lot more nuanced in terms of customer behavior and so what you also need to know is that there are often two numbers at the OEM one that you see that’s published and that’s going to have some type of monetary incentive or unfortunately in some cases of punishment for the dealer and typically you know your field rep is on is working on that number as well and so that’s what we call the shallow pool but there’s also an internal number with money that has to do with you know Faye plans and bonuses for the parts eject it is and that’s often a much deeper pool case in point one of the Asian manufacturers and they’re looking at incentives for their eternal people particularly the parks and parks marketing group they go 15 model years back and say you know what your bonus based on 15 model years worth of business because they really believe and in this particular case that manufactures 10 sell things like oil filters and OEM brakes to people with 15 year old cars and you know up to 200,000 miles on their vehicles which is amazing it’s the longest and deepest pool that I’ve ever seen in any of the aliens that I work with but you know there is at least one out there that goes 15ml your seat so how it’s calculated matters to you in a really big way quick little you know and why does it matter quick little case study that I can share with you I was recently working with a dealership just last year 2008 swell they asked me to come in and help them across no retention and the first thing that I want to do is let’s make sure that we’re maximizing all of the programs and getting you all of the money that’s available from your OEM so this is a luxury franchise they’re above their minimum sales requirement so they’re selling more than the factory pitch they should they got great CSI they got great delivery scores everything’s going well but they were one one-hundredth of a point below the bonus level for customer retention for the last two years and that has up to a hundred and fifty thousand dollars in lost revenue just from the factory in quarterly incentives that didn’t count what they would have made from the additional repair orders the bottom line is that nobody in the dealership understood how this was calculated and so they didn’t understand what changes they could have made to make it easier for them one of the interesting things was that they were doing more than what the factory recommended bringing customers in after a thousand miles for a free checkup but they were lifting that in their dns with an opcode that was not recognized by the OEM and so one of the first things that we did was we changed the opcode and you can guess what happened instantly you know in the next month they rocketed above the you know the line in order to be qualified for the incentive and everybody you know looks to me access my contrary hero and I go no it’s just simply reading the program rules way do you see what we’ve next and the bottom line that I tell all of my clients is always always always position yourself for success the people who win and when big are the first people in the bonus deep in the bonus pools and the last ones out so when you notice that they start measuring something you have to start focusing on because as I say within two to three years they will start to put incentives or penalties in place if you’re not above you know what’s considered acceptable you know by

their internal measurements and as I said earlier they only measure what they get paid on so pay close attention now where’s the real money for you in this because the factory money can come and go where’s the real money the long-term money in the long term success and the answer is gets in your database that’s where it is the truth is that warranty can’t be predicted and it can’t be relied on you know I made a lot of money back in the day rebuilding Chrysler basic so for transmissions and I had three guys that were working full-time in my shop that were doing nothing but rebuilding transmissions and we did a very bad thing we stopped training them to be technicians because they were our go through transmission guys and then one day something terrible happened Chrysler stop building the graphic transmissions and two of the guys did not make the transition back to being master text and I don’t even hit during the business any longer so I mean you know you’ve got to take a look at the idea that warranty comes and goes and the only thing that you can really rely on moving forward one more is maintenance because that can be predicted every cars had a definite value in service and parts sales based on that schedule of service that you see in the owners manual and what are the customers on schedule one are scheduled to write the normal or the severe duty cycle so the question that I asked everybody is what if you get ninety percent plus of the maintenance from ninety percent plus of all the cars you deliver and if you really consider that fact as some people may say why think we’re already getting close to that here’s the big thing that I want you to think about if that’s true if you’re getting that kind of share of maintenance then you should be adding on to your service department or adding at least extra shifts in your service department once every three to four years and it if your dealership has not had that kind of capital expansion that’s independent of store remodels or relocations then you know that you’re really not getting everything that’s possible and so if you have that kind of retention how many of those customers would buy additional vehicles from you and and what would that mean and one of the other pieces just lead us you know you know what if the future of your store depended on it and what I would say is that it probably will in the future in fact I think it definitely will in the future so we’ve got seven simple links and when you come to the boot camp and men I’ll get into these in-depth and in detail at a very comprehensive handout for you that will show you step-by-step how to implement each one of these things and bring it to the next level so if whether or not you have it now or you don’t have it now we’ll show you how to do both and we’ll bring you the best practices in each one of these areas so here is a simple seven right she also serves hand off multiple inspections value pricing selling what we call gateway items simple tool accessories pre pavement maintenance and regular fixed operations marketing and I lifted the last one you know and I put it there because i was i was so excited that we were going to have julie on the call to talk about that so well again i really encourage you to go see her and go see done all right let’s dive in and take a look at what these things have meant that some other dealers very large case study global five automaker national program that we had and basically what we said in that program is that we believe that the overall strategy of increasing dealer profitability is where all the OEMs should be focused but it shouldn’t be about you know getting more parts over the curb or it shouldn’t be about a metric on a page other than you know are your dealers making money and are they making money in services if they’re not and they’re not absorbing is seventy percent or more of their fixed you know of their fixed expenses through service they’re not you know it’s healthy as they should be and they’re not in a good position to compete right and so we said that’s the simple strategy we believe that simple tactics will yield the results that will get you there so there happens again global 50 top 5 automaker 750 dealers nationwide participate in this program 180 are represented by the numbers on this slide and an additional one hundred eighty just completed the program now the final waves went through 2011 and 2012 and what I could tell you is when I mentioned waves what I mean is they didn’t roll this out to all of the dealers at once we have the limited budget and a limited number of consultants that were in the field working with viewers of course limited workload how many dealers speech consultant can carry so we just finished up with the last parts of it in two thousand late-2012 but the pilot really taught us a lot about what was important and so that allowed us to kind of simplify the program a little bit for the for the subsequent waves they were more simplified but they were deeper the pilot only lasted 90 days and even that

though yielded some pretty significant results but the average length of time that a dealer was working with us you know in subsequent waves was about nine months now I look pilot they were all hand-picked because as you can imagine you know one person in the OEM was spending a lot of money and that meant you know promotion or get fired so they hand-picked dealers that they felt would be successful once we were able to show the results I was able to say to that person the OEM look open it up to anybody don’t worry about whether or not they’re currently making money and I gave them what I call my statue of liberty you know you know speech I said I’ll take two tired the hungry the poor the people that are working with their last nickel of working capital you know give me the guys that are on the bubble where you believe that you’d be great dealers but they’re struggling financially I’ll go to any small town and we will help them get better I believe that simple tactics yield results so strongly that there’s nobody that I want that I won’t take in the program and we had fantastic results so if you take a look you can see you know that everybody increase now in gray you’ll see what what the increase was for dealers that were not involved in this program maybe they were using some of the simple seven maybe they weren’t using any of them and by the way not everybody going to embrace all seven concepts so you know somewhere only really you and five and some you know we’re flirting with six or seven and some frankly you know we’re unable to master more than three but they’re all here so if you look at customer pay in terms of labor dollars in green you’ll see that you know our wave one dealer said the greatest increase twenty-seven hundred dollar increased monthly and our pilot dealers well they didn’t have enough soak time they were still up significantly and a considerable amount compared to everybody else that’s out there and again I’ll review these numbers with you in detail at the boot camp these will be in your in your handout if we look at another way to measure it because I always am a skeptic and I always say okay great so they made more money one month to the next but you know hey you guys picked june july and august through your measurement program and we all know that you know there’s there’s ups and downs you know the winter isn’t as good for you know for us in some markets etc so i always tend to say all right now let’s go back and look at year-over-year increases did they do better over time frame and you know versus you know last year versus this year all right and so the answer is yes they did quite well the pilot dealers made a lot of progress as i said in a short period of time wave one dealers were about one third of the way through the process when we were doing the measurement but they were up significantly one of the big things in trish mentioned that was really i’m sorry i’m not rich but but we talked earlier about Cooper sales and that got me really really excited because that was one of the things that we were kind of edgy about you know get was really weren’t ended selling tires for batteries in it you know being in what we call the Gateway businesses and when we started those sales for the entire company were near zero and we had some really really big increases including a national average that doubled as a result of about you know I don’t know twenty percent of their dealers being involved in this program so then you can see here big increases and while the whole country grew and that makes sense that the economy is coming back the dealers that were participated in the dealers that we’re focusing on the simple seven lengths we’re having much better success than their peers that were not so let’s dive in and talk a little bit more about the simple seven if we can see also serve as hand off you know God talking about accountability you know we’re going to have ya so here’s we’re going to have to do because of time I think we have to just jump to a couple slides that I have and just let the dealers know that these at the boot camp you’re going to dive into these simple seven and most importantly the results of dealers who were on the program had significant results and that’s really the exciting news for dealers who are looking to get their kicks tops you know programs in higher gear the simple evan has proven itself and you’re going to be sharing that at boot camp indeed absolutely and again i would encourage over to go see julie and go sit down because they’ve got great stuff to share it can really really help you get your business where you want to be great and so so Andrew let me just close with a couple thoughts from my perspective those of you who don’t know me I’ve been really a deep diving into

digital strategies for dealer since 2005 and have a couple books out and I wanted to share with you my excitement in fixed ops and why I’m so excited that boot camp is really bringing some of the top strategies together I want to talk about this concept of an audit one of the things that Julie mentioned and I’m going to unmute Julie for a minute Julie did you get any pushback from the fixed from the fixed ops folks when you said I’m going to stop doing direct mail I’m going to go digital did that did that run a shiver down anybody’s fine well we all popped a few tums i canna lie it’s a scary thing and but we worked extremely satisfied or happy with the results we had been getting through direct mail so I’d say it was just good timing great well one of the things that I I will tell everyone and I really mean this is that you need to be willing to be bold and do an audit to find out what’s working that’s what’s working a couple things to keep in mind and you’ll see these themes repeated at the boot camp we have to really understand the idea of incremental sales right now whether you did no marketing or advertising you’re going to get a base of sales in your service drive and then what is incremental might be from your digital strategy your traditional strategy or or some other strategy that you’re testing whether it’s social media or word of mouth or loyalty programs or credit programs but can we all agree that when we look at bringing or service department to the next level we can’t face it just on total sales we have to base it on incremental so just by a yes or no do you understand what I’m saying that if you’re doing a certain level of business and your service drive and you hire a digital marketing strategist or you hire a process person we need to benchmark not the entire of a dollar amount of really things like what have we really changed the other thing is is how many of you are using a CRM in your service do you have a CRM for your service rep can can you answer that question I will tell you that the dealerships lack of focus on crm and good data in your DMS and in your crm system is also impeding the success that we can have with our service drives and we’ll be talking about the integration of CRM and data hygiene to really make our service processes better and how about you on a scale to ABCDEF how would you rate your phone processes at the dealership when a consumer is calling your dealership in the service drive how well are those phone calls being answered Jerry tebow recently spoke at the internet battle-plan talked about some huge profit leaks at the dealership how would you rate your dealerships phone skills no matter what we’re talking about at boot camp one of the things I want to really get across is that with mobile marketing increasing phone calls are increasing and if we have crappy phone processes they’re going to be amplified the other thing that I want to bring out that we’re going to be talking at boot camp is whether or not your emails are being delivered how many of you on today’s call are doing a monthly service email blast would you please answer that question are you doing a monthly service email blast well Kendall billman from Ava was showing us some numbers of leads that the dealership these are sales Lee that the dealership marked is unreachable look at that slide sixty-three percent of the leads from their website that they gave up on were engaged fifty-four percent of the referral leads were engaged forty-six percent of the third party leads were reengaged and look at the appointment percentages ladies and gentlemen one of the things that we need to understand and will be talking about a boot camp is our our service emails really getting delivered this is really some scary data this is some data from Google is that and and Julie mentioned it right now about twenty percent of all automotive queries or mobile guess guess what

Google says by the end of this year it’s forty percent ladies and gentlemen what is your service website look on a mobile device what does your scholz look like on a mobile device is your website adaptive are you using social media to promote a service special but when someone’s on a mobile phone they can’t find it I challenge you today to go to a page a custom page you put on your website that’s promoting your current service special and go to your mobile phone and find that page tell me what it looks like nine out of ten times that those pages are unreadable they do not have a mobile equivalent and there’s no clear call to action from a mobile phone the other thing that you’ll be learning at boot camp is the importance of online reviews Peter Martin recently talked about this at the battle plan will be talking about it again the power of direct mail and online reviews on the service trip revenue of your store so here’s a couple thoughts for you from my perspective is your digital strategy for service efficient would you be so kind as answering that question it is your service digital marketing strategy efficient at your dealership I’m going to wait if you let just go ahead and type in your answer I want to get some feedback from you because here’s one of the things when I travel around the country when I do audits for dealership this is one of the biggest unknowns they really aren’t looking at their dealer com or cobalt campaigns and um very very big opportunities there does your website have service contest that attracts and convert Julie Peters is what what what digital service strategy Peter that’s that’s comical but true here’s the other thing Julie’s going to be talking about content and having your own graphics designer what’s related to this is that service content actually has better chance of driving organic or SEO traffic to your website and guess what if you use multi channel sales funnels you will find that good service content actually does convert it doesn’t always convert on the first visit and I will tell you that an audit of your website will tell you how strong your SEO and content is for service we are really excited to be working with Google wildfire this is a social media agency that google bought we’re going to be one of the first companies to use the Google wildfire platform for automotive and this is focused on this idea of mobile and social offers ladies and gentlemen if you’re fixed I’ve strategy is not leveraging mobile offers understanding that someone on a mobile device that’s typing in discount tires or collision shop or you know toyota parts is within minutes or hours of making a decision what are you doing to get them to pick your store how many of you are doing digital radio oh peter mensah common google’s web service concept because people who use google web service come too well well bottom line is our studies show that with a minimal amount of investment in fixed off service content is amazing the additional traffic that gets generated Julie obviously has some additional days of show but how many of you are using pandora radio digital targeted radio for fixed ops ladies and chalmers amazing opportunities for call to actions and then of course the service drive you know I’ve written about Google’s flip-flop on collecting reviews Julie’s using her back comms reputation program cobalt Paswan there’s a number of companies Dominion handsome what’s really working the best I will tell you there are some great strategies that you should be doing both merchandising your showroom and how you’re using emails to increase reviews we’re going to be talking about that at boot camp and an equity mining there is an amazing movement of moving salesperson into the service drive on a full-time basis we’re seeing an extra 30 40 cars a month in some dealerships from one or two people bleep using equity mining tools but they’re stationed in the service drive we’re going to be talking about that at

boot camp as well so what do I have for you a couple things you might not have played about is video pre-roll are you using video pre-roll to target and saturate your market for fixed ops and I will tell you that if you are doing any cable TV advertising if you are doing any radio or traditional you should be looking at video pre-roll it’s an amazing way to get your message out to a targeted audience at a very very affordable cost and I mentioned earlier how many of you have a collision center would you go on your phone right now go on your mobile device and type in collision center are you showing up like this glenwood auto body are you there with a click to call phone number ladies and gentlemen a digital audit attending boot camp is going to give you the insights you need really to make a difference in today’s marketing environments how about this one any of you live in an area where you get hell anybody on the line here who has a dealership that’s located in a place that gets have obviously this is this is pretty bad stuff but you know what how about putting emergency AdWords campaigns created and approved by Google on hold has anybody talked to you about that part of a digital audit or attending boot camp is very simple learn from the experts it takes three days typically to get google to approve a digital campaign imagine having a hail storm damage campaign both banner and keywords unpause already pre-approved you get hit with a house you turn it on for 24 or 48 hours you you’re the first person in market and the only person in market that has that campaign ready to roll um so in closing I want to tell you two things just because you have a marketing budget doesn’t mean it’s efficient you can crush a bug with your shoe you can crush a bug with a hundred dollar hammer you can crush a bug with a forty thousand dollar car I want to challenge fixed ops professionals to come to boot camp and learn what are the most efficient ways to promote traffic and engagement and sales what are the most efficient ways to improve retention and absorption we are going to be talking about email marketing in the service drive all of the things that you need you may be doing these things but they may not be efficient and those of you who can’t attend boot camp obviously I want to challenge you for one thing will you pull back the covers and do an audit PCG specializes in these types of digital audits where we’re looking at your dealership website internet lead handling your budgeting how you are with reviews and social your video engagement your page 1 scores and how are you merchandising your cars and vehicles and of course what is your digital presence look like for fixed ops we don’t focus on absorption we don’t focus on training we don’t do retention like some of our other guests but from the Digital side would you be willing to have somebody give you the truth with the amount of money whether it’s 20,000 50,000 hundred thousand dollars a month in dealership advertising across new use service parts collision shop don’t you deserve to get a true audit on what’s working what’s not working if you’re interested in that type of audit you can obviously send me an email and obviously those who’ve you are going to the boot camp are going to get the insights for you to do an audit phase on the new knowledge that you have and I want to reward everyone on today’s webinar come out to bootcamp meet and through meet Don meet Julie meet Peter Martin myself and other experts will be down there and we can save you $300 a person by calling Carrie hemphill and say you were on the fixed offs workshop webinar and you want to lock in that special price so I want to thank everyone for being participating in this wonderful wonderful discussion on pic stops opportunities is there any questions from the general team whether it’s fruit Julie or for Don or of course our most esteemed Andrew barter I can’t wait to see your seven lengths presentation any final questions from

anyone well I am pleased that everyone feels like they’ve got something out of it on a scale of 1-10 how did you feel about today’s webinar and love to get your feedback before you sign off just put that in the question mark did you enjoy our speakers today and look forward to boot camp I want to thank everyone for their time a copy of this recording will be posted and sent to everyone who registered along with the slide deck want to encourage you to get your team out to boot camp and if you can’t make it at least I make a commitment to audit what you’re doing what you’re spending money on the increases that Don showed on accountability the increases that Andrew showed using these seven lengths the increases that Julie showed from a digital strategy ladies and gentlemen are not minor changes we’re talking you saw Don million dollars in gross profit you’re seeing Julie a nine hundred percent increase in traffic you saw andrew’s number in customer pay an average customer ro I mean this is big stuff this is not minor stuff your dealership doesn’t see the vision of sending your team your fixed ops team out the boot camp they are missing the bigger picture so thank you so much love having you on this goal and please do not miss the opportunity to meet with these great subject matter experts at boot camp so with that set it’s a great day start off the week it’s the last selling week of the month so make it strong and thank you so much for everyone attending today and thank you all our speakers for a wonderful presentation have a great day thank you