The Land Cruiser Caper – Still Untitled: The Adam Savage Project – 1/7/20

welcome to still entitled the Adam Savage project I’m will I’m Adam and I’m norm hey cursed this is a first podcast for 2020 it is yeah absolutely is and the new decade well we haven’t seen each other for like five days ago how was everybody’s house everyone’s holidays it was great yeah yeah we’re in prime Christmas years now right right seven she’s about to turn seven Santa Clauses the business all the things were good yeah like we did we did a thing this year cuz like that last week between Christmas and New Year’s the longest Sunday of the year yeah that’s like just like yeah you know what let’s have apple pie for breakfast yeah she said can we have ice cream does everything was offensive completely Lou the longest Sunday that’s what is that terrible movie where all the kids murder each other it’s the holiday battle royale of the food terrible movie at the frying pan I got the spoon we had nine people in the house that’s a lot of people was fantastic I mean it was crazy hanging there not just for an evening no no we had nine people staying in the house yeah every horizontal surface at a human did you put lights on the house make it really come out you go a little crazy but I brought sleeping bags from storage yeah there was it was it was great you go out with the lights hmm you go out all out with lights no I do lights no I actually have a we’re in the fifth year of our fake tree yep we’re in year three it’s a it’s lights are integrated into the stock although one string went out this year that’s I had to do some soldering really I think I have to bring it here and literally workshop through each of the strands cuz I couldn’t figure it out on the fly integrated is highly integrated ours does this thing it took us a long time to find the I I grew up on a Christmas tree farm so it felt really yeah but also it means I never have to go to another tree lot again which is fine and ours does this thing it has it has a like a stiletto connector yeah so when you socket it down there’s many wires to plug in yeah no me too the whole top half just lights up it’s the business yeah that’s amazing I totally agree yeah so we’re in the fifth year of that and we actually my Christmas tree sat next to Totoro this year at all so we had a neighbor button hold my wife out in front of the house last week and said what’s the thing in your window that’s not a tree oh they’re in for such a treat it’s wonderful what a what a wonderful thing to find out about indeed yeah there’s a neighborhood south of San Francisco I want to say is like Chestnut Avenue you know South Terrace were like they go all out it’s one of those like we don’t have the kind of suburbs the crucification suburbs right we’re not necessarily but there and there are two Fair Oaks over the street here between mission and Noe Valley does it they close down and have great Christmas and Halloween right right Rayder over in coal Valley mmm closes down for at least Halloween I don’t know about Christmas there’s a guy in Noe that does that basically just sticks a bazillion stuffed animals and lights and like roller coasters around it’s really cool it’s it’s it’s like very cool if you’re 10 it’s um you looking like oh man where do they store that stuff I have a monkey he said he has multiple storage units there’s a story in the article about it yeah but it was it was it just looked like a nightmare to set up and take down items like this is this is like solid ten days at work it looks like crazy down there got to have the RGB LEDs so you can change from red and green and white something that can last all year round there’s your cell do you know that they make addressable Christmas tree lights now I do Matt Howie was together reading about that twinkle I think so apparently you put this string on your tree and then you turn it on and you’re controlling it via bluetooth while pointing your phone at it so your phone can figure out where each light is well so and then animate shit across the front of your trees we talked about on tech pot a couple weeks ago they yeah they you hold the phone up and it dresses each one individually right and you do it I think from multiple sides so that really it was it seemed like like the video made it look very fast I did not spend $300 on the Christmas lights to find out that difficult little problem in a certain speed or just they know what the yeah well the the hard part is figure out where the light is in 3d space not figure out which multiple sides yeah that’s Nam I’m that those are cure I’m curious about those well light curious I was gonna say there’s a guy in the but well they’ve gotten they’ve reduced in price dramatically each year they’ve been out so far so like next year of the year after they’ll be affordable for more people the question is can you use them for cosplay oh you

think absolute right yeah oh yeah there’s a guy in the back of the valley where I live in Pacifica that does like you pull up in it there’s a great sign in the front that says tune your radio to like 690 a.m. and then every 15 minutes he does like a 15 minute light show where it’s all animated choreographed and the whole thing is it is garish and amazing wait so he’s broadcasting he’s broadcasting on a low wattage AM station as you’re talking by okay well you pull out in front and you turn on your car radio and get out the car I want to move on from this sorry yeah my land on the Saturday December 28th I woke up to put my mom on the plane to go visit my sister in Los Angeles okay and as I walked out of the front of the house to put her in the car I noticed my Land Cruiser was not parked out on the street where I had left it oh and I thought oh well land cruiser is gone and then I thought well there’s nothing that I can do now that I can’t do after I put my mom in the car and go get some coffee so I put my mom is a car and I went got some coffee then I came back walked over to mission station filed a police report came home so he waited 30 minutes though about 30 minutes yeah you’re not are you freaking out on the inside no I am not freaking out here’s the thing or you’re it’s like it’s just an object nobody’s health is in danger you know I have old dogs and my kids are out of the house it takes a lot to rattle me these days and I saw the landcruiser is missing and I thought ah that sucks but it’s just an object and it’s nobody’s health and frankly it’s just a thing to deal with plus honestly I’m kind of curious what tested landcruiser people think but there can’t be very many right-hand drive 1982 diesel Land Cruisers in the United States but item I don’t know whether that means there’s 10 or 50 here or they two hundred or two hundred but I came home from the police station and I was typing up a tweet that were going to announce to Land Cruiser owners the countrywide hey here’s my engine number my VIN number this Land Cruiser is stolen keep an eye out for it and I felt fairly confident I would see my cruiser again yeah because this isn’t a huge community he served these are fairly rare pieces and as I was typing this up I just got to the end of the first tweet and I was adding to the second tweet to the tweet thread building with my doorbell rang and it was officer Hernandez from the southern part of San Francisco telling me that they had found my land cruiser wow it was weirdly not more than about a mile from where I used to live in Sunnyside in San Francisco off of a little okay San Francisco has I think three to five dirt roads left in the city wow really yeah I know that there are some little little Jason what’s that Park adjacent yes some of them some of them are up and there’s one up in Bernal okay right and there’s oh yeah so there’s another over near the Presidio and this one is off of Diamond Street up above Glen Park the bottom of Glen Park where the grocery store is Oh off a little lane called poppy lane and poppy Lane is paved for about its first 200 feet and then it’s about a half mile long and ends up in one of those no-man’s land Hills that’s behind all the buildings okay and they had driven my cruiser up there and gotten it stuck at about a 30-degree angle in the mud it was it had rained a lot and to their credit they had ground owned the the wheels deep deep the thing was resting on its drive system on the drive train saying why I mean we’ll get to what happened after but why was this the route and why did it end up there that’s such a fascinating question I have no idea what does this go to if it’s like in their minds they wouldn’t have been stuck they were their goal wasn’t to get it stuck so where were they three teens joyriding is what it sounds like here’s my theory yeah papi Lane has a turn out about three-quarters of the way up it and you could see the tire tracks where he had attempted a bunch of K turning okay I think that when he when he so I I can’t see his face on my ring camera because ring cameras sucked but I could see him Hotwire the car and drive away so I could hear that he could drive a stick I know it’s a he I could see his body shape and he left the house at 4:00 a.m 10 minutes before 4:00 a.m. and the neighbors didn’t hear him grinding the car into the mud until about 6:00 after 6:00 so there’s a couple of hours where he’s driving around the city yeah I know

like we know where it ended up to quite my question was actually did he choose any other dirt roads to go up because this doesn’t feel this didn’t feel like someone who stole this car to sell it yeah they told him to sell it they would have driven it straight to the Chop Shop and you never hear again data this was kind of feels like a one-off Joyride and then it’s hilarious because I’m almost immediately I mean what happened afterwards was that the cops and I called a pickup the tow truck couldn’t make it up the road so we call the second pick up that pickup came and got stuck trying to pull my car out so then we had to call a third pickup truck to get the second pickup truck out of there and then once we got the second pickup truck out the third one was able to winch mine to safety I didn’t know it took three I saw the two on Twitter well there was the first one I never even heard about that couldn’t even make it up the drive and that looked like a tractor like hooking a chain to the axle as well in the transfer situation everything about this area made it difficult there were tree stumps but none of them were closer than 150 feet away they were all off angle it was leaning towards a neighbor’s fence and by the way the neighbors that I dealt with comedy Kathie Byron and Lynette all the neighbors were awesome like they were they just they all came out look it’s the longest Sunday got a great story to tell came out like saw me live tweeting figuring out where I was it came out to say hi and checked option so look at the moment I knew I was getting it back I kind of really chilled out and was like oh I guess I’m here for the day you seemed like you were having fun I was sweet and and live tweeting it was very enjoyable you know I love it when adventures happen to people I like on Twitter and following how those adventures go and so that was no exception so that was my post Christmas adventure it’s also always much more fun to watch someone having a bad time pulling something out of the mud than to be the person having a bad time pulling something out of the mud like it’s not it’s not fun to watch them suffer but like it’s definitely better to be in the witness position I was ready to help and I actually did help with some key pieces of advice because I have a lot of experience pulling heavy things out of weird places yeah and these guys were actually that’s the title of your second book pulling heavy things out of weird places I will tell you like they were really nervous about pulling it because it was leaning towards someone fence yeah and they were like oh if we pull it it could tip over and I said actually decidedly not it’s in a hole that’s making it face 30 degrees but the ground is only at like 18 degrees so the moment you pull it back it’s gonna go level up and they were like well if you’re willing to take responsibility and I’m like what yeah sure oh do it and we did it it was fine no working perfectly coming out and build a fence the next day if it doesn’t work out you’re they they did have to repair the fences of moving their couch down the stairs right everyone has their opinion the best way to do it and you know that it’s an unsolvable problem still what do you want to be unsolvable well sew and solve mathematically if you want to reduce the couch problem which is an irregular object moving around a corner in a confined space there is still not yet and I think Matt Parker from number files visiting San Francisco again soon so I have to double-check with him but I think there is still not yet a definitive proof for n shape to get around x coordinate y corner – yes possible or not possible it is a way throwing your problem than you think it is the candidate the couch down the hall to couch up the stairs yeah be turned apparently it’s a much trickier problem than then we think it is did you ever read Dirk gently’s holistic detective 8 million years yeah it’s got the best salt for the couch problem ever what was that well the magic door opens in the midway through this is a couch up and then gets it irrevocably stuck in says hey I saw a couple of pieces of entertainment this yes over the holidays I went and saw Hamilton again hey Joey you did yes last Thursday and you did too I just saw for the first time amazing same company it was amazing gauge so this is the company to be sure we haven’t talked about this on the podcast we have not ok so this is the company that it turns out was the company assembled for the Puerto Rican fund raising Jose when Manuel came back hmm yeah and and did the one fight one more performance and one less and the lead that we saw was his understudy that’s right in Puerto Rico doing the rehearsals with the main cast so that Lin could helicopter in three days before and take over his Royal yeah this and that guy whose name escapes me right now and I’m really sorry about that he was spent basically it was a phenomenal cast I thought it was the super super tight because I saw the previous San Francisco show which was great but I felt that the Puerto Rican cast was way tighter with you Joe we are Broadway nerds for this show we are super example the first time it came through San

Francisco it was the than the Chicago Hamilton who then went on tour for us and then this technically is a tour they called the end peggy tour and it started last February in San Francisco and they kept on extending it so it’s now going through and of May but the company does swap out yes and and I think this show that I saw I was one of the last with the with the the brunt of that cast on Sunday and then they split up and they’re going different ways terrific cast it was on it was it was one of the most amazing performances I’ve ever seen live on Sunday so you got to see it for your first time or first and you’re familiar with the libretto I have listened to the original cast recording I don’t know spot if I’d probably tell you at least hundreds maybe thousands okay so that to me that’s the best way to see it it was like the thing it was beautiful because I was able to pay attention what was happening on stage and and the staging and the sets and the costumes and not have to worry about following the plot site I thought I knew the plot and I knew the the high points but there was definitely stuff that I missed only having seen the cast recording well and there’s one part of the libretto that’s not in the cast recording which is the death of Don Lawrence yeah which is super sad I let her that’s that she reads them well then there’s there’s also a part I think at the very end there’s a spoken spoken word part at the very end when Hamilton is talking it when he’s I think it’s I think it’s maybe his DOOL letter I don’t think he’s in the cast recording either but seeing like I had listened to the libretto thousands of times before I saw it on Broadway and I had worked out most of the blocking in my head I was sure that when Washington said pick up a pen start writing but he actually did this and sure enough for drinks when he still have one less drink yeah all that stuff but nothing prepared me for how beautiful hurricane is as a piece of choreography with the two circles moving in opposition to each other and the dancers so this is my third time seeing it on stage we started paying attention to only the dancers well I mean that’s that’s this so much yeah and King George makes appearances of leaves to mock yeah at key moments throughout the I wasn’t prepared for how dynamic having the the turntables would make the performance and have them able to do walk and talks and things like that and how they shift from two perspectives the story as they go it’s a remarkable piece of choreography on this whole and also when you get into the libretto I find the King George songs tend to be ones you skip over first because all three times he sings it’s effectively the same song yeah but when you see it on stage what King George does with those songs is thrilling and hilarious and disturbing and amaze you don’t know if you’re supposed to laugh but you yeah it’s an it’s an uncomfortable it’s an uncomfortable titter from the audience I get to UM we got to go backstage when we saw it so I get to hold King George’s crown which apparently all the crowns of all the different shows are a little bit different Oh how’s that strapped in because it looks very heavy it is well so the earliest crowns were like five pounds these are now lightweight at two-and-a-half it’s still pretty heavy you’re still pretty no it’s still pretty heavy and it’s got a microphone built into it wonderful um I I the candle situation I did wasn’t aware of we talked about this a little bit before yeah yeah but the fact most of those candles are electric candles that they’ve gutted the electronics on and when she burns the lighter that one obviously is real but but but there’s a lot of there’s a lot the candles are all remote controllable from the lighting booth dude like trying to candles I mean I know we just did my one day build with the flame bulb but electronic candles is something we haven’t covered and they’re amazing there’s so much cool work happening in everything from like those tea lights that IKEA sells for like 75 cents each yeah on up to to the yeah it’s bonkers so this is lame that’s that it’s still a flame or it’s not a flame no it’s not no it’s not a flame but so do i I have some of these they’re big like 3-inch diameter candles they actually coated in real wax and smell like candles and the quote flame is a flame shaped piece of plastic with an LED pointed at it and it’s on a little little little electromagnetic mover that just makes it kind of do this so that as you look over to it it’s sort of Appeals yeah super convincing um and this is this is worth a larger conversation later on but like for my entire life the joke has been that cheap crap comes from China and frankly you know the fact that that flame bulb runs for a week like a super efficient circuit on something that doesn’t have to because it’s running off of house power like the joke about Chinese ium products is is becoming more and more moot as things get better and the iterations of fake candles have been fantastic we have hundreds of them in the house and use them for all sorts of parties yeah I need the remote control once it turns out because you know those little tiny switches it’s just your fingers get really tired lazy bastard um I also saw uncut gems Oh

Adam Sandler is asking for the Sandler verse so it’s not the same livers it is this is his if he doesn’t get an Oscar nomination for this there’s no justice cuz it’s really unbelievable lifetime performance oh he does in this film and it’s super basically I love the movie you should go see it I never want to sit through it again it’s like mantra Club it’s super stressful yeah it’s super stressful all the way through it is a almost a fever dream the movie takes place over like three days as you’re watching a New York diamond merchants life kind of falling apart there’s tons of non actors in the movie who you don’t realize are not actors several of the main characters have never been on camera before Eric Bogosian plays that villain he’s terrifying and the premise is that he works in like New York diamond trade York diamond district 47th Street the OPCON some people well he’s he’s he’s over-leveraged okay it’s not a con until you don’t pay ever right right so he’s leveraging this to pay for that to pay for this he owes all this money and is it stressful because of the situation’s he’s put in or because of the way he exudes anxiety or deals with it all of the above um also basketball player Kevin Garnett yeah has a significant cameo as one of the main characters and plot drivers and he’s amazing Wow he’s but I mean kg+ apparently a lot of these scenes were workshopped and improvised as well as being scripted so they had ins and outs but like apparently 4kg for some of those scenes and again I haven’t read deeply into this so I could be wrong this is how it was reported to me they’ve told them what the goal was of the scene and they workshopped a bunch of different ways through it kevin garnett is incredible so super amazing film the safty brothers directed it really worth seeing I watched Jojo rabbit I have not yet seen it but I got a screener so I want to see it is you you should sit down and watch that it is hilarious lovely very funny in credit like I I loved it I’m probably fine I’ve never really yeah it’s probably Taika Waititi ‘he’s most serious film even though i mean i don’t think that’s hard to say well yes because of the subject matter well but also because of these other films our hunt for the Wilderland what we do is yeah and I think this for a long time even before he made what we do in the shadows it’s an adaptation it’s about you know a boy in Nazi Germany in the waning years of World War two and his imaginary friend is Hitler we had this whole thing as like played unbelievably by a tiger white team no I know and this is the thing I was like my we were gonna go see it and my wife was like I don’t know that I can take a slapstick comedy about Nazi it’s not a substrate yeah but that’s that’s definitely what the trailer implies and I said maybe I totally get you I can’t see how it could possibly work I’m kind of curious to see how you thread that needle and we ended up getting derailed by a sick dog at that point because it was over the holidays when we haven’t gotten to see it but now I got a screener I’m gonna watch it be supporting cast so Sam Rockwell’s in there he’s Great Scott Johansson Johansen is gonna get a nomination for her role she plays her mother yeah Wow and then there’s a new actor who plays his best friend who was like the plucky comic relief and he’s gonna be a star amazing he’s he’s very good yeah they’re custom him is a new home alone kid I was just thinking we didn’t know that kid yeah have we so moving slightly on yeah have we talked about the Watchmen finale we did we did okay yes okay let’s talk about guessing with movies movies yep something’s walking yeah I saw a little women ooh a little woman before us a little women now I’ve seen a little one okay yeah I saw the medium-sized woman but not the little clear I don’t want anything you gotta got pissed off at you funny look at this I fall and what was her first movie a ladybug okay so it’s still with princes ha she did oh yes Noah Baumbach partner now and a longtime collaborator with Noah Baumbach director of marriage story and many other amazing films I’ve been a fan of his since his first movie kicking and screaming not the Will Ferrell movie yeah not the one about soccer yeah I care Chris I Chris Eichmann film sorry go ahead I mean it’s it’s I got that stuff for dudes to talk about Little Women I cried at it everyone’s amazing in it I think at the end of the movie it’s kind of sit there

and linger and want to be with the Marches more like like it the movie is so loving it’s incredibly loving even as it’s complicated in characters genuinely suffer because of each other and still love each other all of that is extended love between sisters mother and daughters friends neighbours so much of it feels that was the most warm it was a perfect Christmas movie to watch because proposal exuded love and every scene no I even in their fights agreed agreed the performances are across the board incredible the actress that plays the woman that ends up marrying Laurie yeah so the midsummer yes that’s Florence Pugh Florence Pugh is gonna be a gigantic star she was in midsummer and also fighting with my family okay she believed in midsummer she was the lead okay she was fabulous in that the entire cast of Little Women is incredible including Bob Odenkirk who shows up Tracy Letts also Bob odden crystal is good oh my Chris ku heartbreaking yes so and and Timothy Sheldon this this decades it boy I mean come on really I mean he’s definitely well there yeah he’s all yeah he’s surpassingly charismatic every bit deserved to be the it guy cuz he’s incredible and I watched the King No okay that’s show that’s basically Henry v without the iambic pentameter okay really great seeing you actually great joel edgerton plays Falstaff one thing that’s interesting a little women cuz it is an adaptation is that it’s the way she not only does it nonlinearly I’m in flashbacks yeah and pairing scenes together in ways that if you read the book chronologically you don’t know I didn’t think of it the structurally that structurally that’s it’s I think part of the magic and this but also the way they talk in the way they dress it all feels very modern yeah it’s the ensemble work of the sisters the scenes of them in every pairing that there could be when they’re just performing a play together yeah and the the ways in which they talk of specifically to the transactional nature of marriage and romance that has to be considered by women and can be conveniently forgotten by men and the ways in which that can cause harm wittingly and unwittingly is it’s a very very amazing meditation I really am looking forward to seeing it again and it’s probably gonna be one of those once I go back to more than a few times oh yeah yeah cool the other one I saw its 1917 I can’t wait some books on the same day okay that makes sense up with that so 1917 is Sam Mandy’s son who did the last two Bond films right he did know he did Casino Royale and no he did not do Casino Royale Spectre and Skype oh that’s right oh sorry yes kisses and this is him reuniting with Roger Deakins who also defeats Skyfall and Coen Brothers and they’re supposed to be one continuous shot and that is the conceit of what piece of filmmaking yeah one hour 58 minute movie it tells essentially the two hour adventure of these two soldiers British soldiers who have a mission to do behind the no man’s land to start in the trenches one more one 1917 in on the British side and they have the end up on another frontline Trude Wonder Woman that’s like two minutes well so for me he wants he won Best Director at the Golden Globes in the film one you know best film this traumatic yeah yeah and I don’t necessarily think it’s the my favorite film of the year but if the award is for achievement in filmmaking I think it is well deserved of that because I will say the conceit of it being a single shot is distracting at times ah because if you know that going in and I’m sure plenty of people go in not knowing it they were gonna think about it physical oh wow why am I feeling exhausted yeah depends why my feeling is and then maybe they realize oh wow this is single shot like like Birdman was but if you go in knowing that and you have worked in the film or any type of production you’re looking for the cuts right right right looking yeah you’re looking for the face and there are many times where it’s completely seamless right but it’s the technical cuts which are the amazing technology they have in like the way they move cameras from Steadicam to then to a vehicle to then like in ways that they can use a hand exactly or whatever wire but the performances sometimes it’s

tough to have a consistency in performance they do cuts mid-conversation and so you’re asking an actor to do a take have a conversation with one other character walking through you know forest and they’re passing by a tree and the sentence continues right but you can kind of tell the energy is slightly rule because they’ve it’s a different take or because they’ve waited they’ve you have to be able to gloss over that with ADR and stuff like that from you you should but you can even look like speaking like I know how to do any idea Adam Savage shows how tough that this this yeah yeah this attempt is and they do there’s a trick here and they’re like oh it’s not a spoiler to say like not the whole he doesn’t happen in two hours there is one cut in the middle that they’ve achieved with a blackout yeah okay Oh as a bomb goes off or something like this so the thing for me watching Birdman is I detention because there was no cut you wait you wait for those cuts for the tension to release tension in the mill and by the end of that movie I was so just like my shoulders were clenched well Birdman had the passing of time they would do he would pan to looking out a window yeah I would seize right so and and you would have time lapse as a session will is bringing up something Walter Murch has a theory about editing and the way he edits from what I understand is he makes a cut and watches the scene with that cut and then he erases the cut and chooses the cut again and watches the scene and only when he’s chosen the same exact cut point mmm like two or three times but it’s the natural place that it’s consistent that’s when he chooses that cut and he has this theory that we blink in the same reason that dogs shake the kind of transition from one consciousness moment to the next and that cuts happen on the blink that cuts happen at a rhythm that matches the way in which we blink to change subjects and to gear shift as it were and so it it follows that even if you’re not noticing that it’s a continuous shot that a certain point you’re getting exhausted because mentally you’re blinking going on well it’s it’s like old Steve Martin comedy or you know laughs and keeps hammering jokes at you until you’re just like ah and some of that I think is done very intentionally I mean if they had the screenwriter think semanas wrote it with a co-writer but they had to keep it moving forward like right home right has continued or it’s got a momentum and the first I would say ten minutes is them working through these walking through these trenches and having their conversations right and it’s exhausting but there’s also not a lot going on it’s a different part of the frontline like so you have the soldiers kind of going about their lives and it’s like I don’t know if I want to watch you know the two guys having a 15-minute conversation I want to get to the action but I think that’s all intentional because by the time you get to the action you want the quiet moments just like it right right right yeah like war is it’s not non-stop fighting like people are just some of just for days and weeks waiting in the foxhole for the next engagement right and they’re never prepared for it and so when suddenly they’re being shot at it’s it’s a punch so that’s really cool sounds like the inverse of the Thin Red Line right where it’s just a bunch of sitting around talking and then all of a sudden somebody gets shot out of nowhere and then they come back they’re like oh well I also saw a film I had been waiting to see that I heard was really great I saw hustlers oh yeah yeah that’s the the stripper heist movies as it’s been high-schooler movie what’s that gangster yeah yeah I will tell you that the word that I got from the internet was stripper heist movie right it was very much like a ocean’s five kind of Steven Soderbergh style clever thriller was how the internet made me believe this film would be uh-huh I totally disagree with that assessment of it it is not that movie what is it with meets in the casino ish but it’s basically I it’s enjoyable ish Jennifer Lopez is amazing I’ve been a fan of her since the beginning she’s a phenomenal actress and she does great in it but this movie feels like it was directed by a couple of 15 year-olds it is 28 minutes into the film before you see a woman wearing normal street clothes so slightly less horny than cats they spend at least 40 minutes doing storytelling that could have been done seriously in five or six minutes and gotten us into the meat of the plot this shift that really should be the middle act to kind of turn doesn’t happen until like almost the end of the movie it’s structurally bizarre and I’m not saying it’s not enjoyable and that the casting isn’t great constant so it was fantastic in it but this dialogue is all over the place and frankly that it’s just the amount of

this literally almost real-time 15 minute pole dancing teaching sequence between JLo and her protege I think that’s all I don’t think that’s intended to be titillating as much as it’s about control and the power they have sure except that in every scene they seem like parodies of what a 15 year old thinks strippers lives are like like they all go shopping wearing low-cut cleavage dresses and like hahaha laughing and pouring champagne on each other you know I’m curious whether that’s his studio note or a woman like yeah I you know I’m only saying my impression of it from from my point of view I just found it kind of shocking that I was thirty minutes into the movie before I got into someone wearing anything but lingerie but it’ll be very soon I saw what’s my name not once upon a time in Hollywood finally how did you like it I I thought was very cool mm-hmm much like ad astra like looking at Brad Pitt is very very sad he looks oh he looks a little bit older but wow it’s it’s like he’s Clooney at a really high level so but I don’t like it feels like a really odd story to do the inglorious basterds treatment on and and like all history a thing that happened like I don’t understand why that’s where he had to be I knew what I love that Tarantino went and made a movie set in the 70s that he shot like a movie made in the 70s totally grew that like I love the way it was shot I love the cinematography I don’t think it had to there was no reason and had to have anything to do with the Sharon Tate I found it strange that the idea of the brutality of the Manson murders which was subvert infer the brutality of the curbing of the Manson murders was all in the vein of a networking opportunity for our main character that made like and that made when the credits rolled I was a little pissed off I mean I I look I can see that as a kind of when he’s put it that way it feels like commentary on a Hollywood vapid this certainly but but like it’s a commentary on Hollywood map in this in the seventies not Hollywood happen bad that bida tea with vanity in the 21st century I I just like it was really off-putting to take something that was like to contrast with inglourious basterds at the end where you know she murders Hitler and all the leading generals that that’s kind of a fantasy wish-fulfillment thing that I think a lot of people would be like man it would be fucking awesome if somebody went through in Meridian like 1938 yeah um it’s not like people were clambering for that yeah yeah I also I have very very I have a weird taste in my mouth about him making Bruce Lee into a fool right and this is a really specific thing it just it it made me feel strange I got what he was like I’ve read interviews with Tarantino about how he was attempting to establish Cliff booths character and by the way cliff booth one of the greatest names has ever been come up with but it’s still that scene made me feel really sad he seemed like it was especially sad take somebody who’s was very much in the kind of John Wayne shitty older area era of Hollywood misogynist racist generally you like great actor not a great guy yeah and and to make him nothing not that Brad Pitt’s character in this movie was that guy but that’s the read I got on this at the beginning was that that the the lead DiCaprio played by Leonardo DiCaprio was very much in the John Wayne and John Wayne School of Western acting right and and to have him come in or his proxy come in and and make Bruce Lee seem like a chump was profoundly uncool totally Zoe Bell fantastic so it’s all amazing wonderful totally amazing and I loved seeing Luke Perry show up in his last movie role and I don’t know if you read this but Brad Pitt and Leo DiCaprio have done interviews where they talked extensively in multiple interviews about how over the moon they were to meet their icon of cool Luke Perry because they were effectively kids when he was coming up right he’s older than them and they were like he was it in the early 90s man right cuz what thumbin Louie’s was left like 1988 or something 90 oh yeah 91 or 92 yeah so I was a nice great so Luke Perry’s right there oh yeah right he was super cool so I love that idea and apparently they like having him on set they loved watching him go and he was great he had a great time and I’m sad to lose Luke Perry but I thought that was a really nice coda yes it were don’t take away ahead was I want to see him I know he’s limited number of films he wants to Tory know he

said do 10 and that’s it this is the night yeah Soderbergh read a Star Trek I want to see him do a horror film I mean that scene where Brad Pitt cliff Luth goes to the ranch and look super Krete yes it was that Dakota Fanning or Elle Fanning hi Dakota from Dakota Fanning playing squeaky Fromme was terrifying Bruce Dern amazing I didn’t recognize Brewster and like I don’t know how you don’t recognize Bruce Dern but yeah it was really good yeah look I loved so much about that movie and the overall end product made me feel a little cold and and just not awesome I didn’t want to hang out with those characters anymore and I didn’t fall in love with any frankly that’s one of the things that’s great about Tarantino is even his evil characters can be so lovable and smart and amazing and in this film I didn’t like anybody like there that was that wasn’t an act with any santaro be – yeah and I thought murderer Robi did great with a very minor role but I loved what she did with it I also loved the choice of not changing the actual footage of Sharon Tate in the theater and she’s watching I thought that was a great artistic she’s watching the performance of action again like this to me seemed like a thing that he wanted to make because he wanted to make a movie set in that specific because it made seventies movies before so that’s totally his Praga divine I want him to make all the movies he wants to make yeah you know please keep making movies – recognitions really the Bruce Lee one is there’s a documentary on Netflix made in Australia about martial arts films and influence on American and global culture starting with the 60s it’s called iron fist and cunt who kicks and it goes into how martial-arts films made in Hong Kong typically were imported in the style filmmaking yeah from the the Golden Harvest pictures and the Shaw Brothers pictures and how all that stuff was you know the business behind how us from studios bought those up we edited them read of them and how then they went back to China and and Wow sure Iron Fist and kung fu kicks interview a lot of great people and it all sucks about Bruce Wheatley’s like I seen a lot of the context that we don’t understand like how young he died and how his legend grew after his death right right BAM and then related to the number of films he made before he died is shockingly small yes yeah under a dozen right and then they took they found like old stuff he did when he was like doing opera stuff and after he died and like redubbed it and made movies out of that after Wow kind of crazy and then my name is my name is dolma white oh that really great that one’s really good I wouldn’t see my I I really glisten I like I haven’t yet I’ve been saving it I haven’t watched the Eddie Murphy SNL performance I mean he’s one of my favorite comedians and my friends who are comedy writers in Hollywood I know a couple people that know him stay say he is still the funniest guy alive then you go over to his house as a professional comedy writer and you’re like I shouldn’t be doing this when you see him do what he does we’ll make him breakfast so I’m really glad he’s got a big film coming out I thought he was amazing and showgirls and I’d love to see him get some courage I’m sorry dream girl dream showgirls is a different thing Adam showgirls is also masterpiece we talked about mandalorian for just a moment bioscience because of my favorite western samurai film well I mean the opening so I was cold on the mandalorian at the beginning okay I didn’t love the first couple episodes when we got to the third episode they did the Seven Samurai episode and and like place the fourth fourth okay yeah it started to open up for me a sec okay I’m kind of in for this and then episodes I was up and down like I the the sniper episode I could give or take the prison breakout episode I thought was incoherent and a lot of important ways we don’t have to get into why yeah the last two episodes are astounding agreed the cold OH but enough that last episode with the two scout troopers there with baby Yoda and the pouch I is the best piece of Star Wars I’ve seen in a decade I think and that that last episode was directed by yeah with all of his great comedy ain’t is they supplied the moment you’ve been waiting for for the entire Star Wars franchise of they already made a joke during a prison episode where bill burr goes hey I wasn’t a freakin stormtrooper yeah which as someone pointed out and I I can’t remember who it was someone pointed out that the presence of Bill burr in the show implies that there’s some kind of space boston somewhere but yeah take a whitey tease the perfect director to direct the first moment where you get to see just a terrible stories are hitting i mean well they punch the puppets pretty well but

but like it was very troops ian do you remember true remember troops yeah it was very very much reminded me of troops is the fact that they were like you don’t see stormtroopers talking to other stormtroopers ever you know and I love them comparing notes about like apparently he just killed a guy for disagreeing with him the radio chatter around a bad guy that of course would be their like you just force-choked a guy example why the the main trilogy of trilogies was maybe taken not as well because it adds to take itself so seriously and you know Star Wars is no longer just the one movie it’s a whole universe and the meadow awareness of the Star Wars culture and this kind of is able to riff on that I agree that you can’t I mean I don’t think Disney would allow a an episode 9 to so I think the the difference between Star Wars and Marvel / Disney is that they they’d make enough stuff with Marvel that they let people do that stuff like with if you look at Thor Ragnarok and guardians – there’s a lot of very self-aware humor in there that they’re clearly making a comic book movie and they’re aware of it and I feel like Star Wars doesn’t get the freedom to do that because they only do one movie a year yeah but I also think that it’s a I think that it speaks to a deep philosophy about what’s important about filmmaking because I think that they I think it’s really clear that the big successes within the MCU are often attributable to the specific visions of each of the directors in those seats whether it’s the Russo brothers or Tyco ITT or or frou-frou yeah you you get these totally different viewpoints that are that are quite unique and different from each other so there are multiple genres of MCU films so I’m really glad that within the Star Wars universe I had no idea how much I wanted a thirty-minute Star Wars nugget of plot a plot in a TV show but man now all I want is like dozens of seasons of this it’s it’s been lovely between that and Watchmen it’s the first time I’ve had like a I’ve had a point in television in probably 10 years this me too all over Christmas for the whole of December all I’ve been doing is very excitedly waiting every week for His Dark Materials watchman and Mandalorian I need to go back and watch his dark materials because you are a chorus of people that have recommended it now I will tell you the thing that’s great about His Dark Materials is it’s a giant trilogy a book so of course it has to be a TV show trying to do it in a film would be was folly even though I am very appreciative of the film that they made the television show is phenomenal for some terrific performances but one of the best parts about the books is that Lyra Lyra has two superpowers in the books in the plot of His Dark Materials one of them is that she can read the Alethea meter at the truth telling device and she can read it intuitively where most almost everybody else needs hundreds of books in a library to cross-reference everything she just into its what it means and that gives her tremendous strength but that’s almost her secondary superpower her primary superpower is that she’s an unbelievable negotiator and this shows up repeatedly in the show and she’s up against dangerous weird scary people and knows precisely can see precisely how to thread the needle of what they want and how to offer it to them to her own advantage that’s it’s really great and the actress they cast as Lyra is fantastic so I can’t sing enough praises about the show I have I have the finale to watch and then I’m all done I don’t want to catch up yeah I know it’s just been a lot going on and there’s a lot going on we filmed a bunch of stuff so already we kicked off the year with the one day Bilbo grab for another one next week and the project that we’ve been hinting at that I think we’re gonna be unveiling that I’m like two weeks time um also we are going to start putting up more videos about tips and tricks I have about stuff that I use in the shop if there are tools or items or objects or even processes that you’ve seen on Tesla that you’re curious about and you’d like me to do a small video explainer let us know in the comments because yeah I’m having a lot of fun we’re shooting a whole bunch of these this over the next few months yeah well anything on here you’re in tech botany we’re doing tech pod at tech pod content down this week’s episode was the Q&A we talked a little bit about our trip to valve to see Alex if people have still despite the 40-minute video that we posted thirty minute video that we posted have lots of questions about which VR headset you want to play Alex on and then we answered we answer reader questions once month so previous episode was great Tracy I think so if you’re curious about real-time rate raising has used in video games to make things reflective and make lighting behave the way it works in the real world so cool how we talk about how that stuff works it’s fascinating awesome I’ll think of listening and we’ll see you next week absolutely bye guys