I cooked every MEAT in a TOASTER Oven, it blew my mind!

Today I’m gonna show you how I took my toaster oven to a whole new level Not only making incredible looking dishes, but most importantly absolutely delicious I’m gonna show you how easy it is to make five star food restaurant only using your toaster oven and then nothing else And when I say I’m talking about delicious I mean it This is cooking every meat only using my toaster oven So let’s do it! And the first one we are going to start it off is the filet mignon This is one of the most popular steaks in the world A lot of people claim there is not a lot of flavor and they are actually right But even though it lacks some flavor it makes it up with tenderness This is the most tender part of the cow And by far one of the most popular steak in every steakhouse there is The first thing I like to do is to coat it with a nice high heat oil This will ensure that my seasoning will stick I am using grape seed oil and I definitely recommend it Talking about seasoning I started with a good amount of salt, freshly ground black pepper and ofcourse garlic powder At least to me that is the best way to season a steak, especially when you are using a delicious tender cut of meat like this you don’t want to go crazy Now here’s the thing with a toaster oven what I’m gonna do is challenge myself not to use any but the toaster oven through this entire video Now I do want to get some searing on this beautiful steak and I know if I put my steak there in the toaster oven at high temperature to sear it it will also start cooking it I could use a torch and I definitely recommend you getting one if you don’t have one But hey that would just be not fair because we all know that already works and that’s not gonna be a challenge So I went to my next best thing which is the cast iron pan And I put it in my oven at 500 degrees farenheit to heat that up My thought behind it s that the cast iron will keep its heat so hopefully that will be enough to sear the steak So after about ten minutes in the oven I took it out, and I immediately put in my steak You gotta hold it there for at least a minute and a half if not is not gonna do anything And after the time was up this is what I got As you can see it kind of worked but not perfectly so I quickly heat up the pan once again and I tried it one more time And after the time was up this is what I got I am a huge fan of a crust but hey that’s not bad I like that So once I knew it actually worked I did the same thing on the other side And as you can see I got a nice beautiful sear The next thing to do is to put it in the oven at 250 degrees fahrenheit until it reaches an internal temperature of 135 which will give me a medium rare Since now I have 30 minutes I decided to come up with a simple sauce that anyone can use for that filet mignon at home And the first thing I did was to melt some butter inside of the oven then I added a little bit of garlic paste followed by a pinch of dijon mustard and ofcourse heavy cream Using the residual heat of the actual melted butter I was able to mix all the ingredients together As you can see after steering it for quite a bit it became a nice sauce, and I was super pumped for that To finish off the sauce I threw in a little bit of black pepper mixed it well and there we have it; a sauce without actually any pan That is amazing and if you live somewhere that you don’t have access to a stove, there you go The next thing to do is to put it in the oven and let it heat up with my steak Even though I thought it was gonna take only 30 minutes for my steak I was totally wrong At the end it was 46 minutes and it was cooked to a perfectly medium rare to 135 degrees fahrenheit Then I went ahead and I threw in my sauce Oh yes my friend! That is just mouth watering already To finish it off I threw in a little bit of chives and it’s time to slice it open It’s perfectly medium rare and exactly what I was looking for Let me remind you this was done in a toaster oven And when I took my first bite Oh! It’s so juicy, buttery The combination of the juices from the actual steak and the sauce is incredible and just in case you are wondering, I finished all of it! The next one is gonna be a beautiful Florida lobster And this one folks is as easy as it gets And if you are ever intimidated how to cook lobster you shouldn’t This is how to do it I am using Florida lobster tail, however if you have Maine available it should work just as good To make a nice beautiful presentation the first thing I like to do is to remove all the flappers This is definitely not necessary but it makes a beautiful presentation at the end and I recommend it if you have the time The next thing you wanna do is to cut it open right in the middle Using the scissors makes the job really easy Just cut the shell until you get almost towards the end Now using your hands carefully open it up As you can see my lobster is still kind of frozen and that’s exactly what you want to do with seafood, keep it as cold as possible especially if they are not fresh By the time I was done, this is what it looks like We just gotta lay the meat right on top of the sell That will give you a beautiful presentation at the end just like they do in the restaurants Then I jumped right into the seasoning and for that I used a little bit of salt and freshly ground black pepper nothing else Then I transferred it into a cooling rack to make sure the heat goes all the way around If you put it directly on the tray it will prevent the shell from becoming red and if you are looking for presentation that’s definitely something you gotta watch out for Now one of the great things that goes together with lobster is lemon So I add them to the tray and put them in the oven at my highest setting on my broiler which actually was at 500 degrees fahrenheit for 10 minutes

You are looking for an internal temperature of 140 degrees Farenheit that will give you a perfect doneness for your lobster And ofcourse we all know that butter and lobster is the perfect marriage So after melting a little bit of butter I threw in some garlic paste and smoked paprika Mixed everything well and my butter sauce was ready for my lobster After 10 minutes you can clearly see the shell changing color and also the lobster becoming from translucent to a solid white Once that’s done you know your lobster is fully cooked The next thing to do is to first baste it with that lemon and don’t be shy my friends Because the lemon was cooking is now sweeter and I recommend throwing the whole thing at it Once that was done of course we gotta go in with our butter Oh! C’mon! That is what I’m talking about! Like everybody says butter makes everything better and that is absolutely true To give some color and smokey flavor I threw in a little bit of smoked paprika and of course always add more butter There’s no way you would ever guess that it was done completely in a toaster oven I would take that any day But now for my favorite part which is the tasting and if you cooked everything correctly, check it out! You don’t even need a knife That is what we are looking for my friends Is so soft and tender and very far away from being rubbery And after I took my first bite, oh c’mon! That is amazing, it is incredible I couldn’t wait to go for the second one it’s just so tender and juicy and sweet Adding the lemon and smothering it on butter oh man it just takes it to a whole new level It is very difficult to make any lobster better than this I am telling you my friends this is amazing and I definitely recommend you giving it a try Now let’s move in to bork belly And can you hear that crunch? Yes! That’s exactly what we are always looking for when we are making pork belly And once you know the secret how to do it it’s easy And I’m gonna share with you how I get perfect results every time And here is how to make it And ofcourse we start off with the pork belly Always look for ones that have the most amount of meat, because by default it already has plenty of fat and one of the things that is always lacking is meat In this case and this case only less fat is actually better Also it is a requirement to have the skin on Without the skin is just a no go The first thing to do is to scrape the skin as much as possible with a paring knife this will help take out any moisture there is on the surface And check it out this is exactly what you are looking for Make sure you scrape that off as much as possible then you want to use a meat tenderizer or if you don’t have one you can also use a fork What you are really trying to do is to poke some holes to allow the moisture to escape And as you can see after I did that check out all that moisture That is exactly what you are looking for the less moisture the more crispy the pork belly will be After wiping it off with a paper towel the next thing to do is to make the boat Let me explain a little better Using an aluminum foil place your pork belly right on top Fold the edges until you have at least half an inch of clearance At the same time make sure everything is tight Then you want to cover the whole thing with kosher salt It is important that you do not use table salt because is too fine and instead of pulling the moisture out, which is what we want, you are actually gonna make it salty You can either use kosher salt or rock salt By the time you are done this is what you are looking for Now place it in your refrigerator for a total of 12 hours, or better yet, overnight Once the time is up pull it out of the refrigerator and remove all of the salt As you can see a lot of the moisture was extracted by the salt and that is exactly what we are looking for Check it out you can automatically tell that it’s a different color, that is a sign that the salt did its job Now I know it seems redundant but once again you gotta make a new boat No you can not use the same one you just did because the structure will be compromised So you have to make a new boat And when we are done we are going to repeat the process one more time and that’s to fill it up everything with salt Make sure you have the whole thing covered, including the edges Set your toaster oven to 350 degrees farenheit for one hour Put it on the lowest rack and let it cook We want to render that fat as much as we can Once the one hour was up this is what I got As you can see the salt once again did it’s job It almost pulled out all of the moisture from the skin Now you gotta make sure you remove all of the salt You don’t want any of that in your actual pork belly if not it’s gonna be way too salty And check out that rendered pork fat Now here is where that salt comes in Mix that together with your pork fat and it will make an amazing seasoning salt for you to season anything you want I just love it with beans it is incredible Don’t throw your salt away my friends it will bring incredible flavors to many different dishes The next step is to to put it on a cooling rack to let it cook Once again make sure take off all of that salt As you can see the skin already started to bubble up a little bit that is a good sign Set your oven to broil at its highest setting throw it in the oven so it can do its job It usually takes about 10 minutes so keep an eye on it Because we have a little bit of time I decided to make a dipping sauce and here’s how I started with 5 tablespoons of soy sauce, followed by 2 tablespoons of ponzu sauce, one tablespoon of red wine vinegar, one teaspoon of sesame oil and half a tablespoon of chilli

oil To finish it off I throw in green onions and to dilute the flavor a little bit about 2 tablespoons of water Mix everything well and your dipping sauce is done I’m telling you friends this is incredible and to pair it up with our pork belly is just perfect Talking about pork belly it is time to check it and as you can see the toaster oven is doing its job Amd at the very last moment you are going to see a mountain coming up That is a sign that everything is working exactly as it should The skin is separating from the meat and the fat and is actually frying the inside out That is how you get that incredible crackling that we all love And after exactly 10 minutes check it out This friends must be one of the easiest thing that you can make on your toaster oven, it is all about technique If you do everything the same exactly I did you will have the same results And I’ll tell you one thing all of your family will thank you later Now the only thing left to do is to cut it open But first I’m gonna let you hear this once again I don’t’ have to tell you it’s crunchy, do I? Check out my bite That is absolutely phenomenal it is not too salty if you are thinking that the salt penetrated too much, absolutely not It is crunchy, delicious, fatty at the same time, juicy, but hey that’s just the beginning we still have the actual meat And check that out my friends you tell me That is phenomenal Now to make it even better is to dip it in the dipping sauce and whoa C’mon, that should be illegal! It’s too good! Crunchy, fatty, salty, just basically melts in your mouth and then the crunch hits you My friends please try this one at home It is not hard to make and it’s also extremely affordable Get yourself some belly and enjoy Now the next thing we are going to cook is a rack of lamb And it’s gonna be juicy, tender and absolutely delicious And here is how to make it I started by preheating my oven to 500 degrees fahrenheit, threw in my cast iron in there because you know exactly the reason why It will help me put a beautiful sear And this is a rack of lamb This one is domestic lamb and it already comes frenched Frenched basically means that the bones are all cleaned as you can see right here The wonderful thing about getting them frenched and butchered is that you don’t have to do all the work But now the first thing I like to do is to score the fat and what this does is to help it render Trust me rendered fat tastes amazing And hopefully the toaster oven is gonna do an amazing job But once I was done with the scoring check it out This is exactly what you are looking for Now as I mentioned before if you only have a toaster oven you should definitely try to get a torch This would be an awesome tool for you to use for charring It’s also very affordable and cheap that you can use for many different things But hey today we are gonna go with our cast iron Now since you know my cast iron is quite small is not gonna fit on this one I mean it fits on this big one here but hey that’s not gonna fit in my toaster oven So I took my rack of lamb and decided to cut it in half And here’s a tip whenever you are cutting it make sure to put it fat side down That way you can see the bone and it will be easy to cut Now just like the steak I am coating it with grape seed oil This is a high temperature oil because I want to make sure my cast iron is hot and gives it a nice sear Make sure to coat it all the way around so that the seasoning will stick Talking about that I first started with salt, black pepper, garlic powder and smoked paprika Remember to season all sides including the edges Even though it’s not a very large piece of meat the seasoning is always important After 10 minutes I quickly removed the cast iron out and started to sear the lamb And as you can see the fat just starts rendering right away I was just not quite sure that this was gonna work but once I turned it around, check it out Yes! It works like a charm everybody You can make incredible food with only our toaster oven nothing else Now since we know it works great the next thing I did is to sear everything And by the time I was done check that out! is not charcoal but hey it’s still good for a toaster oven come on You gotta give me some credit Even though it looks ready trust me it’s still raw in the middle So the next thing is to transfer it to a cooling rack so that the air can circulate all the way around my oven I set it to bake at 250 degrees fahrenheit for 30 minutes I was shooting for an internal temperature of 135 degrees fahrenheit and since it was cooking it gave me time to make an amazing crust So I started off by chopping up some parmesan cheese If you can use the real deal And I am talking about parmigiano-reggiano from Italy It’s just better The next ingredient for our crust is fried onions I’ve already shown how to make them and it’s super easy to do If you have not seen that video I’ll make sure to link it on the description down below The next thing is to add everything to your food processor starting by the cheese, followed by a little bit of parsley, the fried onions, and blend everything on high Make sure you pulverize everything Once that’s done I seasoned it with smoked paprika, black pepper and finish it off with a good olive oil Blend everything once again on high and your crust is done This friends taste absolutely incredible

I mean you already know the ingredients so you can imagine what it tastes like By the time I was done with my crust my rack of lamb reached an internal temperature of 135 degrees farenheit Pulled it out of the oven and this is what they look like As you can see the fat caramelized a little bit more and that was perfect As it still hot I added dijon mustard, it not only adds additional flavor but it’s also a great binder for my crust Now the only thing left to do is to add the crust and add as much as you like Some people like it with more and some people like it with less Now you have two options with your lamb If you like it rare, this it what it looks like as I mentioned, this doneness is at 135 degrees farenheit As you can see it is extremely juicy After doing a poll on my instagram many people said that it way too raw Yes it’s kind of rare but at the same time by no means is it raw But hey the important thing is the taste and when I took my first bite Whoa! That is amazing Yes it’s rare but c’mon, that is amazing I had to really restrain myself not to eating the whole thing I totally understand why a lot of people like it this way Remember it’s cooked at 135 degrees farenheit And as you can see I couldn’t stop eating it It was so good But after putting it in the oven and taking to a 150 degrees farenheit this is what I got As you can see even the crust got a little caramelization That cheese completely melted so I am pretty sure a lot of you will like this one And this is what your lamb would look like at 150 degrees farenheit Check that out friends That is juicy Ha, ha that is killing me because I am not quite sure which one is better Even though it was cooked to 150 degrees farenheit the juiciness is absolutely insane I would say now that it’s kind of like medium rare to medium And when I took my first bite, whoa it is incredible I don’t know if it’s just me that I’m a lamb lover or whatever it is it tastes absolutely phenomenal Check out the juiciness, oh c’mon I’ll tell you one thing, it was difficult for me to stop eating it So now that you know both temperatures 135 and 150 pick whichever one you like They are both phenomenal and I loved them both And one last thing you should know, about the lamb is that I ate all of it Because it was just way too good The next thing we are going to do a lot of people call it meatballs but me and my family we call it meat cake And we call it that because they are not round But even though they don’t look like a sphere I tell you one thing They are the best I’ve ever had And here is how to make them The first thing to do is to soak some bread I like to use brioche buns Why? Because it has a good amount of fat You can use regular white bread but brioche buns will be better You want to soak them in whole milk And when I say soak, I mean it For my ground beef I am using 80/20 As you know 80% lean and 20% fat Then I throw in one whole egg, followed by some parsley, pecorino cheese, ricotta, garlic paste, the soaked bread, black pepper and salt Now remember exact amount and ingredients always on the description down below for you Mix it well and combine all those ingredients together And when I say mix it well I mean it, you want to treat it almost like a dough Mix that thing as much as you can And if you are wondering if you can make everything in your food processor, yes you can I just didn’t want to make mine dirty But after you mix everything and you mix it once again, this is what I got This meat dough has a tremendous amount of moisture and that’s what’s gonna make your meat cake extremely juicy Check out the consistency It’s almost impossible to hold it together That’s why we don’t call them meatballs Because by the end they won’t have a sphere shape To mold them in your hand you gotta use both hands Do not try to squish them Just mold them slightly little by little You are actually looking for crevasses in between the meat It allows the fat to render and just basically baste itself And forget about having a perfect sphere shape there’s no need By the time I was done, this is what I got As you can see, none of them look like a ball and that’s why we call them meat cake Trust me friends, they are way better than meatballs The next thing to do is to stick them in the oven at 425 degrees fahrenheit for 25 minutes And that gives us time to make a little sauce My tomato sauce is pretty simple, combination of tomatoes, garlic, shallots, and a little bit of basil I have done several videos about this before and if you have not seen it I’ll make sure to put it on the description down below for you But going back to our meat cakes check it out Look how juicy that is And once the 25 minutes were up, I took them out of the oven and this is what they look like Yeap, I know exactly what you are thinking; that doesn’t look that appetizing But wait until you take a bite I can guarantee you, you will fall in love The next thing to do is to plate them Throw in a little bit of that sauce, followed by parsley, and finish it off with grated pecorino cheese That my friends is Guga’s meat cake Forget about meat loaf, make this! Yes it is not meatballs but it is better It is so good Juicy to the max, flavorful There’s so many flavors that its difficult to tell And the best part is that it is extremely affordable and you might already have every single ingredient at home The only thing you gotta remember about these meat cakes is that they are extremely addicting

And I can guarantee you every plate will be cleaned, in my household it certainly was Now I’m gonna show you my take on toaster oven short rib And it is so easy to make but at the same time is something that you are gonna crave after you make it once The first thing we gotta do is to cut up some vegetables And we’re gonna do something that is called mirepoix It’s a combination of carrots onions and celery The only important thing to keep in mind is to try to keep them all at the same size And this is the star of the show It is a two bone short rib As you can see there is still a little bit of silver skin on the top To remove it is pretty straight forward just get a fillet knife and go right underneath it Try not to remove any of the meat We are only looking to take out the silver skin and nothing else But once I was done it was ready for the seasoning Talking about that, I have a special ingredient This is umami powder and if you are unfamiliar with umami it is basically your fifth taste We all taste bitter, sour, sweet, salty and the very last one is umami And if you never had this I definitely recommend it Here is what it looks like It’s like little pellets, I know it looks funny because it’s made out of mushrooms and all that but it tastes incredible in meat And it is one of my secrets for the short rib So I started by seasoning with salt, freshly ground black pepper and garlic powder Rub it against your board and make sure you season all sides including the edges Now the only thing left to do is to add the umami powder so that the osmosis process can begin And basically what that means is that the salt will extract moisture from the meat and that moisture will combine with the umami powder and then it will go right back into the meat And I will show you that very shortly To braise the short rib I’m gonna be using this little mini cast iron It’s perfect for this application So I started by throwing in all my vegetables inside Mix them well and throw in tomato paste By adding the tomato paste it will help you make an incredible sauce and for this braised short rib it is the key Once everything has been mixed together, throw in red wine, a good amount Now this friends is called demi glaze, you can make it a home or you can buy a little package like this And since we are doing easy toaster oven recipes I think this one is perfect for this application Demi glaze will take you two to three days to make It is better to make it at home, but this is the second best thing Now mix everything well and combine all of those ingredients together Throw it into your oven at 250 degrees Fahrenheit for 10 minutes And the reason you want to throw it into the oven for 10 minutes is so that you can burn off a little bit that alcohol If you don’t do it you sauce will not taste that good After 10 minutes in the oven I took it off and it was ready If there is any caramelization in the edges just make sure you take it off with the vegetables But after about 15 minutes check out the meat And look what happened with our umami powder That is osmosis The salt is almost gone and the umami powder is starting to penetrate deeply into the meat But now all there’s left to do is to put the meat back in my dutch oven and cover it up I’m gonna be cooking it a 250 degrees Fahrenheit for a total of 2 hours That will make a nice tender short rib After 2 hours this is what I got It is now nice and tender but at the same time we don’t have any caramelization But we can fix that real quick So I took it off, put it on my tray, and set my oven at 500 degrees Fahrenheit for 5 minutes That will definitely get the job done It also gave me time to go back to my sauce and strain it And once I did friends I was left with liquid gold By roasting the vegetables, mixing it with the demi glace and wine, it tastes incredible I almost said forget about the short rib I just want to drink this I think this is the whole key of this entire dish But hey after the 5 minutes my meat was ready I quickly took it out of the oven and placed it on a bed of sweet corn and parsley And of course, we added that sauce I am telling you right now the whole key of this entire thing is the sauce The short rib is really good but the sauce is everything This is something I can eat every day And when I tell you to smother the whole thing in the sauce I mean it It is so flavorful! The vegetables roasting give it incredible taste This is probably one of my top picks today And even though it does take a little bit of time it’s so rewarding It is something that you should definitely give it a try Of course, try to make more than just one Even if it’s not on your toaster oven It’s something that all your entire family will love Mine certainly did And ofcourse we can not forget about chicken wings I think for a toaster oven it’s perfect And who doesn’t like some amazing chicken wings And I’m gonna show you a trick how to get them real crispy And we started out with 8 chicken wings Now there’s a huge debate if you like the drums or you like the other ones better, whichever one you like it does not matter Chicken wings are amazing and they are always good And this is my secret to making crispy chicken wings It’s baking powder It will give you more surface area and if you do it right it will be as crispy as fried So I threw in my chicken wings on the bowl and coated them with the baking powder You want to make sure that every single one of them get coated nicely So by the time you are done cooking them they’ll be nice and crispy Next thing to do is to lay them on a cooling rack so that they can dry overnight on your refrigerator That will pull moisture out and we already know the enemy of crispy skin is moisture

And by removing that moisture it will be as crispy as fried So into the refrigerator they go for 24 hours The very next day this is what they look like Check that out It is as dry as it gets, so you already know this thing is gonna be crispy I set my oven to bake at 450 degrees Fahrenheit for 30 minutes That is enough time to cook them and get them crispy Now you can just use regular store hot sauce and it will work just great, but I like to make my own sauce, and let me show you how I started by melting some butter then I threw in a good amount of Louisiana Hot Sauce You can use Sriracha or any other type of hot sauce that you like To have this Asian twist I threw in some ponzu sauce followed by kecap manis, which is basically a sweet soy sauce Now all there’s left to do is to mix everything well and combine all the ingredients Now once that’s done your sauce is ready Check it out everybody It’s sweet, it’s spicy and the taste is phenomenal But now going back to our chicken wings At half point it is important to flip them, that way you will ensure that all the skin gets nice and crispy Now just in case you are wondering you are shooting for an internal temperature of 165 degrees Fahrenheit And just like the pork belly, check that out The skin is separating from the meat and you already know the results of that when that happens But once the time was up this is what I got These are chicken wings made in the toaster oven They are just as crispy as deep fried Now all there’s left to do is to sauce them And make sure you put plenty of it because that sauce is incredible Don’t believe me after saucing them I even threw them back into the pan to make sure they got plenty of sauce That sauce is just phenomenal To finish them off I threw in a little bit of chives, followed by sesame seeds and my chicken wings were done Now all there’s left to do is to give them a try And check that out! When I took my first bite, oh Yes! Super tender pull of the bone, as crispy as it gets, that sauce is just phenomenal I’m telling you friends these are amazing chicken wings I just wish I could have some more, right now That is all the meat I currently have in my house, I cooked everything everybody All in the toaster oven And every single one of them turned out fantastic We are in self quarantine which because we are listening to the government officials I hope you guys are doing the same as well staying safe at home I need to place a new order with my meat supplier because I have no more meat left in my freezer Emilio shout out to you Anyway guys I hope you enjoyed this video If you do enjoy it make sure to give it a thumbs up If you are not a subscriber, be sure to subscribe for future videos Remember if you are interested in anything I use everything is always on the description down below Thank you so much for watching and will see you guys on the next one Let me know on the comments below, what you would like me to cook next on my toaster oven everybody Sometimes those little things does amazing dishes Stay safe, stay home, keep cooking If you keep cooking, I will See you guys on the next one, take care everybody Bye bye