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into possible collusion between the Trump campaign and Russia apparently resulting in charges at least one person could be taken into custody as early as Monday in connection with Special Counsel Robert Muller’s investigation no names or charges are spelled out in a Wall Street Journal reports citing anonymous sources Fox says Kathleen Maloney the special counsels office has declined to comment there’s also been no comment from the White House Democrats may have finished it but conservatives apparently started the investigation into president Trump’s past that ultimately produced that much talked-about dossier the opposition research project that produced the controversial dossier linking President Trump to Russia was initially started by the conservative Washington free beacon website the editor in chief and Chairman putting out a statement saying that the beacon had hired fusion gps to do research on several presidential candidates in 2016 but they’re denying they had anything to do with former British spy Christopher Steele who put the final dossier together they’re claiming they had left the project before Steele joined it The Washington Post says the Democratic National Committee paid for the finished product Fox says Jill Nadeau there could be clashes in two towns in Tennessee where white nationalist rallies are being held today authorities in both Murfreesboro and Shelbyville are asking demonstrators and counter demonstrators to respect each other’s rights a suicide car bomb outside a hotel in Somalia’s capital was the work of al-shabaab the terror group claiming responsibility for the blast that police say killed at least 10 people the attack comes two weeks after a truck bomb in Mogadishu killed more than 350 people Fox News fair and balanced bringing new meaning to the term first responders fellow community members stepping forward volunteering their time to help others faced with though it might be some of the most traumatic incidents in their lives it’s called the trauma intervention program or tip it’s been used in communities across the United States for years and it’s volunteers have been dispatched to provide what they call emotional first-aid a collaboration between police paramedics fire departments and even hospital staff is making sure residents are emotionally taken care of in a time of crisis residents are volunteering their time with the trauma intervention program or tip dispatched to the scene of a fire accident or death to focus on the emotional needs of those left behind it’s just being there and being comforting like a good friend or an extension of your family ready to assist sit and listen to community members in a time of tragedy to learn more about the trauma intervention program visit Yuba Sutter tip org or call 673 9300 reaction in massachusetts to multiple allegations of sexual harassment within state government Massachusetts State House Speaker Robert DeLeo saying he’s infuriated and deeply saddened that 12 women professionally associated with the State House were not only harassed but were afraid to report it the speaker responding to a column Friday in the Boston Globe a dozen lobbyists and staff saying over the past two decades male lawmakers routinely touched their bodies threatened their careers and demanded sex governor Charlie Baker also saying he’s appalled and saddened similar charges also prompting harassment policy reviews in the state houses of California Rhode Island and Illinois in Boston bill Marcus Fox News after getting locked in a convenience store cooler a Wisconsin man started drinking and police say that was the wrong decision cooling his heels inside the Kwik Trip convenience store cooler a 38 year old man in Marshfield Wisconsin a customer spotted him inside around 6:00 in the morning Wednesday when employees opened the door he took off

police caught up with him he told them he went to the store to buy beer got locked in the cooler before midnight on Tuesday figured he’d make the best of it knocking back a beer and three more malt beverages cops citing him for retail theft noting the caller had a glass door which he could have knocked on instead of knocking back that beer Chang nuts ler Fox News a bird is likely to blame for a rocky charter flight carrying members of the NBA’s Oklahoma City Thunder last night while traveling to Chicago from Minneapolis something hit the nose of the Delta Airlines plane damaging it and prompting players like Carmelo Anthony to tweet about it nobody was hurt the plane landed safely Delta Airlines is investigating pampu so Fox News ready to go this is every weekday morning on the Patriot stay tuned live with Lewis next don’t touch that dial and so now Van Jones and a bunch of other people are saying oh it’s a white lash it’s my EP wall there’s ou mean they don’t like blacks bull crap black people didn’t want Hillary Clinton Latinos didn’t want her it was America who voted for Trump so stop making this about white people there are plenty of blacks and Hispanics and people of every stripe who said no to the progressivism and the transgender bathrooms the higher taxes the craptastic foreign policy the millions of billions of dollars going to war the leaving of our own veterans at home I’m taking care of America said it’s time to get back to regular operational standards which means we’re gonna stop focusing on our body parts and start focusing on jobs the economy and keeping this country on the right track this is not about color or race we’re gonna stop talking about that all the time and start talking about what actually matters we’re Americans first we’re not the sum of our individual body parts and skin tones I can’t wait to see what happens when we actually get back to focusing on the main issues in this country we won them so glad about it it’s not a white thing it’s a black thing it’s an American thing and if you’re crying and talking about going to Canada please hurry up and go we have work to do here and we don’t want to be bothered by you whining and talking about how you’re leaving just go the Canadians will be happy to have your leftist butts until then we made America great again we’re in the process praise God thank good morning this is lieutenant jury and I hope you’re having a good Saturday morning we are we’re sitting out here on Mount huth Wickham and Santos vigil and I and I was expecting some rain by now so I can like throw my rig into four-wheel drive and slosh up the mountain but we’re just rolling right out here reminds me of those cool days when the Occupy Wall Street people used to protest and we used to get the free doughnuts brought in it’s just been you know just was a nostalgic driving up here today so I thanks for listening if you don’t know what you’re listening to this is the Patriot kmy c14 10:00 a.m we’re broadcasting out of Northern California and Yuba County it’s one of 58 counties in California one of the poorest counties but it’s nice up here it’s beautiful up here and we’ve got some lakes and rivers and his rural you be rural California it’s part of the state of Jefferson as soon as we get squared away with all the legalities we’ll have maybe over 20 counties of California separate off into a 51st state state of Jefferson where people have freedom again you can pack your weapons you can have far less regulations far less bureaucracy just less government kind of like the founding fathers thought about kind of a novel idea don’t you think today we have a government that doesn’t resemble anything like the founders hope for and designed we actually have a government that controls every move we make we have a government that that ignores the Constitution and has taken over education has taken over charity we call it welfare has taken over almost every area where people were in local communities were supposed to exert their personal responsibility and and occasionally somebody said well that’s not constitutional most of what government is doing is unconstitutional so if you want to listen today in another fashion other

than by the radio some people are saying loo we like to listen better on YouTube now because the quality is better so if you’re having a hard time hearing us it it has some static or whatever you can go on to one I blind media you spell out all the words one I blind media that’s on YouTube it’s a YouTube channel and then just look up playlists and look up live with Lou and pick your show you want to listen to that so we’re not there yet today it’ll be on probably later this weekend or Monday but you can listen at your leisure and it’s really they everybody is complimenting us about Christakis work of just really great quality and it’s even a shorter show if they purge some of the commercials out and some other things so it’s a shorter listen so if that’s your pleasure go there you can also usually we have live stream available but somebody was even saying yesterday to me that sometimes a live stream works for a while and then it doesn’t so high when people say that to me I said you know you’re talking to the wrong guy because I have no control over those things but on K myc K myc you can click on the listen ly button and you can you can hear it clear if you’re working off your computer so you can call us at seven four to 5555 someone said to me the other day oh you don’t give that number out I thought well I do at the start of the show and then I just forget about it I get so ADHD out here and of course you know I I did drugs for a few years so I’m sure I did some brain damage so I just kind of working with what I’m I’m working with what’s left so five three zero seven four two fifty five fifty five if you want to leave us a message or talk to Santos or maybe want to talk on the radio but we are pro-choice and like being pro-choice and aborting babies we are we don’t want to let this interfere with my radio career so if I think that your call main may lower the quality of my life I would have to reject that and or if you’re the wrong gender it may not be some days I mean want not want any females or other days males it may just you know you may be the wrong gender on that particular day and I may not be able to take the call or just poor timing in my life you know it’s sometimes people call and I’m already talked about that and moved on so but you can take a shot at it some people call and just leave a message or leave it leave some information maybe I think I didn’t I left something out I need some more I need to pass on more information to you so I wanted to mention before we get started there’s going to be a really great theatric performance out at the other the creative light theater operates out of the Church of glad-tidings campus on highway 99 Iger Road and they have a play that’s original modern musical they call it called the ripple effect it says experience the epic links God will go for the love of one person and the effect of love on the people along the way has to do with people making some wrong decisions in life and some difficulties and and how God just helps people all these plays out there are free they usually take kind of a collection to help offset some of the staging costs and all the things that are built and clothing and all that kind of stuff but it’s their plays that you can bring they’re your kids too and so you can interact with the play they’re pretty cool so it’s going to be from December 8th through the 12th 8th 9th 10th 11th 12th 7 p.m. every night the ripple effect and so you good way to kick off the holiday season and man I just realized I think next week is it next no not next week maybe a couple of weeks from now is Thanksgiving so if you like that I was like turkey so they can i’ll eat turkey any day of the week it doesn’t have to be turkey day so happy happy Saturday to you it’s a nice day out there hopefully you can get out and enjoy it nice and cool this morning I wanted to mention an email that I got from a friend of mine that I’ve traveled to Vietnam with a number of times and that is Jerry sebum Jerry and his wife Dee Ann run a mortgage business down in Sacramento and they’re my age and they’re and he was in the Vietnam War

Jerry and Jerry his hobby besides his business as hobby is to help Viet vets of all flavors weather Vietnam vets or Desert Storm or wherever he helps them get their their veterans benefits and in that sad that people that have served this country particularly in conflict can’t get benefits and can’t get the services that they were promised by the Veterans Administration and of course we had 8 years of President Barbara Obama and basically she didn’t care about vets so nothing really happened to improve the care of vets and they just died waiting to get waiting to get services from veterans hospitals that we paid for his taxpayers to make sure our veterans got the best of care so it isn’t the public’s fault it’s politicians fault which is all the problems we have actually in America today it’s how they’re being handled by politicians but Gerry helps because he is 50 and he’s determined and he’s patient and he knows how to get through the system and he helps people even folks that are on the streets get their veterans benefits and get into a house and and get the medical care they need anyway Jerry sent me this and he says if you were ever in combat in fact let me just say this about Jerry because it might be more meaningful Jerry was wounded in Vietnam and left Vietnam – one I so that’s you know obviously lived with that and has a glass eye and so he he left part of himself in that country and he says if you’ve ever been in combat and were the last person to pull up the zipper on a body bag of your fallen comrade in arms you would never think to be this reckless in your attitude towards the American flag it just would not and could not be done if these fine athletes want to put up or shut up then rather than taking a knee they should just not show up for work in protest so he’s announcing by sending this email on he’s announcing a national boycott of the National Football League that’s planned for Sunday November 12th that day is significant because it’s Veterans Day weekend and regardless of what anyone says about taking a knee it’s really an offense against the veterans and law enforcement of our country regardless of what they say and so there’s a move on to boycott all football telecasts as they’re asking for all fans all ticket holders to stay away from attending or viewing any NFL games on Sunday the 12th of November and it says let the NFL play to empty stadiums now one of the NFL players I can’t recall his name but I watched him give a little talk on Facebook and he said hey you don’t want to attend the games don’t and I thought I like that it’s the same way I feel about lots of things I buy my coffee at places I like and and avoid other places I don’t like I buy food and go to restaurants I like and avoid other places I don’t like so every day I vote with my dollars where I want to the businesses and organizations I want to encourage and then I stay away from the businesses that I want to discourage don’t hate him just don’t want to be among them so it says here honor our military some of whom came home with the American flag draped over their coffin continued with the weekly boycott of televised games but let’s make this a day that’s November 12th that the owners coaches players and advertisers will never forget it finishes by saying they have a right to protest if they want to but during the national anthem is not the time or the venue they show an utter lack of patriotism and total disrespect for our veterans living and dead and everything for which they put their lives on the line for so Jerry I just want to say I appreciate your service to this country Jerry sebum and all those who served in any of the conflicts that the that America has got into whether you liked us getting into them or not Americans went over there and did their duty so there you have it I’m thrilled every

time I actually I’m thrilled that this whole thing has come about what it did was it revealed the true heart of those who are making bajillions of dollars for running around on a field and playing a game and sometimes you’re just better to keep your mouth shut because once they opened it it costs them all some money and we’ll see how this all pans out but it just encouraged me I used to be a sports addict I used to when I had a television I just watch sports sports sports I love sports I love competition played sports in school loved it and loved to watch live sports but I’m kind of done I they I’m kind of over they burnt their bridges with me and I moved on and don’t even have any regrets so there you have it I wanted to mention that there’s some news some interesting news this week about the tea party and it came out of the Attorney General’s Office of the United States of America and I’m going to talk about that in just a second but it actually this decision by jeff Sessions to settle with a lawsuits with hundreds of organizations that sued the government over Barack Obama’s IRS harassment of conservative organizations in order to keep them from from being involved in politics and and campaigning and working against some of his ideas in government so what he did is he unleashed the harassment of the Internal Revenue Service on a number of conservative organizations so if they had Christian names or if they had names that had tea party or Patriot or anything involved in that in the name they would stymie or put their applications for a 501 C 4 exemption on the shelf and then they harassed them by asking them very they asked them questions about the organization to violated the First Amendment rights and a number of Rights actually and then they harassed people that were involved in some of these organizations are leading them like the would SiC the FBI on their businesses or OSHA or one of the other government entities that harasses business and so Barack Obama and Eric Holder were involved in that with Lois Lerner and the IRS they lied about it they lied every single day all these people so once sessions came in here they have settled and I’ll talk about that details but the reason I bring it up is because the Sutter buttes Tea Party Patriots in their original form I don’t know what the original name was but at one time there was one tea party in ubin Sutter counties and then they had a dispute and they broke up into two T party and so we ended up with one on you in Sutter County one in Yuba County and the one in I don’t know that much about how much difficulty the one in Sutter County had but the one in Yuba County was really harassed by the IRS and there was a fellow that led it I think his name was Kreg Christensen is that the name do you remember that he used to call my Tom Sullivan down in when Tom Sullivan was in Sacramento but anyway I’ve talked to the treasurer of the the Tea Party that operated out of the Veterans Center in Marysville and she said that they were not only harassed by the IRS but they were fined by the IRS I believe 8,000 had to pay $8,000 in taxes to the IRS and here they were a legitimate nonprofit just wanting to meet together to be informed on what’s going on in the country and they were really harassed and I don’t know whether they are a part of these lawsuits on my hunches they probably aren’t and they probably lost their money that was all good-hearted donations from members but I remember talking to Craig Christensen and I think I even talked to him on the air years ago when this started he’d talked about

all the harassment for instance the IRS would ask for all that owners and a list of all the donations and then they would want to know all the donors what groups they were affiliated with in other words they just kept asking as soon as you would ask answer those questions and they’d send you another list of questions and they just bureaucratically beat you to death and so anyway I wanted to mention that the Sutter buttes Tea Party Patriots which meets out at the Church of glad tidings campus and building 200 they meet on the 1st and 3rd 3rd Mondays of each month and so this Monday night is that this Monday night November it’s November 6 it’s not this Monday night it’s November 6 is the first Monday night of the month and you might have if you listen to the last show here earlier Nate black was talking he’s the Sutter County auditor-controller and he is your independently elected as well as all the or most of the auditor controllers Yuba County and Sutter County auditor-controller czar elected by the people they they are the eyes and ears on your finances so when the supervisors go nutso they have someone looking over their shoulder saying that ain’t right what you’re doing is that ain’t right and Nate already got involved in that with them when he first took over the office from a guy named Robert stark who spent 30 years fighting with people that were dishonest in the the county of Sutter and ripped the people of Sutter County off in 2004 by raising their pensions without proper notification and due diligence well Nate black is going to be speaking at the November 6th Sutter buttes Tea Party Patriots meeting starts at 6:30 but get there at 6:00 throw back some coffee or some water or juice or whatever they have some refreshments and you don’t need to be a member you could just dip in for little listen to Nate if you want to find out about the homeless situation the fiasco that’s going on we’re going to talk about that later the homeless situation Sutter County the internal audit of the county or CalPERS the the pension debt 150 million dollar pension debt for little old Sutter County you can ask all the questions you want Nate will answer them there in fact a lot of the supervisors don’t like Nate being outspoken in that something where you know when they want to get elected they’re talking about all we’re gonna work for transparent government oh we want B we’re gonna we want things wide open e call me anytime just here’s my number call me anytime you can write me call me I’m a good guy I’m transparent then when Nate’s transparent it’s like hey how come you’re doing it they call him up kind of threaten him like Scott Mitnick to County Administrator kind of threatened Nate black right so that’s kind of his MO from down there at Thousand Oaks threatening people right I want a fight I don’t like the way my baseball teams go and my kids are playing I’m gonna threaten what five people fired over there in that school district where they’re where they’re involved that’s his MO but they now he’s our County Administrator so we’re gonna take a little break here a couple commercials we’ll be back we got an hour and a half give a shout-out to Sun City down in Lincoln a bunch of people are listening down there I found out last week they bought some gun tickets from me and gave me a shout I thought I didn’t even know you could hear me from down there all right we’ll be right back this is life issues with Brad mattis president of life issues Institute the abortion industry and activists have long lamented the number of abortion mills closing and so-called red states were pro-life governors and legislators have been elected but in a recent article Madeline Schwartz says they’re closing in liberal blue states too and the reason given is plain economics in part the demand for abortionist fallen which is a great thing Shana Heckert an executive over six abortion Mills in liberal California is expecting some will close were a dying breed she says I say better their business dies than millions of innocent unborn babies and sometimes their moms all the while Planned Parenthood is growing and putting the little guys out of business all the more reason we must take their half billion annual tax funding away follow us on Twitter at life issues USA and stay informed more informed than you’ve ever been check out the territorial dispatched papers of weekly and can be obtained free and distribution for by mail through subscriptions only locally owned and operated newspaper in the region the

paper is the rest of the story and also check out the e territorial it’s an online version of the territorial dispatch which features local news and events for the Yuba Sutter Colusa and Nevada County areas you’ll also find daily and breaking news updates current traffic and weather information along with a calendar of local events visit the e territorial at e territorial comm hello liberty-loving patriots this is christian hall liberties lobbyist and founder of liberty first university you’re listening to live with lou on k my c 14 10 a.m. the patriot the founding fathers and mothers didn’t pledge their lives their fortunes their sacred honor so we could sit around and rest on their laurels they expected us to exercise our god-given rights and to practice eternal vigilance to monitor and hold accountable our fellow citizens to whom we delegate power the federal government is not the supreme law of the land the constitution is to learn more about the constitution and to help Lou and me get the word about how our founders truly wanted this republic to operate be sure to tune in to live with Lou every Saturday from 9:00 a.m. to noon visit me at Kris and halt calm and at Liberty first University calm the Harvey Weinstein’s sex abuse scandal caused many men to feel a new sympathy for mistreated women until feminists started talking about it and then we stop feeling sympathy and just felt sort of annoyed one feminist named Helen Rosner has issued a series of tips on Twitter for how men can support women that are guaranteed to make men never want to support women ever again I am NOT making this up these are her real tips Helen Rosner’s tip number one for how men should react to the Harvey Weinstein scandal is overcome your transphobia because trans women are women this is an excellent tip except for the fact that trans women are not women and nobody’s phobic about them and they have nothing to do with Harvey Weinstein other than that it’s great tip number two is be pro-abortion I guess this is important because if you molest the woman you work with and she becomes pregnant you want to be able to kill the baby that’d be a big improvement tip number three ask your workplace if tampons and pads are free when they explain to you that nothing is free ask women to go out and pay for their own damn tampons and pads tip number six and I’m still not making these up tip number six is whenever you are in a group of only men ask yourself why I already know why it’s so I don’t have to listen to crap like this tip number seven cultivate genuine intimate non-sexual friendships with women I have no idea what that means I’m not even sure it’s in English tip number eight seek out women to be your heroes and mentors families they cracked me up tip number 12 when you need support reach out to men as well as women create a culture of openness around yourself if you’re gay if you’re not gay don’t do this you’ll get punched in the face tip number sixteen do everything you can to empower black women and in be WOC NBD WOC of course stands for nib walk they have those furry little creatures from the Star Wars movies apparently they’re oppressed and tip number 17 if friend children unless they’re in the womb then kill them so friends if you like me feel outraged and disgusted by Harvey Weinstein just read these helpful feminist tips and you’ll just kind of forget the whole thing and go about your business thanks feminists trigger warning I’m Andrew Clavin we are witnesses to the most ruthless attack on a president and the people who voted for him and the free system that allowed it to happen in American history from the highest levels of government to their media universities and billionaires their hateful defiance of his legitimacy is an insult to each of us but the ultimate insult is that they think we’re so stupid that we’ll let them get away with it these saboteurs slashing away with their leaks and smears their phony accusations and gagging sanctimony drive their daggers through the heart of our future poisoning our belief that honest custody of our institutions will ever again be possible so they can then build their utopia from the ashes of what they burned down know their fate will be failure and they will perish in the political flames of their own fires we are the National Rifle Association of America and we are freedom’s safest place well before the break we were talking about the Sutter buttes Tea Party Patriots and they’re going to have a meeting coming up in November 6 the first Monday of November with Nate Black the auditor-controller of Sutter County there everybody should go to that Nate

is a sharp guy and I like him because he’s honest I even if people aren’t the best speakers if they’re honest that gets my attention but he’s a good speaker and he’s very knowledgeable what what’s shakin with the county and the state and and he is a as you might assume he’s a trained CPA so he knows what’s going on financially but also at that meeting bill Beeler who’s one of the leaders out there the Patriots Tea Party Patriots bill is kind of one of these hippy guys from from the sixties and he he’s kind of hung on to the hair but it ain’t there ain’t much there there nowadays it’s kind of like me I tell people you know when I became a Christian all my hair fell out I thought I wonder if this is a that’s a bad sign right there was this parts body parts start falling off so a lot of bills hair has come to pass and so he’s what’s left it’s really long so they’re auctioning off who gets to cut it I think but they’re gonna cut his hair but I was thinking today when I was getting ready for the show maybe we should all chip in and like get him a wig one of those two pays right and and just do the full deal where you can have the ponytail and the whole deal anyway they’re also there they’re doing an ammo raffle out there that a variety of ammo like nine millimeter 223 22lr and and so they’re they’re selling tickets for that they’re gonna do a drawing on December 4 so you can get in on that as well so go on out there Sutter Beach Tea Party on November 6th and I think it’s going to be a pretty dynamic meeting because this homeless thing is getting gnarly over there in Sutter County and Yuba County and politicians it’s interesting politicians are really tight with their own money but they get all drunk and loosey-goosey with your money didn’t that something like that so so I was talking before about the Obama administration coming after conservative organizations who the IRS was that shocking to you I mean I’ve worked with the IRS I’ve not had full audits from the IRS when I ran a business and I thought IRS people were just honest people they just tried to keep the nuts and bolts of the financial end of this country together like make everybody pay the same amount be fair be honest that and there I RS agents assess I knew I knew some IRS agents so to have the IRS being used as a political club to beat up people was amazing to me and it it’s actually pretty scary when you think about it and then to realize that OSHA which is supposed to be involved in workplace safety was in the FBI we’re being used as political clubs to harass torment and beat up people’s private businesses and finances was it’s frankly it’s scary it’s it’s the exact thing that the government that the our founding fathers said we needed to take guns out and shoot those people and take the government back over and put them out of business that’s exactly why the Second Amendment was put was not only an amendment but it was it wasn’t just like oh they just thought of it they were affirming what they believed was the only people’s the people’s only recourse to a government that had lost its mind and you know the only reason we were not more freaked out about it it’s it’s been a gradual process and you’ve just become a socialist country and you didn’t notice it happened because they didn’t wake up one day and it went from a really free country it’s a really totally controlled country so what’s happened is the Don Trump’s administration settled two class-action lawsuits this last week filed by conservative Tea Party groups that allege that President Obama’s Department of Justice discriminated against them due to their ideological commitments now one of the things about this country is that people could have different points of view and not be punished right that’s what’s unique about this country at least it’s protected in law whether it’s protected in practical out workings not necessarily like locally like for instance when I write an article or I speak about something on the radio many people choose not to be involved with me and other things that I do in the community because they don’t like what I say or what I do so that happens in everyday life just like I don’t shop

like I don’t spend my money at Starbucks right because I don’t like their stances right and I don’t shop at certain businesses because I don’t want to support what they believe in right it’s okay I’m with you it’s all right but when the government our government agencies do that that’s amazing like for instance when larry monger supervisor representing the area runs the city of Sutter is prejudice and bias against the dollar store and calls them efforts now that’s exactly what happened here with the IRS they used the power and the club of government to hammer hundreds hundreds not one hundred not two hundred not three hundred four hundred five hundred maybe a thousand but in 41 groups and another four hundred and twenty eight plaintiffs filed on this and and honestly I I bet most of them didn’t they just thought hey I’m glad that I’m glad that that corrupt administration is gone so the targeting scandal if you’ll remember emerged in 2013 in other words it surfaced it would hit had been going on but finally the treasurer and Treasury Inspector General for tax administration released a report exposing the intentional delay of tax-exempt status application filed by conservative groups they didn’t bother liberal groups right and of course Barack Obama said he didn’t know anything about it he heard about it in a newspaper right Imoh in fact I just saw where Nancy Pelosi heard about something in a newspaper I think it was the collusion with Russia now that the Democrats right it’s like I don’t know these people don’t have any advantage on information than I do I’m always watching the media for stuff so court documents revealed the IRS admitted wrongdoing and they apologized for their corrupt conduct interesting so I don’t know how much money the actual money is involved these people are all going to get money to compensate them for the harassment so the House Judiciary Committee released internal Obama DOJ Department of Justice emails that revealed the agency selectively fun oh this is a second part of it so the first part of it it was the Obama administration selectively attacked conservative groups then the Department of Justice went after the banks who they thought were using discriminatory procedures and giving out loans and find them and you know what they did with the money instead of putting it in the money where Congress would put it in the bank where Congress would decide where to were to put that money and maybe give it back to the the people that were damaged the Obama administration by emails selectively funneled the big banks a billion dollars to Liberal nonprofits to the exclusion of conservative nonprofits so on one hand they were criminally attacking conservative nonprofits on the other hand they were they were sending billions of dollars to people like La Raza you know have you ever heard of La Raza the cause the Hispanic group that wants to take back California and turn it into a state of Mexico so they dished out money to these liberal groups and so that’s also a violation and Jeff Sessions Attorney General or Department of Justice has now stopped that that any money that’s ever taken from a business because of penalties because of wrongdoing now has to be put before the Congress to let the Congress sort out where that money is going to go as opposed to it being a slush fund for political purposes so now what’s happening is we’re seeing as emails are being uncovered and documents are being revealed how corrupt the administration has been the previous administration at using the government not only to benefit liberal causes but to actually undermine and attack conservative people not just politicians but people that just are

hard-working people they just want to have a nonprofit group like the tea party in that interesting now I don’t know again I don’t know whether I’m gonna have to I didn’t have time to email one of the local tea party people from Yuba County to see whether they were in on this and maybe they will get some payback if I was them I would I would ask the the IRS to give them back their money I don’t know whether they’ll ever get it but it’s worth asking but there was also an email that suggested that they wanted to avoid like they fined Citibank millions and millions of dollars and one of the emails from the Department of Justice under Eric Holder was says this quote concerns include not allowing city or city bank to pick a nationwide intermediary like the Pacific Legal Foundation that’s a conservative group in other words they could make a contribution towards a group like that but they forbid them to give to a conservative group so they told these banks the only groups you can give to our groups that we choose like la raza or other liberal groups so pretty interesting stuff but at least Jeff Sessions is is getting at some of the corrupt activities that the the Obama administration did and and did it with glee you remember all the times that Obama said that oh he just heard about that Benghazi oh he just he didn’t know anything about it he just heard it on the news IRS scandal oh I just heard it on the news Solyndra bankruptcy oh I just heard it on the news have no idea all that stuff so maybe you’ve been following the fiasco that County Administrative Officer Scott Mitnick from Thousand Oaks California because he really doesn’t reside here his family never has come here he’s up here just cleaning up his resume until he can feel like he can get a job in a better spot like back down Southern California where he likes but he needed to you know he’s kind of on probation up here because he got kicked to the curb down there for all kinds of misdeeds by the Thousand Oaks City Council so now he’s up here doing penance until he can score jobs somewhere else so the supervisors say that that’s he’s the best guy out of the group that the headhunters presented to him to them that they could find but they could have gone out and asked the headhunters said listen throw the net back in the water and see if you can get another kettle of fish up here to choose from because that went in good enough for us now the the professional panel that was formed they they formed a Citizens panel and a professional panel and my understanding is they didn’t inform the citizens panel what the professional panel concluded which was thumbs down on Scott Mitnick so the citizens panel felt deceived by the the local supervisors the people running the deal and it seems like maybe that supervisor Whittaker and supervisor Flores were the ones that wanted Mitnick can kind of just pushed him through so now we have him and so he’s been pushing and spent hundreds of thousands of dollars you know you’re reading the paper they talk about we want to take this hundred thousand or this five hundred thousand and when to do this and that actually we’ve already spent hundreds of thousands of dollars in staff time in the department of in in the county of Sutter in the various departments to formulate a plan to give more and more and more more money to people that don’t want to fit into the system you know that you know when you live in a city you kind of have to share some values right like I got to get alone my neighbor I live in the city of Marisol and I’ll have neighbors really close on both side on all three sides of me I have a street in front of me but behind me I have a business and then on each side I have I have a house on one side and I have a six Plex on the other and I have to get along with them right so you have to you have to like have some grace in your life to live in the city right you have to follow the rules like I don’t dump my garbage out in the street and I don’t make noise at night I kind of get a little try to get along with everybody keep up my yard etc but some people don’t want to fit into that shared value system right other shared values of we we obey the traffic laws

and etc etc right so there are always in any society there are people you don’t want to share those values and they want to do whatever they want to do so that’s a problem right particularly when they don’t when they want to violate the law so sometimes they get arrested the other group that is is a situation like this is where people they don’t want to work but they want a handout right they don’t want to work but they want a handout so I say often that the government has actually created the homeless problem and the reason and the way that the government and the reason I say that the way the government has done that is by giving handouts with no accountability to people in other words we’re going to give you money we’re gonna give you food we’re gonna pay for your housing we’re gonna pay for your education gonna pay for your medical but we you don’t have to do anything we say there’s no accountability in fact we’re not even Sutter County they don’t even check where people live you can give a false address and get your welfare over there and they won’t even file a welfare fraud claim against you and take you before the courts and so what happens is then people you know we would never do this with our children we would never raise our children and give them whatever they want and not expect anything of them otherwise you would end up with a 34 year old still wanting you to cook them pancakes in the morning and and wipe their bottom right and clean their clothes for them and lay their clothes out for them treat them like a little kid but we’re treating people like children and so then when you don’t give them what they want what do they do they have you ever see people kids throw a tantrum in the grocery store because mom won’t buy them a box a couple boxes of Snickers and that’s just what we’ve done with the homeless so I got a kick out of it because my I have a son in law that’s a sheriff’s deputy in Orange County and I noticed an article it said that sheriff’s deputies made a hundred and eighty arrests in the Santa Ana and a river bed and I said oh that sounds kind of familiar except our sheriff’s won’t go into our homeless camps here over in Sutter County they say we’re not going to arrest ourselves out of this so the Sheriff’s Department went down into the Santa and a riverbed and they made a contact with over a thousand homeless people over a period of time this over a period of time not one day and they made a hundred and eighty arrests and I thought oh I wonder I wonder what kind of arrests they made so here’s some of the the crimes that they arrested people that they just went down and they interviewed people right and they said hey we got some help for you you can go over to this rehab you can go to this shelter you can go over here you can go over there but you’re going to be able to stay down here right because once it starts raining that sin and her bed fills up with water so here’s what they found they found people that were wanted for crimes of robbery domestic violence sexual offences and violating probation or violating a parole so they arrested him now it’s interesting that if you read any of the books from when Rudy Giuliani was mayor of New York and his chief of police William Bratton who came over from Boston he recruited him from Boston he came over there they formulated a plan to clean up New York after liberal Mayor David Dinkins ran the city into the ground and nobody even want to take the subways in fact I rode the subways back when it was crazy back then and I rode the subway from Queens we were going on we were going to catch a church service I had a team back there doing some work with the homeless people number of years ago so we took the subway over to O Harlem we wanted to go to a church over in Harlem and catch some cool music and and have a great time over there there was a church we knew about so we jumped on the subway and in the morning when the church service was I had a heroin addict that was sitting next to me on the subway and he kept nodding over and just falling into my lap leaning into me right because he couldn’t stay awake he was he was rushing up on on heroin so so what Bratton and Giuliani did is they they incorporated the theory of fixing

broken windows the concept is when you take care of the small stuff the big stuff also gets taken care of like when you start take care of people that are blocking traffic in pulling stealing shopping carts and urinating in public and panhandling in front of Starbucks all of a sudden you realize that that person is wanted for robbery or there are one at some other crime that they never fit that a failure to appear on a crime and pretty soon you’re arresting these people because they’ve committed some more serious crimes in fact if you notice in the appeal Democrat which posts a lot of the crimes that happen every week notice how many people don’t have an address they list them as homeless and they’re actually committing crimes against our community so that’s what happened down here in in Orange County the Orange County Sheriff’s Department at first a lot of people no one wanted to take responsibility for dealing with this the different like the Santa Ana Police Department says not our fault not our responsibility this department said not our responsibility so finally the Orange County Sheriff’s Department said you know something we’re just going to take care of business and the agency began patrolling the homeless encampments along the Santa Ana River bed in Anaheim Orange Santa Ana and Fountain Valley so all those police departments actually in some of those areas the Sheriff’s Department is the police department so they just took care of it and they started arresting people now let me tell you what happens when you start arresting people folks that don’t want to be arrested decide to leave the area because or they fit in and they behave themselves and they go into rehab or they clean themselves up but if they don’t and they said listen I don’t want to be a part of you I just want your money I just want your food I just want your free stuff free free free free free those people Walter Williams from up from the project’s page 128 you write it has always been my opinion that save for a precious few congressmen these people are not deserving of the honor and respect they receive I regard most of them as enemies of both the Constitution and the moral precepts of our founding fathers that is absolutely right that is and I think that that any politician who would rigorously live up to his oath of office to uphold the Fen United States Constitution he just would not get elected to office by the American people because what politicians reflect they reflect the values and views of the American people that is those who will elect them to office now some people might say well Jay Williams that’s that’s a little bit strong well looks we just might ask ourselves what would happen to politician who had the vision of let’s say James Madison they acknowledge father the United States Constitution and in 1794 Congress appropriated $15,000 to help some French refugees and James Madison stood on the floor of the House irate and he said I’m virtually quoting him he says I cannot undertake the lay my finger on that article in the Constitution that authorizes Congress to spend the money of their constituents for the purposes of benevolence now if you look at the federal budget two-thirds of three-quarters of it is for the purposes of benevolence you know just ask yourself what would the American people do to a politician to or to anybody running for office who would make a statement like Madison did or make another state Madison Madison’s that also said he said that charity is not a legitimate function of government now can you imagine what the American people would do to a politician who said that and so what I’m saying is that is that politicians are reflecting the values and views of the people who elect them to office to the high totals of Iran and every terrorist you enable listen up you might have met our fresh face flower child president is we need Ivy League friends but you haven’t met America you haven’t met the heartland where the people will defend this nation with their bloody calloused bare hands that’s what it takes you haven’t met two steel workers and the hard rock miners or the swamp folks in Cajun country who can wrestle a

full-grown Gator out of the water you haven’t met the farmers the Cowboys the loggers and the truck drivers you don’t know the mountain men who live off the land or the brave cops who fight the good fight in the urban war zones no you’ve never met America and you ought to pray you never do I’m the National Rifle Association of America and I’m the freedom safest place I heard yesterday lady says she had a relative that goes to one of the police academy courses out of ubin one of the instructors said I was endorsing drugs over here I thought I wonder who thought maybe I maybe he was saying I used to do drugs but I’ll be darned you know I you know I don’t blame a lot of these homeless people campers and stuff I just like to lay around there’s a time of my life I just like a lay around I did it but I didn’t take any money for it and taking the government money I just laid around smoked grass all day I just stayed loaded all day morning noon and night didn’t complain just enjoyed myself just wanted to be left alone didn’t want to be arrested didn’t want to I didn’t care about obeying the law I just wanted to do my own thing I understand what these people want a lot of them and I get it I I can I can understand addiction I’ve used painkillers before after surgery and and thought I like those painkillers they stopped that pain right and I get it but the question is should be funded should be fun people that want to stay loaded all the time or don’t want to be involved right I think as a community we have a lot of loving people and it’s interesting one lady spoke at the at the meeting the other night at the sorority meeting where they gave us the money for different organizations and she’d she’d been heroin addict and and she was going through a program now and she was clean and she was thinking straight and you know she said she said I think I’m going to go back to college I’m gonna go to college I don’t want to be a drug counselor because you know or I want to work for people who’ve been victims of domestic violence I want to be trained so I can help people in that how it works that people that make some really bad choices in their life and get stuck in addiction or get into a bad relationship they they want they have compassion on others that are in the same situation and so this nation is full of people like that but what we don’t need is government the least loving operation in this country is this count state and federal government they just they don’t act out of love they just they’re a machine and people people will get used to a machine just like a rat will get used to the food dropping down a chute every few minutes they get programmed but that’s not what people need people need to be put back to work and not beg to go back to work they need to be taken off subsistence it’s unconstitutional to take money from me and give it to somebody else it’s just unconstitutional and the only reason there isn’t a full-blown riot by people that are hardworking people in this country is you they haven’t been pushed far enough I think there is a tipping point at some point but the government it’s interesting that conservative people will go into politics and they’ll just do the same socialist crap that had been going on for years and call themselves a conservative it’s the most crazy thing I’ve ever seen they just go along because this the system they make they have no ability to make a change in a system like Walter Williams was just saying before I started talking again Walter Williams says people will not elect folks if they take away their benefits right because people have realized in America they can tap into the government and get something for free that’s something I get a kick out of somebody the other day was talking I think has been Shapiro or maybe it was someone else talking about why does Puerto Rico who has gone through a national disaster expect the US government to bail amount why don’t they just take care of it themselves it’s a nation Puerto Rico is a country why wouldn’t they just take care of it themselves and the other thing is all the the ungratefulness their infrastructure is so screwed up down

there that a lot of the the waste you know and I get I ship two or three containers of humanitarian products to Cambodia every month about thirty five thousand pounds per container and people often ask me how do you know it gets to the people that you’re designating it for in this case orphans and I say because I know the people on the other end and they know what I’m sending and they go to the port to pick it up and pay the fees and get it out of there so it isn’t like I would know if somebody stole a container or whatever but in Puerto Rico it’s on the news the Puerto Rican government is is can’t get the stuff to the people because their infrastructure so screwed up over there if you want to see what welfare looks like in full when it’s got on its full full regalia that would be Puerto Rico that’s our Greece and so it’s the same thing to happen in Hurricane Katrina New Orleans is all on those people down there in that part of Louisiana are all on welfare it’s a Democrat stronghold and they just put everybody on offer make it really easy so people can’t don’t even have enough initiative to get out of the way of a flood so they just sit there and blame the government and climb up on their rose or drowned right and even the mayor remember Ray Nagin who’s now in prison for corruption Ray Nagin left over a hundred school buses that could have all hauled a load of people over to Houston and he didn’t even have enough initiative to do that didn’t it interesting you go to a Republican or conservative run community and pretty much they’ll just take care of themselves in a catastrophe but that’s the difference where you create a group of people that are trained to be needy and then when when their needs aren’t met they blame it on mom and dad the government the worst thing that can happen is the county of Sutter and the county of you but keep pouring money into homeless people is ridiculous you know the state of California was one of the few states in the Union when they passed the TANF law the temporary assistance instead of AFDC where they said we’re going to give temporary assistance you’re not going to be able to get welfare forever and we were not going to create generation generation after generation of welfare babes we’re going to make that temporary and you’re gonna have to have a track of going back to work and what happened is remember the Democrats back then then the early 90s said you know if we do that people are gonna die you know the Democrats always say that people anything that any big change from other policies people are gonna die people are gonna starve and die what happened was that millions of people went to work they actually took jobs they got trained and they went to work and to support of their families and but then when California refused to put a limit on welfare so what did we get now we have one out of every three welfare recipients is in California why because they can just stay on it and there are there aren’t requirements in when President Barbara Obama came to town he changed he even watered down the requirements that Bill Clinton signed into effect when the Republican Congress passed welfare reform Clinton Pat Clinton signed it and then Barack Obama watered it all down right so now Trump is talking about getting people off welfare and back to work did you see the report this week that it’s the lowest number of people out of work since I think 1973 and record high in the stock market that the lowest number unemployed I’m unemployed is a little deceptive because they usually only count the people that are actively looking for work and maybe on unemployment insurance so the people that have quit looking for work are not looking or not in the system and just on the handout they’re not in those numbers but I think the trend is still the same I don’t know whether you’ve noticed around Yuba Sutter I was over in Rockland the other day I was up there for a meeting in a residential area where some schools are and I was amazed at the number of houses being built not tract homes but custom

homes that were being built in Lots that just hadn’t been filled in and they in the neighborhoods and even if you look around Yuba City all the commercial construction going on there’s a lot of construction going on in just our little part of California there are jobs out there but people no one’s hiring people that are using drugs and alcohol under them that they’re loaded all the time nobody’s going to hire them and keep them on the job as soon as they start missing a couple days of work on alcohol problems they’re gonna let them go that’s just the way that is so that the people of you to coddle sixty to ninety homeless people in a shelter on Garden Highway and run off an entire little league operation and run off the people that are serving the community through the posse the Sutter County Sheriff’s Posse where they have the arena there and are run off to two shooting ranges it’s just the ultimate and stupidity I think I think the supervisors have lost their mind and if the sheriff does not want to arrest people that are violating in law maybe he should resign and let somebody else take it until the new election there’s going to be an election and we’ll get a new sheriff in January 2018 but maybe we need to have earlier change just to to have an impact if we have a sheriff that will actually start arresting people now I notice somebody’s arresting folks but they have to actually go out and commit an egregious crime like steal something or knock somebody over something anyway it’s interesting when tonight the leader of the hand of hope is open in talking about the fact that many of the homeless I watched the homeless in front of my house which is near 14th sideways down by the rescue mission I don’t recognize these people I don’t recognize them have been in and out of the Yuba County Jail there are new people to this community and the question is what’s drawing them here and when you provide enough services as Walter Williams says you will subsidize a big homeless industry hear that Scott Thurman with Thurmond consulting he’s like the homeless industry pimp he is thrilled about that because he just sees dollar signs every time we got a flood it’s just the bigger the problem the bigger his check it can be solved overnight people if we just it’s all public policy and we’re just we’re feeding the Bears is what we’re feeding all right I want to mention also regarding SB 54 that’s the law that creates California as a sanctuary state it’s been passed it’s been signed into law and now it will force local law enforcement it’s trying to force local law enforcement to not comply with federal immigration authorities so when law enforcement comes into contact with the person and begins asking them for their identification etc they’re not supposed to get into their immigration status in other words it doesn’t matter what country they’re from it’s none of their business so you heard earlier one of the folks I was at Kris maybe Chrisann hall or one of them talked about that the the highest authority in the land not the government it’s the Constitution so when the government starts to color outside of the lines of the Constitution we have a right to say hell no if you want to read my article about it you can read it in a territorial dispatch you can go online at territorial dispatch dot biz and you can read it’s on the front page just say hell no or something like that it’s a title but that but it’s an article that talks about John D Agostini who is the sheriff of El Dorado County Agostini has has had the reputation of taking his job seriously his constitutional mandate to protect his constituents seriously and that is that includes telling the the federal government and the state government to go to hell and butt out of our business when you want to go against the Constitution so what happened was a couple years ago is they have national forests in El Dorado County one as the Tahoe National Forest and so D Augustine

his constituents were complaining to him because when they went to spend time in the national forests which every taxpayer is a part owner the forest officials were harassing them and telling them they couldn’t be here they couldn’t be there they couldn’t have a gun they couldn’t pack a weapon dot it out and they would cite them so after about 50 complaints the Augustine he just said to the Forest Service I’m removing your police powers if you want to like you know managed or heard chipmunks have a happy or if you want to you know watch the fish have a happy but leave El Dorado County citizens alone you’re in our County we’re not in yours right just just because the El Dorado the foot National Forest happens be in El Dorado County that doesn’t mean you you are god of El Dorado County nowhere we’re running El Dorado County if you don’t like it how we do business how we roll here in El Dorado County get out and so he removed the policing privileges of the Forest Service guys and just said hey hugged some trees do whatever Obama told you to do but don’t fuss with El Dorado people the second thing he did when the Obama administration said well we’re just going to make our own gun laws forget Congress which was typical of Obama’s people we’ll just have all these epa directors and stuff we’ll make up our own rules saudi Agostini wrote a letter to Vice President Biden and just said do what you want but we’re following a constitution and that wouldn’t be following out your stupid liberal gun laws right the third thing he’s done is after SB 54 was signed by these perverts down here in Sacramento by the way have you noticed that once the Harvey Weinstein thing do you remember all the Democrats and liberals accusing conservatives or Republicans of a war on women I don’t know I don’t know how much worse a war gets when you start raping the women in your around your you know that work with you raping them molesting them right and abusing them let’s talk about mental abuse where you hold such power over their income making ability that they’re afraid to go to the police right you ever heard of witness intimidation or victim intimidation that’s another crime that the DA can huh arrest you over these people in Hollywood were so intimidated these females that they let the guy rape them and they let not only him but other people and now it’s like it’s like everybody’s coming out of the closet being there accusing everybody people in the media people in Congress of molesting there was like is anybody out there not molesting anybody right it’s like who’s left so far the big kahuna out here hasn’t been accused I haven’t been aqui used wiki man hasn’t been accused out here we’re in the media but now all the media guys are getting accused Hollywood guys the head of one of the top guys there got it’s amazing and so it’s all this war on women but then then all of a sudden they’re the ones actually doing the very things they’re accusing conservatives are doing interesting so now we have these perverts down in California and in the legislature and and so they’re telling sheriffs what they got to do and the thing is they haven’t read the Constitution and that the sheriff’s have the right to they have authority if whatever the state and federal government is not lawful according to the Constitution you can make all the laws you want but if it violates the Constitution according to the sheriff he just says thank you but no thank you but no I’m not going to do that and so just go on about your business so the state of Jefferson leadership is they sent out a news release supporting the there’s a sheriffs Association that our is the sheriffs Association and California sheriffs Association National sheriffs Association and they’re saying a passed legislation that doesn’t hamstring sheriff’s and they’re the state of Jefferson saying get it on

sheriffs let’s take control and authority over our counties you have rightful the rightful status legally in fact a professor at McGeorge law school was asked by one media person that was doing an article on this topic do these sheriff’s have the right to tell everybody to like step down stand down and the guy says yeah they do so you ought to maybe that will increase your level of appreciation and respect for the sheriff of the county and and maybe you might be careful on who you’re going to vote for and you might want to ask them how do they feel about telling the federal government and state to go thumb their nose if they don’t feel like they can do that maybe you shouldn’t vote for them so we’re gonna elect two sheriff’s one in you buy one and Sutter I can’t speak for Placer Beauty avada Colusa right called you folks but we’re gonna get two new sheriffs because the two current sheriffs are retiring we’re gonna get two fresh sheriffs starting January 1 2018 and I think they’re going to be faced with some of this stupid because we’re going to not we’re going to end up with another it sounds like another liberal governor after Brown and we’re going to have one fight after another and at some point it may help the state of Jefferson counties to just separate in part ways with the state what we can do right now is before we have a separate state called Jefferson or whatever we’re going to call it is we can start acting according to the Constitution obey the Constitution nothing else just that we’re not going to follow that all right so that’s that check that out you can see that article I also wrote an article about binge spending in Sutter County that’s in the territorial dispatch I don’t know whether there’s many papers left out there to pick up from but you can get it online read the whole paper all the ads page by page not like the appeal Democrat that’s always always a goofy trap to get into that website but territorial dispatch dot bi z I think we’re about ready to take a break and we got one more hour to go after this so just a couple of minutes we’ll be right back you with the for sanctuary cities mandated to cooperate with federal immigration enforcement efforts say they will not do so New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio and Philadelphia Mayor Jim Kenney informed DOJ today they have no intention of providing information by Sunday’s impose deadline to prove they are not impeding federal immigration enforcement justice has threatened both cities with a cut-off of millions in federal grants officials with US Immigration and Customs Enforcement or ice say the enforcement posture of sanctuary cities is indeed endangering citizens in those communities Foxx James Rosen attorney double jeff Sessions among those saying cities that are not helping with immigration law are endangering Public Safety about 150 people on motorbikes and cars holding a rally through the streets of Barcelona waving Spanish and official catalan flags now those demonstrators honking horns to show their solidarity with spain’s national police and opposition to a declaration of independence by catalonia that motorized demonstration coming a day after catalan lawmakers voted in favor of a declaration of independence from spain saturday night live back a unique character for Halloween he’s back Saturday Night Live sketch featuring a character played by Tom Hanks that went viral last Halloween returns the sketch with Hanks as a pumpkin suited David returns as a half-hour animated special indeed set in a small suburban town and mysterious elevator riding mr. pumpkins and his bony sidekicks show young boy and his sister the true meaning of Halloween airing in place of this week’s Saturday Night Live with a one-hour best of following Michelle Polly no Fox News and his World Series game for tonight and used in the Astros hold a two games to one lead over the Los Angeles Dodgers I’m Paul Stephens Fox News radio this week Donald Trump released his new tax plan which was immediately shot down by his political opponents on the left but what would those same people think if they were told that that tax plan was actually Bernie Sanders plan today work towards Washington University in Washington DC to find out what were your thoughts on Trump’s tax plan when you saw it oh it’s very it’s better for the upper class than anyone else pretty much a horrible for the middle class

especially the lower class I mean not ideal it’s probably not the most efficient nor beneficial to the general populace so Bernie Sanders came out with his plan some people call that compassionate alternative so we’re getting opinions on Bernie’s plan first one of Bernie Sanders plans is to enhance the child tax credit which is tax money given back to families when they have children what do you think of that positive or negative positive all right same I was a social worker so I understand how important tax credits like that are parents have children go through a lot and I think giving back money some really in turn helps the children I think that’s great I think that’s positive definitely positive definitely next up eliminating the death tax so when people die it’s a large tax on their a state that goes they’re family what do you think of that I think that’s definitely something that we should be doing I do think that’s a good idea cuz I’m from New Jersey and we sound like a really heavy inheritance tax on paper but I’m say pop more positive I think I agree with that Bernie is planning to lower the small business tax rate to a maximum of 25 percent that’s a positive or negative I definitely that’s a positive I feel very positively toward that my family has a small business so I would definitely think that’s a positive thing taxing them less makes more sense any way we can help small businesses work and like drive it’s definitely something that’s beneficial for the country I think that would be great overall main idea of the plan what do you think Bernie did a good job bad job I think overall good yeah yeah good job job Bernie I think it’s a definitely good plan a part of the plan that can help everyone it was pretty good like definitely better than whatever Trump is proposing I would make that leap right there so what if I told you this actually is Donald Trump’s tax plan not Bernie’s you got me it is it’s the trust plan hello time is my friend all of these are actually Trump’s ideas it’s actually Trump’s plan Wow Wow I am shocked that I do agree with Trump on certain things interesting I’m definitely happily surprised that it’s it like sounds a lot better than I would have expected it to I would have imagined he would be a little more stupid than that okay so but it’s not super plan no I don’t think so I think if you said it was Trump at least for many people would be more opposition to it just because it was Charlie it could be a policy of giving the ice cream but if it’s Trump I’d be like what’s in that ice cream I definitely think there’s an initial bias I mean I’ve done it myself like I’ll just like hear the word Trump was like oh I don’t think that somebody like me to be like people once it’s here Trump or like Republican they become like oh they stopped from the matter what I think people definitely has a name and start to think things automatically and also because a lot of people just go to the same new source of the same media it makes it tough to get other points of views welcome back you listen to live with Lou we’re plowing ahead here were two hours into a three-hour show ending here at noon this is the Patriot cam YC 1410 I wanted to mention a couple things I did earlier I want to give a shout out to the Sutter buttes Tea Party Patriots they have a their next meetings coming up on November 6th and Nathan black who is the auditor controller for Sutter County and some of you that are probably in these other counties might want to go sit in on this they’re gonna talk about CalPERS pensions which eventually will break the budget of every county every city every agency and before it gets to breaking the budget where you think oh I don’t know you know it hasn’t broken a budget yet what you’re gonna experience is what I call services or service insolvency and solvency means you’re unable to have it or pay for it that means that what you used to remember on government services street-sweeping Park maintenance upgrades on lights paving all that kind of stuff this doesn’t get done anymore because you can’t afford to because all the money is going into government huge salaries which are the biggest salaries in the commune now if you notice look look on transparent California look up your County and just begin they’ll start right at the biggest salaries you’ll notice salaries three hundred four hundred thousand dollars five hundred thousand dollars depending on what kind of operations you have in your County and you’ll have thousand people in some of these bigger counties making a hundred thousand to two hundred thousand dollars a year or more I want you to think about that call it public service not really so anyway we have we have a real situation where we have services insolvency and so Nate black is going to

be talking about on November 6 CalPERS pension he’s also going to be talking about this homeless plan which they’ve never really discussed how much it’s going to cost on an ongoing basis as a part of the budget to take care of a hundred or two hundred people there’s over about I think ninety seven thousand people in Sutter County in the two counties there’s probably a hundred and sixty-seven thousand people and we’re worth now going to create a whole nother level of welfare system for a few hundred people that don’t want to take advantage of the system either they’re taking advantage of it but don’t want to make any changes they want to just get welfare or general assistance or section eight or free free free free free forever and with a we owe it to them so they want to do whatever they want live however they want behave however they want steel shopping carts walk off with everything right are we going to do that are we going to make make some different changes Nate black will be at the Tea Party meeting on November 6th talking about those issues and people ought to be there talking about the Constitution I know they’ve had Chrisann Hall at the Tea Party where she’s talked about a lot of what government does has nothing to do with the Constitution they’ve totally taken over large areas of our our communities responsible so check that out also I just sold 15 I guess a couple calls waiting after we get off the air to buy some tickets I just sold 15 so we still have some tickets to sell if you want to buy these tickets and Andy Vasquez is in there he said lose that’s a good gun he said I want one for my wife he said I want to win that for my wife and I’m gonna trade her out of her 38 I think that’s what he said and he said this is a little better bigger gun Smith & Wesson M&P SHIELD 9-millimeter plus three magazines and if you buy a ticket and you win or you don’t win the ticket is good for one hour of shooting at the shooters paradise on Colusa Avenue and Yuba City so you think I bought that ticket I didn’t win anything yeah you’re gonna win just by buying it you’re gonna get an hour of range time I don’t know what range time normally costs but whatever it costs at least the tickets were something right just getting the ticket only selling 300 of them so you’ve got a great chance to win a lot better than working with the state of California Lottery so you can just dial me up at seven one three one eight three eight and you can get it on we I think we’ve raised over $20,000 from Verret from various sources the Stephens farmhouse pie people the Jeff and sharee Stephens out there ninety nine they did a pie auctioneers gave us a thousand dollars and other people buy County amble has helped us with twenty five hundred right out Hospital five thousand so if you want to help us we we will gladly take your money and spend it very wisely we’re tight fisted on how we spend money and tip training citizens to help citizens and time of crisis so you can connect with us that box six four five Marysville six four five Marysville nine five nine oh one tip just that make your check to tip it’s tax-deductible or you can go online at YouCaring dot-com backslash tip and it’s self-explanatory there or you could go on our website if you want to become a volunteer you could sign up and we’ll we’ll give you some information at Yuba Sutter tip one-word org and you can give through that website or you could say hey give me more information about tip and and we will help you so anyway uh at the break they were talking about Trump’s tax plan and when Trump’s tax plan is presented as Bernie Sanders tax plan all the students love it does that is that a scary thought right there about our students call these or college students oh just putting burnt Bernie’s name on it they were willing to do it but when you put Trump’s name on it they they got an upset stomach so I wanted to talk about this because every time that

the conservative element in society wants to reduce taxes do you remember when Reagan reduced we had when Ronald Reagan took over the presidency we had tax brackets up at the 70% tile in other words you started off if you made like twenty thousand dollars a year or or ten thousand yet a little tiny bit of tax but then as you went into higher increments of income you got taxed more on that top income and so the highest level if you made gajillions of dollars you got taxed at seventy percent on that top level or quintile they call it quintiles or their brackets i call them brackets that top bracket was before reagan took over it was 70 percent what he did is drastically cut income taxes and course the democrats always say we’re all going to die when that happens what happened was that the revenue into the federal government action increased because people did more and more business and the more and more business to do the more and more taxes you generate etc etc so taxes the revenue coming into federal government increased even though he cut taxes by about 1/2 on the top income brackets so now we have the the leading people like Mick Mulvaney who is in charge of the budget management in the the the US economy he began discussing how they want to cut taxes and so the common refrain from the Democrats is well you just you always going to cut taxes on the rich that’s all the Republican wants to cut taxes on the rich what about the four well here’s the deal folks and and you people it if you’re really honest I hope you get this poor people don’t pay income taxes and people that are at the lower echelon of society above the poor that are working some they don’t pay income taxes in fact people on welfare don’t pay income taxes so if you’re kind of cut income taxes you know it’s interesting sometimes liberals want to give money give more money to the poor even though they don’t pay any income taxes like that’s why you see things like the child tax credit people that don’t pay any income taxes can file on that and get money back even though they didn’t pay any money in that interesting it’s kind of like being able to go to the bank and though you are over drawn they’ll give you more money is that crazy they won’t do that but in the government people think you should I’m just worthy of money to come from the government even though I didn’t pay any into the government right so what what becomes clear here if you’re a sober thinking person is at the top 20% of income or in the in the u.s. pay 95 percent of income taxes now we all pay taxes like in California we pay if we purchase something we pay taxes on it right to sales tax there’s lots of different types of taxes but an income tax the top 20% of earners pay ninety five percent of your income tax the middle-class that’s in a different quintile they call it or a different bracket is what I call it they pay down to the single digits single digits for you and all of us is like before you get to ten like one two three four five six seven eight nine percent so what this article by Paul Bedard of the one who is a liberal says any tax cut for middle income earners will also provide a benefit for those further up the income scale in other words our tax because we have a progressive tax system is we have brackets or quintiles they call them so the first taxable amount is at certain a certain amount of money and they take a very small percentage that they tax you on that then you get up the next bracket that amount of money in that bracket is a higher percentage then you get a higher percentage and a higher the higher you go up that chunk of money gets taxed at a higher amount so he says any tax cut for middle income earners will also provide a benefit for those further up the income scale including the top 20% now why would anybody say you make a hundred million dollars a year and you pay lots of taxes why would you quit all about giving those people a

tax break you would only be if you’re bitching about that that just means you’re jealous what why why couldn’t why what’s wrong with people keeping as much of their own money whether it’s five dollars or five hundred million as they earn if they want if they earn it and they’re smart or they’re hard-working or however they it doesn’t make any difference just focus on your own gig if you only make $5 you don’t pay any tax be happy right don’t worry be happy we have a very complicated tax system and it should be changed but the the people the Republicans and the Democrats the swamp people Ryan McConnell all these people in a report they don’t want to change it McCain flake corker they’re all swamp people they they’re no different than the Democrats they just want to keep their benefits they want to keep molesting women they want to keep touching these young teenage girls that work for them and teenage boys depending on what persuasion they are and they just want same Oh same oh they want their $50 haircuts provided by the barber shop so they don’t have even they don’t even have to leave the office building they just go down there and and they get their hair cut for free so so Mulvaney says Mick Mulvaney who is the head of the budget operations says if you break the income tax universe into what we call quintiles so equal-sized 20 percent columns in other words is 20 percent brackets the first two columns the first quintile and the lower quintile don’t pay any taxes at all in fact it you got to get to the middle quintile before you start paying so he said the middle quintile which some people described as the middle class pays an effective rate in the lower single digits lower single digits is far below 10% of their taxable income that’s after the deductions standard deductions itemized deductions and all that and all the taxes are paid by folks in the top two quintiles and that class quintile pays almost fully 95 percent of all the taxes we collect at the federal government income tax he says people always ask all the time why do we want to give a tax cut to the rich so he explains the math he says we have a progressive tax system which means that if you make 1 million and I make fifty thousand we both pay the exact same rate on the first quintile let’s say hypothetically the first 20 thousand and then from the next twenty thousand to my fifty thousand we pay the same there as well but once the really rich person that makes a million they start paying higher amounts as they go up two quintiles right get it so quit whining if you don’t make a lot of money why try to stab the tires of the guy or gal that’s making a lot more money wish them well I’m happy the people I know that make tons of money I think God bless you you did good I’m happy for you spend your money as you will it’s your life right do as you want it’s your thing do what you want to do you get it be kind and quit doing this stupid liberal thing like oh they’re just helping the rich if the rich if you never pay any taxes why would in in life is good if so if you liked what you’re doing why blame the rich they’re not keeping you down if you want to make some more money go go take a second job go go back to school do something else dude you know come up with a great idea but why blame the rich if they’re if they’re paying for your sewage to be handled your streets to be paved the military to protect you right why complain about that get over it so the other article I read this week which is I thought was totally cool it was sent to me by one of the guys that runs the Sutter County Airport operation it’s just like they could have put Sutter County’s name in here it says the FAA the Federal Aviation Administration told

the city of Tehachapi that the special treatment they were giving to people there on airport property must stop and as I read it I thought I could have just put the County of Sutter wherever they put the city of Tehachapi because they have been violating the rules the regulations to have an airport they said oh we want to have an airport oh yeah sure we’ll obey all the rules then when they had the airport for decades the supervisors have not been doing right so here’s how an airport works so that basically the Federal Aviation Administration went into the city of Tehachapi Airport did an audit and they said wait a minute you can’t have that hangar over there and and not charge fairmount market value to the city to have their own airplane over there and you can’t have that baseball field down there and you can have that shooting range and you can’t like I’ll explain to you all the stuff here’s the stuff they have on their Airport they have a municipal they have a sewage plant ponds on on their airport out in the airport property surrounding their strip their landing strip they have an industrial center they have a rodeo they got a rodeo area out there they have rent-free use of two hangars and City rent-free use of land on which it stores vehicles they got the current county transit rent-free use of bus parking lot they got the current County Red Cross rent-free use of trailer storage they got ten billboards out there they got a cell tower none of that all that was going on without the permission of the Federal Aviation Administration FAA says you can have other stuff that’s unrelated to the airport around the airport but you have to get our permission and you have to show us a plot plan and you have to charge fair rental value to all those uses even though you kind of like them and that money must go into the operation of the airport so what Tehachapi the city of Tehachapi did and what the county of Sutter did they did the same thing they thought oh we love the guys we like the Red Cross oh we love the transit system oh we love the rodeo so we’re gonna give you one dollar a year rent or something like that right and they didn’t charge them fair market value or rent and even though the county operations like we have the Sutter County Welfare is sitting on the airport but they haven’t been paying any rent so what happens is the same thing happened in Tehachapi happened in Sutter County the airport went broke because they because nobody was paying their fair share and so the the county actually owes the airport and Sutter County hundreds of thousands of dollars and hasn’t been paid yet same way in Tehachapi so no wonder Scott Mitnick wants to get rid of the airport right he wants to get out from under that debt we’ll be right back and we got 30 minutes left so they tell me new meaning to the term first responders fellow community members stepping forward volunteering their time to help others faced with though it might be some of the most traumatic incidents in their lives it’s called the trauma intervention program or tip it’s been used in communities across the United States for years and it’s volunteers have been dispatched to provide what they call emotional first aid a collaboration between police paramedics fire departments and even hospital staff is making sure residents are emotionally taken care of in a time of crisis residents are volunteering their time with the trauma intervention program or tip dispatched to the scene of a fire accident or death to focus on the emotional needs of those left behind it’s just being there and being comforting like a good friend or an extension of your family ready to assist sit and listen to community members in a time of tragedy to learn more about the trauma intervention program visit Yuba Sutter tipt org or call 673 9300 check out to territorial dispatched papers a weekly and can be obtained free and distribute by mail through subscriptions only locally owned and operated newspaper in the region the paper is the rest of the story and also check out the e territorial it’s an online version of the territorial dispatch which features local news and events for the Yuba Sutter Colusa and Nevada County areas you’ll also find daily and breaking news updates current traffic and weather information along with a calendar of local events visit the e territorial at e territorial comm I’ll say this plainly I’ve said it before taxation is theft it presumes that the government has a higher claim on our property than we do and now a special address from the President of the United States on global

warming hello America it’s me your your president your commander and chief of the world and I’m here at my my ranch here in Crawford Texas just just taking a little R&R you know relaxing growing out my soul patch putting a little frisbee golf with condi rice and Dick Cheney having a good time but but still keeping my eye on the ball and there’s an issue that has come to my attention the issue of the so-called global warming’s that are happening on our planet for centuries the Rays of the Sun have warmed the surface of our Earth’s crust and apparently those rays are are intensifying in such a way that it’s increasing lava flows and Todd I’m glad you don’t know what the hell I’m talking about global warming is an issue that my administration is it was very concerned about deeply deeply in a deep kind of concerned way it’s uh I don’t I start my day and I think about the warming of the globe and how we can get it warmer cut rest assured that the issue of global warming is something that my administration takes very seriously the not right now County play later I’m sure about now you’ve all heard what Liberal scientists are trying to say it seems that that liberals and and godless tax raisers are trying to make me look bad by using such things as facts and scientific data cut what mr. president you can’t say they’re using facts right the facts are really they’re not disputed how do you know that what kind of book is this chief why don’t you tell me was a pop-up book this thing scared the crap only I don’t think that’s the kind of science book we’re looking for we talk about global what kind of science book would you suggest there’s a lot of books one filled with facts maybe yes yeah I bet you’d like that when you think back to biblical times when Adam and Eve talked to that snake six thousand years ago when the world was created it was hot back then too why do you think Adam and Eve were naked see I’m saying I mean I’m not making this stuff up you didn’t even hear Adam and Eve running around talking about emission standards or hybrid cars Beck Adam and Eve drove an excursion God let’s talk about something that really matters like keeping steroids out of t-ball I think the polar icecaps SEC who cares about having a place where a bunch of penguins gonna have an orgy cut global warming don’t worry about it we got a beat on this thing we’re gonna you know we just need to get nature to cooperate with us we don’t need to listen to nature nature needs to listen to us God mr. president you asked asked me to tell you when the Rangers games on it’s on right now what anything is it better not be passing through we now return to your regularly scheduled program all right well thanks for listening today we’re we’re kind of getting ready to land the plane here we get about 20 minutes or so to finish and then there’s a sports talk show comes on if you want to hang around for that but if you miss part of the show today and you want to catch up on it you can go to one I blind media spell that all out one I blind media on YouTube and when you get to that channel you can look up playlists on one I blame media and you can pick live with Lou and pick the show you want today’s show the 28th and you can catch that I think they’ll probably post it I think their last few weeks have been getting it up by Sunday evening but if not Sunday evening Monday and you can listen at your convenience so this last probably a year and a half there was a race California Senate race in Orange County and the Fullerton area representing the Fullerton area and normally that’s a kind of a Orange County typically has been a conservative stronghold typically you would see Republicans win down there but it’s been

changing as demographics change people move in and out of an area and so it was a very very close race in fact I think they may even contested it in court have just a thousand two thousand votes separating these candidates and that the Democrat one that the the race his name is Josh Newman and so people were disappointed that we’re conservative the course because they had been a long long time represented by conservatives but they hope that Newman would be a conservative Democrat and would respect their wishes being the that was such a close basically as a 50/50 split on the election however Josh Newman as he got in there he was the deciding vote to give us our new gas tax and that gas tax I think is going to come into play on November 1 and so people were so infuriated with Josh Newman he’s uh not you know he’s a rookie senator so they began to have a recall of Newman and they began to get signatures and the Democrats panicked and they begin changing the rules since they have a super majority of Democrats in the legislature so they can create any rule they want and they tried what they tried to go before judges they tried to change rules and they actually changed one rule because they said the Republicans the people involved in the recall was that were suggesting that if they recalled Newman they would actually recall the tax which wasn’t the case recall recalling Newman would just change the balance and he would actually I think eliminate the supermajority in the Congress in the the Senate so but they prevailed in saying hey we we insist they passed the laws saying because we feel that it was misrepresented the recall that people should have a chance to rescind their take back their signature so they got that passed so the the opponents of the recall the Democrats needed to get more than 7,000 voters to that sign the recall to take back their signature saying I made a mistake I didn’t know what I was talking about but they failed and they only got a few hundred people decided to I think 849 or something like that instead of several thousand actually said oh I’m gonna I changed my mind so the recall is going to go forward and Josh Newman will well it will be on the ballot do you want or do you not want to recall senator Josh Newman and so along usually the way recalls work is along with that question are candidates that are listed there that would like to take Josh Newman spot should the vote go against Newman and so it looks like that’s going to happen and in and when that happens there may be able to be a recall of the gas tax so and I just saw I think it was a note or an item on Facebook from Assemblyman James Gallagher indicating that virtually no none of the money on the gas tax or there’s also besides the gas tax what I thought was really painful was a new annual vehicle fee so your vehicle fees are going up a lot so it’s interesting in some states I had a lady that told me that was used to live here and she was coming back to town to take care of some family business and she called the trauma intervention line for some help and she said she’d been down in Texas where the vehicle feels like fifteen or twenty five dollars that’s all it is it’s just an amazing thing and here we pay hundreds of dollars or maybe more than a thousand dollars on some cars per year this unbelievable so if they recall Josh Newman down there you’re not going to get a vote on it up here but you can contribute to the cause so a successful recall would deprive the

Democrats of supermajority in the Senate a supermajority in the Senate basically means that whatever the Democrats want to do to us they can without any if all the Republicans oppose it it doesn’t make a difference it will not change the outcome so my suggestion to you is as you hear about this Josh Newman recall you might want to get behind the organization that because they still have to vote vote him out they just have now got permission to get it on the ballot so to vote him out even though you’re from Yuba Sutter or one of these northern counties it could benefit you or probably will benefit you because we’re eliminating a supermajority even if we don’t even if we’re not able to get out of this gas tax now the interesting thing about the gas tax is and the new vehicle fee is I can as a Gary Cohn coh in who is one of the top guys in the administration he’s a former goldman sachs guy he’s got a chrome dome shaved head I think it’s Gary Cohn Co HN he has actually proposed which really incensed me a federal gas and other federal gas tax raising the federal gas taxes which we pay in California we pay a federal gas tax when we pay a number of state gas taxes plus in the city of Marysville you pay an extra 1% sales tax on your on the sale at the gas station if you buy gas and marisol so if you just drive across the river to Yuba City or to Linda you can get much cheaper gas there than you can and marisol my point here is it be worth donating some money even if you only donated 10 or 20 dollars to this effort to recall josh newman and it doesn’t make any difference other other conservatives that get elected down there I mean you could donate to them as well if you knew who you’re voting for who you’re contributing to but you may not not being from down there but at least you know that this Josh Newman is bad news and a recall of him would trigger one of these other people whoever they whoever decides to run in fact I think there is an Asian person I think they’re Chinese that ran and lost against them I think it’s a female that used to be maybe used to have this office so she may run again and hopefully get the get to the spot back because it was such a very very close race so think about that just hold Josh Newman a forest in California and it’s in Orange County but the only people that can vote in that or in his district the Senate District down there but the districts down there are small but heavily populated versus us our districts up here are large but sparsely populated the final thing I want to talk about today is an interesting thing that has gone on during the bush and then heavily in the Obama years and it’s a scheme to get around you know we’ve always thought of the Congress is sort of protecting us the Senate and the assembly or the Senate and the House of Representatives at the federal level that you think oh people proposed a lot of stuff but in the end my representative has to vote for or against it and they got to get a majority to vote for it so that’s a big task it’s a lot easier for the president to make arbitrary decisions and violate the Constitution and then give executive privileges to department heads like of the EPA etc and so what’s happened here is there’s been this concept called su and settle s youie and settle in other words file a lawsuit against the government and settle and liberals liberal government employees and bureaucrats and politicians have encouraged people like the Sierra Club and various environmental groups they’ve encouraged them to instead of taking issues to

their congressmen or senators they just simply sue the government and then the agency called the Environmental Protection Agency would negotiate because they actually want the same thing as these liberal environmentalists want I’m talking about extreme environmentalism here not just having clean water but wanting to control where you can go on public lands etc and so they would sue the government and the government would actually be they wouldn’t be adversarial they would be on the same side side these liberal bureaucrats would be on the same side of these plaintiffs are those that are filing the suit and they would they would settle with them and give your money and my money the our tax money to these environmentalists and then they would change the rules to comply with the judge’s ruling so it says here a practice known as suing settle used by the Environmental Protection Agency to enact controversial regulations listen to this cost taxpayers 68 billion dollars since 2005 now that scent that was during the Bush administration and has an annual cost of 26 more billion dollars according to a new report so scott pruett the current EPA Administrator and former attorney that used to sue the EPA on behalf of people the EPA was abusing he has ended sue and subtle he they killed that whole operation you cannot just sue and settle anymore the other thing that it did besides costing tax payors 68 billion since 2005 and an annual cost of 26 billion it caused businesses millions of hours of red tape businesses and industries so I’ll give you an example of something really stupid my friend Danny petit ghen runs a big trucking firm out of Fresno California and there are California trucking firm that means they don’t go to Oregon or Nevada they just stay in California go back and forth and back and forth moving Freight so at their trucking yard they have trailers and they have tractors that pull the trailers and then when trailers get worn out they take them apart they part them out or they’ll use them and take parts off one to replace parts at another safe you have a car crash or the trailer gets damaged they’ll borrow parts and so they have like a yard where they part out these trailers and ultimately when they get parted out enough they disassembled the entire trailer and separate all the metal and they recycle the metal sounds good so far right so the way they when they take the trailers apart and separate all the products they put them in large bins there outdoors so they can have the different types of metal whether it’s steel or aluminum or whatever so they can then haul it to the recyclers or have this rush cyclers pick it up so the EPA people come in and say you can’t have those bins of metal parts sitting out in the open where the rain would fall on them and then the rain would run off them and it might take it may take some residue off them and end up in the soil now what would you say if that was your business and they were saying that what would be your logical answer it might be well when all those parts were attached to one another and it rained on them that same rain and those same parts if there was any residue to be had ran off into the soil and then the little nerd pea brain guy that actually doesn’t do anything for society except be a leech to it said to Danny my friend well yeah I know but when we’re but it’s illegal to have the separate when you take the trailer apart you can’t have them sitting out in the open so I think Danny ran him off the property now this is the type of craziness that’s happened during I don’t know whether you remember George Bush he was not a conservative and he actually we played that comedic clip of global warming with George Bush but honestly that’s that was about how stupid that guy is on global warming but

he kind of endorsed global warming and and allowed to sue and settle below knee to go on in in Obama he he super-sized it so Pruitt ended the practice this last week and I just think thank you Jesus it says he said during the Bush and Obama years it was used by government activists these are government activists people that were paying with our tax dollars and they work for the government but they’re actually activists and they’re including including encouraging private groups to sue them because they want to give them money but they got a good news a lawsuit and then they’ll settle out of court what a scam huh it was used by government acting activists and outside influence groups to force through new and costly regulations without the normal transparency required when rules are properly developed it was a boon for you on all of us that means you scored a big pile of cash to lawyers and in a financial disaster for the citizens this is the swamp people this is the swamp and this is where government bureaucrats run roughshod over your lives over your business threaten you with lawsuits take your money it’s like the guy up in Tehama County that farmer we played the clip about two months ago ended up paying and he still ended up paying it under the Trump administration now I don’t know whether he can get the money back or not they find him tens of millions of dollars for plowing up a field to plant weed in it it was just a field it was not a wetland but they called it a wetland because you know how when you see a fallow field and it’s got little grooves in it small grooves maybe three or four inches and water would actually catch in it and then percolate into the ground they called that a wetland and so they find this poor soul that has been a farmer for years they find him millions and millions of dollars he paid some of it and I thought man can’t Trump just like wave his wand and give tell this guy hey we got a bug we ain’t gonna bug anymore so anyway when you think it wasn’t worth maybe you think well Trump isn’t doing all I hope for I’ll tell you there’s some huge things going on that aren’t even going on at the level that you would notice they’re going on at the agency level like at the EPA Environmental Protection Agency do you remember when that happened some of you older folks I remember when that happened I think it was 1974 or the mid 70s when President Carter remember before President Carter we had no Education Department and we had no Environmental Protection Agency but now we have both of these agencies that are a big pain in the rear so we’re coming back down where we’re about done here and I don’t know whether I have time to address any other things detail other than kind of just land the plane let’s see oh let me just mention Andy’s been mentioning this on the 4th of November the Blue Star moms are gonna be at Walmart in Yuba City from 10:00 to C in November no it’s not November it’s November 10 to 4 I think it’s the first Saturday November 10 to 4 at Walmart Yuba City Blue Star moms are selling wreaths that they’re gonna put on Veterans graves around the United States first Saturday November 10 – for Walmart Yuba City I think that’s it think I got that right so don’t forget the to go to see Nate black and and don’t forget to put this on your calendar the ripple effect December 8th through 12th great play listen I never miss well if I’m out of the country I miss him but generally don’t miss the place at glad tidings you won’t you won’t regret it they’re very fun all original music ridge cast real all local casts are really cool great lighting great music great stage sets 7 p.m. nightly December 8th through the 12th I got a few tickets left for the gun raffle if you want to win a Smith & Wesson M&P shield 9 millimeter plus 3 magazines and each tickets worth an hour of shooting at the whether you win or not you get an hour

of free shooting at shooters paradise you can call me up seven one three one eight three eight and then when I get off the air and get get unhooked here I will dial you up and we’ll rendezvous because we’re doing the drawing tonight so you might skinny in at the last minute we’re just selling 300 tickets so you got one all you need to do is 1 out of 300 and you’re you’re good to go alright so I think we’re done we got guys waiting around here to get in here and take my spots so thanks for listening and we’ll see you next week