Opening plenary: Social entrepreneurship – a new framework for addressing urban challenges

well welcome and good morning labret vcm she says they starve evaluate Busan glabella wada but drew is she who store that sells the all-time some comment artist fellow cloth biscuit dakkadakka I’m Sinatra’s nods I just said that this working language of the session will be English but the people may ask the questions and comments in Latin so welcome we will help one and a half hour for the opening panel for the opening of this forum social entrepreneurship forum social entrepreneurship what livable cities and during the time that has been allotted to us we will aim at letting the stage for these two days and highlights some of the most impressive examples of social entrepreneurship inner cities in urban environment we will look at the various journeys the total entrepreneurs are taking in that context in the countries and we will discuss the challenges and joys of the work we will also try to address the question and answers answer it on why should cities invest in social entrepreneurship why is social entrepreneurship social innovation important for decision-makers and how can social entrepreneurs help cities reaching their policy objectives as to say format of this panel the first hour will be devoted though our brief presentations from the speaker and the panelist and then we will have 30 minutes for talking with you and let me briefly present the people that we have here and I’m very happy for this wonderful panel and I’m so happy that everybody made it to rego today some people had to stay overnight in Kiev somewhere arriving early summer coming from places but we are all still healthy and happy all here that’s that’s great so I will start with presenting lisa at least Lisa baseball come from Denmark from roskilde University where she leads the center for social entrepreneurship we the next speaker will be yiannis Rosenberg yanis Rosenbergs a mayor of a city then we will have remarked from rooted in Monta rooted amanta is the the leader of a charitable portal Xia dude what donate and this is an online site where people can donate at the various charitable projects we would also have Taylor pick Taylor has been also traveling for long this week and you made it the rigor and Taylor comes from Estonia until I ahead of urban lab Estonian social enterprise we can probably call it that way and finally I am very happy that we will have need need super earn it comes from Israel and he has been having a long journey on social entrepreneurship issues and need is leading a shocker in Israel though I suggests the Bible’s thought with Lisa’s presentation so Lisa will have 15 minutes time and Lisa guess with Lord is yours hello everyone shall I use my is that about working this one okay hello everyone I’m very pleased to be a very honored to be here and also to be one of the first presenters and as Eva said I’ve come from the University but I’m not going to make a long hair presentation today not at all academic because what I’m going to do in 15 minutes hopefully give you a part of my life story as a social entrepreneur what I’m going to do actively is talk about a case my own case the case I’ve been involved in myself and then draw some kind of conclusion because what I stayed is that social entrepreneurs create value and values at the same time I also state that if you work with Urban Development making partnerships of course this sectors believe in the social entrepreneurs you can achieve various goals at the same time so this is what I want to demonstrate we have to go to Denmark to annas a small city and industrial city which has been highly I mean I be damaged by structural changes been a industrial city which has always had a lot of unemployment a lot of social problems what happened in the middle of this 70s was we got a lot of influx of refugees coming to the to the city what had happened in hannah’s in my

town and all in cities in Denmark was that in the end of 60s beginning of the 70s there was a big expectation of growth everything was going well and we built all these housing areas in the outskirts of the cities what happened was that when the oil crisis came in the beginning of the 70s I mean these areas started to go in a run-down spiral and in the mid-70s when there are 80s when when the refugees came we had housing areas that were empty with a lot of problems a lot of challenges so I was at that time working at the Danish Refugee Council I thought we have to do something about that so what I did I’m actually an artist I’m a weaver so what I did i took my my weaving workshop moved into the moving to the area and that was the basement it was called cool to aquiline is a bit babe the culture in the basement and I made a workshop inviting women from the area making training courses ending up having a factory where we have trade the women and making a designer clothes selling it all over Denmark and brought and also took my weaving gear and we started an evolution about making tapestries which became actually very very famous throughout Europe which we sold and exhibited at museum and art galleries knots institutions everywhere so just give you some examples I the idea was that the women were going to tell stories about about their lives in butte tapestries which were had a quality which could be sold not you know some probably something you did in a basement buy something with the quality right so that’s that’s a bosnian before busting refugees making that one yeah and this is say is it helped Christian Andersen tapestry a story but out from that we also built a puppet theater so sometimes you get one idea and that leads to the next idea so that’s pop bubble theater was leaving our quick it was a with us on our opening sessions of the exhibition’s but he started living his own life so it became a social enterprise itself so when I was in the about nineteen ninety I thought actually we had got some platforms which could be developed and I really wanted to work on different kind of social enterprise form which could actually a host or could employ some of the migrant population which had very hard access to labor market we had we talked about crisis in Denmark now we have and we have a nominal rate of about seven that time in my tongue it was eighteen percent of unemployment so that was very hot so of course because we had this industrial history there was a mean there was a need to think differently about about development but i also had this idea that we had some platform which could be delivered I also knew that we needed to go downtown we had to be in the hop to be able to to to work it out and I developed project which i called the greenhouse and I managed to get a couple of millions danish kroner to develop to develop that idea at the same time the city of alaniz came to people in in an area called tuyos heron and ask them well could you think of new ideas to how to combine housing and economics and well i live just around the corner at that time so I thought well now we got some more tea now we got some potential here so let’s go together and see what we can do so actually we have we invited people to get into the process there are about 75 people coming in and working with us and that was across sectors there were individuals it was pretty private companies it was people from the municipality and we started developing the idea of a wonder we wanted to tap it into the oath of the micron cultures to say well they’re very good entrepreneurs could we make some kind of market space I would like to I would like to make a gallery of papa theater textile workshop catering business a shop something different we wanted to work with training as well so we’ve worked these ideas out in every we had a lot of researches was a plan of a Turkish bath or some kind of bath which was something between you know a smoke sauna from Finland and the dealers you know mean in in the Budapest and you know their hammams in Turkey where you get you know things but that only came into cardboard because it was very expensive to build and everybody thought that was a great idea we had to build this complex but every time he said well we only need

30 million then we had a problem so and there was also another debate in the city we had the piece of land that we’ve been looking at was a bit outside city center so the politicians in the city said well yeah we like your idea but can you think of another piece of land yeah and there was a piece of land in the city center variant close to the cultural institutions and you said oh yes that’s nice but that’s only adds 10 million more to the bad kids and what to do so in 96 we spotted some money in Brussels and we went down to talk to some people have presented our idea and they said well after an hour’s talk with the administrator of program they say well we like your idea we want something like that go back make an application and then we have got five weeks to make it and now in 96 within six years after we started thinking about this so we had a lot of things that were done we could easily put it into the application and then we send it off and then we waited and then we waited and then we waited because I mean is that it’s not the most I mean speedy process but with what we did while our applications within we made up exhibition in the European Parliament we thought that might be helpful so finally one year later we got the we got the message that we’ve got funded so now we got the funding we got 60 million kronor which is about 1 million 10 million euro something like that and now we have to start building it now we’ve been talking about it for ten seven years and now we had to build it and to do that we started to actually started making a completely new organization because what was very important that we got different stakeholders involved in the in the project because if you don’t like it you against it so we had to be very strategic also to be invited in in the room so a new organization was built and that’s of some kind of a process because you need to to work very much to get people having the same mindset because you can invite people some suddenly the project is going somewhere else and this is not nice at all so we work a lot and that was building a site that we’re going to be demolished and worked out built new and in the building process we asked the companies who were actively going to do the work to employ or make a job training schemes for for Refugees so that was a demand we had further further for the companies who were involved so in two thousand the building were there four thousand square meters with a lot of different activities and lots of I’ll just give you a quick tour this is the entrance outside as a cafe there are some shops with different kind of handicrafts this is a sort of street which is covered so you can have a lot of different activities that’s a shop that was our shop where we sold products from our workshops and products from partners in different countries this was a viewing gallery this is the biggest Elvis Presley a museum outside Graceland we got matches we got butchers we got hairdressers we got this we got that we got Studios we got theater and we also trained entrepreneurs because we knew that it was very important that the people who were actually going to be in in in the hub that they had sustainable their businesses so we had a training program called the gas station you’re coming and get some gas and you go out again so got some beauty of different spaces for conferences and exhibitions this is a cover the record cover exhibition and we got the outside space to make a lot of different performances and and different shows we also built a house that’s a yellow house there for young people residents because we thought it was a nice way to get young people involved in the project but it also fit nicely into the plan because it gave us quite a bit of money co-financing which is also think that it’s need is okay so you look what is it true that does it create something here so I appoint a few things which I think it has created value the first thing I would say about a social value first of all we created a lot of empowerment for the people was actively being involved there’s been a lot of people participating in the project people who are not normally getting into local of developing processes it has created employment and social capital and to be posting a bit we will want to select as one of the 20 model projects on the big urban program from 95 to 2000 which is tons and tons of euro distributed all over and and the

European Commission were actually evaluating our project and what they’re saying was it huh oh no viagra the Wonder has strongly empowered marginalized groups and why and they say what has it done yeah you’ll create a participation of the local community in the process we have made it interesting and transferable model which could actually be applied everywhere else there were well developed training concept kept training has always been a part of the thinking about about the urban regeneration and then the holistic thinking so urban regeneration is not only about houses is not about physical structure is also about physical structures it’s also about something else right in honour whereas when we open on over the Wonder we had created 61 new jobs and that was job that’s never been there before so our idea about this should be a locomotive our vehicle for economics development we were right there and also that you can see that we got into sectors which were new actively because we have we’re in the retail the catering the service the cultural industries is quite a big thing the culture creative industries so we managed to get jobs created in areas where there were no jobs before as a substitute for the jobs that were not there anymore my colleague asked who were gone has also been looking at my case a long time ago now i’m working with him and thomas b spell is actually my son has been working with with Lars and they were looking at how how policy net by how social capital what what does that play when you talk about to lift products like that what what what they were saying i’m making this figure where they say cool to alkaline which was my own organization had a strong very strong links bonded to local activities and local citizens businesses and whatnot tillens organization and also to them what municipalities as such but we also had the connection on the international level and on the state level and what they’re claiming is that that the fact that we were able to bridge that social capital which was sort of created on the local level was actually what made the project if social capital can be something to look at right that was the wrong way okay the economic value what happened was we established a lot of enterprises when we open the owner vehicle we had 22 new enterprises created and in a six year period for ninety nine to two thousand five year period for 99 2 2004 77 new enterprises was created and that was enterprises created by unemployed people some of them are probably got bust since then but at least that was a quite an impressive number we create a new product and services because we created product service which it wasn’t there before and we generated investments because in that 15 year period from from 9787 until 2012 where i was involved in this we generated or we had a turnover about 10 million europe but we generated about 40 million not 40 million euro more i can’t i can’t really figure it out but it’s about 275 million danish kroners of you have I think it’s 40 million something like that so you have to understand I mean what my mess is actually that if you’ve got something successful going you seem to attract unless which means that it means a lot for the local community because it means taxes it means employment it means lack but then not so many much money spent on on welfare services and so on so you have a quite a good economic situation what I think is it has been interesting to to see from my stuff when I started in 87 is how how things are out social entrepreneurship has shifted from project paradigm to a market paradigm and I think there are some challenges when we talk on some dilemmas as well and someone is to actually to create continuity because you’ve got to such short time horizons when it comes to funding you have lot of competition when it when we talk about funding you do have a market where you’re not quite sure what is going to happen so to create the continuity especially when you have something good going with good stuff and good a good methodology that’s very challenge is to keep that going and then when the enterprise grows it has to

sometimes you I mean it seems to stagnate in a way because you get so self concerned and now now we sort of lean back and that’s very very very dangerous to get into that position and we think it’s very important to think that your why are you grown are you growing because you want your organization to grow and your personal success as a social entrepreneur although you want to grow because the mission that you have is so important you have to walk the talk if you want what other people to take people in need employment for instance or do good you have to do it yourself so thirty percent of the people employed where people we have trained our cell phone either when we were at the highest they will do about i had 45 employees i had a problem with recognition from the private sector they had a bit sort of arrogant attitude towards what i was doing because they thought oh you’re not really business and i was i got so pissed off to be honest and i told them well and i will guarantee that i would say it’s easy to run a normal private business in on a business where you’ve got two or maybe three bottom lines because it’s much much more complex and that’s what I think what you’re doing is actually manage complexity and I’ll just give you a slight about my organization in 2099 actually it’s just a sort of a slap shot do I have more time 30 mins then I’ll just rush through because some what I’m not saying is that if you think about creatively and holistically around urban development involving different sector I think you can achieve more objectives at the same time so in our case and that is not only what I’ve seen in my case but in the case I’ve been studying around is that well you active its citizens important you have job and enterprise creation important you have new product and services important you make integration between cultures important you are you create intercultural competence you’re a Cuban 8xt ocean capital but you also use social capital you nurture democratic processes you create wealth reinvestment generation of investment and you improve the image of the local area so i think more policy objectives can be reached at the same time so what does it take i think some crucial factors establishment of partnership is very essential but it’s not easy I mean when every time almost where every time you are going to have a make of F funding application to state well you’re going to have a partnership yeah but partnership is not easy it has to be worked it has to be nursed in a way and don’t I mean but it’s so important if you can get every liable partnership to work network is our most important competent leadership and management yes risk-taking and risk-taking does not only apply to the social entrepreneur the organization it also applies to the politicians and to the people who are actively administrating all the different regulations and and and laws creativity our capital we and all sort of capitals not only money is social carries on cultural capital or whatever knowledge itself we need that in this then creativity and what’s creativity is that only to have a brush in your hand and paint a picture no creativity arrives when you’re at the edge of your competences when you want to go a bit more that’s where it comes when you really want to aspire something wrong that’s where it happens right continuity are already talking about that capitalize on caucus of diversity there are lots and lots of lots of some resources to take their think of synergy and complementarity and you have time and time enough because it took us 10 years from started thinking about the Wonder to leave actually was there thank you thank you so much later it was so inspiring I must say and I’m really thankful to you because you’re did set the stage for a forum you touched up on many issues that we are also am i aiming to address today and tomorrow and if i may ask just out of curiosity where do you get the energy for all this impressive work i think if you think it’s important enough if you think it’s important look it’s a way you have your microphone here okay yeah if you think it’s important enough of what you’re doing because I mean for me was also a personal thing I didn’t want my son to grow up in a ratio a resistive society so that was my sort of personal I mean point then I think I’ve always been as a

person being I mean fairness is a thing and I’ve always stood for and then if you out together with people you can see you have a success you can see that thing grows you have fun I mean you get the energy thank you and now I would like to invite you to mentally move to another not less beautiful city here in Latvia please so we will now listen to yah miss Rosenberg who is the mayor of places and faces it’s a beautiful medieval town approximately 1 100 kilometers north from Riga innocent part of latvia and mayor will speak on why he thinks social enterprises and social innovation and businesses and active civil society is important for his city thank you good morning participant good morning speakers it’s very nice to be today here thank you very much for invitation and I would like to present experience from stasis it is possible to today speaking two languages Latvian and english and i would like to prefer in Latvian much clearly express our best things from chases that that says is it really all skies must be us at musa let’s build groups gusta tu vida Moonseed out doubt pasar como bit on shaky our novice well at least I got much time that they’re better it’s like me on it like it’s like Nick report i know you’re supporting 30 is 0 op shop would say yeah yeah better to host but most likely chases without those guys too young diamond out dogmas bad dog lima glutes are converse with sock puppets miss Durham Dudley discuss waiting to own a bit macedo taco de una taka you snorted no doubt and Adam Latrice milan vs milan tourism oh my booty sakuma ceased etre des nosotro domestic Madame de Mendoza kilometros Emily Oster mm not know Gospels at lukla by geographica novia to Emma Moonseed out lolly she stay out machine Linney’s sausage we go Esther own katras Ingham unseated you at la biografía this locus is viet mrs. some USB San on bigar a story eurostat Medusa do since esta god bill to assess Academy’s phenom Austin synagogues dendritic bateria nakato dairy rig what would patrol a buck unko Puma Moonseed not impotent to Toshi what are protons the CDC Awards bday was God was signal to depart SE by NGO thi one supply sicknesses and appeared to be ocean proteomes da Genova game ranked Rakesh largely remaining sherry para domestic beer store acne not arunabha Maya we’re after caceres Maya’s admirers Scott are still busy myosin is why they as Maya bet Nemeth Lara to occur now your taco p.m. CT Kapil drop zone on cooter on master monster i lured out you da man per curiam user boot zenith Katara dear Bipasha waka you generate anak noche SI muchachos Adama courtesy tadka sista chris on cots water a lot i see devatas in casino aloes moose in Lavaca mendoza risotto un cielo que estaba en ratas latvia moon Sierra’s rato vodka sauce OMG des des kay amudhan spaen moon soo meta lobster pseudonym o Musa styling kuznia most logs indoors countries like I cockiness tempo with must retrace da snakes good tomate the automatic asaram car payments export dangerous endeavor important to Scandinavia Austin log rotation on the reservation export to the container is lost in dr. Prescott a pleasure Adam kisaku asleep skatin viento en las canas going down names nasal cavities codes wanna pump rasika no more impetus Perez not excessive clinic wats lockers pastorship arbutus latvia’s nor Becca’s mom Sarah kami le llamas nesco de esos Vista motel jamel net score Clemmie two moons ooh la la que la pasión sin falta un secondo teresa news new mom son una maestra shot the moon ciudad de janeiro Hakuna moombahton esta pelea want at the apart expert rujuta Monte turismo Yemen

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beliefs and our philosophy and they all bring together these our core topics so it’s creating concepts and providing education and offering solutions to different problems in order to achieve urban sustainable sustainable urban development and happier cities happier people and so forth so one example is it’s a very small town close to Tulane so we’re 6,000 residents and we are consultants for the city government there in order to regenerate their central their center there is no Center at the moment it’s an industrial and warehouse district so and it’s a very small town but still they are very ahead of of the times because they went for this collaborative planning approach so they hired us to consult them how to engage more people how to engage residents how to engage the landowners and the other entrepreneurs in the town in order to create something new to also create better image for the city government so this is still an ongoing process but we believe that this is a good example of how things in the future can be and should be and we have organized several workshops already and they’re created the concept how this all the process should be and actually we don’t know how it will go how it will end we’re hoping that we will reach the point where the detailed plan for this new center will be composed out of these visions and ideas that the process is generally generating at the moment and shortly about another service that we are providing these are even walks different and alternative experimental excursions in mainly in Thailand but if somebody wants we can organize them anywhere mainly in Estonia so these are we have worked out several topics that we provide for example the seaside of talion central sea side of Tallinn or the visible suburban life but actually not so many orders have come on that on these topics but more we have offered the urban walks for different conferences and different it’s educational events as a as a sub program and as you see we are not only walking there are there also bike tours and this is a this is a new thing in a sonia because so far we only have the touristic tours in the old town mainly and architectural tours that focus on objects on buildings but we are more focused in on mental processes and the history the present and the future well this is basically it you can find out more from our website and from facebook and i’ll be presenting one other projects about neighborhood movement in tallinn in the afternoon session so i’ll give more space for questions and discussion thank you have the opportunity so hear more from LA today is the afternoon at the breakout session and just in order to save the time I will ask an aide now to stand up and to order please briefly present yourself and I think what Nate will say to us is extremely important and they have a lot of thoughts and conversations and research and talks on motivations and values of social entrepreneurs and I believe that theme has a lot to say on these things yeah well thank you for the invitation it’s my first time you’re in lovely to be here so thank you for bringing me by a key of last night I have some good news and bad news bad news the good news i’m the last speaker well that’s the good news and the other news i don’t have a presentation so i’ll just talk for ten minutes and you’ll have to listen I think just to say a bit about myself I used to be an academic I should say it carefully in this institution I wrote my PhD on social capital and how political context create and disturb social capital we can talk about it later and then I realized that academia is a bit too academic for me let’s put it this way and I discovered a shoka I read a book that actually changed my life there’s a book with a humble title of

how to change the world very modest and down to earth it was the first book written about social entrepreneurship antra preneur almost ten years ago the author another good Jewish boy from Montreal wrote his first book on Muhammad Yunus Muhammad Yunus Muhammad Yunus and when Muhammad Yunus told him I am a social entrepreneur he said but it’s an oxymoron like somebody said you cannot be entrepreneur and social then Mohamed told Dave it’s like a movie when Mohamed told David go and talk to Bill Drayton the founder of Ashoka the person who coined the term social entrepreneurship David met with Bill wrote the book that the New York Times has heralded as the Bible we should be get very careful people through Israel from Israel talking about the Bible right the Bible in the field of source entrepreneurship this book was written I finished my PhD it was lovely but I felt I want to do something else read read the book the book is a bit if you have if you happen to read it and I think you should the book is a bit too American right i mean if you read if you wrote those American books there’s a bit of cheese or marshmallow or excitement about the amazing people doing amazing things in amazing places look at them jumping swimming brushing their teeth right and I guess because because i wrote my PhD in england in Cambridge I needed some cynicism some grain of salt in the story however if you manage to look through this Kitsch and schmaltz you realize wow this is an incredible movement I want to be a part of it I join a show guy in 2005 right after finishing my PhD moved from Cambridge to Washington DC then convinced the organization to open the branch in Israel and now I’m in Israel running Ashoka trying to be sustainable impactful and happy and I think and I think and I think the important thing the important thing is to is to say that we are at an interesting point in the movement as as other people said before me because a Chaka started talking about social entrepreneurship 32 years ago which was a long time ago back then people said this is crazy it’s not going to work it doesn’t exist right there’s nothing like that there is no such animal right I mean we shouldn’t talk about the elephant in the room but about the horse in the room right and we have chinese horses and we have german horses and we have russian horses we should have an auction after the session how much would you pay for the horse no and it’s interesting i’ll try to pick up on some of the art what other people said and try to weave it into what i’m saying speaking of weaving I think Weaver’s are real entrepreneurs right it’s all about weaving if we’re talking about the network if about talking about taking taking separate threads and creating a new fabric this is exactly what we’re talking about how to create a new urban fabric how to create a new national fabric using existing materials and trying to put them together I loved also the whole idea of the gas station right you create a gas station people come drink get some gasoline and energy and move forward and I think social capital is crucial for for this thing and I think we should think when we talk now about social entrepreneurship about the role of businesses the role of social enterprises in the role of government it can be local government or national government in creating social capital and social capital is as some of you may know it’s this super important foundation or ecosystem of trust and collaboration and creativity all the wonderful things we talk about all the time but don’t really know how to create or don’t even know how to sustain and already know how to spread or scale up so these things are I think fundamental for the next two days we will talk about again Lisa said wonderful thing we’re moving from a from a project paradigm to a market paradigm we now by now after 30 years of talking about certainty ownership we know that there is a market there is a field or a subject called social entrepreneurship actually some people would say it’s no longer field but actually a mindset right so it’s not I’m a social entrepreneur but all of us should have those glasses social entrepreneurship glasses through which I can sell your mind through which you can see the world so how you create this mindset among governmental officials among academics among our citizens among kids among however this is a super important question of course by the end of this two days we will all move to chase’s right i mean this is this is obvious because there’s beer there is honey they create Windows that you can open and close i think window is a very good metaphor they create platforms for young entrepreneurs and they give free houses I mean I mean and but but in order to make sure we play it right for in this list and myself we realize we will not take separate mentions we will live together we’ve things and make things happen I think another lesson

another less than 4 for the creation of this kind of plasma you may need a very young mayor in order to think young and creatively but i don’t know i don’t know maybe he’s maybe he’s older than he looks and I think and I think what we should what we should talk about is try and take you were talking about experimental an alternative to is right in Tallinn taking two miserable urban suburbs I think I think we should take it we should take an alternative tour in the field of stars entrepreneur for them for the next three minutes and try to understand what we have achieved as social entrepreneurs people supporting and promoting social partnership and what is yet to come because I think as we said bye now people know that social entrepreneurship does exist and they know that social entrepreneurs perform an important role rule in society in economy in education in all that stuff and we know that these people interact with the public sector they interact with us with with the financial sector or the business sector I think what we should talk about now and we can discuss that throughout the next two days is to make sure we don’t only agree that the research and animal such a horse such a beautiful horse called a social entrepreneur but how we create the ecosystem that would support these people and that would make the right connection between these people and themselves and these people and the rest of society because princess I come from a very entrepreneurial country Israel i mean i don’t know i don’t know if you know i mean some people call it some people say to entrepreneurial right and we will not talk politics today at all at least not now and and the beautiful thing about about some of the statistics about israel israel has more startup companies registered in nasdaq then all the European Union put together which is crazy yeah it is it is and and what we’re trying to do now for instance blip for a shoka in Israel is try to learn from the high tech entrepreneurs and the bio tech entrepreneurs and and and all these other tech entrepreneurs to understand what kind of an ecosystem they created and what kind of relationships with governments or with foundations or even with Italian universities what kind of what kind of connections they have in order to make it then in the social field as well so we realized we need some kind of platforms and the platform can be physical or can be virtual super important we realize you need some hubs as we said as you’ve created some geography geographical apps we realized you need face-to-face meetings like these meetings well I mean I mean of course we could have all this event online but it would have be the same also very important thing that we learn from the high-tech industry needs well you need a media channel you need you need a media outlet and use a tool through which people could tell and people could hear and I think one of the most important things is we need to understand the mechanism in which we can not only create because I think we know what what it takes to create the right kind of social enterprise or the right kind of social entrepreneurial idea right it takes the crazy person just just like we know from from the stories here it takes the crazy person it takes a personal need it takes some excessive amount of energy right people who cannot sit quietly and would like to weave and create galleries and do these things you know my my grandmother grew up in Austria and she said that people like us have kinds its flesh right you speak German they don’t they don’t have sitting flesh they cannot they cannot so I get so I guess all the entrepreneurs it’s kind of a some of them have a beautiful mental issue right from which we are all enjoy so this kinds its flight how do you make sure you maintain and sustain it how do you make sure that it’s not only about the creation of the crazy idea but next year we create another kind of house in a different kind of in a different city in Denmark or how we create a similar a similar solution in another country how you scale up how you replicate how you spread I think these are the interesting challenge of the movement now and I think we can talk about sort entrepreneurship as a movement again the beautiful thing is that you have such conferences I mean of course you are all super special right but there are such conferences in dozens of countries there are many social entrepreneurship conferences people don’t talk about it as an oxymoron but talk about it as an important locomotive for economic growth for wellbeing for empowerment for

solidarity for political power so first of all you are in the right room and be there are many other like-minded crazy people around the world who are eager to do what you’re doing or to learn from from what you’re doing so I think we’re going to have incredible two days thank you thank you later hmm thank you I guess I will open the floor for questions and comments please do use this opportunity of 13 minutes though squeeze all the large jaws remote speakers so microphones any hands hands I can’t say anything selfless motivational speech but I’m later okay that’s two hands here dancing so I would suggest we take three questions eat enough here oh well all right you said these problems could be online we are on line two we’ve been broadcast so we need to speak in microphone said that the interpreters and online they are heard as well so maybe I help a question primarily to Lisa thank you for your presentation and the question comes from the context of Baltic the Baltic States when we I used to adopt some concepts from coming from Europe you know here and then we start to desperately searching for some experience local experience and examples which could fit this concept so my question is when you started may your activities in their mark and not with this house but this previous ones with not rotary but we even did you think about these activities in terms of social entrepreneurship how did you marked these activities for yourselves at least if I may get another question okay sorry there is the girl behind you I just wanted to ask the mayor of a system I think it’s a great example of what you told us and I was actually very surprised to hear that also the source foundation was involved in funding this opportunity because in Latvia they’re quite a lot of people who are very skeptical of the Soros foundation so I just want to ask you who gave you the courage to pursue this collaboration and partnerships okay and the third question up third thank you Paul condom i know you have to speak in the microphone beautiful but the online and a translation i would like to thank rita for the fantastic presentation because the kind of issues that you picked out are the ones that i have been thinking quite a lot about as well but the one question that I always kind of think about is why does it always happen that the kind of social enterprises are usually the one kind of funky small one cultural types you know like scarves or boots or something like that but we never get out of those we never get huge companies that do great stuff what we do have are these small nice things and initiatives but it’s kind of sometimes you think it’s it’s another scarf it’s another jumper it’s quite nice the idea is cool but it’s just another one of those if you know what I mean so that’s one kind of an issue that i keep on struggling with and I guess thank you thank you all right the whole questionable I’d like to thank all panelists for very different levels and approaches to incite my reflections are more upon what the difference is between or the movement between creating socially responsible businesses and social entrepreneurship because i think that the approach towards having socially responsible businesses is not that far away looking at the way these the movement goes when i was looking at the horse i probably would give it double the price but this is above and beyond what purchase power is here however if you or anybody else were to have it manufactured in China or Asia or wherever you would probably be sending it to an environment that has very many human rights violations in terms of all kinds of practices in doing business where you know which means you would be behaving in a socially irresponsible way to further possibly socially responsible means so question to you is do you see and and and to

whoever wants to respond you know is there a movement because that’s what I take away from this environment having worked a lot with trying to create social lee responsible business in it in an industry that is seen as extremely irresponsible namely the oil and gas industry so what are your reflections so I will invite now they said to respond to the first question they just think of yourself as a social entrepreneur when you started your journey if I may some of you a question yes no it doesn’t lovely yeah now the thing is that I thought very much about my organisation structure that put me into these kind of dilemmas and I had to choose in a way because what I was seeing was well I’m doing this I’m this is a private nita TV should i do this as a private business and on the other hand I said well it closed would be something that the public sector could have done easily so why shouldn’t why should a pride why should I organized it as a private private company so so I let it in between when I chose I mean the organization which sort of surrounded the activities and it was not until I think mid 90s when I was invited by the European Commission in a working group about unemployment or employment of marginalized groups I’m it we were 20 people from Europe and I met people from from Portugal and Italy and Spain they were talking about social economy or social copper cove social and then suddenly as I’m yes I’m one because because only i realized i was in the middle I was not private I was not public but I was in the middle and I in a way I say well I was doing things which could be done by the public but I do it on the terms of the private sector thank you now the question to the mayor of your friendship with George Soros and sizes yo times milord sammelsohn are ISNA be itemized list them dressed moons now our hood is missing my girl mr Rizzo pat on Monica’s gratuitously licks on a station that could use formula at the author i miss boom a bit Curnow competi- monocot no bueno so the phone breaks total dead glad to hear that but the third questions why are we always talking about small scale our social enterprises when we will reach the point when we will talk about big scale big big things big impact social enterprises who would like to respond it yes maybe Lisa O’Neill good no no a lot of the neck cushion yeah okay I think there’s something about I mean you mentioned it was about productivity I think there’s a major major issue i think the social enterprises me having a social cooperatives in italy for instance i think they’re sort of reaching a kind of I mean also burma sizes which are more than small skiing businesses I think I mean I’ve been working very much a work integration of people who are very much about far from labor market and there is a issue of productivity and you can’t compete on the big big scale I mean I think that’s one of the problems there and then to fight the right product as well I think we’ve got a quite an interesting or organization in Denmark all the spacer specialist foundation who works with people with the autistic daughters and I saw the furthest other fellow in the sky name exactly yeah and they work I mean they are sort of getting into but they’re so specialized in their services and so that’s another thing thank you call my focus medium yes the star even would program to reduce problems and acoustic session us way so ceremony among push speared their cappella group my fellow drapes are in South America thing store space which the site is like instantly uno due tre is the matata during recession each other the two waters come estimator deal yo premarin share gada no moon score / t vas da insane Oversoul pasola treacherously locker zoos near mom’s lost and its

embassy in moscow mu amount of hillbilly pseudonyms the savvy and arrows plenty and duties corporativa governor’s ears yeah yes after veterans nowadays visuals pretoria we stay with me on what hotel are building business be super easily along everything Thank You rota and near volunteered to answer the last question on corporate social responsibility and social entrepreneurship yeah sorry totally responsible businesses which which which which which which is interesting and important because i took the bird’s eye view and i think i think or the child’s dickham said it was the best of times it was the worst of times I mean the beautiful thing is more and more people talk about social entrepreneurship and social enterprises and socially responsible businesses however there is there is that the more we talk about it the less they let me know what we’re talking about and everybody is using the term social entrepreneurship I mean someone who donates who sells basilicum right and donates to sense to charity calls herself a social entrepreneur with a halo and white wings and all that stuff so on one end we are the victims of our own success because everything is sort entrepreneurship on the other we should be very careful when we talk about definitions and I guess this is my background as an academic what is social entrepreneurship what is social enterprise and how these things touch upon government and a bad business the way the short answer to your question is yes of course there’s a place for socially responsible businesses the main question enter in entrepreneurship is not the word but they have how do you create the incentives for businesses to be socially responsible how do you make sure that the voice of the market customers and clients is being heard how do you make companies understand that creating those products is good for the company is good for the market and it’s good for the employees how do you create all these all these are again let me use the word ecosystem in which companies are being incentivized to create it in which companies are being punished for violating human rights or for violating other elements of what we call values and now you create a system in which social enterprises social entrepreneurship and socially responsible businesses become the norm one last one last question one last thing I guess we will talk in the next two days about social entrepreneurship and social enterprises right and what is the difference between business exactly and what is the difference between between a business entrepreneur and a social entrepreneur I teach I teach entrepreneurship at the Hebrew University a teacher master’s degree on social entrepreneurship and what helps me and might be able to help you we try to define between business and social according to three main things according to the motivation in the targets right the explicit motivation and target that led the person to start the business the target population because as you will real as we will realize more often than not in terms of social entrepreneurship the target population is marginalized we can at least the original one and of course the last and important thing that helped to differentiate between social and business is how do you measure success of course then you come to all these gray areas that you’ve alluded to in your question but we have the next two days to talk about that thank you and please stay for the panel after the lunch and the topic for the pen now after the launch is defining a social enterprise challenges and the very forward so thank you so much for writing the question let me join in thanking the wonderful panelists here this morning and please go downstairs for a lunch break and we will be back into true @ @ @ @ in one and a half hour at 42 13 yes we will