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According to French author Jean de la Bruyere, “Oftentimes, the truth tends to be the opposite of circulating rumors.” Hello and welcome to Case Closed. Rumors Let’s see what today’s first case is about Bring out the litigants A bad rumor gone unabated is poison It could even kill Nowadays, being nice and doing someone a favor can destroy someone’s reputation Hello and welcome Good afternoon -Alexia, you’re suing Cesar -Yes Who is he, why are you suing him, and what do you demand to settle this case? I’m here today for justice from Cesar I want $6,000 from him because I sold him 5,000 tacos and 2,000 tostadas, and I’ve yet to receive that money Okay, you want $6,000 Yes for 3,000 tacos…? 5,000 tacos Oh! 5,000 tacos And 2,000 tostadas -And 2,000 tostadas -That’s right So you do this for a living I’ll explain my case I’m from Matamoros, Tamaulipas, Mexico Cesar is Mexican and lives in the US He and I agreed to see you today because as you know, in Mexico, it takes longer to sue someone It’s a drawn-out, lengthy process So we agreed to come here so you could resolve this issue Okay, what happened? I own a taco shop Well, it’s my mother’s She opened it 15 years ago with blood, sweat, and tears I have six siblings, and all of us help her We get up every morning So it’s a family business Exactly From home I brought you some evidence Bring it up here Of the house As you can see, that’s my garage We can see it onscreen “The best taco shop in town Yolita’s Taco Shop.” Okay Very well So we sell lots of tacos, and have been for 15 years We now sell around 300 tacos and tostadas a day We’re known throughout the city, so all the locals come to us Around six months ago, tragedy struck My oldest brother and his girlfriend were leaving a party one weekend late at night My brother was a little drunk To get home, they have to walk near a river, but the party wasn’t too far As they’re walking, they hear a child desperately crying, as if something were being done to him A man pops out, holding a knife and covered in blood My brother and his girlfriend freak out The man said he knew my brother from the taco shop and that because he knew him, wouldn’t do anything to him “Know what? I know where you live If you say anything, I’ll hurt you and your family.” Logically, like most people, he decided to keep his mouth shut and say nothing Two days later, it’s all over the news that a child’s head was found floating in the river, his leg about ten feet away You can imagine how stunned we were That happened in our own city, blocks from where we live But we continued with our lives, never imagining Two weeks later, the murderer is caught, but when the jerk was caught and arrested by police and questioned about who was with him and helped him, he said my brother did Wow He said he was with him and argued that he shouldn’t serve time alone My brother should too for being there So what can one do? Get a good lawyer If he’d said anything, he would’ve been killed But he kept quiet and went to jail So this happens, and that’s when the problems began Your brother is in prison? Yes, he’s in jail What about the girlfriend who could testify

as to what happened? Yes, yes But since this man murdered a child By the way, they found his head and leg but never the rest of him They didn’t? No And that’s what started the problems at our taco shop Why? Some jealous people thought they were connecting the dots Yolanda’s son is in jail because of what happened to that boy And they thought, it’s obvious That’s where they get their taco meat Oh my God Talk about twisting things That’s what I’m saying They spread that rumor Know what they say? The smaller the town, the bigger the scandal Exactly So that’s where the rumor started that I had children’s heads in the freezer and put fingers in our tacos and whatnot So now my brother’s in jail and our sales plummeted because who wants to eat tacos made of children? So I spoke to my mother and told her to calm down because we were counting on Cesar We’d hoped to save the house, the shop, and get my brother out of jail That’s where Cesar comes in I’ve worked with him for five years I’d sell him tacos, and he’d sell them at fairs and food festivals I’d give him the merchandise and the verbal agreement was he’d pay me after the event Okay Twice a year So you made him 5,000 tacos and 2,000 tostadas as you’d always done Yes And what happened? I called Cesar and asked what was going on I was in a bind because my brother was in jail and my mother was freaking out, crying every day about our lack of sales We literally had nothing So I asked him to help me out He told me not to worry He said to take the tacos to the fair, he’d sell them, and give me what he made So we agreed on that I also told him that because of all the gossip not to say where he’d gotten the tacos You understand? So people I get it So the rumor wouldn’t spread Exactly Fine, he said Before then, I told Cesar people were saying bad things In fact, I gave Production a video of people badmouthing the taco shop Let’s take a look I’m friends with the family who owns the taco shop. It’s really embarrassing. Ma’am, he’s a family friend There are rumors the meat they sell is no good. I once heard a customer complain because he found a small tooth in a taco. A child’s tooth. Pure gossip Yet she wants me to pay her I’ll never eat that family’s tacos again, even if they’re free! She used to eat there every day Do you have any evidence on those kids’ disappearance and what happened to your brother? Yes In fact, there’ve been many incidents all over Mexico, not just where I live It’s not fair that I’m the only one affected “More missing children in Mexico The Mexican border is once again under a microscope In addition to the daily deaths of women in Ciudad Juarez and decapitations in Tijuana and Matamoros are waves of disappearances of children Last November 24th, Ramiro and Antonia Pardo disappeared after leaving school while on their way home, etc.” Let’s take a short break When we return, we’ll continue with this case Stay tuned You’re telling me a rumor can overtake an entire town, causing the people to believe a nasty lie? Of course! CASE CLOSED I’ll use this opportunity, your anniversary, to send you one with lots of love! Me too! Here’s hoping for many more years Kisses! CASE CLOSED Alexia is suing Cesar for $6,000,

the cost of 5,000 tacos and 2,000 tostadas The issue is she hasn’t been paid for her tacos, and they really need that money They’re fighting her brother’s false imprisonment, and the hit taken by their business, which they’re now losing This business was their livelihood for 15 years My family’s last hope was that money How do you respond? First of all, good afternoon Good afternoon I have my reasons not to pay that money Which are? First of all, my reputation and name were affected Hold on -Did you receive the tacos? -Yes -And the tostadas -That’s right -Did you sell them? -No, I didn’t sell anything Why not? Because during the festival I arrived with my workers and assistant and began setting up everything to start selling tacos One hour we were selling, we’d taken four orders, but a neighbor of hers was at the festival She asked one of my employees if our tacos had come from Yolita My employee decided to open her mouth and say yes Ma’am, how do I know that’s true? Everything went to hell After that, it didn’t take 15 minutes for drunks and others to show up and attack us by throwing food at us So you’re admitting it was your employee who broke your pact with her Yes, but I didn’t give my employees a heads up What happened with the rest of the tacos you didn’t sell? Why didn’t you return them? I swear the people were so upset, yelling things and attacking us In fact, one of my employees was knocked down, broke her shoulder, and I took her to the hospital I didn’t know all that Why didn’t he call? So I told my employees to pack everything up so we could go We threw all the food in the trash What? So you threw the tacos away Yes Smart How many tacos did you sell? Five or six orders Around 60 tacos I didn’t sell much I hardly sold anything As a friend, he should’ve told me I have a reputation to uphold Do you have a witness? Yes, but I’d like to give you this From the Health Department, who came to my house three or four times after that rumor They confirmed that the meat and all the food were clean Here’s a letter from the Health Department It states that Yoli’s Tacos in San Luis Potosi was investigated and abides by the state’s sanitary laws No contaminants were found in the preparation of the food That’s why Bring out the plaintiff’s witness Pardon? It’s because of that document I agreed to help her out It’s the right thing to do Good afternoon, sir Your name? Nelson You’re here supporting the plaintiff Yes, I’m Alexia’s neighbor I’m here to clear this problem up a bit Her brother was going to marry my daughter Okay When her brother decided not to marry my daughter, she began to cry and cry, and my wife got very upset at her brother So when the news came out about the child’s floating head, my wife and daughter came up with the story about the tacos being made It was all a lie of human And she still wants me to pay It’s his family that should pay So I came to clear this up This rumor has totally destroyed a family We’re bankrupt And because of their rumor, she’s trying to hurt me -Do you have a witness? -Yes Let’s take a short break When we return, we’ll welcome the defendant’s witness What did she say? During her last call, she said, “You make Cesar pay for those tacos or I’ll make tacos out of your head.” CASE CLOSED We love you

Happy anniversary, my queen CASE CLOSED We’re back and this situation terrifies me A rumor, a piece of gossip is ruining a family who’d worked for 15 years to support themselves Now they can’t survive because of this situation It’s madness Bring out Bring out the remaining witnesses, one each for the defendant and plaintiff, and also bring out our experts, Angel Leal, and Dr. Madeline Hernandez Who’s the defendant’s witness? Me, ma’am Your name? Good afternoon I’m Jenny Okay, Jenny What do you have to say? I’ve been Cesar’s assistant for five years I was at that food festival when everyone threw that food at us They destroyed the spot where we sold our food Who was the employee who said the tacos were from there? One of the other employees Why’d she decide to talk? We decided not to tell the employees so as not to involve them so they could work and we could avoid this situation But because this employee didn’t know, she said where they came from, leading to the problem of which you’re aware But I’m here because this girl does nothing but call the office Yes, because I want my money She’s threatened Cesar on several occasions Has she threatened you directly? Yes, ma’am What did she say? During her last call, she said, “You make Cesar pay for those tacos or I’ll make tacos out of your head.” Just like that She thinks harassing us will get us to pay her Okay What’s your name? Good afternoon, ma’am I’m Guadalupe, but they call me Lupita I worked for Mr. Cesar, but I can’t stand idly by while Mr. Cesar and his assistant lie You give them an inch, they take a mile Everything he said did happen They destroyed the place But they did sell tacos I’d say between the first two days, we sold approximately 2,000 tacos That’s what you believe He says it’s a lie Not possible Did you sell tostadas? Yes, we sold approximately 2,000 tacos and tostadas I’m practically certain of it And after I paid you, Lupita Sorry, but my conscience won’t let me lie What about my reputation? Yes, but it’s obvious nobody cares about anyone’s reputation here If you let such an absurd rumor spread like this, I think you’re all complicit in this lack of decency and brotherhood we’re seeing Sir, I know you’re very familiar with Mexico Yes These festivals and fairs are pretty popular It hurts that the country is experiencing so much violence and that it lets gossip like this flourish All this does is destroy not just the business, but families and people with good reputations How is it possible that a rumor, that a lie…? Because this is a lie The witness admitted this was retaliation because the kid didn’t want to marry his daughter How can a rumor affect the masses like this? How could such a big group buy into a rumor like this? I believe we can better explain it by understanding that we’re social creatures We need to communicate

That’s how we transmit information, which serves several purposes Sometimes it calms our anxieties by making us feel confident to take measures and make decisions And sometimes it’s entertaining Totally! In fact, studies have shown that gossip is borne of boredom One is bored, wants a little information, and that’s how gossip comes about In small towns, gossip is much more dangerous because everybody is familiar with the personal lives of others People have information and many times, out of revenge, envy, or a desire to improve one’s social status, they fabricate this information Okay My ruling You promised to sell these tacos I did If you didn’t sell them all, it was your responsibility to return her what you didn’t sell As such, you have three days to pay her $6,000 It’s final Case closed I’m not paying you We’ll take a break and return with more Case Closed. She’s a religious fanatic who’s abusing my niece and nephew They don’t go to school So they don’t attend school? She says it makes them impure Why send them to school? So they can be corrupted and subjected to drugs and violence? You like what’s going on? No school, no cell phone? Yes, that makes me pure How so? CASE CLOSED