Wheels Episode 26

the following program is a Time Warner Cable television production hello everybody and welcome to wheels I’m Tommy cassava your host you know tonight was supposed to be couples night but Cathy Cathy’s Astro you let me down you were supposed to come tonight but you found something better to do but that’s okay because we have your son here with your husband Glen and we are gonna have a fun time and tell you what are you guys out there go whistle whatever you do to get your women or your spouse or your significant other over to watch this show because we are gonna have fun tonight all right let’s get started now welcome back everyone I hope you’re all able to get your significant others to sit next to you and watch this show let’s see I think they’re up Oh you ma’am zip that up a little bit yeah that looks good that’s good okay all joking aside mr. Glenn’s astral here a friend for years and man this guy’s got too many he’s got a story about his cars especially the second one we’re gonna do I say Kathy your wife couldn’t show up tonight and I know she was busy we have your son Matt yeah it’s gonna be kind of interesting just to talk to him and you but your latest acquisition you wanted a 58 Chevy for four years since I was 14 and when did you purchase this car three years ago for you they’ve been that long yeah I know a couple of us were looking for you yeah you and a couple other guys were up at Minnesota and right you’re telling me about it and I already called and happened to be the same car right now tell the viewers you know it’s hard to find a car you look for years you just don’t run out a little knowledge you have to possess two you have to know what you’re looking for and first of all in your price range oh yeah and 58 SAR hard to come by because they’re either too expensive or they’re all rotted away they were known for water seeping into it right such as the trunk such and they were only made one year I mean right of course this style yeah so tell us what led you to this car the features and just generally tell us all about this car well what I liked about the car it it was more than a engineer that made it he had to be an artist oh yeah the curves and shape of the car and I like the taillights on the and the it’s the first car that they start coming out with the fins right right and it always appealed to me when I was 14 I wanted it the guy up the street had it and he was parked out he worked the second shift at Northwest so I always went by and oh sure the car was sitting there and but I was too young and my dad said you don’t want an old beater like that exactly I remember taking my bike home from grade school looking at 69 z/28 and finally purchased one same as you you finally took you a few more years old when we found it what happened is got married I first I went to service got married and had kids soul and then I waited until they were out of college because money was tight and finally I said I’m gonna get the car I always wanted and they raised it so and Kathy was all behind you she that’s all that’s the main thing your wife has to know if you or it’s or she’s not with you yeah right yeah it’s as simple as that I the color lovely I mean this car looks like a custom it already looks with the skirts as if it was customized in a mid-50s type style but it wasn’t this all back this is stock yes it’s beautiful what I liked about this car all the chrome matched it was all nice and there’s not many dings in it right and it’s got the 283 the smaller not the big block but it’s it’s nice and rides on the highway beautiful right you picked it up really reasonable – we won’t say the price but I’ll tell you what after looking in the auto traders and magazines now it was a steal and in and we I’ve told us two people many times you on the show it really is in your favor to buy a car done right if you don’t have the skills the time the place the monies because it does cost a lot of money to finish a car if very I did my my other car and it exactly exactly know it’s also good to have friends that know a lot of ours well they can help check it out for you that’s the sweet part about this hobby of our is there’s so many people involved we get to know each other and meet new people with life and talents and skills and yeah it’s that that’s the beauty of it I really love this this sport you’re driving it with a 283 283

power glide power glide yeah okay and what is what has to be done this car anything what you’re looking at the future oh it needs a new paint job it start starting to bubble in places and I like to redo the trunk it needs to be cleaned before that and interior looks beautiful yes that’s what turned me on about this it just needed a little wash job and hadn’t cleaned up the other ones in it but it’s just a minor stuff and the engine compartment really has to be done over it I like to have the engine redone okay yeah those are the things that you you get and it personalizes it then done your thing too and it truly is your car then okay let’s take a look at the interior take a look at the gauges talk about that any of the style similar to 56 to 59 and I know they stayed similar but is this 58 really that unique that everything about it is truly 58 well when you come to redo these you’ll find that out is a lot of parts from the 57 or to 59 do not fit this this was their anniversary car it was yeahthere’s 75-year anniversary car and I was surprised that so what year would that have been no ladies you sitting near a husband you can figure that out for him yeah so so and a lot of like the door handles and that don’t even fit on the same models like if you go from an Impala to a Bel Air and the Bel Air handles they don’t fit on to the Impala so you have to really look for parts for these cars oh yeah imagine picking up a basket case having to do it and then walk Iola Jefferson all the big swap meets and find it you did yourself right there beautiful car but I’ll tell you what here’s the story you people are really gonna enjoy we’re gonna bring Glenn’s other car his his first car and you’ll have the story to tell about it beautiful heavy Chevy yeah and we’re gonna see it right now so stay tuned hey we’re back anywhere with Glenn and Matt Zastrow hey did you do that math on that last 75-year anniversary quiz Glenn was a little off I think was fifty years all right and right now and the assistants is supposed to be like couples night I got to give a shout out to Jim and Connie staszek I told you guys I’d give you a shout and Connie I know you’re sitting next to Jimmy and whatever he told you about me he’s he’s right it’s not a lie so here we are um 72 heavy Chevy Chevelle Glenn please tell us the story on this car okay this is my first car I ever owned by myself we and I got home from service and I took a ride with my brother-in-law and sister and over to Broadway Chevrolet looking for a car and my sister was said oh look at that pumpkin so I turned around and looked in here it was the heavy Chevy fell in love with it and had it ever since it’s my my every one of my kids were cook him to the hospital in it when they were born and we got married in it we took it on our honeymoon and it’s my wife’s favorite car so you could say like Matt went out with you and came home with mom in this car that’s right all three kids came home mom okay and I really appreciate the fact you serve your country in Vietnam I appreciate that so much I thank you you came home from the service what kind of money did you have the purchase this car how we were able to purchase it well Uncle Sam made me save warbots in a savings bond so uh I saved them and I cashed him in and put a down payment on it my mother co-signed it because I didn’t have a job and that’s how I got it two weeks later I got a job this is how we ended up with it it’s been redone and 80 in 1989 we redid it because it was a sconce encar the wheel wells were flapping the fenders were you know it was an everyday drivers family cars so I got it Bruce fixed it for me and it took a year and a half because I didn’t have enough money so he did it on the side whenever he had a opening he’d work on it if a car came in he did that one Matt we gotta let you talk a little bit tell us your memories of not only this car but your dad’s fascination with automobiles and mothers well I remember when I was really little we had a fifty-seven sitting in the garage and I used to sit behind it little kid sitting behind the wheel but it had been Larry’s car could it possibly have been but we had that one and then I remember they had gotten an accident back in 83 with a drunk driver and ever since then this car started rusting out but then dad decided he wanted to redo it mmm I’ve sort of been along for the ride ever the whole way I’ve been helping him out holding the bumper up while we’re putting the bumper on helping him level everything out scraping the paint off of it before we took it to get painted and then pretty much every weekend before we go to a car show I’ve been the one the

wash and detail the car so right here I’m not sure your mom helped too I always saw Cathi help and I’ll faint a true family affair and that’s really what this whole car sport is about Glenn what did this car go for in 1972 $3,400 you know what did it cost her totally redo this car I bought twice that and this was in 1989 89 yes yes the probably the paint job was more than what the car costed yeah tell us some of the features at this and this is a really weird car because it’s not a normal Chevelle heavy Chevy’s were only made two years what were they thinking they put this stripe on a friend of mine has another one of these and it’s it’s unique that I know – and that’s the only – I’ve ever seen while it was considered the family man’s sport car because at that time the insurance companies were going crazy with your SS models so and Chevrolet wanted to do competition with the GTO with the judge do that with so they put the heavy Chevy emblems on in that and it’s actually a positive regular Chevelle but it you only could get it with three speed on the column three speed on the floor and it had to have a bench seat or automatic and it the biggest engine you could get in it was a 350 notice about this Glen you kind of going retro back to when it would look like in the 70s with the chrome reverse the baby was is that the way you had it then yes only I didn’t have the baby moons on it I just had the chrome averse and after so many years with Kreger mags on it I said I will go back and put the chrome reverse back on this is just sweet I love this story I mean how many people have their first car besides Glen and I of course Matt I want to thank you very much for coming of course you got to drive the car because your dad has 58 Glen I want to thank you and hey don’t go away because we’re gonna be right back with another couple hey welcome back everyone really is a pleasure I’ve been waiting for this for a long time introduce you to Roy and Pam Paulus really a true car couple I’ve known Ryan Pam for years and I’m telling you every car show you go to they are there together Pam beautifully dressed up like a teenybopper and I and what kind of skirt would that be called it’ll skirt without a poodle all right I like that I’ll be the dog okay they travel all around the country not just local shows really live breathe eat die walk talk go to the corner turn around come back okay cars believe me and you guys are really in for a treat because not only does Roy have a car and Pam travel with him for years not with this car but other cars he’s had a Pam decided to have her own little pink metropolitan we’re gonna learn more about that in a little bit but first we’re gonna talk to Roy Pam you’re gonna go get us that little treat that you promised us remember they were to bring you back we’re gonna talk about your little pink metropolitan how’s that sound all right let’s all right nice talking you know Roy let’s talk about the beautiful Chevy 46 47 48 huh 46 47 48 they’re all the same yeah so were the force or the dodges right okay let’s talk about how you acquired this car how many years ago I know you had a beautiful 53 Chevy that we’re looking at now let’s talk about that first okay how did that come about that car well I got done racing and 1990 I retired and I had I needed something to do I had to have something with cars I did it for 25 years so I know we uh let me just interrupt you I’m sorry but you all remember Roy Paulus you diehard racers Roy race from 1965 up until win 1990 Oh any good stock car driver how many cars would you wish you would have saved for hot-rodding instead of smashing up just about all of them okay I’m sure you did I’m sure you did okay I’m sorry keep on going yeah but so we got into friends of ours during re OMA Glenn’s Astro and he took me to car shows and I got kind of hooked got the bug so we started looking for a car and I found this 53 mm-hm and a guy from De Pere Bob Herrick I bought it from him and my cousin did the bodywork on it and painted it and put a small-block 327 in it right three speed mile can for a barrel yeah it was a beautiful car you guys went everywhere that I really like that car but then it was time for that car to go yeah and the urge was on for a full blown custom and I’m telling you this thing is it looks like it’s right out of the 50s every last detail tell us about the construction process well originally we got it about four years ago and it was hot rod at the back end up in the air and a tattoo for sticking out of the hood and I wanted something different I got into customs and I loved it and nobody else in the area has a 48 customs okay you’re right so we decided to drop the car down we took it to Ralph and Jeff Jindal and they found out that what we bought wasn’t exactly as we talked to Glenn

about that how do you really look for the perfect card and so many things are hidden under paint yeah mud and such but you say to drop the car down that called a California rake when the ass and drags and yes did I say ass oh I didn’t mean that but took the car down we channel it over to frame which is cutting the body and dropping the whole body over the frame down you’re not cutting the suspension yeah getting an illusion at strap yeah still have full travel on your suspension yeah okay so it’s dropped four inches front and back squared up it’s got a Mustang two front end under it it’s got a motor in under 325 years I said Mopar oh that’s sick no the new word is sick nowadays ladies and gentlemen someone says you’re sick you got to take it as a compliment that means hot or cool so my daughter told me from Chicago all right so you’re sick go ahead but it’s got a 350 350 training in it automatic on the floor green and I wanted to do a 50 style custom and we ran it for about three years in primer right and just to get the bugs out and make sure nothing cracked I cheated that because I’m still running in private or the brothers know I’m all alone yeah but we were pretty happy with it and it had decided we wanted to paint it and we chose the raspberry it’s a GM raspberry I think it’s a 95 s10 color beautiful beautiful and they owe a world to Jeff and roll oh god I’m telling you if you could appreciate bodywork and in the body mods there’s got to be hundreds there are molded fenders drop shape frenched I mean it’s just phenomenal a lot of a lot of kudos go out to Ralph and Jeff and I know I’ve talked to you guys a couple times I gotta appreciate all that all the work that went into this thing and other things let’s look at the inside I really love the inside I mean it’s right out of the 50s yeah yeah we had that in mind from when I started and that’s why I call it The Dream Chaser it’s something I’m you know chasing but I wanted it totally a 50 style we’re not done with the interior yet I don’t I’d like to get a tuck and roll done on it yeah oh yeah yeah but had there flames Oh flames and who did we turn to to get a flame job Jackie no Jax you can’t have her why don’t we bring the master out the keeper of the flame as I like to call him jack just happened to stop by his roan neighborhood just bought his wife a brand new vehicle so he’s kind of he’s hurting a little bit in a pocketbook Jack tell us how you laid out the flames the theme that Roy wanted how do you how do you coordinate that with a customer especially pinstriping I mean you can’t tell them what you’re gonna do do you let your creativity flow and Surprise them and then wait for the fireworks in this particular case right here with Roy’s car and actually I do with almost all my customers cars and that is we did some preliminary drawings there’s a lot of different styles of flames some people say old flame is a flame as a flame but that’s not true the style that we chose this for this particular car there’s a style that Pam and Roy chose is actually called a seaweed style of flame and this was originated back in the 1950s of course by a very famous by the name of Larry Watson and the thing that’s really nice about this flame job on your too because of the the flow of the flames what it does is it gives the illusion that the car is longer if you could have seen it before picture of this and hopefully there will be one available that we can show to your viewers that the car had kind of a squatty look to it but with the flames added to it now to give the illusion that the car is actually lower and longer so it’s kind of a pink type of trick right and then finally the last thing now we added to it if you get a shot later on of the the deck lid and the and the hood what you’re going to find is that it’s got a really bizarre style of striping and the reason that this striping was introduced into the car is because this was popular which would of the type of style that was done back in the 1950s that was originated by the no deceased Dutch was probably one of the most famous pinstripers of all time so what we did was just as Roy originally wanted to those concept to end up being it’s a totally 50s style flame job the only thing that isn’t 50s about it is we kind of fog the bottoms net a little bit to get a three-dimensional effect but the style of flame is 50s the pinstriping is 50s and as you can see the whole theme of the currents up to be very successfully 50s and when they go to let East this year they’re gonna knock them daddy thank you I mean this car is sick you know what I’m saying okay thanks a lot jack I really appreciate your comments on that and it helps you people out to really know how to do your car after its onion the customizing really added the flames added their superior to it what else would like to say about the car of the how many years to take to build something you could offer to someone maybe starting out that would like to build a car okay roughly took about four years totaling to get to where we are now there’s a lot of body work done to it the fenders have been widened to inches they’re

fiberglass molded in Ralph did a super job hoods been well it shut down the seams been felled in tail lights have been inverted originally the the taillights were vertical not horizontal just something a little different the radius exhaust pipes where the exhaust comes all it’s been radius front anything of all those bodies it’s hard but yeah we’re looking at it now I mean all the different things how do you open the doors it’s electronic electronic switches yeah remote v we got a hidden remote and hidden where is it hidden I just checking to see if you had her all down there for no Chrome a lot all you did with the grill I mean yeah your paint it it’s kind of monochromatic blends in with the flame beautiful job there little things that I think people are going to know what we talked about you go to let East Yahoo go around the country with your car and you drive them you don’t not I ever already like a breakdown we have already but it’s just a chance you take you can break throw in a new current so you sure can and I tell you when you get closer to the big shows in the thousands and thousands of cars and people are there they’re out to help you yeah I mean how many numerous stories I I’ve read and heard about that I mean they keep you overnight the the Brotherhood of the car club is really all definitely fascinating in one world and talking about fascinating and wonderful what do we get Pam over here we’re gonna take a little break right now and then we’ll get Pam out here okay great thanks right sir oh you want to talk about pretty-in-pink we have it right here Pam it’s a pleasure thanks for coming back we enjoyed the little treat before – thanks for coming down okay had a wonderful talk with Roy it’s really super to talk to him and to you but so many years I saw you at the car shows always dressing up in the poodle skirts all he’s dressing up period to look the part and enjoying yourself so much talking with the guys and the women really relating to both both sides of the field here but you finally got yourself your own car what happened well I thought about it for many many years Roy knew I was interested in this metropolitan and finally I searched on the internet a few years ago and found one in Milwaukee and here it is okay and this is what yours is 1961 61 Nash metropolitan yeah correct Nash metropolitan what kind of shape what color what was it like when you got it it was yellows farmer owners had painted it yellow I’m not sure why original color was black and white oh and that was my color too that was one of the original metropolitan colors okay what kind of shape was the car in very solid body doors open and closed well it wasn’t sagging no rust okay green that was a big seller oh yeah you’re darn right because these cars had to weather a lie and I know they didn’t last too long so you got yourself a really beautiful car here who did the paintwork and bodywork Ralph Shindell so again Ralph big congrats cool well great beautiful job I mean if you could see this in person ladies and gentlemen it is really flawless a beautiful job I knew I wanted a pink car oh sure I mean this is when you get this thing running and the reason I say that is not running yet not the original engine or anything what did you do to it it has a 1970 h of that drivetrain automatic and motor did you say drivetrain yes I did cease not many know what the wrong drivetrain you’re learning well a svet drivetrain is that a trick for the Metropolitan’s to put that in because it’s short wheelbase and such it has been done in other Metropolitan’s I had learned that from people I met on the Internet okay it’s a good fit there are a few changes that had to be made few things moved around in the firewall that’s it do you say firewall yes I do I mean I love you Pam is great you know all the terminology you got it down we’ll talk about talking the guys on the internet a little bit later too about that okay not about car stuff either you may want to know why I wanted automatic in it no maybe I don’t okay okay I do why don’t you have a stake the met okay the Metropolitan’s only came were made with a stick 40 years of driving I still don’t shift when did you start driving when you were 14 years oh you’re born all right 40 years ago when I was 16 oh my god you weather well I’ve always had a hang-up for driving standard transmission so Roy said he would do this changeover yeah I’m sure he had to say that any what I decided well I wasn’t going to buy the car if right great that’s a minor touch the little in there automatic you got a nice little floor shifter in here is that out of the Chevette so you’re able to salvage a lot of the parts and use right oh how did you get the Chevette from local junkyard oh really and the motor and was

that running exactly gone through – uh it was gone over okay I don’t know if it was actually running when we got it I said okay so you really don’t know that much about cars right what is left to get this thing running because hey back to the 50s is in a week right well I won’t make it it won’t make it I would like to take it there you told me something interesting before when I called you when Roy was gone to work okay we want to talk about that either you said you can find all the Nash metropolitan pieces you want but the Chevette parts are holding you up well sure vets aren’t necessarily collector there aren’t the most popular although on the internet I found out there are some Chevette clubs and people have been those people are sick yes that’s not a way there because of Shaban only Donnie Webster Lakes events but Metropolitan’s have been a popular collector item for a long time there are companies all over the country that sell the parts anything you need are the new parts reproduction parts some are new old stock and another term and some are brand new ok great we saw and I say we a couple of guys in us and saying this saw a pro Street at Nash metropolitan now imagine tubbing the rear end putting the big tires on and that was crazy but I love what you did to this guy you are gonna get looks well not only the normal looks you get from guys but now that you’re driving this was that tough doubt Pro Street or turquoise and Wi-Fi yes it was you really are a fan of Metropolitan’s aren’t you love the trunk let’s look in the trunk and hold the big size cooler well I think you just put ice in it and put your soda and whatever else just drill a hole in the floor would that be alright or not alright well as we take away the car and walk around it it is just beautiful and we’re gonna come right back get everybody back together and I can’t thank you enough thanks for having us over today Pam hey this this is fun I mean I can’t believe yeah I would do this show for nothing wait I do this show for nothing okay we’ll be right back thank you well we say all good things must come to an end and I’ll tell ya this is couples night Connie were you sitting with Jimmy I hope you liked it I tell you I’ve never had so much fun before doing a shoulder and this one here I mean we were stoked I’m telling you we had so much fun when we weren’t filming too and all thanks to these guys Glenn I want to thank you very much do you have anything to add yeah I wish Kathy was here to see Elvis you missed them again Kathy yeah we had a good time Matt thank you thank you I hope the car gets passed on for another 40 years next generation here that cleaning wants a car Pam thank you so much you were wonderful I got to ask you one question okay some guys were saying why don’t you put a bra in the front of this I think should have a jockstrap myself yeah I do – look we’ll leave that for another time okay Roy thank you so much Thank You Tommy it’s been a wonderful it really has now usually under shoulder I get a ride in a car or or I get to take a ride in a car so which one of you guys are gonna let me take your car these are sick you guys are really sick the cars everything’s sick well that’s good we’ll catch you next time on wheels I’m Tomica javo hope we had a great time see ya