W&M Faculty Town Hall

>> Good afternoon and thank you for joining us today and thank you for being here This is an opportunity for us to interact here with what we are doing and how we are proceeding under these Oracle — these four of the circumstances we have to face because of this crisis I want to thank you for not only being here, but also for everything that you have been doing and everything that you are doing for our university, Commonwealth and our country It is very critical to remember but these are not ordinary circumstances What we are all asks to do goes above and beyond what we are prepared to do I don’t need to repeat again, which I will that this is not the circumstances that I expected to find when I joined William & Mary a few months ago I came to William & Mary thinking that this would give me the opportunity to work with wonderful faculty and students collaborate with exceptional scientists and staff members be a member of the community that together we will move forward in so many wonderful ways I was lucky enough to have a few months of that and if these were months that taught me how this institution works What it means to be a member of its community and how wonderful my future is here What I did not expect was to be dealing with the crisis of this magnitude and I know none of us had expected that Again, I want to take this opportunity first and foremost to thank you for everything and I knows that this is not what you are used to doing I know that you had to go out of your comfort zone to do things that you are not prepared to do I know you react enthusiastically and quickly when we had to change everything to protect our food — our students, faculty and staff A very big and enthusiastic thank you There are no words to express how impressed I have been by the solidarity by coming together, by eagerness to contribute to a goal that is beyond what we are expected to do I know these are difficult times, they are difficult times for everyone They are difficult times on a personal level, difficult times professionally The most difficult part of all in addition to the health considerations is the uncertainty that we have to navigate through This uncertainty is not becoming less as we move forward Uncertainty on so many levels and uncertainties that are hard to manage These are feelings that are very normal under the circumstances and

yet, they are bringing forward questions that it would be great not to have to consider and here we are, we have these feelings and thoughts Together we have to figure out how to get through this crisis in a way that brings our institution forward, stronger, in a way that makes us feel better about where we are, who we are working with and what we do And in a way that contributes to a future that’s free of such crisis In order to get there, we need to work together This is something I always see and appreciate In the academic setting, you are never alone You are never on your own doing things You are always a member of a team and it could be defined in many ways But team, to me, is the people around us that support us that we rely on and together, we try to do something together I’ve always approached my work and thinking and away that includes perspectives from different angles When I started at William & Mary I was asked what would be the characteristics of my leadership style I said a few things that I never expected to be so different today What I said was, I value transparency and the building of trust because that creates engagement, and engagement brings feelings of joy and that contributes to the well-being of our community All these things are true today but different Different in the sense that our well-being is at a different level We have to think of so many components of it that we did not have to think of a few months ago Trust, we did not have the opportunity to build this trust For me to see you and get to know you as well as I wanted, and for you to see me operate under normal circumstances that decisions were not as difficult to make Engagement is what I saw in full glory How engaged we all have become and how much more of what we were expecting to do, we are doing I really want to say, how happy I have been to have the schools, the deans, the assemblies on my side working together exchanging thoughts and ideas and hopefully engaging you and how we are moving forward As I mentioned in my note today, there is a tremendous amount of good work that has happened and is still happening and will continue to happen One thing I want is to avoid is having this feeling of separation between us The feeling of us versus them We are frustrated, we feel that this is very tough and it will get tougher Instead, I want to ask everyone to think of how to gather we have then and we will be in this and how this is a crisis that affects each one of us We do not know how this affects our neighbor We do not know their constraints and their problems But if we assume good intentions, if we really expect everyone to perform the best of their ability, we understand that without the support of each other, it would be very hard to get through this We are hoping, through this experience to move forward with our institution in a way that helps us come together, helps us trust each other and helps us see how the community like the one that we have can only succeed if we feel that we can do things that are beyond what we feel that we see and also above what we feel we can do We will do things our way which means that we are going to take the time to ensure that every action and every step we are taking will be carefully thought out and will have priorities that are established that are clear and our people centric because this is really who we are and what we want to achieve Also, we want to ensure that we offer a valuable educational experience to our students This crisis was not something that we anticipated No one did It put us in a situation to not be able to do things

as we want to do That does not mean what we offer to our students, what we are thinking of doing in the future should not be to the level of which is expected of William & Mary The proposition that we bring to our students need to be high quality pain this, in order to do this, we need the engagement and involvement and creativity of you, the faculty of William & Mary I know that William & Mary is a great environment and shared government is important I could not appreciate that more than one I have seed — have seen these days One of the shortcomings of having Of wanting to communicate everything as quickly and openly as possible is that sometimes these communications are not very clear That could lead to misunderstandings or rumors or misinterpretations What you have been getting from my office from the leadership of our institution is what we know under the circumstances of today and under the certainty of what we are operating None of us knows exactly how to do this and none of us knows perfectly well what will happen in the future Sharing with you what we know which might be incomplete or perfect it’s really the best way for you and us together to become this group that tries to solve everything together It was mentioned, I mentioned several times that the fiscal year in 2021 will be tough There are certain things that are not entirely dependent on our control into there are certain things that we cannot avoid There are primary source of income in our — is our incoming class and students Since we are a small institution, small portion is coming from the Commonwealth except for fixed cost which we definitely need to pay The other two sources of revenue are very unpredictable at this point Yes, we have been doing well so far but it is expected that things will not be as smooth as they would ordinarily be We might go through 10%, 15% or even 20% loss in our budget, it’s not something that we can definitely pinpoint today with accuracy, we do not know what the reduction level is going to be for fiscal year 21 But as everyone had heard leaders say, we had prepared for the best and prepared for the worst That is being considered, it’s not because we know for sure that this going to happen This is what we want to think that we will have to deal with so that we can prepare ourselves to be efficient and effective in how we approach things pain — how we approach things I know that we can figure out creative, positive, supportive way to get us through this I know things will get better, so what I want to ask you is really engage with us share your thoughts, not just your concerns, what you think we should be doing Solutions are good to consider Praise for things that are happening well This is a community that comes together in a way that is both optimistic, positive, creative, but also in a way that supports our solutions and our path forward I’m going to stop here so we can focus on questions that have come through The format of today is not unlike the other townhomes We have — other townhomes We have questions that have come in The leaders of our assembly will be the facilitators of our

conversation And we are going to go through questions and answers and take additional questions if we have time and that will be the best part of our time Then I’m going to stop here and turn it over to Tom, and David >> Thank you, Peggy The first thing that I want to say is that I’m very appreciative of the communications that have been going back and forth between the faculty assembly and the administration The assembly has been so busy The response times are often hours then weeks Some things take longer to figure out but trust me that we have the institution and our best interest in mind as we try to navigate through with the administration as to how we can best handle this David, do you have any comments before I asked the first question? >> Just to reiterate the point that yes, we received lots of consultation from administration that they are coming to the faculty assembly as the faculty representatives routinely and they are listening to us We are trying to do the best we can to relay faculty concerns upward and administration information to everyone in the faculty >> It was announced to there would be a small group focusing on short-term solutions for admission how we might D densify campus spaces, can you elaborate on how these teams were put together? >> Yes, course This is a very significant initiative from the presidents office Actually, the thought of how we are going to go through this and what will happen as we get through this to get us to the other side has been a critical part of our thinking How to address all the components of what we said, the group was a plan ahead team was formed based on the steering committee of the strategic plan There have been a lot of work that happened during the process of strategic planning that would inform It was expected to inform us as we were moving forward under normal circumstances It makes sense to think that this group could really provide a foundation on which we could build our resilient response to what we are going through Based on the strategic planning committee with recommendations from the faculty assembly, faculty were added to the groups and also experts Student experts in the areas of IT, finance, business and other things Primarily, the groups were formed in a way to ensure that we have representation of our constituent groups in the best possible way with the faculty assembly and every faculty member that was appointed on the committee with this faculty assembly I want to add one thing, there is, on the presidents website, there is a graphic that shows how the committees are and how they are related to one another As I mentioned before, because we are William & Mary and we want to do things in a shared manner which is really the broody — of the beauty of responding to a situation, we created several opportunities for people to participate in solutions and in decision-making and bringing them together in a clear, diagram that shows the relationships is a way to show how all these things are connected ultimately together to get us through this >> We have some questions related to workspace safety

Particularly, the planning for the reopening maybe in the summer and of the fall Regarding safety guidelines, how we will accommodate at risk populations and how we will deliver instruction and research In particular, if we reopen the campus and resume teaching on the campus in the fall, is the University work down guidelines rules and practices that will protect students and instructor from infection? Will there be limits on class-size? Fresh air circulation, temperature checks? >> Of course, as I have mentioned before coming to the president has mentioned, the emergency management team has been meeting regularly and thinking of a lot of measures that we need to take to ensure safety This is our first and biggest concern How we can reserve — resume what we would love to do but under safe circumstances I don’t have the answers to give you today because this is ongoing but what I can tell you is assure our community that we will do everything in our power to ensure that safety measures are in place Yes, all the things that you mentioned are really under consideration We don’t know how we are going to be in the fall, what we know is that we want to be. We have every intention of being in person assuming that it is safe for us to do so and with consideration to sensitive groups of the population that will not be able to have the same safety assurances that others will have We are working very hard toward ensuring how we return is safe and also productive and takes into consideration everyone’s concern to the extent possible >> Following up on that, faculty members that have underlying conditions that might put them particularly at risk would they still be required or expected to teach in person? Would they have the option perhaps of teaching entirely online in the fall? >> Absolutely Our intention is to be in person But, we cannot ignore that what we do will not be the same for everyone We will be very attentive to the needs of the sensitive groups of our faculty and students and staff members That I can assure you with certainty I do not know exactly how we will be able to return fully and in person in terms of if this is going to be doable for everyone, but we will have options for people who do not feel comfortable because of concerns to do so >> Would there be procedures for replacing an instructor that fell ill during the semester? With our colleagues be required to replace them? Would they be compensated for replacing and ill instructor? >> I understand that there are procedures in place at every department to replace ill faculty and this will be done at the departmental level HR will be involved in terms of benefits and other considerations For the people who have been affected and we will make sure that we take care of our people without compromising the quality of education we offer >> Will faculty with research labs be allowed to begin new experiments in the lab in the fall assuming that proper social distancing is maintained? >> Yes, this is a big question They are looking at protocols, best practices, safety measures, and they are in close contact with sponsoring agencies and faculty Dennis is going to guide our decision with respect to best operating practices to be sure that we are continuing research in a safe way and you will hear the word safe many times today because this is our number one priority >> We talked a little bit about what may happen when we come back in the fall and trying to make sure that conditions are safe and hopefully not have to replace faculty who get ill, but if someone does, that we have that under consideration Before that happens, we would actually have to handle a lot of hiring that is in the pipeline that might be out there and currently on hold because of the situation

Can you tell us how we are handling those hiring actions? >> As you have heard, not only at William & Mary, but most institutions that I’m aware of, they have a hiring freeze I call it a hiring pause because we want to ensure that how we do things at William & Mary is not extremely affected by this What I mean by that is that yes, we I don’t think that we are able to continue hiring the way that we were planning to do That means commitments that have been made, and needs that have been determined for summer and fall, they will have to be addressed Because I want to make sure that we do in the most objective and most accurate way possible, I created a group with a mission-critical exceptions review team This team that comprises representatives of the faculty assembly, deans, schools, financial people It’s a small committee and it looks at the things that we were hoping to do but not able to do We can reprioritize that as essential without compromising the financial future of our institution We have to be conservative We have to preserve We don’t know what’s coming and to ensure that we do it in a way that does not compromise our other things, they are discussing information that’s coming from the department chairs, coming from Dean’s, and being discussed so we could have a determination whether we can move forward with this So far, from what I’m hearing, the committee has dealt with more than 130 requests They have been very diligent in discussing and examining and making recommendations and accommodations for each one of them I’m eager to ensure that we make decisions on this as soon as possible to ensure that uncertainty and planning well for the future is maximized Mission-critical has become a key worth that is being used I want to clarify that mission-critical is not something that can be summarized by three bullets Mission-critical is a determination that has to be made locally as well as globally with respect to William and Mary We have the overall goals of what the president expects the institution to be able to continue to do during this crisis How these goals are are applied are different What the role in my personal involvement is common — involvement is, they are reviewed where these positions are asked to support With respect to the sunglasses — these things that we are to expect >> What I hear you saying is that we are making decisions on those positions and they are being decided and communicated out Can you talk to the issues of sabbaticals and how they are being handled specifically? >> Isaac — as I said before, our goal is to ensure that we do not create obstacles Obligations that have been made up of four and commitments that have been planned — that have been made before, and commitments that have been made we will honor If

people have signed contracts, if there’s plans in place that we address those and really look at these things from this perspective Things are not black and what he even though — black-and-white even though we want to preserve what we can This is not to compromise other commitments that have been made Moving forward, starting fresh next year, it would be a great opportunity to take a better look to see how much and how deep we can go in these areas and that will give us a opportunity to do a better job at defining what we do For the time being, it has been very good at looking at these things and ensuring that we do not really break commitments that are important and plan for a while >> A number of questions have come up about restrictions on the immediate use of funds, maybe I can try to group the questions together Why were private funds caused and in particular, what about the private funds that have a very narrow and well-defined purpose >> This is a very good question I understand the difference between restricted funds and unrestricted pain here’s what we are trying to do Not everything we do can be funded through the same sources Not every dollar can be used on everything As we look at certain things that will not be able to be funded, we have to keep our options open These are things that we cannot use other funds are available to do that There are certain funds that are very restricted and that something that we do not want to really. We cannot We have to respect the wishes But overall, our And for me, the knowledge that we have positive doing certain things until we have more clarity with respect to where we are going to need to re-shift things or move expenses around so we can address our needs is very critical Our priorities are two main chain — to maintain our workforce, and the last measures that we have to take, the absolute last are measures that we have to do with salaries, with employment, with positions We will do everything we can to avoid getting there and that means that sometimes restrictions of that kind will be asked because to me, it makes more sense to preserve our people and their likelihood then just to expand resources on things that we were planning to do on normal circumstances I have to clarify that we have approved certain kinds of funds as you know, so we are not taking a draconian approach for this, but expenses that can be interpreted a little bit more broadly will be interpreted more broadly to ensure that we reserve as much as we can >> Can you comment on what might happen with William & Mary centers that rely almost entirely on external funding? >> That’s a very good question We hope to see that funding from external sources continue at the level is that we have had it so far But we also work to ensure that infrastructure and circumstances are put in place to ensure that in case we see a drop in these external funding that we have the capability

through what we discussed a few minutes ago to support our operations while we are expecting better days Our intent is to ensure that we put a lot of support into efforts and continue to solicit and base — and be successful A revised Provost research can confirm that but at the same time, we will be prepared hopefully through a prudent financial management to support when we need to support Circumstances that are beyond our control >> We have been talking about situations where we might get into a revenue shortfall, or reduced revenue situation There are questions about how we will handle decisions related to positions and compensation It is a William & Mary considering downsizing overhead costs by reducing things like administrative positions? >> I think this is also a question that needs a little bit more discussion We have institution — we have instituted mission-critical budget planning approach which is really to egg — to examine everything Not just faculty or staff positions but also administrative positions and any kind of expense will be looked at in the sense that we will have a look at how we have been doing things and what are the priorities that we need to preserve and how we will be able to create up the annuitization that will ensure that we remain true to our value This is really part of what this could entail I cannot really give you an answer and I hope we do not have to compromise or reduce any kind of position This is the goal, but as I said, we don’t know, that’s the reason why we are going through an exercise that will enable us to start from a clean desk We expect this process to bring forward I want to clarify this is not a central process It is a process that’s happening in the schools at the local academic units to ensure that it captures everything that is critical and important to the schools and to our institutions Through this, we expect to figure out better ways to express our financial crisis then going into significant cuts If we have to do this, it will be It will not be limited to certain categories We will do it smartly in the sense that we will not compromise our ability to move forward but we will do this together and sacrifices we will make together We will all feel the consequences of this, not some of us Everyone We are doing our best to ensure areas where we cannot afford to lose anything will be preserved and areas where we can really save more we will do that Overall, when we reach a point where we need to make cuts, it will not be done in isolation in certain areas It will be done in a way that ensures a fair and open process >> If we got to that position where we had Tuesday take — where we had to take some actions, will administrators beginning with the President and Provost take a salary cut of the same magnitude? >> Absolutely This is one word that I cannot phrase differently If you permit me, I think I’m a little hurt by this question I’m a little hurt because I never thought that this would be a question As I mentioned before, we are a community We are in this together It would never occur to me or the president to do something that will affect our people and not us I’ve never worked harder in my life I’ve never really have done things that are more difficult in my life and I’ve been an administrator for years I feel the sense

that I’m doing my best when it comes to this but if it does, it will not exclude some people and definitely not the president and myself I expected that by now we would feel this that we were in it together and hope to really see more of this Yes, absolutely >> One questions specific to graduate students Will the currently enrolled graduate students still be continuing? Well offers that have been made to incoming graduate students for the fall, will they still be honored? >> I believe so, yes >> Another question related to students, >> Dated — David? >> I think David just froze >> Tom, can you? >> I don’t know exactly what he was going to ask as that follow-up, but we will’s — we will wait and see if he comes back on Another question we had was about how we, STUDENT: Working with other universities in Virginia, and perhaps outside of Virginia to look at and help deal with the situation? >> We are in continuous contact and we are going through this together The level command magnitude and reactions of the communities might differ a little bit but we are all in this together We plan together, we work together, we lobby together I have a great appreciation for the solidarity and communication and interaction between the public institutions of Virginia and as only all brace for this crisis I can tell you the group of provosts that I have been interacting with, it’s a new group And I’m very happy to say, this is a group that I started by reaching out not because I was curious to see what was happening but because I needed to hear from people who have been going through what we have been going through and feel the support from our universities in our Commonwealth Yes, the short answer is absolutely, we are working together with our own particularities and cultures and perspectives but overall, yes >> I got lost their little bit, so maybe I can jump back in >> What have we learned from the other universities and how they are dealing with things and a second related question, has there been any attempt for the universities to get together and allow me directly to Richmond, to help deal with the Dessa — deal with the deficit and make sure higher education is treated well within the Commonwealth? >> What we are learning as I mentioned to Tom before, that everyone is dealing with similar issues We are bracing for financial impact, not everyone will feel at the same way There are particular strengths of each engine — of each institution that will come in play Right now, everyone is focused on how to interpret where we are epidemiological he l y and see if we can defer what we know on how things will be in the summer and fall One question that’s coming very frequently is what will happen in the fall You heard it through these questions, we hear it all the time This is something that occupies the majority of our planning conversations and activities The other major Virginia institutions are on the same position Regarding lobbying, this is the goal of the reasons for the Council of Presidents that our president is a

member of There is a concerted effort to ensure that our issues and the significance of those issues and the impact on our state are understood I have to say, from what I’m hearing again, this is really what I learned through the president and statically had the support of the Commonwealth and it is understood that this is not an easy situation and it will not be resolved quickly But it’s good that people feel that we are doing an important thing which is what we have been helping all along but what we do is appreciated and recognized for what it is And how it contributes to the future of our state and of the country And we have a partner there Long answer to a question I wanted to say, yes that we feel efforts and the Commonwealth have been very receptive >> I’m sorry, I think that got cut off Some are graduates or interns, if the campers — campus was opened, what is summary search students and interns be allowed to work on campus? >> At this point, we plan for fully online summer Because it’s highly unlikely that the circumstances that will ensure safety for everyone will change in the next few months But, our focus is is on the fall and on being in person and hopefully this in addition to creating a way that would — what we would do it all >> Just looking through the questions in the chat I don’t see anything that we have not directly covered >> I either think they were parts of our questions that we had asked already >> Perhaps another question that faculty have been concerned about is if there will be an extension for their tenure clock due to the disruptions of scholarships due to the pandemic >> This is something that I mentioned very quickly We have not come out with specific language yet We are trying to ensure that we resolve any and big UAD and how we have this We have our faculty back and we know how difficult it is to be thinking of our future in tenure and promotion and other circumstances It will be held with numbing gal with very specific language very soon >> There is there about what your business — your biggest concern is our back end of that, what can we do to help? >> That’s a wonderful question, you I’ve been trying to address everyone’s concerns today, trying to answer as much as possible during this time My concern this all not like yours I am first formal a faculty member I’m a chief academic officer and I feel on shoulders the weight of our academic side of this Docket of this institution I wanted to do everything in her power besides — everything in our power That are strict ?

When you see things that are strict, the only thing I have value above everything else is our people and their ability to support their families and do their jobs This is a concern of mine You should know what I know to the extent possible Everything I hear and now, and very eager to share with you because together we could figure out better ways of moving forward I want to walk this fine line between sharing and creating rumors for making people feel anxious and how I can share in no way that gives you what I see so you can understand what I’m coming from when I’m trying to help decision-making with what I know I want to really repeat We talked about $100 million the other day In arts and sciences I want to repeat that this is a worst-case scenario But, having said that, just thinking of $50 million is not an easy number either Yes, I know thinking of the magnitude of these amounts is daunting but if we do it smartly through all of these bodies and groups and minds that we have, we will be able to find a way that will not be as bad My first concern is how we can ensure that we remain intact in terms of our positions The second one is exactly that, how I can communicate with you in a way that makes me included in how we make decisions shows you how tricky and multifaceted and multilevel to this process is And that we create this kind of mutual trust that enables us to share without feeling overly disappointed and anxious You guys asked what you can do for me? Actually, what you have been doing I have received a lot of encouragement from many of you I cannot tell you how important this has been and how critical this has been to rely on getting me through this All of this, the president, myself We are in this 24 seven these days Just to give each other the benefit of the doubt when we make a mistake or when we revisit acquisition, when we are thinking out loud ways to do this This is critical and important Also, just to say well done You did it, it was in person — it was imperfect, it didn’t worked but — it didn’t work, but it was well Feeling that we have the support of our community is priceless This is a really all I ask As you get to know me, and we get to know William & Mary That we get to know each other as who we are Rest assure that what we are doing is not benefiting someone else It’s really what we want to do to ensure that our community benefits as a whole >> There was a couple of questions in the chat that I will bundled together to deal with enrollment The first I think I know the answer to which is the budget projections for next year are based on the assumption that will likely be some reduction in undergraduate enrollment I think that’s the major driving cost and the deficit we would likely see You do have any numbers that you can share with us on the effect we have seen already on international undergraduates students or enrollment? >> I’m not My numbers are not as of today but what we have seen is instate holding strong which is great

We have seen out-of-state being fine so far This is early, so we don’t really want to jinx anything international have been affected But not severely yet And we hope and plan and we are doing everything we can to ensure that it remains this way I’m very cautious about this because I know that things can change I don’t know what’s going to happen with this virus We don’t know what’s going to happen with international travel or visas No know how things are going to be in July, but today, we have to be cautiously optimistic that if things remain, we will be in person in the fall That we are not going to be in a horrible situation regarding our enrollment Sometimes you say something out loud and it happens differently This is what we know as of May 1 which is the date of deposits Again, long way to go, a lot of effort and I want to thank our faculty that have participated in every opportunity they could to interact with our incoming class, to work with our returning students, it is very critical that they maintained — that we maintain this level of engagement because this is what it’s — this is what William & Mary is I’m not the person to answer this because I don’t want to give you any information that’s not up-to-date I will defer to my colleagues on that Questions that will be submitted will be addressed Even if I do not have the perfect answer for you, they will be answered Either through our FAQ or our next open hours if you are willing to come I want to take this opportunity to thank the groups of faculty who attended the first two and actually I will take every opportunity to interact with you in person in addition to the email communications or the indirect communications through other services — Other sources >> I think with that answer there, that put us in a good position to be thinking about ramping up I think there is one question that is out there in order for people to manage the uncertainty, what can we look for in terms of timelines and actions for the next big update what can we expect to hear some more about decisions and the path forward? >> There are certain things that are not dependent on us We expect to know as we learn more, we expect to have the next major milestone in this process to be in June Mid June and late June, we should have a decision on how we are going to be back in the fall As I mentioned a few times today, our intention is to be in person with the caveat of what we discussed Sensitive groups, or changes that would occur until then Mid to late June I think we will know the other big chunk of major decisions concerning our path forward I want to thank you both Tom, David, and I don’t know how to do this without your

support and encouragement The knowledge that you bring to the executive committee, all the assemblies have been trained — have been fantastic but my relationship with the faculty has moved forward in a very secure way My steps are much more stable when I know that you have been part of the process and you have been great to work with Thank you for this I remain committed to continue working with you and our faculty and our staff and every part of this institution to make decisions under these uncertain circumstances and it will be to the best of our ability in helping the Association — the institution get through this Thank you to our faculty who are watching and I want to ask you to continue being involved asking questions, thinking creatively, doing your best to ensure that you are hurting and rest assure, that you are and that everything that you say and do are always, always. We always have that in mind as we move forward and we are very appreciated Thank you

Vermont Legal Aid Town Hall on Long-Term Care

thank you so much for joining us for Vermont legal aids Town Hall today my name is Amelia Schlossberg and I work at the office of the healthcare advocate at Vermont legal aid from a legal aid is hosting these town halls at 10:00 in the morning on Thursdays we are recording these town halls so you can watch them later the recordings are posted on our Facebook page where we are also broadcasting this this town hall and the recording is also posted on our website that’s WWBT la help org our website is a joint project of Vermont legal aid and legal services for Mont we’ve been covering various civil legal issues over the past several weeks we’ve talked about housing we’ve talked about unemployment we’ve talked about health care than some other topics and we’ll have a guest and you can ask questions if you’re joining us via zoom you can type your questions into the Q&A box and I’ll ask those questions of our guests you can also see a type answer in zoom as well to each question if these questions will be answered and if you have a private and a confidential question you want to ask us you can always call the phone number 1-800 eight eight nine two zero four seven is the phone number to reach Vermont legal aid and legal services Vermont our help is always free and confidential so if there’s a question you don’t want to ask here you can ask it there if you’re joining us on Facebook you can type your questions into the comment section of the Facebook live video and we’ll get your questions answered that way and if you’re calling in again you don’t have a way for you to ask questions over the phone during the the Town Hall but you can call us at that number to get your questions answered if you don’t hear an answer during the town hall and you don’t see an answer on our web page one more quick note before we get started with today’s guest we are hosting a virtual legal and ice clinic for that we’ll give free legal assistance to Vermont seniors that’s folks living in Vermont that are aged 60 and over will answer your legal questions about kovat 19 or any civil legal question that means things like health care Social Security debt housing unemployment and more you can give us a call and leave a message to have your free 20 minute appointment this clinic is on Wednesday June 10th from 9:00 a.m to 11:00 a.m. and to schedule an appointment you call us at 8:02 three one eight four one six nine that’s eight zero two three one eight four one six nine leave us a message to schedule an appointment so that’s a free legal advice clinic for Vermonters over sixty years old so thank you for asking your questions and typing them into the Q&A box and let’s see I think the the next step here is to welcome our our guest today so um our guest today is Sean Maude again so I’m gonna turn your video on or ask you to turn your video hello hi Shawn hello um and I’m gonna ask you I start your video too sorry I think I’d stopped you from doing that before okay thank you so much for joining us John so again my name is Amelia my guest today is Shawn Lonnegan I’m Shawn monoghan is Vermont’s long-term care Ombudsman thank you so much for being here Shawn well thank you very much for the opportunity magnification wonderful so Shawn what is long term care so long term care is a broad range of services and one end would be medical services so be things like you know they’re seeing physical therapy occupational therapy and if the other end would be non-medical services and would be things like personal care so if a person had an ability to do activities of daily living they would get personal care so

depending on the person’s condition and needs and preferences they would get you know the services that they need that continue got it and so where does long-term care take place so long-term care complaing of places it can occur in long-term care facilities so long trunk episodes would be a nursing home residential care home and assisted living facility and you can also get long-term care in the community such as as your home okay thanks Shawn um so tell me more about Vermont long-term long-term care Ombudsman project and in your office and what do you do so the long-term care budget project is an Agassi group project the special project of Vermont legal aid and we advocate for right and also individuals who received choice of the care in the home and we also try to promote change that would lead to better care long-term care and quality of life or individuals receiving long-term care how does looks reach the the project time maybe just have someone to get help they can do that in various ways I guess the best way now would be through you know our 1-800 number so one eight hundred eight nine two zero four seven there are a button projects been around for for many years so some some people already know about that so you can contact busman directly we also can take you know we used many times we spend time communicating with long-term care facilities so that’s another way you can do it through our website but right now probably the best one it would be to give an office a call and then depending on where you’re from you in each county in Vermont has their own ombudsman so at some point that Ombudsman would give you a call back okay got it so it sounds like if you need help from a long-term care Ombudsman you would call the 1-800 eight eight nine to zero four seven number and let’s leave a voice message and let them know where you are what nursing home you’re living in or where you’re getting that home health care and the person that’s assigned to that County a your long-term campus on the local one wall we’ll get back in touch with you exactly great and it sounds like usually you’re going into nursing homes and you’re going into residential care facilities and and sort of checking up and visiting people maybe even proactively before they call you right so the Ombudsman project we have a number of duties and responsibilities but I guess generally speaking we investigate concerns or problems that people have about their long-term care we help individuals make decisions about their long-term care we educate staff about resident rights we monitor conditions at long-term care facilities and we also track policy legislation that would impact long-term care residents and finally we try to give Vermonters just general education and education around long-term care services Thank You Sean um sounds like you do a lot of things so let’s talk about a lot of really important things during this pandemic especially let’s talk about what it’s some of the big changes that you’re seeing during the pandemic for Vermonters that are living in nursing homes and other long-term care facilities so what what do you what do you see right now if you’re living in a nursing home where are some of the changes that you’re seeing right so you know some big changes are issues that residents are facing now or around visitation you also kind of group that means within long-term care facilities so either that dining of social activities there’s issues around coming and going so you know if you’re a resident you’ve got to be the luncheon care facility either to you know just maybe to go home or to receive medical services so position rebound coming and going it’s also issued around transfers and discharged probably more transferred because a lot of facilities now are designating certain areas of facilities sections colder than on coal grid so it may mean that residents are being asked to move rooms and usually they make it a heads up about that in advance but giving makovan that may happen more rapidly I guess you can also other issues may be on staffing staffing shortages and maybe um you know transparency in the sense of maybe individuals not necessarily residents on and Families not necessarily always knowing you know what’s happening within facilities given

some of the restrictions as we mentioned that visitation would be you know one thing got it so thank you Sean let’s talk a little bit more about visitation we have a question here coming in from Facebook and the person is asking when do you think we will be able to see our families and facilities yes that’s a really difficult question but your I guess the to answer your question we have seen moving coal that these restrictions on presentation are a result of you know Cogan and in Vermont we’ve kind of flattened the curve we’ve kind of put in place in infrastructure in regards to testing tracing and as a result of that and we see in Vermont as a whole start to be open and oh and the country and recently CMS which is the Centers Center for Medicare and Medicare services issued their recommendations regarding opening of their some homes and it’s a three-phase prom so it’s my understanding that the state and long-term care facilities are looking at you know how the reopening of nursing homes is going to look over the coming months no real decisions have been made but you know that the reopening is obviously gonna address this issue or visitation it’s a complex issue for various reasons and I already hope that in that process of the state and facilities making that decision that residents their concerns their voice their preferences would would be considered in how you know visiting what look going forward thanks Sean so um tell me more about how residents are staying connected with family members and loved ones during the pandemic without having in-person visits are there any other ways people have been able to stay connected right so facilities they have become n residents have become creative in ways and trying to stay in touch so many facilities have established regular communication you know with family members so that’s one way an example of a way in which families can know it within the facilities soft phone calls with the family members regularly right and even the Smithsonian’s made contact kind of meetings with families where their expression you know telling you okay this is what’s happening in the facility this is what we’re doing this is what we’re seeing and so that’s one way in which family members can least have an idea what’s happening within facilities and inspires communication with family members with residents you’re seeing things like virtual visits like you said phone calls you’re also you may have heard of window visits where you know if elderly members can I mean residents concede family members you know from outside and I should note that with the family with the weather getting warmer some facilities have started you know outdoor visiting again kind of practicing social distancing and taking other precautions but that’s kind of a more face-to-face visit so we’re seeing some facilities do that so those are some of the ways in which families and residents are trying to overcome the current prohibition on visits and facilities got it so Shawn to get back to the original question it sounds like for someone asking when will I be able to see my my loved one in a nursing home facility in person we don’t have a clear timeline yet because it’s going to depend on what happens in the state but we do know that that people are seeing their loved ones through virtual visits from a video or a conference call or a telephone call they’re also visiting and seeing them through windows and we did have a resident or someone who asked us a question here and said what about outsides you’re saying that yes there are places that are doing some outside visits that are at least six feet apart as the weather gets warmer maybe with other protections like masks and keeping that distance but being in person right yeah I wish I could give that that person neighbor right that question a certain date certain but I don’t think that that’s possible all I can say is that you know that’s something definitely that facilities and stay here are looking wanting to address mm-hmm yeah and it sounds like you’ve been saying that when the state starts making more changes and

allowing more opening of nursing homes for long-term care residents in various settings it’s really important to have people that are living in nursing homes have the residents themselves be at the table and have a voice in this and these decisions most definitely that really should be happening because you know residents are obviously part of the equation and you know facilities and even the state when and then thinking about reopening you should take in consideration you know what residents are feeling and had to say on these you got it Sean we’ve got some really great questions coming in more about these changes you’ve been talking about and so here’s a question that says I understand the limiting of visitors but when do you think residents will be able to dine with each other yeah again right so there’s again limitations we talked about some of the things and sense of you know group activities within facilities and not not happening so initially we’ve heard you know people just residence just being eating inside their rooms by themselves so again as things as we’ve learned learn more I guess I heard of facilities where residents are eating together but again practicing social distance so it might not be that you know you have six men six residents around the table it may be that you know you have two presidents at that table and then tables just you know in a way in which it’s so statistic so I can’t say the airplane there get infected so I think that that’s happening in some facilities again lots of times some of these things are gonna be facility specific right so it’s not gonna be like a red line or every facility doing the same thing it may depend on the facilities what they think that they’re capable of doing so in some facilities we are seeing again not the the group meals that we’ve seen before but opportunities for you know residents to eat together but in a socially you know I guess Justin’s in a responsible way got it Thank You Sean so I guess I have a follow-up question for that if someone if I’m in a nursing home or a long-term care facility or residential care home and I’m not getting the connection that I need whether that’s you I’m feeling isolated in my room or I’m not getting a chance to to to connect into to be in community what are some resources for me in that situation right so one resource will be definitely the Ombudsman program right so if your feelings though you know you have concerns questions about your care and you you know want to talk things talk things out you can certainly give our office again contact our office and we can talk with you and we can go through your options in the sense of about how you can have that concerned address and there’s a number of things we do and the Ombudsman can talk with you about about that so I guess I would recommend contacting us but I guess if you want to take the initiative you can you know always bring up any concern residents have a right to make complaints so if you have concerns or complaints about your care you can definitely bring that up you know with an administrator a nurse was a staff person at the facility and express yourself but feel free to give us a call and we can help support you in doing that got it Thank You Sean there’s another question along those lines and this is so what if someone has this concerned someone’s s s an anonymous question and about residents that have been combined to your room and allowed to walk in hallways consequently you may lose your ability and stamina to walk so what if you’re concerned about losing your ability to walk or stamina to walk because you’ve been confined to your room and not allowed to walk around right yep again you can contact the Ombudsman and that’s something that should be addressed you know nursing homes have a responsibility to maintain a person’s for example physical capabilities as you know best as possible so it does seem in my view unreasonable that that person would have to be combined to their room because no for example I’ve been sheltering in place doesn’t mean I have to be combined to my room you know I for

example individuals according to the governor’s order as essential activities would be to get exercise so again if individuals have a specific need facility should be taking that in consideration and care planning around that so there should be a way in which there’s it really shouldn’t be any reason why in my view given that that question the information provided that that person should be confined to their room all the time and not able to be able to walk you know around the facility or even outside so they should definitely give us a call and we can work with them to address that concern Thank You Shawn that was a great question okay are you ready for more questions long that’s lying the sort of people are responding to these changes sure yes okay great so um it’s a really great question here this is a someone saying we provide hospice services in several nursing and assisted living facilities many of these have restricted visits from our social workers and chaplains a few facilities are still on ready to allow our nurses and aides in to provide care for these patients um the most of them have arranged for virtual visits but virtual visits are not as comprehensive as in-person hospice visits are well there be guidance from the state about provider business as well as having visits so what about these visits that are not from family members or loved ones these are from hospice services around social workers and chaplains are those restricted right now would you navigate that if someone wanted that hospice care from a chaplain or a social worker in person and was being told no you can only get it over the video chat right so yeah the pro based on the governor’s order visits are prohibit prohibited in nursing homes for example and with only two exceptions those two exceptions being medic medic medic Oh necessary personnel and also end-of-life circumstances hmm so it’s pretty strict Ombudsman in but in those circumstances also issued compassionate care so so the governor’s or is a little bit stricter than maybe some of the CMS we talked about Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Medicaid so in that situation again I think they can this the questioner can certainly reach out to Ombudsman program and we can kind of think about that and see how best to address that but I guess there was a little bit of leeway right there with that compassionate care um so and it can be an individual basis so and again as things are again opening up it does seem as though facility should be taking consideration these types of services and maybe even making the argument that they’re medically necessary so I think it’s a way in which we can brainstorm and and look at the situation and figure out if there’s a way in which we can have those services provided in person like the questioner said which which are better for the resident so I guess that’s my my initial thoughts Thank You Sean it sounds like there’s also already an exception for end-of-life care so Hospice might threaten that row baby should fit in that though on how that’s being interpreted it sounds like if it’s being an interpreter in a way that’s not following what the resident is looking for that’s when the Ombudsman would really want to be able to help out yeah why certain things sometimes like you know the end of life end of life you know at the end there but yes but but it kind of should be here at an individual perspective if you look at CMS guidance and so again there should be a kind of more comprehensive looking and facilities are saying you know are in my view that something should not have be happening right it does seem as though again looking at the individual situation and see you know how best to do that would be a more appropriate way I don’t so Sean I’ve brought you into all these individual questions and I want to kind of bring you back to sort of the general things that everyone should know for the last couple of minutes of these 30 minute townhall before we get into more of these really wonderful questions and so what are some other big changes or things people should know about what’s happening during the pandemic maybe things that they can do or things that long-term care facilities or home health agencies are doing um in response to help keep people safe that either either good or they are tough to navigate right so I guess in response to cope in 1950 should be kind of assessing their infection control procedures and policies they should be

implementing those control policies they should be sending communicating regularly with the state in terms of getting guidance has been seeking help when they help and they should also be setting up a regular chain of communication with family and residents to keep that kind of update updated on on things it’s a you know I don’t need to tell anybody like the environment is fast-paced and changing changing so good communication with residents and essential the state should be doing things like testing they should be doing things like contact contract racing they should also be again working with facilities to provide technical assistance based on what’s happening with individual facilities they have a certain situation that they have an outbreak so if they have an outbreak obviously the facility should be communicating and working with the state how best to mitigate that outbreak and in addition for that the state should be pushing out information that’s coming from then and also from the federal government in regards to policies and procedures best practices and then finally the state should also be regulating facility so in regards to you know certain things that facility should be doing and response aid the kovin um so the state should be ensuring that they’re enforcing those rules and again you know working with facilities to make sure that for example friction control is maximized and being done in a proper way great Thank You Sean um that sounds like a lot of really important changes that are happening right now in really important ways to help limit the spread of this disease I know that in in Vermont and across the country nursing home residents and and people that are getting long-term care really been very mean very vulnerable and kind of experience a lot of a lot of illness and a lot of harm from this pandemic so so some really important so any last last comments from you before we go into these more individual questions which are just these are fantastic questions and I’m excited to get to them anything else folks should everyone should know about long term care right now I guess the one thing that does could pop into my mind is the stimulus checks that Americans most Americans I should say twelve on our dogs received and I just regards those stemless checks I just want to emphasize that those of the residents stim was checked so for example of a residents on monitoring care Medicaid that stimulus is not considered income they so it no in no way impacts your benefit your benefit generally speaking and it shouldn’t be going towards like a higher patient here and that’s money your money to be doing whatever personally you want to spend that on so I just want to emphasize that and those checks that are going out and mid-april so hopefully you know people are residents if you seen that if you have any questions or concerns about you know the stimulus check again feel free to give the ombudsman program call and I guess the other points I just want to make would be that you know the Ombudsman program is still open so again we had mentioned that word we’re unable to visit facilities because of the restrictions that we talked about but we’re still open and working remotely and in contacting facilities and residents during the pandemic and going forward we’re free so you know any services that we provide are free and in word confidential so anything that residents or any callers say to us this is stayed between you know the caller and us unless we get permission to do that you know facility so residents coming to us as a confidential relationship and we’re resident directed so we don’t do anything unless we get permission for the resident or their representative to go forward so Shawn that sounds like are you saying that you’re not meeting the reporter so really there’s no exception so that confidential your your confidential and you’re always going to take that direction from from the person you’re talking to from from the resident themselves correct we’re not mandatory reporters and we picture resident directive so we just follow you know what the residents want us to do got it so it sounds like that $1,200 is yours to keep it does not go back to Medicaid or anywhere else doesn’t count for Medicaid and you have a free confidential resource and the phone number is

but if that resident was seeking legal advice or legal representation and that’s one way in which that could be pursued or polished we would certainly make that referral that’s what the resident wanted okay thank you okay so lots more questions and here’s a question that says I got some clients that only got half of their money can we refer them to you to find out why does someone only got half of their stimulus check yeah they can definitely calling you or yep they can definitely call our office because that shouldn’t be you know happening and actually yes that’s that’s that we would want to know why that was happening so feel free to give us a call great so yes definitely a good referral um okay next question about these stimulus taxes is a great topic is there a certain amount of time people need to go before the $1,200 is counted against their Medicaid eligibility um so for example if they haven’t spent it and it’s been an entire year from now then what happens this is great cuz I things happen change after a full year correct yep you’re right Amelia so if a resident did not spend that money within approximately 12 months yeah yeah then it could possibly count as a resource and you know impact benefits but you have a resident has up to 12 months to spend that money got it so if you’re over the in kind of resource limit after 12 months then then it might put you over the resource alone but it’s not gonna do anything in the meantime so don’t and if you need help figure out how to spend that money and we’re not gonna tell you how to do that but if you want to talk through some ideas if you’re worried about losing your medicaid talking through ideas and on how to keep medicaid it’s definitely something that Vermont rates so what once generally speaking it shouldn’t impact your medic Medicaid and yeah so it’s kind of like a extra personal needs allowance presidents may be familiar with that they get a person B’s allowance but 72-66 think so they can spend that money has they see fit so the same thing kind of applies does apply in stemless Jack it’s kind of $1200 in which they can spend how they how they however they want to spend money on their personal needs and things that they know they want to buy or need thanks Sean okay so another great question here what is the current Vermont guidance for additional restrictions after a resident has left the long-term care home for a doctor’s visit yep that’s going to depend on facilities generally speaking if an individual leads the facility and goes to see a doctor it could be that they are isolated in some fashion from the rest of the residence for up to 14 days so generally speaking if you know someone’s going to you know regular dialysis or someone went home for a weekend you probably need to talk with the facility and maybe it’s a good idea to find us out beforehand and they they should have some kind of policy and they’d be able to explain to you what’s going to happen but it is possible that you know one one thing that could happen would be that they would be isolated for a period of time given the fact that they left the facility and kind of come back thanks Sean so is that um specific to one is that the side nurse’s if Accor residential campus specific or is there general Vermont guidance of all facilities are following yeah it’s it’s all long-term care facilities we probably generally following that you know guidance and again it’s guidance so you know facility for various reasons may say well we’re not going to you know do the 14 days or whatever so again that’s guidance that’s general guidance is that you know if you’re for some reason you’ve left the facility for a period of time coming back you’re gonna be and due to coping you might you’re going to be isolated potentially so it’s limited interaction with the rest of the facility for a period of time due to that kind of we mentioned comings and goings so that’s an example an issue that residents are facing when they leave what happen when I come back mm-hmm and again if they have questions or concerns they can certainly come to the contact and on buzzing we can talk that through and you know work with the facility ask the facility what what is your policy and

and try to get an understanding what they’re doing mm-hmm thank you Shawn I’m swing back West here a question here about testing and this person’s asking are a lot of residential care facilities having contaminations tests haven’t been available in the one that my loved one is in so it’s no one has shown any symptoms but what statistics do we have in Vermont and is the state going to provide this kind of information right so there’s multiple questions there the first one I’ll say that the snake does in regards to information about launching facilities at the end of each week the Department of Health does issue kind of a summary of what’s happened up to that point and in regards to Cove it’d giving a breakdown of the demographics and one criteria is like long-term care and over the past weeks approximately 50% of fatalities in Vermont to dacovia are related to long-term care so that’s one way in which they don’t break it out you know I haven’t seen anything along those along those lines but so that’s one way in which you can figure out kind of what’s happening monitoring their facilities and regards to total fatalities testing no it’s if there’s an outbreak in a facility the facility will be given the option everybody so if there’s a staff member that tests positive or a resident test positive Department of Health will notify the facility that there’s you know been at positive Kovach either a resident or a staff don’t give the facility staff and residents the option of being tested and then they’ll follow up do follow-up testing based on that so I think is initial passed and then three days after that initial test and seven days 10 days 13 14 days so that’s what we happen but if there isn’t in she mentioned the residential care home so that’s a little bit different nursing homes do have the option potentially to do more testing but what I know as far as I know is that residential care homes you they’re not going to be at this point given the option that was do testing without probably a positive test happening there okay so it sounds like there’s not necessarily widespread testing in facilities where there have been no symptoms um what do you do if you are living in a in a long-term care facility and you want to get tested but you haven’t had symptoms or you’re not sure if you have symptoms yeah so again again not everybody can get tested but if you had had reason to believe that you should be tested you had symptoms or you would need to get an order for that testing and then you would get tested through that process I know this is kind of complicated you know bond doesn’t pop up test now where people can call up and throw out for money and get their you know own tests so I guess a staff member could do that and again if you’re there’s different rules here a guidance depending on the facility so nursing homes you might have the option of getting and they talked about enhanced protocols which includes more testing but if you’re a residential care assisted living you’re probably not going to have that option so I don’t know if I did a good job of answering that question but if you wanted to get testing you would probably have to do it in a way outside that outside the facility if there aren’t people with symptoms then right testing probably wouldn’t come to you we might be able to figure out a way to go to the test right okay got it thank you Shawn okay so another really wonderful question here on a different topic when will nursing homes be able to admit new residents so our nursing home submitting new residents now okay yes so that’s good to the very eye it’s gonna vary depending on the facility there’s no rule that facilities can’t admit new residents facilities may make that decision on their own for various reason they might be a legitimate right because they may be concerned about bringing kovat in they might not feel as though they had the staff to manage you know the staff so but there’s no prohibition for new admissions and the cyllage should have again I guess I should I’m saying it’s so there’s no reason why I facility there’s no prohibition so if so they feel insulation

I can accept someone they can do so so I guess that’s up what I would take enough guess if I hear a negative whoa we’re not accepting our residents I would try somewhere else to see whether or not that would be different and again it could be in a case-by-case basis where a facility is evaluating whether or not they feel so they can appropriately care for that person so there’s no prohibition on admissions at this time got it so far the question when will nurse assumes to be able to admit new residents they can admit new residents right now but they may be choosing not to exactly you answer that much better than I did something I’m just summarizing what you’re saying okay more questions about resources here so are there this question says when my Adult Day programs reopen so are their Adult Day programs that are open right now that you know of yes thanks for what those resources look like adult they have been closed right under the governor’s orders at some point yes there will be reopening I don’t know necessarily exactly when that’s gonna happen but I would still contact adult days because they are providing some services including services in people’s homes so even though they’re not operating like they used to three months ago they are still providing services so I guess if you’re familiar with adult daycare or been kicking receiving services there be previous I would contact them to get an idea of when they’re gonna you know when they think they’re gonna reopen and also whether or not they may be able to provide you some services in the meantime perfect thank you okay so more questions about facilities are there any limitations with switching facilities if you’re unhappy I guess the only limitation would be that facilities it probably has been to accept new residents for the reasons we just talked about before right in the sense of being unsure whether than that they want to miss someone that they have unfamiliar with and you know what are the possible ramifications of that I can admit you know kovaydin cause you know that that concern so nope if an individual desires to you know move from a facility that’s their preference the facility should be working with them it may be harder but they can certainly try to do that okay and so it sounds like there’s sort of two pieces just wishing facilities one piece is the leaving one facility and the next is getting into the other facility and so where it sounds like there may be some slow process around getting into the next facility and you probably wouldn’t want a big gap in between there right hopefully it’s a fairly smooth switch so um you would want to work so what about someone that wants to leave it and doesn’t want to go to another facility but wants to go home or to go live you know get home health care or live with with loved ones right so individuals that are nursing homes when they first and you know admitted to a nursing home they are asked their preferences you know would they want to go home and so but at any point so that may change over time right so but if any point the resident says well I want to go home then the facility should be working with that resident to accomplish that I’m so it’s called discharge planning right and I’m saying that I want to return to my home and if I need services home health services they should be working with me to make that happen so I have a safe discharge to home so a resident certainly can say you know I have a home that come back so they could be obstacles right if you don’t have a home or that going home could be difficult so but the point being is if you have a preference your preferences that you want to leave the facility the facility has an obligation to work with you and busman can be part of this process to make sure everybody’s doing their job and the sense of of trying to I’m sure that this residence preference is met that can certainly um happen one thing I want to say is you know unfortunately no one’s guaranteed a spot into a nursing home so even if you need nursing home level of care it doesn’t automatically mean that someone has to accept you so going back I know we’ve already covered this question but admitted to a nursing home can be difficult even during ordinary times and then so this times it could be a little bit more difficult so I guess if I’m thinking about transferring or going to admitting or going to a new facility that’s one of the things I have to keep in the back of my mind is that it may be more difficult at this time to leave to get into a nursing home or any facility or to go to a different one under these circumstances got it so that’s always a little bit of a complicated situation and it may be much more complicated now given a pandemic okay Thank You Shawn so we have another question here um have you received any

complaints about lack of personal protective equipment PPE s from long-term care facilities and/or people receiving home health care is there anything your office can do to help with this right so an adorably we’ve heard reports that you know this staff members at facilities haven’t had the PPE and I think if you know you talked to the state that would be confirmed you sense even facilities themselves in the sense of not always having enough protective personal protective equipment if individuals are you know having difficulties with that we can certainly talk with them we are advocates for residents but at the same time we do talk to you know stab so if that felt as though they weren’t getting that we can certainly provide them with some ways in which they could they get that concerned address including you know making a report to the state for example so if they stack our mandatory reporters right so if there’s something that’s compacting the health and self well-being of residents they may be in a position where they shouldn’t be reporting those things but yeah and I guess I would say that you know the personal protective equipment has been an issue and we can certainly talk with them about you know how they can mummy get their complains addressed um got it Thank You Sean so it sounds like you are predominantly you’re primarily there to support residents and residents a separate questions not staff but these kinds of questions do impact residents that’s right maybe you would want to hear about them and you have heard about these kinds of things they are like right got it um okay thank you so more questions here we’ve been talking about how difficult that it can be for you to switch between facilities if you’re a resident and you live in a nursing home and you want to live in a different one instead we’re switching between assisted living or switching between residential care homes this question here is a bit different but all on the same themes this person’s asking are there restrictions on staff working in more than one facility historically many staff that have multiple part-time sorry historically many staff have had part-time jobs at multiple healthcare facilities which would increase the risk of transferring infection between facilities so what about that situation where staff are switching between facilities yeah there’s no prohibition you know written and regulation that says that stack can’t have multiple you know working multiple facilities and that is problematic and so what you say the questioner says it is correct it could be that that would increase the likelihood of transmitting you know or spreading the virus given that they’re working in multiple facilities and I guess one of the things in thinking about coded and how to you know its impact on nursing homes one of the things long-term to think about is that it’s it’s no secret that salaries pay for support staff and contractor facilities is is very low so that forces many times staff to take on multiple jobs in order to you know pay their bills and you know earn a decent living so that’s like kind of a function of the industry and certainly you know things like you know extra hazard pay legislation north in Vermont now for example for essential workers should include you know staff and long-term care facilities and then going forward it should kind of be an examination of the rates that staffs see so yes that that can certainly with that questions asking that would increase the likelihood of spread and it’s a function of the industry itself effect okay thank you um that’s helpful information and it sounds like there is additional risk and I’m part of that risk that you’re saying is somewhat it’s a problem but it’s also understandable given the the no secret that it’s a low paying position okay um okay um a really great question came in just now from Facebook what if the facilities sorry what is the facilities obligation to tell a new admission if there is an individual who has or as was being tested for kovat 19 so tell me more about if you live in a nursing home and is the facility required to tell you if someone there has tested positive or what if you’re going to a new nursing home what’s the requirement people to

tell you you may be entering a space where someone’s tested positive is there a requirement there right so I think I would you know residents have a right to keep their confidentiality of their medical you know our records so I guess the first thing would be that they wouldn’t I don’t think that facility would disclose who has Kovac unless they have permission but certainly they should be disclosing to residents that you’ve had an you know case that’s either stab or residents and they should be if that’s happening the residents and staff in that facility should be told that that’s happening and this is what we’re planning to do to try to mitigate or address that issue so there’s again you wouldn’t be try to identify that person but you would be required to say well this is what’s happening and occurred and you see what we’re gonna do certainly if you if you’re looking to go into a nursing home you one of the questions you want to ask you know what are your policies around phobic you know when you do it was it out breaking do you have any current cases right now you could certainly should ask those questions out front so you have an idea of you know what you’re getting into you know so can feel satisfied that the facility has a plan going forward if there is no break or if they have current cases Danny thank you sorry let’s we have another question from Facebook here can a facility issue an emergency discharge of a resident if the resident is not following the facilities covered 19 protocols or precautions if they can do that where would that resident go if they had other placement options so what if can you be kicked out of a nursing home if you’re not following the coab in 1902 pause well III don’t think there’s a yes-or-no answer to this question certainly individuals once you’re into a nursing home or a bunch activity there’s only specific reasons why you can get involuntary discharge meaning have to be forced to leave against your will and one of those is that if you’re a threat to the health and well-being of other residents right so if you want if you want to take that forward and an individual was being neglectful or in regards to them exposing themselves and then possibly putting other people at risk you can see how a facility could possibly make that argument you know whether or not that argument is enough to get that person involuntary discharged on the facts of the case and the decision maker so I guess the thing his ear is possible that could happen but but again it’s to depend on the facts then you would also hope that the decision maker were taken to consideration that if this person doesn’t have a place to go that’s willing to take them then it doesn’t seem safe to involuntary discharge that person so it’s a very good question very complex it’s going to depend on multiple factors and there’s you know it may be again it’s not like a strict rule but it’s going to be kind of like fact specific it could happen but there’s many things to think about before that should happen Shawn if you are being you know if you are in the process of being discharged whether it’s emergency discharge or just I don’t know a slower discharge I didn’t say it’s not what you want you want to stay is the long-term care Ombudsman project support for you most definitely so if something like that’s happened if you’re getting discharged involuntary is there a certain process that they need to fall one of the things you should receive notice written notice you know that’s happening and why and if you get a notice even if you don’t get a notice and you’ve been told that’s gonna happen the Ombudsman package should certainly call us and we can help you you know fight that discharge if that’s what you want to do at it so it sounds like you help people that are that are in the nursing home or long-term care facility setting and they want to leave voluntarily they won’t leave on purpose you would help them figure that out and you help someone that’s living in a long-term care facility and does not want to leave but they’re someone’s trying to make them leave you would help those people stay so do both oh great perfect okay wonderful so I’m not different okay this is a follow-up question or sort of a related question about that people that are being forced to leave their home and in a long-term care facility or where they’re living that they don’t want to leave this one person is asking what if the person who is able or not willing to follow the protocol around Kovac 19 has a disability or mental illness but that change how you hope that the facility

would would handle that situation it should it should be so the person should begin a reasonable combination for example example and the fact that they have you know disabilities should be care planned around so again there’s a big difference between someone like intentionally you know maybe doing things that put all the people at risk versus an individual who through you know other circumstances is you know something is happening so yes that that’s a totally different situation and again the facility should be care planning around that person’s unique needs around that and you know and that should result in a discharge discharge is like a last resort you don’t think it’s coming out of their home so all other alternatives should be consumed before you reach the conclusion that this person that needs to be discharged and you in addition you’re gonna do that to a person it sounds like that the long-term care Ombudsman would be helping that resident that doesn’t want to leave asked for a reasonable accommodation to stay and find a way to make it work that’s your we work you know whether it’s yes we that should that should not be happening again discharge is a drastic move pursued only after all our attorneys have been examined and explored and you know so yes thank you Shawn okay we’re nearing the end of our time here here’s another really wonderful question we’ve really answered so many wonderful questions today and this question is saying my mom has been admitted to long term care are there guidelines regarding time limits to going into her apartment and moving or closing up her apartment so time limits so you’re the resident has she’s moving into a lawn tractor facility and she has a separate apartment somewhere else is that what you think it’s my interpretation my guess is that this this in Dule that’s asking the question is not the person moving into the long-term care facility but she’s the person asking and saying oh my loved ones moving in can how soon or how long drive to wait before I can go into where she used to live and kind of close up that apartment or yeah I guess there’s whenever you leave somewhere you’re going to give notice that you’re leaving somewhere right usually 30 day notice and then you would want to take out you know the person’s any belongings so I don’t know if I’m completely following the question but but I guess there’s a time limit for her to move back in yeah I’m not sure I guess I’m curious is um this person saying my mom has been admitted to long-term care and I’m curious whether the mom wants um like what the mom wants here and I’m wondering if that’d be sort of where your where your had to be going to you know like if this person’s calling and saying okay here’s what’s happening what kind you next time I’m curious a part of the answer is well what is alright again I guess if that’s the mom’s apartment and that’s hers then yeah that has has to be factored in and I don’t know whether you know moved into on don’t care sometimes to go back up so I guess in this situation we would maybe want to flush out the details a little bit more so it does sound as though you know that the person writing this question isn’t a resident of a long-term care facility or isn’t receiving choice of the care in the community so we want to flesh out exactly what the issue is about you know long-term care before try to answer that so I don’t know if they did a bad job with that but I guess best thing would be but for that person to give us a call when we can flush that out a little bit more Thank You Sean so the phone number to reach the long-term care Ombudsman project and Sean and the other the local long-term care Ombudsman that work in each of the counties around the state of Vermont along with your long-term care Ombudsman volunteers that phone number is WWWE tela-health org webpage but you can find information about the long-term care Ombudsman and about long-term care there that website is a joint project of Vermont legal aid and legal services Vermont and again the Ombudsman’s help is always free and confidential and so you can always reach out and show and I know that we’ve been asking all these kind of quick like give a quick answer and I know that you’re used to and the Ombudsman you’re used to giving really thorough thoughtful advice with lots of information and it’s always specific to the person’s circumstances so you’re getting personalized information it’s pretty different from this Q&A here or

it’s just like quick snippet go right yes yeah so yeah I’m trained at the lawyer so I know I could be long-winded so I apologize for that that’s fine um let’s see we one more question here it sounds like would this be the right time to call your office sounds like someone’s loved one is mental health is declining and dealing with some depression and anxiety and perhaps some dementia that’s being intensified as well is that a place where were you your office could be a resource to sort of figure out some other resources for that person yes so that person’s are launched our capabilities and they’re you know they’re suffering and they seem to be like that they can certainly reach out to us and we can you know be a problem solver and you know hopefully think about some resources that that could maybe make that a situation for them better perfect so again the launch of care muslin project is free and confidential and helps people Vermonters people living in Vermont in long-term care facilities including nursing homes residential care homes and assisted living facilities as well as people that are getting choices for care long-term care at their homes okay thank you so much Sean I really appreciate your help today and your expertise and it’s really wonderful to have you in this town hall well I appreciate the opportunity and thank you very much for your help thank you alright thanks everyone again this was recorded and you can watch it again later

DDD Partners Town Hall – 6/25/20

Alright, ready to start the recording All right, everybody It’s seven o’clock on a Thursday Pleasant good evening to you off Thanks for joining us again for the New Jersey disability, developmental disability network partners, virtual town halls This is part two of a four part series entitled reopening And re-imagine Harry Ray, sorry, reimagining Striving for the ideal Want to go over a couple of housekeeping things before we dive into the town hall itself My name is Michael Brower I’m an attorney with disability racing Jersey I’ll be the host behind the scenes is Naomi You might hear me addressing her now, and then she’s pushing buttons to make sure everybody gets into the chat room to make sure the audio is working close Captions are working And to make sure that the slides are moving smoothly One thing I want to do a quick plug for disability rights, New Jersey Last year we performed a statewide sheltered workshop survey And we’re looking to expand on that So any information or experiences of folks who work in a sheltered workshop? During the COVID-19 crisis, particularly you have to workshop closed My understanding is all of them did close door in the pandemic We’d ask any workshop participants, families, or staff to share their thoughts and experiences with us The best way to do that is email address Advocate At D R N j.org And that’s up on your screen The Information there is just voluntary If you have anything you’d like to share again, if their thoughts about your experience during the COVID-19 crisis as a worker or a family member of somebody at a shelter workshop Please share that with us I want to introduce the DD partners, the folks that are on our zoom and join us every week Mercedes hotel ski, the executive director of the New Jersey council for developmental disabilities. Share more from her later Not from the bog center on developmental disabilities Calling McLaughlin, you associate director From the office of the ombudsman for individuals with intellectual developmental disabilities and their family, the ombudsmen Paul Aronson, and the associate director, Christine Baxter Join us on the call Gwen or Lawsky the executive director from disability rights is here with us tonight, too And I want to go through a couple of housekeeping Just to make sure that everyone knows what to expect I started talking a little bit before we began the session for questions. The easiest way. If you have a question, a comment, a thought Anything that you want to share or reaction, you can use the chat window that is going to be in the black bar on your screen, either at the top or the bottom If you don’t see that there’s three dots that say more, you click that more. It’ll open up On additional window where you’ll see the chat button, you can push that to open up your chat window There will be a few times during tonight, zoom Where our guests speakers will be sharing their experiences and perspectives that will close the chat down temporarily While they’re talking, that’ll just help us prevent any kind of distractions and make sure that they have Our undivided attention since they took time out of their days to come share with us Also if you are inclined or if you’re all joining us by telephone There’s a couple other ways that you can share questions with us You can either email Or text to questions@drnj.org I’ll have that up on a second screen and be monitoring it live You can send a text message from an SMS enabled phone To questions that DRN j.org, or you can use your email client to send a question there as well With that, that’s our basic housekeeping And when I got that all out of the way, now I want to turn the microphone over to Mercedes Petoskey Because I have director from New Jersey council on developmental disabilities I say this Thank you, Michael And thank you everyone for joining us again this evening And this part two of this two part first two part series on adult services and our next two part series on children’s services So we’re happy to be in your, in your, in your homes to this evening So the first thing, if you go to the next slide, Michael, that I wanted to do, because some of you may not have been able to participate last week was just to give a real quick recap on the

Real DD reopening work group and the reopening conversation that we had last week. Again, this is a conversation So we encourage you to participate through the chat and questions that DRA and j.org in order to hear from you So DDD convened a work group to discuss the Rio opening of congregate day programs and other areas. And their first meeting was June 4th We had our sixth meeting today with meeting scheduled next week At which point we Hope to conclude most of our work around the aspects of what the group was assigned. So if you can go to the next slide, please The recommendations and guidelines for the work group included coming up with information on the now what we’re doing and how we can advise individuals and families as to things that they can be doing while we’re still in this closing phase of our day programs and other services and supports Pre opening ways that the committee will help to inform the division on steps to take regarding how to prepare for opening the third phase soft opening, how to slowly A ramp up opening of day programs and other day services and then ramping up to a full capacity. And then the fifth phase, which we hope we don’t have to ever use Is how to adjust based on data in, in perhaps having things slowly closed down or based on geography W with data, how we might need to make adjustments through the service system So those are the, that’s the charge of the reopening committee Next slide, Michael I did show last week, the 10 individuals that are on the work group, there are five service providers and you see them up on your slide Right now, those five represent the three trade organizations in our state, the arc of New Jersey ABCD And N J a C P and then two providers that are not residential service providers, but just wrote run day, stay services And may or may not be associated with a trade organization Next slide The five other members of the reopen work group or advocates, including the bog center and myself as part of The council on developmental disabilities, as well as Eileen Hurley Who’s the chair of the family support planning council and the family advisory council. Carolyn Heyer, who were very delighted is one of our panelists this evening And Renee Pierce, who is a self-advocate who received services from an impact of agency Next slide So we heard about reopening concerns last week We shared concerns that we had already heard And they’re up here on your slide I’m going to transportation continues to be a big concern, given that most folks rely on some form of transportation to get to, and from their day services Having to wear masks who can wear masks, who can’t wear masks And other areas like testing remote and in home services where some of the concerns reopening concerns that we’ve heard next slide And then we also heard from many families regarding RI recommendations protocols, how to prioritize the services and supports that people will get and when they will get them as reopening occurs So next slide I wanted to also take a minute before I w we move into reopening We did have a DVD, how to division, update meeting today and gave a status as to where the Reopening work group was at And I wanted to share some of that in case you missed that today So what John reported is that the group has reviewed many Resources and information through the centers for disease control and prevention Much guidance from other New Jersey state agencies that have already worked on re they’re reopening an issue They reopening plans within the department of health department of children and families, and also guidance from other States As we as, and had opportunities to look at they’re reopening strategies to help inform the work here in New Jersey So it’s sometimes it’s great to have work that’s happened before you’re ready to move forward The other things that the state shared today was some of the priority areas of the work group and was not an exhaustive list, but I’ll,

I will share with you The work group is working on guidance for an individual assessment and assessment that families would complete with their loved one And that would help inform the provider that they use in terms of Various aspects of what needs to be considered around the individual’s needs and their thoughts and plans for returning to a day program And what services they might receive now and how those services might be continued in some way The other thing, the work group group will look at his guidance that will provide recommendations Four items that need to be addressed in order to reopen safely And guidance on what the facilities will need to do to prepare for opening and what we’ll call, what was being called a site assessment that providers would need to follow in order to You know, verify that their services are ready for The next step So that is the status. As I said, we’re hoping that the group will have concluded much of those documents that will then be reviewed at the state level And John did say today that then they would be issued out for implementation So that’s about as much as we can. We can update tonight There is again, no date for reopening programs, but I think we are well on our way as a work group to having a completed Much of the work, laid the foundation for all of the work And I would say confidently that we are very close and hope that the state would be able to start to share that information with everyone soon So the second part of this town hall is around re-imagining and I put a couple of questions Up here because I looked at the chat from last week and, and we appreciate that you all contributed to that, that conversation So one of those questions was, you know, how can I really reimagine in a time like this already under a lot of pressure or already dealing with many things. So how can I reimagine Is this really the time to reimagine who can help me re-imagine and I know that we have great folks on our call tonight So if you wanted to think about re-imagining, this is the right call to be on And then what are those possibilities for? Re-imagining And then we go all the way down to, I just want things to go back to normal I’m really not interested in re-imagining and that’s okay, too So, but we’re glad that you’re still here and you can listen to this dialogue and conversation and we can begin to have a, another great discussion So next slide So the first person who is going to start that discussion for us is Carolyn Haier. Carolyn’s a family advocate She’s going to give her perspective and I’ll let her share And then we’re going to close the chat right now so that we can listen to Carolyn. And then we’d like you to pick up Sharing reactions to Carolyn’s presentation Carolyn Well, thank you, Mercedes And I am very pleased to be here this evening, and I was just looking at the participants and I see a lot of familiar names and a friendly faces And so just reminds me that we are all in this together Which we constantly hear every day, as we all try to navigate through these unprecedented times that we’re in So tonight I was asked to share with you a little bit about my perspective as we all navigate through these unchartered waters that we are in And to really think about, you know, what was life like pre COVID? What is life like now? And what we might imagine life will be like post COVID And so I want to start by saying, as I look at that picture, that was me pre COVID This is me now So you see what COVID has done But as I started to think about, you know, how would I frame this conversation? It reminded me of many years ago when my son, Chris, who is now 32 He has autism and when he was younger and in school, My driving thought all through school was Do whatever we can do to prepare him to not be home with nothing to do when school ends And, you know, we worked very hard to reach that, try to reach that goal. And I feel that COVID Just made that, that was my greatest fear that when he would be home with nothing to do and overnight That’s exactly what happened For us and a lot of other families that we went from having

Our loved ones in programs and having the supports and services that they needed to lead, but that they have lives too, going to nothing And so that’s hard, but I, I, it, and it’s taken me a while to kind of wrap my head around that, but I am also the eternal optimist And so I like to think that this is an opportunity for us to reimagine You know, it took us 20, some odd years to imagine and get to what we have before. Now We’re kind of back to square one And thinking about what does life look like in this new world? And I do believe that we will be able to bring some of what we had in existence, but I also think that A lot of the structure that are mine Really thrives on it Many of our kids really thrive on is very uncertain right now And I think that’s very hard for them as well as for us As their family members who want to support them in the best way that we can So I know we’re going to hear later about some, some tools to help us with this process of re-imagining But I think before we can use those tools, we really have to be at a place where we think that it’s a positive thing to do to reimagine. And so It’s difficult to reimagine. And so we, we really need to try That’s kind of where I’m at now. Not thinking about budgets, not thinking about All of the restrictions that are currently Hampering us right now But to kind of look beyond that And think about in this new world, what would I really, really want for my loved one? And I think the primary driving force for all of us right now His health And safety, and that has to be the driving force And because of that, there are going to be things that we’re not going to be able to do that we might like to do And, and I think we have to recognize that, but not just stop there also Think about what to do beyond this point So once we have mastered that, what might our lives look like? How might we function differently? And I, I, I think that One way to do that is to dream and dream big Right. Let’s really try to think outside of the box. And, and I heard some folks say to me, what does that really mean? And I think it needs something different for everybody Oftentimes, I think we, we want to know what are the services and let me go down that list and kind of check off the things that might work for me And I think we should take this opportunity to kind of recreate that list And maybe add things to the list that were never there before It reminds me of many years ago when we were pushing for inclusive practices and Early on There was a lot of resistance to that because it was new and had never been done before So I think we’re kind of in that same place right now We’re going to have to do things that we’ve never done before And we’re going to have to do things differently than we’ve done before And I That’s hard that it’s hard to go down and unknown path But that’s what I’ve been trying to do That’s what I’ve been trying to wrap my head around. I’ve tried to Kind of block it out Into different categories What are we doing differently at home? Let’s certainly our home life has changed You know, used to be up everybody out the door, off the work, whatever it is that you had to do And now we’ve had to readjust to what that looks like You know, two steps forward One step back as we tried to get around that process, but this has gone on so long I think most of us to some degree have gotten to a point that we’re in some sort of a routine at home now And then I think we have to start to think about what does our life out in the community locally and how is that going to be different? Then how it looked before, and, and there are a lot of concerns with that You know, masking and social distancing, and we’re so reliant on what other people do, probably more than we ever have been And that’s concerning as well in terms of keeping our loved ones safe But I do think we should try to Identify those things that we can do out in the community where we can

maintain our safety and then look for support the support that we need to do those things And then the third piece is what do our day services or day programs look like? So as Mercedes shared, the committee has been working very hard and it’s this, you know, it’s such a challenge because everyone’s needs are so different and so varied, and to kind of come up with something that’s going to work for everyone is Is is very, very difficult And, and I think we have to acknowledge that we’re going to do the best we can, and we’re probably going to have to tweak it along the way And that’s okay And I think that that’s what we’re going to have to do at home in the community and in our service programs as well And so I’m trying to take this opportunity to think about not what exists, but what would I want to exist? And then identify what are the supports, the tools, the structures, the services that we would need to put in place To make those dreams become a reality And so I would invite everyone on this call too, to try to do the same Try to push that fear that I know that is rising up aside It will be difficult And then we also have to think about once we’ve identified what it is that we want, what do we have to do to provide our kids with the Skillsets that they will need to actually be able to take advantage of those things And so there may be some new skills that have to be developed, some training that needs to take place, some instruction that needs to take place, but I really, really I think at this point, Everything’s on the table. So we have to really think about, this is what I want. This is what I need to get there This is what my child needs to get their young adult adult And then really go to work in terms of identifying where can we access those services? So, I don’t know if there were questions, but that’s kind of my thought process right now. And I’ll tell you, it changes every day. I get up the next morning, I think, Oh, maybe not that and something else, but I would hope others are coming along on that journey Well, you know, Carolyn, it’s great for you to be at that honest with us, you don’t have all the answers. I don’t think any of us do it We’re here tonight. If we could turn on the chat, Naomi Then I, and then I’ll just ask you Carolyn You know, it’s great to be working with you on the reopening committee, because you said it, you know, health and safety is really the driving force And there were some families that are willing to take some level of risk in order to reengage their child in, in the services that they had pre COVID. There were some that we’re, we’re hearing Don’t want to have any level of risk and will the state offer enough flexibility to continue some of the current things that they’re doing that or are remote? Is that a, is that an area that you’ve given, given some consideration to, you know, accessing remote services with Chris so that he has the things that he enjoys doing, but maybe that they program stays You know, stays as a, an element maybe toward the future, but is that something you’ve looked at or thought about? Yes. So And that’s why that’s a great question, because I think it speaks to this whole, re-imagining had someone said to me prior to this, Oh, we’re going to give you all these remote services are probably, would not have thought that would be something we should take advantage of But are they program is quest and we actually have a daily zoom And when we got the notification that this was going to start I’m honestly, my thought was all right, I’ll pop them in front of the computer, but I really I expectations, which I should know better by now And Day one, his face lit up just from seeing The they’re his friends that he hadn’t seen in a long time, which I never would’ve been able to predict And we are allowed to the point that we have our daily zoom, he walks, he can lock himself in He is relatively independent with most of the activities. And so Yes, we would definitely look towards continuing some level of remote instruction in that he still needs a lot of support when out in the community. And so this is something that he’s engaged, he’s learning, he’s active. And so that has been working for us to some level

So for us, that’s a yes Awesome. Thank you So Carolyn, we’re going to get the chat is going to be up and I know you’re not going anywhere, so we might come back to you, but I’ll, I’ll use a phrase that I’ve heard almost every day Now here’s a woman that needs no introduction because we had our own, our panel last week So give me what is the support coordinators to go to the next slide? Thank you She has graciously included her email address here because she wants to make sure that you have a way to contact her And Amy’s got some words around re-imagining She’s going to share with us now Hi. Good evening everyone. Thank you again for having me back I really, really do appreciate it Carolyn said it really best when she said we need to think outside the box. And when we talk about re-imagining, the reality is, is that while D programs are really great service and provide lots of wonderful places for people to get connected to each other To do some volunteering to learn some great skills The reality is, is that they might really not be available Not only might they not be available for you, but it might not be, as Carolyn was saying a good idea because of your health and safety needs to be in any type of a group So there’s some people where that’s might not be an option anymore So now we’re at the point where we asked the question, well, now what do I do? Right because here’s something that was an important part of somebody’s life that now it’s not a good idea or not Too much of a safety and health risk for you to then take advantage of that service again So I want you to pretend like there is no box There’s no box. There’s no limits. Let’s pretend there’s no limits That’s pretend there’s no budget Let’s literally answer these two questions What does a great day look like for you or your loved one? And once you think that like, There’s no restrictions This is great Pretend like there’s nothing else going on If you could choose anything to do in the world And that would give you joy It would give you a sense of purpose. It would give you what it, what it is that you’re looking for in life Figure what that is Let’s have some deeper conversations as to what’s important to somebody And then we’d go on and say, so how do we make that happen? What needs to be put in place to make that happen? So as we think about re-imagining, I want you to really just kind of not think about services Don’t want you to think about what you can purchase with your budget I want you to think about what it is that you want to do, or you think your loved one would really like to do With that in mind There’s a high likelihood that some remote learning would be okay There I’ve give some providers So a huge amount of credit I’ve been encountering I guide it figured out how to do their music lessons I found another one that had added self defense classes over zoom I found another one that does accounting was Zane has like these friendship groups So they get to keep talking about stuff Another one did like Derby day, they all did the hats They all had like a little thing about the horses and they kind of watched it and figured it out together So they found these really great ways To just do things Kai’s remotely as possible. Now I, I hear you already Virtual learning doesn’t work for my loved one or for me My kids are the best example of it Virtual learning for school was an absolute disaster. It was not good So that’s not a vehicle that would work for them But maybe having a person with you throughout your day will All right. We figured out if we wear masks, we do stuff outside We do things quite carefully and we are very good about our cleaning and all of that stuff. Then maybe some staff Is a good idea Having a person come to you that can make and help design that day help you make that day possible So I know I said, don’t think about services. Sorry I’m gonna do it anyway So let’s talk about support brokerage This is a highly underutilized service It’s something you can purchase. If you’ve got sports program Or you’ve got CCP on the eye records Do you need to be in the new system? However, it is an actual human being That who can help you to find staff? They can help you to get them enrolled in one of our fiscal intermediaries, they can help watch over the time sheets and make sure that they’re correct and send them in when they need to be sent in They can help design a schedule They can help them think about what places or what things they could be doing together And provide some support for you in getting that done It’s something you can use your budget for There are companies right now that are available to do support brokerage. It’s another person to help handle that stuff Cause I know one of the hardest things to do is to find that right,

human being To, to connect with you, right. To connect with you, connect with your loved one that matches well within your family I support broker is a person that you can add into your supports and services that can help you to do that. That’s their main job They can even go as so far as help you interview or help you to design the job tasks and the job duty that you might want for them, things along those lines So that’s just a really, really great resource that’s out there right now So if you were in that great space that Carolyn and he was saying, you know what I think we really need to figure something else out If we’re here or I think it’s worth Thinking about and pursuing that line of thought I think it’s worth the thoughts in the conversation Then support brokerage might be a service that could really help you to get to where, where that is. The answer, that question How do we make that happen? That might be something that could help Another one. And Mike, if you had such a slide, please Is is, is finding set. So big one is finding that So I I’m very pleased as I am part of another group called the collaborative for citizen directed supports This is a group of agencies that’s gotten together We have providers of staff. We have some community partners We have some support coordination agencies Who get together. And our goal is self direction. That’s all it is It is our main drive and focus that people have The voices are loud and proud in our herd So that they can make the choices in their life That makes sense for them And everything we do pushes towards that What you up on your screen is a fact sheet, which I know Mercedes is going to be able to, to share, or if not, that’s why I’ve got my email address there This is an interactive map that helps you to find staff So if you’ll see, there’s a couple of different colors on that little map on the bottom right hand, baby left for me. It’s the right hand part of my screen And see a couple of different colors and there’s a couple of different symbols So most of them are these little hands with holding little heart, and those are qualified providers. Those are staffing agencies Who, if you click on the different colors, those are different agencies. So the different color is, is for the different companies They will say, Hey, I have a female staff and in this zip code who is available these hours, So we all know one of the hardest thing is like, yeah, this person’s great, but they’re not available They’re not available when I need them to be You know, things like that So the whole idea about business that you can open up to your location You can find one of the little hearts and hands, we are about to add another symbol on for self-directed employee So that’s a person that you would hire, right? That’s a human being that you would hire, but can you create that relationship? And you use one of our, either Easter seals or public partnerships To hire that one person So, if it makes sense for you to hire somebody from a company, because that’s what works for your family, you have a little heart in the hands If it makes sense for you to hire a person, because that’s what works for your view and your loved one in your family And we’re going to have that option too If you’ll notice there’s also a little plus sign The little plus sign is a place for families who can’t as a place for families to advertise and say, Hey I’m looking for And a staff who can do these hours I want them to be female and I want them to be able to drive my loved one in their car So there, you can put some specific information on that This is free For self directed employees and for families So for you all on the call, it’s free If you are a qualified provider, we are asking for $50 a month A fee to have you advertised as many open positions as you can possibly have And, and, and use it. So this is a great way It’s only a little bit of the map. It is actually statewide So it’s only a small tidbit of a map that you can see there, but you’d be able to click on it and open up for your exact area and see how far away people are Nice. So it’s just a resource that’s out there That’s available that I want to make sure we offer to everybody And I hope that helps Thanks Amy. So I will ask Dara and Jay, when they send out the information with this recording to also include this fact sheet. Cause it is Difficult to read on the mat on the, the screen here But we will definitely get that out to folks. It is a new tool So the more people use it, the more robust it will become And thank you for sharing I’m going to take, I saw something on the chat about Children had more slanted toward children’s services

And about those folks transitioning from school to adult early, hope that in our July, the next two parts series We’ll be able to focus on those children’s issues. And I will say, cause I’ll say this, even if Carolyn wasn’t on the call span has some really good resources on their website. So I’m Carolyn, do you just want to unmute and just say that a website name? I Give that website I’ll type it in the chat because A little, but it’s www that’s an advocacy.org Okay. You want to Say anything else about the, specifically about the kids transitioning Carolyn? I appreciate Celia Cecelia raising that issue. It’s Very challenging. We had hoped that There would be some stronger guidance around the, the graduates for this year But I think that families need to make sure that they were informed by their school district, that this is a change of placement For them so that they could have had those conversations about the potential for compensatory services, because this was just an unprecedented thing And for so many of the graduates who would have during the spring, been getting a lot of their internships and those types of transition programming, they might They might still want to have some conversations either with their district or contact the department of education about what their options are Thank you Carolyn. And thank you, Amy, for making yourself so available to folks even beyond tonight’s call to help them. I know how High spirited you are and, and committed you are So we appreciate that So I think Colleen is going to come in now and take us through the next half hour of our presentation tonight and discussion Please continue in the chat when you can Hey everyone. I’m sorry. My camera’s a little dark in my It’s getting darker as the sun goes down So, yeah. Amy, thanks. You Mercedes. So Amy and Carolyn, you know, really both said it The whole idea of re-imagining means thinking outside the box And I know that sometimes can sound cliche, but it’s really, really true We need to, we want to use where we are today, really, as an opportunity to think beyond the barriers of what we know exists and really give back to the roots of person centeredness and being able to create supports based on what people want to do and what their preferences are for their life So throughout this crisis, you know, we heard today in many of us have heard throughout the past, you know, two, three months, a wide variety of concerns related to the what ifs and what will happen after, you know, we get, try to get back to normal Many people have expressed concerns about going, like you said, going back to large congregate support, cognitive supports and are really looking At ways that they can reimagine the way supports can be provided in either more individualized, smaller group or self-directed ways throughout our communities In addition to that, you know, over this past few months, we’ve had a lot of togetherness We’ve been together with our families a lot more than we typically are. And we’ve had a lot of opportunities to really new things, learn new things about our loved ones in their interests and their preferences, and sort of just Just getting to know each other a little better, which has been really a great opportunity. And, you know, as we get to know each other again and more and deeper, we’ve had a way to really think more about what people want out of their services and supports And started to look at new possibilities and opportunities Some people learn new things that people enjoy just by virtue of some of the technological supports that have been put into place Other people have learned things that they thought the person liked, but really learn. Now that they’re home, they didn’t like that so much So this is a fabulous opportunity to use this time of uncertainty and think about new ways that together, people with their supporters I can access a wide array of resources that are available throughout our communities. And even beyond that, So I think it’s important to mention that we all know that the current structure of the current, the DDD system has been changing and evolving over the past couple of years, as fee for service has been lifted up People now have greater flexibility with how their supports and services are scheduled and organized And people don’t have an all or nothing option You don’t have to choose the all or nothing option You don’t have to just choose The route where you either go to a day program, five days a week, or else your options are extremely Liberty limited. Now, what we’re seeing is a real growth in the providers providing day habilitation services that will tap into community resources

We’re also seeing a growth in other services Some of the ones that Amy actually showed on the map, other services, such as community inclusion services, supportive employment, community based services, self-directed options And then technologic tech technology based supports that can really be interwoven and blended together in ways that align with the person’s needs and preferences And what you see on the screen now is really an example of those blended models. And, you know, the first one is that blended model of when a person isn’t quite ready to leave their name program entirely, but they maybe want a little something different out of it So you see, in this case that there’s a person that happens to be going to their day program two days a week, but they may be getting supported employment one or two days They may volunteer one or two days They may tap into community resources like the rec center or Jim Or have a self directed employee to go take them to do dancing around to dinner with friends and things like that The other, the other calendar here shows an example where the person is, has tapped more into self-directed options and community inclusion options, and S Employment options where they’re volunteering, working, and taking even more part in the variety of community based activities and the way that today’s budgets and services can be structured Really allow for this And now that people who have been at home and maybe reinvisioning the way they want their lives to be coming out of COVID This is a great opportunity to have conversations with supports coordinators The only figure it out. Like what, what do I want, what do I need? And the supports coordinators can help you to identify the variety of services that are available in your area You’d really be surprised about how there’s way more than you even think there is. There’s more and more stuff coming every day Sure Amy can attest to that And so we’re grateful to have with us today I’m a mom and a son and, and Joe Martin Nally, who are gonna share their examples of the way that Joe’s weeks looked before. COVID And the way they look now, and then also how they’re envisioning his week is going to look after, after, after COVID so Ann and we can flip to the next slide Let’s turn over to Anna Joe Marinelli. So welcome Maybe you did Think of muda Dan Okay Am I good Yeah. And now we can hear it. Yeah. Okay. Okay We can’t see ourselves though, but that’s okay Very much like Carolyn I’m an optimist I’m always talking about how the glass is half full, rather than half empty And we were Joe and I worked very hard to create a life for him When he left the education entitlements In 2005 So for 15 years he’s been self-directing his supports and services And there’s one thing that my husband always said to me, because at one point we had seven self-directed employees We’ve always had self-directed employees for 15 years So at one point we had seven And my husband would always said to me, well, what are you going to do is they will quit tomorrow. As you can tell, he’s a glass, half empty guy And what I always said to him was I did it once. You know, I created this with Joe and if it falls apart tomorrow, We can put it back together again Well, that will happen in March It fell apart in March when COVID 19, you know, all the restrictions started coming in. So We had to do it And had to do it differently, but I I’d like to, if you could put up the slide of what Joe’s day looked like before COVID There we go I also wanted to say that Joe has given me permission to revise for him If he does have difficulty talking, but you know, he is able to answer questions from anyone who has any questions Some point, but he, but he has given me permission to revise for him So you can see his schedule Was pretty busy He’s been someone who has always wanted to be out of the house, doing things, you know, not staying home out the door as soon as he could. So He’s been volunteering at an assisted living facility with one of his self directed employees since 2007 Yep You didn’t see him today, too. Correct?

And he played games, you know, for Keno and bingo and current events, you did all sorts of things with residents And he really made some good connections with some residents Some he got so close to that He was able to go up into their rooms and visit with them at times as they got more real. I mean, he’s, he’s witnessed deaths, who’s been in touch with families He’s gotten very close to people over all these years, doing this and, and really, you know, Connected with the employees too It goes out to lunch with the employees that work there Very very big part of Joe’s life and on, but the nights you would have a dance class he’s been doing that for six years Now you’re doing it on zoom, but now we were talking about before that, before you did it, it was, it was actually at the building He did dance class participated in a huge recital. Every June Tuesdays Did the movies cause he tests physical therapy at home Did the movies went out to dinner with friends, Wednesdays, volunteering at the habitat for humanity restore in freehold, Thursdays physical therapy. Again It was Aaron’s hair cuts going to the mall or dinner with friends again on Thursday nights, Friday, she worked on Friday mornings for a few hours, had occupational therapy and Saturday back at the habitat for humanity restore So he was very much out of the house every day Doing things, you know, with his self-directed employees and having a very busy life So, like I said, March happened, everything stopped, came to a complete stop for him. All of this. While this ended, this life ended one day And you could go to the next slide So we had to Figure out what to do next. His Sunday stayed pretty much the same, you know, it was family day, but now we’re social distancing with his sisters And their families We couldn’t see them until we could get outside and social distance They weren’t coming into the house So I know you hate it. I know you hate it We all hate it We all need it Good. Good. Good I think everybody on this call’s been social distancing Well, when Colleen, he’s asking you, if you’ve been You’re muted. I’m also talking to myself Absolutely Joe A gift Do you don’t you hate it I do hate it. I’m tired of my house So, you know, we are very fortunate that we can social distance outside on our deck with our family. Now, you know, it is still difficult, but we are able, we are able to see them. So We needed to figure out what Joe was going to do during the rest of the week. So right now he had three, actually four self-directed employees Two of them. We had to ask not to come to the house. You know, one of, one of them also had a part time job while why would she continues to do so? We couldn’t have him come here to the house any longer. And Another young lady is a police officer She’s been with Joe for 14 years Again, she had, you know, she’s out and being exposed So we had to ask her not to come, but the other young man who has been with Joe for seven years, Is full time And he is, you know, doing the he’s just goes from his house to our house So he has been coming to our house every day, Monday through Saturday So we had to reimagine what they were going to do Good So, yes, Joe has been FaceTiming with the other self-directed employees that he’s not able to see anymore. He does He is able to FaceTime with them But the OT and the PT that Joe was receiving, you know, in the, in the home, I didn’t want those therapists coming in the home anymore So we are now doing it through FaceTime He’s getting PT and OT each twice a week He’s doing a FaceTime with the same therapist And Robin Paula, right? And I will say that it is through Medicare You know, I don’t know if Medicaid or if private health insurance does that, but Joe Joe is under Medicare through my husband So he is receiving those services Through Remotely And his self-directed employee is able to do that with him here, appear in the home His dance class, the one that he went to religiously every Monday night, since March has been on zoom So he’s been able to still participate in the same dance class with the same instructor and the same Other young adults in the class with him I do I am doing

Yes. And it’s continuing through the summer. Good point, Joe Thanks for reminding me about that. Typically had run so Timber through June and then had a big dance finale In June, but now it’s going to run through the summer because everyone is enjoying it virtually Good They got permission to do it through Yeah, but this is an out of pocket This is not something that he uses his budget for. This is, this is out of pocket So you can see up on the screen, you can see that he’s, he’s continues to do his PT and OT, but he’s still zooming the people that he Went out to dinner with, he can now FaceTime with He took a goods and service class with the same agency that he’s doing, the dance class from its family resources associates in Monmouth County He didn’t did a goods and services class with them on Wednesdays Now, like Carolyn had said, you know, she didn’t think her son would be interested in doing anything remotely. I never really, a million years would imagine that Joe would be interested in, he never really wanted to engage with anything on the computer, but this You know, all the zoom, the dance class, the FaceTime with the therapists, and this goes in service class that he took Loved it, you know, jumped right into it. It was, it was, it was a wonderful opportunity for us For Joe and us to learn that this is something that it would be interested in. So this is something you’re engaging in everyday, use things, zoom and FaceTime And I had taken classes he’s also able to do He’s also able to zoom With the people that he volunteered with habitat for humanity at the, at the restore and freehold, he has done calls with them and he gets to see the same faces, you know? The people that he missed a scene, he does a dancer size class rally cap sports on Saturday mornings It’s the same instructor that he has in the dance class on, on, on Monday evening. So we had to reinvent everything that Joe did outside of the home Inside of the home He has gradually started now to go out to a park He’s going to a park a few times a week with his self-directed employee. In fact, you did it today, do it yesterday, too He’s now able to take advantage of the pool. We have a pool at home, something he never liked to do. He never liked to go in the pool He would sit down there with us while the rest of us were in the pool When he really wasn’t interested in the pool Now he’s going in the pool with his Self-directed employee. I I’m really enjoying it. So I know, Colleen, you had mentioned about, you know, thinking outside the box and something that I’ve always said You know, I’ve always imagined Joe’s life in, in helping him plan I’ve always imagined it as if there is no box we’ve, we’ve never, we’ve never thought, you know, well, We’re going to go on this silo. We’re going to go in that silo What we’re gonna do this, we’re going to do that We just always figured, you know, what does he like to do? He’s a people person He always wanted to be with people So the volunteering at the assisted living, the volunteering at the habitat for humanity restore, you know, where he gets to see the same people But he’s right smack in the middle of his community, you know, engaging with people And, you know, it Go ahead As I say, do you think, you know, as your thing As you and Joe were thinking about when things reopen and Joseph to do more maybe of the old activities or even some new activities You know, what are some things you are envisioning? Because even regardless of whether or not somebody’s self-directing or they’re getting supports from DSPs that work in a group home, or perhaps DSPs that work in a community inclusion service, or a day habilitation service These are all things that could be communicated up to the supports providers is that, Hey, this is what we want to be able to do Now that we’re reopening city of like ideas you wanna share Well, I know some of the things that, you know, the, the volunteering that he’s doing good He’s been asked He’s already been asked, you know, that, that the store, the restore was there Envisioning it reopening in July and, and kind of come back to do that And we had a very fine Talk about that. And Joe told us he’s not comfortable going back yet He wants, he wants to wait a while Good. Yeah Peggy is the volunteer coordinator. She told, she asked Joe,

if he would be willing to come back and mid July and you could see shake. And he said, no, not yet. He’s still, he’s still worried about it. So, but you know, some of the things that I can see Joe doing, and we’ve talked about, this is continuing the remote classes He’s looking forward to taking, he’s taking two more remote classes this summer through FRA And it’s going to be one of the same teachers, the same teacher that he just had for this, for this, this spring semester You could say his name Alan, he paints, he enjoyed Allen’s class So I can see, you know, we’re going to continue with the remote, the remote stuff for awhile, but you know, certainly getting back out You know, getting outside, you know, Joe’s been going to this, the recreation area in the next town over and doing workouts there, you know? He and Manny, we’ll go over there and Manny we’ll bring music and they’re listening to music and Joel will bring his one pound weights. You know, when they’re in the shade, sun blocked up You know, they’re in the shade Doing workouts, but they’re outside. So, yeah. Yeah And there’s a lot of things So I think that it’s one of the things and you know, we’re running short on time, so I want to make sure. Thank you Thank you. That’s all awesome. And I think it gives a lot, you know, all three of those presentations gave people a lot of food for thought For the different ways things can be done now. And in the future And Michael, if you wouldn’t mind flipping to two slides from now, I think we’ll get into. So, so one of the things we wanted people to be able to have that are participating in this town hall today was a tool that they could use to sort of get their ideas out on paper so that they could use this to have a conversation with their sup Service providers with their support’s coordinators to help really imagine the way that they want life to look as things are reopening And also as things open re-imagining the future And this tool is what’s known as the integrated support star in some of his, some, some of you are very familiar with this and I put the link in the chat. So hopefully you guys can see it It says integrated support star And it’s also at the bottom here, but what this helps you do is it helps you identify the relationship based support These can be paid or unpaid supports that people can use to help them do a variety of things in their communities And then the eligibility side helps us, you know, this is a great opportunity for people to have conversations and jot down. How do you want your eligibility based services to look Did you have you taken a look at, in the DD council with DDD recently made a family friendly and person friendly guide to the community care program In addition to the one they had on the support program, but have you taken a look at all the services that are available and have you listed the ones that you may want to tap into? And have you investigated the ways that self-directed options may be able to be used? I know that, you know, and does a lot and Joe do a lot working together to really map out the way his self directed services work But then Amy also mentioned, now we have the opportunity to purchase supports brokerage services that can do a lot of that work with you and help you So you don’t have to do it all on your own So that’s something to look at in terms of eligibility based supports There’s a lot more options out there And then the community based supports, you know, whether it’s you as a person or a family tapping into the community based supports, or whether it’s a service provider saying, you know, what is that a saying? You know, in the day program, we’re going to go help people volunteer, or we’re going to go help people to participate in the rec center or the Y you know, those things are all things that you may want to communicate with your service providers and your support coordinators to say, Hey, we know this exists in our community We’d like to be able to tap into it a little more. How can we do that? That And then now we’re learning a lot more about technologic technology based supports And while we all know that it’s not perfect for everybody and it may not be right for everybody, a lot of people are realizing, you know, like, like Anna Jo said, Oh, we can really use some of this technology to help support ourselves a little better. So, you know, making a list of those things and And we really just wanted to show you a tool to help you have these conversations and help people jot down their ideas Because I don’t know if you’re anything like me, you have all these ideas in your head And then when it comes down to talking about them, they go out the window So having this stuff written down can really help guide some of those conversations So the next time you have a phone call or a zoom with your support coordinator Break this out and talk about what people are envisioning, talk about what you want for your life and the support coordinators

can help you to really get that. So, anyway, I mean, Mercedes, did they want a questions? It’s eight o’clock now, and I know we’re sort of Done. So Well, there were a lot of questions in the chat about children’s services I’m just going to really encourage people to tune into the two July sessions on, you know, reopening and re-imagining children’s services. We will focus on You know, school as, as part of this children’s services, town, halls, and big, Michael’s got that slide up there now for the upcoming sessions July 9th at 7:00 PM. And then again, July 16th at seven. So, and you can register through the link there Thanks Mercedes And I’m noting the time that it is one minute after eight, where you like to run these things exactly. Two minutes over time Sorry about The expansion, but I think there’s been a ton of great information going back and forth here again in the chats been very active I’m going to just take a second to thank everybody again All of our DD partner participants All of the attendees from the public My colleagues from disability rights, New Jersey, and especially our guests, Carolyn Joe, Amy, and Anne taking some time out of their days, all very busy They have a lot going on to share their perspectives with all of us Oh, we hope to see all of you on next on July 9th In between have a happy independence day, stay safe and stay healthy And we’re going to sign off. Thank you all. And take care

Ghost Town in the Sky – An abandoned theme park

In this video I’m exploring Ghost Town in the Sky, an abandoned theme park that sits on a mountaintop The park opened in 1961 as a Wild West Town, and became the most popular tourist attractions in North Carolina which featured gun fight shows, live music, roller coaster, and various rides and games At its peak, it attracted over 400,000 visitors each season, however in its later years, the numbers started to decline when the park suffered from mismanagement and lack of maintenance The park eventually came to a closure in 2002 and remained closed for the next 4 years, but it was reopened in 2007 and operated until 2009 when it closed again due to financial struggles Since then, the park has gone through different ownerships and multiple attempts to reopen the park have all failed They took down all the chairlifts and put them here That’s a female elk It has a collar on it’s neck This is a fire truck Look at all the moss grown on the seats

Here is an abandoned cow

MOOOOO This looks really nice Oh shit! look at the top Magician’s Apprentice

There’s a red piano in here Yeah I don’t wanna walk over there This looks like a blacksmith shop This is for blowing the fire I have to pull it from here This is another saloon Someone broke all the mirrors

Popcorn Machine Frontier Community Church Look at this Lectern It’s a tree stump So many pianos in here Oh this is really old This is a door What is this for? Ah this is for donation I guess Rocking chairs

Let me rock This is a pharmacy He is the Pharmacist That’s a dummy in the coffin Oh there is a Safe

Let’s see what’s inside Oh it’s a fridge I thought it was a Safe This is the barber shop There are other people exploring this place Let’s check this Bank Let’s see what’s in here Ooh they got a Safe in here This is an old adding machine These are really old This is the closet Ooh what is this place

There are bunch of guns in here

UMN CSE Undergraduate Student Town Hall – Sept. 11, 2020

Good afternoon everybody My name is Elizabeth Duykers, and I am the Executive Assistant to CSE Dean Mos Kaveh I want to welcome you all here today and give you some general information before we start our session At any time throughout today’s town hall, please feel free to enter any questions that you have into the Q & A function, which you’ll find at the bottom of your Zoom screen We will do our best to answer as many questions live as possible, and we’ll also answer via text for any that we don’t have time to address I also wanted to let you know that we’re recording today’s town hall and that the video will be posted on our UMN CSE YouTube channel, and we’ll have that up by the end of next week So we’ll begin this session with introductions, starting with CSE”s Dean Mos Kaveh Good afternoon students Let me add my welcome to you to to this particular town hall, and first we’ll take some time to introduce the members of the panel from the dean’s office who are on the call for us We have significant expertise sitting here with us, and hopefully we can answer any questions you may have So I will pass on to Associate Dean Paul Strykowski first Good afternoon and welcome, and some of you may be not afternoon, you may be somewhere else on the planet and we welcome you. It’s not how we wanted to see you. But it’s great. So I’m Paul Strykowski, Associate Dean responsible for undergraduate programs, and a faculty member in mechanical engineering Ellen. Hi, I’m Ellen Longmire. I”m Associate Dean for Academic Affairs, and I handle issues to do with faculty and graduate students, graduate programs, and otherwise, I’m a professor in aerospace engineering and mechanics Hi, I’m Joe Konstan. I’m Associate Dean for Research, and a faculty member in computer science and engineering Among other things, I handle the requests to return to campus for research activities and research labs, and so for the many of you that I hope are taking advantage of the opportunity to conduct research with faculty through UROPs, through REU experiences senior theses, if those research experiences require access to campus labs, I’ll be the one who’s looking through and, I hope, approving your requests to come back to campus Hello, I’m Susan Kubitschek. I’m your Assistant Dean in Student Services, and also the Director of Collegiate Life, and I have to say that I really miss seeing all of you in Lind Hall this week Hello, I’m Amy Gunter, and I am the Director of Academic Advising for the college Hi everyone. I’m Angie Froistad, and I’m the Director of the CSE Career Center Hi I’m Jim MacDonald I’m the I.T. Director for the College of Science and Engineering Hello, I’m Rhonda Zurn I’m the Director of Communications and Marketing for the College of Science and Engineering Well, thank you colleagues Let me go back and once again welcome you to this call, but more so, welcome you to fall 2020. It’s a historic fall; it has been a historic last few months I hope, first of all, that you’re all well, you’re safe wherever you are. As Dean Strykowski mentioned, whether you’re with us in the Twin Cities, at home still in the U.S., or perhaps even some of you elsewhere around the world, as was mentioned already, we all wish we could be with you in person. I particularly last year really enjoyed meeting with all our first year students during their UM CSE 1001 classes, and that was such a great delight to be close to you in person these in small gatherings And I’m really sorry that I don’t have that opportunity this year But the Zoom medium certainly gives us a a possibility that we could even communicate more frequently or as needed, or appropriately so. I hope we can take advantage of the technology as it

presents to us We have been. We, the the faculty staff the graduate students who are teaching assistants, and also a number of undergraduates who help us on our teaching mission, have been very busy, over the past few months, trying to adapt and adopt new modalities, fine-tune new modalities, as we have learned with the university, and through the guidance of the university administration, different ways of delivering on our absolute fundamental responsibility, which is teaching our students first and foremost I realized that this has been a few months of frustration for some of you. A lot of questions that have come up because it has been such an evolving situation We have been watching our peer institutions as they have opened, before we have opened, to see how things have progressed, how they have worked. And the University has adjusted its mechanisms, both in terms of campus housing transition to the campus, as well as the way we can deliver our classes and laboratories in many ways And we can speak about a lot of these things as we go on today. I do want to highlight another issue, and some of you may have been involved in these. In addition to the pandemic, this historic situation, and I should remind all of us that today, September 11th, is another day that we memorialize and remember the tragedy that perhaps for some of you was before you were even born And certainly, for some of you, when you were very, very small and may have no memory of the of of the event That tragedy, that loss of lives that happened in New York City, and its impact that has fallen elsewhere, in Pennsylvania and Washington, D.C., really changed the way we operate in many ways I’m sure I don’t have to tell you. Maybe you don’t remember it for some of you. But it certainly has changed how we operate when we travel by airlines in particular So certain things have changed The COVID has highlighted other issues And as we go forward both this year, and in the future, some other changes may become part of the way we’re all going to be living, as well as educating ourselves, learning and educating and delivering on our mission. So this is another thing that we all have to be aware of, and we will do our best as instructors, as staff, and through our administrative duties to do the best we can to provide you the best education possible Another thing that has happened, and that’s why this is such a critical historic last few months is that, in addition to the COVID, the murder of George Floyd not far from the campus at University of Minnesota, highlighted a number of real challenges and issues that have been going on for a long time and keep coming back to us Unfortunately, in terms of areas of social justice but in particular highlighting the voice of the black community and the challenges that they have faced, as well as broadly, for communities of color and our indigenous communities. This is another thing that has created possibilities for us to re-examine everything that we do in those lights as well, and try the best that we can to improve our own sense of diversity, inclusivity, improve the climate the sense of belonging for all of our students, staff, and faculty within the College of Science and Engineering and University of Minnesota broadly It’s an ongoing conversation and ongoing discussion A lot of initiatives that are happening around this issue have already taken place. But it’s just the beginning It’s something that we have focused on, and we will do more and better as we go along. And some of you may have been engaged in those conversations as well, either through your departments or through the communities that you live in

I guess the last thing I would say before handing off to Dean Strokowski, and and we can come back and have further conversations, is, and I talked about this last year with our incoming students, is that under, I would say, pre-COVID situations we all would come to campus, and we expected our students to come and not only get their classes and get the first class education that we all strive to provide to you, but also to have great fun and I hope that you will, under the constraints that we all are operating, continue to have fun Continue to take advantage of many possibilities that are different That are much more constrained than in the past, at least for the next few months But do take advantage of so many possibilities that the University offers still under the conditions that we’re operating But do that in a really thoughtful and responsible way because, as you very well know, the way we behave, the way we follow the instructions and guidelines for safety really impacts all of us. Not ourselves individually, but in the way that what we do will impact the health and safety of everybody else within the community around us, your classmates, the staff, faculty and everybody else. So I urge you take to take all the advice and all the guidelines that have been provided to you seriously. And more so, take advantage of all the resources that the university offers, in particular with respect to health safety and and mental health in particular, and reach out to those who can help you. There are many, many resources available that you should really take advantage of to to stay well and stay positive Take advantage of all the resources that we offer and the classes that you all have signed up to benefit from. So let me stop at this point and go to Dean Strykowski Thank you, Dean Kaveh It is exciting to have you back. As I mentioned before, we’re not back exactly how we wanted to be. But one of the things that I pride the College of Science and Engineering, our undergraduates, is is the personal touch, and I want you to know that we are here We have been here all summer We have lived through this, like you have lived through this And I understand it it causes additional stress. But I want to stay positive. We have an outstanding class coming in. The college is very, very strong. We have the highest percentage of female students and highest percentage of students of color we have ever had in our undergraduate population You come from all over the the country, all over the world, and we look forward to. Actually we’ve we’ve created a curriculum, while I admit is virtual in many cases, almost two-thirds of you will have some opportunity to engage with with each other students and engage with faculty, teaching support in limited face-to-face activities Lind Hall is a wonderful place, and for those of you been on campus, you know that it is vibrant. The best Starbucks on the planet, I like to say We are student services. We are here to serve our students. We love our students We have Academic Advising Director Amy Gunter is here. We have Collegiate Life Assistant Dean Susan Kubitschek is here, and we have our Career Center and its is Director Angie Froistad, and we’re open We’re open for business. We have drop-in hours that we can talk to you In fact we’ve had more engagement actually with our students because, apparently, it’s easier to Zoom us than it is to, you know, walk into our offices And so, let’s take advantage of where we are right now And, hopefully, as as we move through this semester, as the dean mentioned, and we’re safe, and we’re thoughtful and respectful, we can we learn, and we can engage, and we can participate in the full rich life that college is really all about We encourage you students every Sunday night, make a note of this, we will send you a very detailed communication. It’s our once a week newsletter, and I get there’s a lot of things to look, at a lot of things to keep track of, but all critical information is there. We

may at the last minute hear of a scholarship. We have an upcoming virtual career fair, which is a great opportunity to get connected, and of course get some first or multiple professional experiences We are open for business, and we’re here to talk to you, and we want you to reach out to us But that newsletter is very critical we give timely information, and sometimes we don’t know until we know it, and we will communicate it to you It is CSE specific, and it’s CSE undergraduate specific, particularly Remember the Career Fair which is coming up at the end of this month. We’ll not only talk about job opportunities, but internships, co-ops, as well as graduate schools. So we’re here. We’re open. I can’t overstate that. We certainly understand that there’s a lot of variables you’re juggling right now – classes. I think we work very hard to create an online curriculum, if that’s the mode that you’re in, that is dynamic, that is accessible, that is both synchronous and asynchronous, depending on the needs of the community But make sure you have as much access as you ever had to Student Services, as well as your faculty and your teaching assistants. Reach out We all are very cognizant of the fact that it can be a stressful time. But let’s look positive, and as dean said, let’s try to have some fun. And as as the scene behind me suggests, we do have a lovely fall coming up. It’s turn fall like rather quickly, I must admit, here in the upper midwest. But it’s it’s a lovely place, and we want you to participate in the whole experience of the collegiate life that we have here in the College of Science and Engineering And on that, others may want to jump in. Or, otherwise, we could certainly take your questions, which is very important for you to let us know what you’re thinking. We don’t know the answers to everything, and things could change. But so far our institution is doing a very, very nice job of keeping a close eye on things, being thoughtful, being respectful and trying to take care of each other, as we do the best we can to learn in this environment Dean you are muted Thank you, thank you, thank you, Paul See if Dean Longmire wishes to add a few comments Thanks. I’ll just say, from my perspective, I am typically dealing with graduate students But one point to mention is, for those of you that are juniors or seniors, if you’re thinking about graduate study, we’re very proud of our programs, which stretch across all of our traditional departments and also include additional interdisciplinary programs, and one that’s brand new this year is a Master’s in Robotics that’s just launching with its first Master’s students So I just want you to know that we’re a resource should you have questions in thinking about your future I’ll just add one more word in all of this which is to remember that the University of Minnesota is a phenomenal research university Partly, I say this out of the pride in what our faculty and our students have done Even since the onset of the COVID pandemic, we have people who’ve been in the lab working on everything from potential vaccines, to diagnostics, to protective equipment that keep the people who are administering tests safe, to sterilization techniques and everything else Some of those labs are with undergraduates working right alongside graduate students and faculty. But I also say that because it’s such an important part of your education to take the time to get to know faculty Go to their websites, learn about their research and see whether, in this time, you have the time and opportunity to engage in that We have lots of programs to support you in doing that. The vast majority of the research that students are engaging in can be done from their home, their dorm room, wherever you are at the time. Some of it requires on-site access

But at any time we have hundreds, and in some cases thousands of students, engaging in research activities. I really do want to take every opportunity to remind you that can be a valuable part of your education here at the University of Minnesota Thank you Dean Konstan. So we’re really open to questions. But one thing I wish to add, and you may know about this already students, is that in addition to the research experiences that many of our undergraduates are engaged in, of course there are many other experiential opportunities for our undergraduates, and some of them have been going on actually even during the summer, and they’re very active as we speak. An example, is the Solar Vehicle Project I know that, I think at the last count, there are about 30 students who at different times have had the permission. They have gone through the appropriate safety protocols and training But these students have received permission to be engaged so that particular solar car is being designed, is being constructed for the next race. So these things are happening all over, and you should be aware of those certainly. Let me see if any of our other, Assistant Dean Kubitschek, do you wish to add anything? Well, actually, I was really excited to work with a number of our student groups already this week: the Student Boards, Tesla Works, CSE Ambassadors You know, it’s so great to have our students back and start getting engaged in all of the activities that we never really stopped planning on doing Things are going to look really different this year. I was working with the light show for example this past week, and you know, just doing things virtual, and you know, there’s such a positive student group. So I think that’s the most important thing There’s still so many activities. We created a flip grid for all of our student groups to post little videos and just tell everybody, especially the new students to campus, all the exciting things that we have going this fall semester So we will see you on campus sometime. But it’s going to be a very efficient way of work for the next few months. Thank you And, Amy, Director Gunter Anything? Sure, I just think it’d be helpful to remind everyone, that as Dean Strykowski mentioned, we are open for business It may look a little different than walking into Lind Hall, but we do have drop-in hours in Academic Advising, for Study Abroad, as well as Career Services. So follow along on Twitter. Check those student announcements because all of those links are available there We are answering phones in our office live Monday through Friday, eight to four thirty. So, if you need to get a hold of someone, those are some great ways that you can do so immediately, as well as of course, reaching out to our Student Services team, your Academic Advisor, whether that’s in the College or in the Department We have remote and Zoom appointments that we can schedule with you. So all of the services that you have received, and are familiar with in the past, we are continuing to offer. We’re just doing most of those through Zoom. So reach out with questions or concerns, if we can help Thank you very much and Director Froistad Sure, yeah, I’d love to actually take maybe a couple minutes just to talk about what’s going on in Career Services because that is really going to look a little bit different this fall If you’re a returning student, you may have attended the CSE Fall Career Fair, which is still happening This year it’s just going to be virtual So we’re really excited about it. We’ve actually partnered with a vendor called Career Fair Plus to offer a virtual Career Fair for students. It will be the end of the month, Tuesday, September 29th, and Wednesday, September 30th, from 11 to 5 Central Time So, if you are looking for an internship for next summer or a full-time job, maybe you’re a graduating senior, we really encourage you to attend this event. Really the great part about a virtual fair is there’s no waiting in line So, if you’ve been to the fair in the past, you know that lines can be a little bit long That will not be the case for this event You’ll actually be able to sign up for preset times to talk with employers. So now is a really great time to download the app. You can begin researching employers. We have 165 that are signed up to attend the fair. So a really,

really great number. Here coming up on Monday, September 21st, you can actually begin signing up for those appointments with companies. So definitely get started, you know, researching, seeing what opportunities are out there Then you can sign up for those companies that you’re interested in. So to get you ready for the fair, we’ve got a lot of events, a lot of virtual preparation events coming up the week of September 21st Anything from resumes, to interviewing, job search strategies If you’ve been to a resume marathon event in the past, we will be holding that as well in a virtual format. So that will be on September 25th, right before the Career Fair. So if you’re interested in getting your resume reviewed by an employer, definitely attend that event. Just like Amy said, we’ll be doing a lot of drop-ins we even have some extended drop-ins before the fair. So check out our website. I can put a link in the in the chat box, too, with all the information about our Career Fair. So really in addition to the Career Fair, all other fall recruiting will be virtual. So companies will be holding virtual information sessions. Most interviews will be virtual as well GoldPASS powered by Handshake is really the best place to find out about all of those events, interviews, everything you need to know is in GoldPASS So be sure to check that. Lots of things happening in September and October, as they usually are, just in a different format. But we’re really excited So beyond the Career Fair, of course, we’re available to talk about any topics related to your career development If you’re a first-year student exploring majors, career exploration, graduate school, really many, many topics If you have any questions feel free to sign up for an appointment to meet with one of our career counselors or attend one of our drop-ins So we’re here and available to talk with you and really excited to have you participate in all of our fall events Thank you very much, Angie and I realized that for many of us, particularly with this Zoom medium that we’re all operating under and and other needs for for technology that it is is a critical issue often and I’ll just ask director MacDonald to say a few words about the resources that are available for our students and particularly the situation with the computer labs in the College of Science and Engineering All of our computer labs are open with their cleaning supplies and and some of the seats, of course, are closed to maintain proper distancing We’ve beefed up our virtual environment So, you can have Linux desktops through Vole 3D You can also get Windows desktops through AppsToGo AppsToGo has also been revamped in in product speed so it should be even faster than it used to be and hopefully most of the wait times will be very small In addition to that, we also have some equipment downstairs in cases of emergency like if you’re about to attend a class or take a test and your laptop blows up, you can contact us and we’ll try and set you up with something that will allow you to learn in an efficient way There are things like web cameras that are also available so please send mail to csehelp@umn.edu for any IT related problems or suggestions you might have Thank you and I guess I’ll end at least the formal part of the presentation if you wish because you everybody has been receiving a lot of communications from the University from the different offices of the University, from the president of the University, some of it from the college and others and it’s really important for us to archive all of this information and have it easily accessible to you So I’d like to ask Director Zurn to say a few words about the college’s website A good way for you to find all that information We have been working over the summer to do our best to try to help sort through all of the emails and all of the content that’s been out there There’s just a myriad of information and I’ll share in the chat after we’re done but we’ve compiled the information for various audiences on a website, on within our cse website and it’s cse.umn.edu/covid-19 and it really will help you sort through

all of that information and get to the right websites on everything that you might need There’s specifically is a button there for undergraduate students and we’re trying to keep that up to date at all times Also, as Paul mentioned, keeping you up to date on things through student news, that comes out to undergraduate students every Sunday night Those are the two areas where if you really want to keep up to date that’s the most important places where you can get the latest information Thank you, Rhonda Paul, would you like to wrap up the formal presentation so to speak? Well, yeah You can see the enthusiasm we have and we want to see you, but believe me, having a one-on-one meeting or you know a few students in a meeting is a great way to connect Stay connected, if you can for sure One of the questions here is just like what can we all do, what can you do as students and we can just be thoughtful, we we can study, and socialize but do it respectfully and if this all works well, the chance of us getting back to campus and maybe wandering around the lovely green space we call home can happen and it can happen sooner and we’re all we’re all pining for that and we all want that and I look forward to it myself and and I think we just have to be thoughtful and and we can still have a good time, but just be respectful of everyone’s concern for health and safety Okay, very good I guess if we could go through the Q&A Elizabeth, would you like to share some of these with us? Sure, we have some great questions that have come in We’ll begin with the first one that is what have we learned from some of the other schools in the area that have opened sooner? Well one thing that’s immediate is how the university decided to to actually delay its on-campus housing move-in days so and that’s one and connected to that as well, before it is for the university to decide to have the first two weeks at least of the semester be online These are important because some of the campuses that had opened early on, ended up having to actually switch They had in person students coming into dormitories right from the start and unfortunately because of a rapid rise in the number of cases positive cases, COVID cases that they had on campus, they had to pivot and either send students back to their homes or in many cases, for example, University of Wisconsin-Madison has done this now, is to go online for the first couple of weeks We have watched these and therefore the University has adjusted its plans and its calendar of how to more gradually bring students on campuses for on-campus housing, as well as the way we actually deliver the classes These are just some of the lessons that have been very important by being a late starter so to speak for our semester Any of my colleagues who wish to add to these? I might just add, Dean Kaveh, it goes to the second question, what can students do to pitch in? We all have to be in this together and I think reminding each other of the need to be safe Reminding each other that what we do matters to the community as a whole and if we’re thoughtful and we care about each other, we’re just a better community generally and yeah, be thoughtful, be careful, keep an eye on your own health, if you feel ill, get it checked out For sure Communicate with others Hand washing I don’t know how many times we’ve been talking about hand washing, but my hands are still here despite all the washing I’ve gone through the last several months and just be civil with each other and try to remind each other that we’re in this together I don’t think it’s good to poke holes at other institutions and how they have handled it We’re all learning from this But we want this to work and we’ll look back 10 years from now and go I think we made this happen and

I believe strongly in the integrity of our faculty, staff, and students to really be able to get this done So let’s be positive and enjoy a lovely fall on the Minneapolis and St Paul campuses I’d like to add one one thing to this is I think most of us, I know that I have, I’ve been meeting with fellow IT directors from around the big ten and we’ve been comparing notes for most of the summer on how to best prepare for what was coming in the fall We are learning from each other and I know that the associate deans and deans have the same kind of collaboration so we’ve tried to, we’ve tried to reach out as much as we can to our colleagues and all learn from each other That’s a good point, absolutely Another question? Yes we have another question and this relates to diversity, equity, and inclusion and that is as part of student groups , they’ve found that some of the initiatives that they’ve thought of to promote, DE&I, have been against policies that are related to COVID They didn’t get into specifics, but I’m guessing that, yeah like gatherings and things like that How can they bring people together while at the same time following policies that are in place? There are some outstanding programs that we have and you can have pretty deep conversations with each other and learn from each other in a remote environment like this My great colleagues here, I’ve been working with the last several months and I, in some ways feel closer to them and seen them more regularly than sometimes Ido on campus Diversity and inclusivity is absolutely critical and there are chances to get together I mean there are, if you’re on campus and you can get together and you can social distance Wearing your face mask and sitting six feet apart You can find a classroom that’s open There are chances to have these conversations There’s chances to see each other and if you ever are curious about initiatives in the diversity and inclusivity space, Assistant Dean Kubitschek and her team are doing an outstanding job in that in that area for our undergraduates To be honest, our undergraduates are leaders, I think in this area very much These have been conversations that they’ve been having for a very, very long time and I think they’ve been ahead of the game in many many ways I’m very proud of them It’s a challenge for sure Maybe Dean Kubitschek has any other words of wisdom for them and ways to stay connected? Don’t give up! Something that I would like to say is this is how the D&I team always starts every single meeting and that is on the undergraduate side anyway, it’s this is everyone’s work We are all allies to this and our real mission is just to make an awareness so that things do improve in the college, on the twin cities campus in Minneapolis, across the nation Let’s face it We’ve had some really tragic news this summer in Minneapolis and across the country with the protests and I think for us, the most important thing is get involved Be aware You came to a very diverse Big Ten in research institution that’s known for their strong engineering and science programs and for me, it’s getting involved with other peers Peers that are like you and peers that aren’t like you It’s not all about what are we doing in the College of Science and Engineering Are you getting involved with things in research across the campus in the medical school? Are you getting involved with many research opportunities in the School of Public Health, for example and the School of Public Affairs I think students choose this University because there are so many ample opportunities but I do go back to who and what we are as a college and the most important thing that I can say is this is everyone’s work and we all need to be involved and it’s beautiful work actually it’s very rewarding work and for me the most important thing is just getting involved with the campus as a whole not necessarily just the like-minded engineers in your major but across the campus there are many opportunities and my lawnmower neighbor is really loud in my background sorry about that

I just want to add to that because I read your questions specifically That you’re on the University of Minnesota triathlon team and it seems to me that you can have a lot of training in social activities without violating any COVID protocols and I think your goal to have a more diversive and inclusive environment among your team is a great goal and I think it seems very achievable and I wish you the best in reaching out and trying to build your membership and carrying on with your activities which I could visualize you can do a lot of outdoor training without any difficulty and you can also interact either in place or intermittently via Zoom while you’re training, using phones or Facetime whatever you want I wish I were on the triathlon team right now so, thanks Thank you We’ll keep our fingers crossed for you for that, Ellen We have another question related to diversity and that is what professors are doing? Apparently there have been some conversations about interactions with faculty and some experience that they have had with BIPOC students What are we doing to create a more safe space for them in the classrooms? That’s an excellent question, it’s something that all of us as faculty are trying to better ourselves One thing that our students should know is that all of our departments, particularly during this past few months, have been having really serious substantive conversations around this issue The issue of better climate broadly within our college, certainly the university, but within each of our departments is front and center in all of our programs If there are issues that are raised that are problematic, we’re always here to hear from you and intervene as as necessary the department heads, the heads of the departments and directors of undergraduate studies, directors of graduate studies, depending on which space you’re in are all very much committed to diversity equity and inclusion and to improving the climate The college as many of you— I hope many of you, know about this and maybe we can put put the link again on the chat, has this incredible group of students, faculty, staff and administrators called the D&I alliance, Diversity and Inclusivity Alliance within the College of Science and Engineering and that group is incredibly active somehow in this whole space in helping all of us improve our climate and our culture I do understand we were educated and we are educators in areas of science and engineering and we understand the history of problems in science and engineering, in particular with respect to diversity I mean you can’t believe this, Dean Strykowski mentioned that we had, what, 28% women in the entering class in the College of Science and Engineering Well an old guy like me comes from my class when I was an undergraduate which had 250 graduating seniors in it, with two women Two women and a good friend of mine was the first Ph.D student at University of California-Berkeley in the area of electrical engineering and

computer science It’s hard to believe that’s not that long I’m old, but not that old (laughs) I’m not talking about a long time ago The point is that there is really this sad history particularly within science and engineering of lack of diversity and issues that many have faced There’s been great deal of improvement, a great deal of progress over the years, but a lot more that needs to be done and is happening and we have as a college, we’re committed You’re committed Students are committed Our staff, our faculty are committed to working on it It doesn’t mean that it will bring up some potential conflicts and some struggles with some of us as we learn Yes, that’s the nature of evolution of anything that we’re in and this requires difficult conversations amongst us faculty to faculty for example, we have many difficult conversations around these amongst ourselves to try to better ourselves Ultimately, all of us are learning as well as we try to improve ourselves that’s critical Particularly, this summer I know for me, I have read more, I have attended more webinars, I have watched movies to learn more in particular in the areas of racial justice in this case The bottom line is none of us have a magic bullet, but we are committed to bettering ourselves I don’t know if any of my colleagues wish to add to that Just maybe amplify on, we all are learning every day and the experiences that we’ve had in Minneapolis and now in Wisconsin and all over this country have really pushed us to make huge change, in fact, at three o’clock today, many of us are going to be on another call talking about exactly what the college is going to do to keep moving forward, to keep learning, to keep understanding perspectives of undergraduates, graduate students, post-docs, staff, faculty, how we impact with the community, we have a lot to learn and I’ll be the first to admit that and as I said at the very outset, I think some of the most progressive, most thoughtful ideas are coming from our undergraduates I mean you’re way ahead of us, you really are I’m grateful for that and I’m happy to learn from you as I learn myself We keep trying and we’re not going to give up We want to be the best that we can be and all of the students are with us in this and I know you feel the same way Great, thank you We actually have a number of questions that have come in and we’ll try to get to as many as we can I’m going to try to summarize a couple of them that are all somewhat related and then we’ll try to answer any by text that we can’t get to A common theme that’s coming in is kind of whatever the costs and benefits of being on campus versus off what resources are we missing by being off campus and or what are the benefits of being on campus and also how are student fees affected by this depending on the decisions that are made? Paul, would you like to start it off? Not really I mean I’ll be honest with you, those are great questions, the hard questions One of the things that you mentioned in the question, Elizabeth, is being on campus I pine for that We all pine for that There is nothing better in my experience as an adult being a young adult at a university campus at a Big Ten public institution It’s a huge thing It’s a time in your life when you get to talk to people about your future, about their future, you can argue politics, you can argue sports, you can argue is the grass been cut, I mean but it is a great time to be a young person and yes we’re all missing campus We’re desperately missing campus I’m not going to pretend any other way But, we also, I don’t mean to sound trite, we tell our students, as we tell ourselves on a daily basis,

adversity is something we deal with and we’re gonna make the best of this and we learn from it and don’t stop reaching out if one of you is on campus and one of your friends is not then go park your butt next to a big elm tree I doubt we have any elm trees anymore but by an oak tree and talk to your friends and say hey look I’m on campus, look at this, this is great We’re gonna come back together We’re gonna come back together This too shall pass and as you know, I’m those of you who know me and I think know of me, I’m a positive person, I think you have to be positive But again, if you do the heavy-lifting of all of us being safe, then the probability of coming back sooner is higher and that’s what we want and that’s what our goal is here Take care of yourself, take care of others, work hard, this too shall pass so just keep the long game in perspective and you will be back and it will feel wonderful that sunshine on your face as you lay on the mall or wherever you’re going to be, walking along East River Road where have it happened to be These things matter, it’s an important part of your life and want it! Want it desperately because it matters Let me just add a couple of words about the fees that were mentioned Let’s make sure what these are for I certainly sympathize with our students There are so many different fees that go into the statements that they receive and sometimes there’s confusion between these fees Some of the fees may be course specific fees and they are for expendable supplies for example, in some chemistry labs As an example As it happened with the way we pivoted last spring, when some of those expendables were not spent then those fees were returned to the students Some fees are broad, essentially infrastructure fees for programs that we offer, that support our broad laboratory needs and our advising needs and and the experiential learning possibilities and so forth that we provide and those aren’t changing If anything, so you know, if anything the cost of actually pivoting to these different modalities for our courses for our laboratories that have to be socially distanced so we cannot take a laboratory section and fill it up in the way we normally do These have to be split up so that there is enough appropriate distancing for the classes A lot of the, excuse me, IT infrastructure that we’ve had to beef up for delivery of online classes and this remote delivery and so forth, all of these are actually have been extra costs Although the tuition has not gone up, has been frozen and that fees have not changed, the fact is the cost for a college like ours actually has increased Unfortunately, it’s not that there is a tendency to think, well, if the class is offered in a remote sense, then that’s somehow cheaper It is not happening That’s not the way it has been The effort that our faculty and staff and student TAs and others have spent on continuously updating the classes and the laboratories and making kits for the laboratories and so forth These are all things that were unexpected Even within the current system of tuition fees That’s really all I can share at this point Thank you We have one that’s more of a logistical question about classes and that is that they’ve noticed that every professor and TA has had all different methods of sharing Zoom links and sharing different information online and they’re concerned about missing

classes simply because they can’t organize Is there any chance that there will be more organization or that things could be streamlined more in the future as we kind of work out the online processes? Jim, maybe you I could open it, but I think maybe an IT perspective would be appropriate here I mean it there is no doubt, I experienced the same thing Entering Zoom can have a different flavor on any Tuesday versus Thursday, but Jim, are there some protocols that might make the process a bit more straightforward? Well unfortunately, Zoom is going to make it even more difficult coming up shortly They’re going to require passwords for everybody who has a Zoom link that isn’t and so I expect a few problems even though we’re going to try and advertise that fact out If I’m reading the question right, it’s not necessarily getting into Zoom, but having some consistency of where you would find the links and and what the links— where they would be, at least that’s the question that I’m seeing That’s a logistical problem that I don’t know that we’ve even thought about Some consistency was between classes and how they, where they put their links and how they shared I’m not sure if that is that the question that i’m answering? Are people really having that much Zoom problems? Well I think you’re getting it right and I think what this asker is running into is the age-old problem that when each faculty member came of age with a particular set of technologies and ways of doing things So some of them put them in their schedule in canvas and some of them embed them into a syllabus that’s a pdf file and some of them embed them somewhere else I think we can hear and relay the concern through the directors of undergraduate studies that students are concerned that there isn’t an equivalent as easy as looking up the classroom for a class and it may be that our departments should just have a place where you could find the table of Zoom classrooms, but there’s also something that probably can help on the student side, which is if you all are careful to log in with the single sign-on, the SSO of your umn.edu ID, when you log into Zoom, that will also make it easier to find these because the restrictions that are being placed for passwords and other things, we can put exceptions in place for people that are part of the umn organization, but we can’t do anything when you come in from outside and so there may be a few things that we can try to relay that message, but I think the student is right, it can be challenging when some of your faculty put it on their canvas site and others don’t We’re all learning this together and I think if you’d asked any of us six months ago, we didn’t know canvas had a place where you could link to Zoom Actually six months ago, it may not have even had that place yet and the technologies are evolving perhaps faster than we’re learning All right well I think that we have done our best to answer as many questions live as we can and we’re coming up on time, but we will continue to answer a couple that may be left in the chat You can always email us at csedean@umn.edu if you feel that anything hasn’t been answered and we will do our best to pass it along to the team and make sure that we address any questions that you have Paul has a comment? There’s been a couple of questions here on access to Anderson Labs 3D printing, laser cutting making, the labs are open But, of course, it’s COVID so, but and covet go together It means that we have protocols and they require safe spacing and so appointments are necessary, so students, do not be shy you want to use the Anderson Laboratories You make an appointment, the protocols Anderson lab has gone through very effective

situation, where you can be, where you can’t be, how they clean the machines and you might want to make that appointment ahead of time If you need something tomorrow night you may not be able to do it Plan accordingly, put your request in and the labs are available to you, but we’re gonna only make them available in a safe way because we want to make sure that we all get through this hole and so in the Anderson Labs are open there’s some in the mechanical engineering building, in the civil engineering building Please make those cases go to Anderson Lab and this is for student groups, this is for, obviously we have to prioritize Obviously, the highest part, maybe not obviously, but the highest priority is for classes and we have several classes that are built around making 3D printing prototyping and what have you, but absolutely please ask and we will give you an answer that is safe and appropriate You can get access, but it’s going to be on a on a request basis until further notice Thank you all for joining us and our very best wishes for a successful semester

Magic Orb? Minecraft Adventures EP 1🙂

Hey Gamers so today we’re playing Minecraft and I’ve got a question. Whose skin do you like better because I think my skin’s fabulous Um so ask in the poll and discuss in the comments. All right. I think Kendall a little disclaimer she made both of these skins and I think they both look really good but I I like mine I think it’s cool I like the color this is actually mom’s skin and I haven’t finished my skin yet so I’m using her skin all right that works yeah yeah we’re at work or cool like that our parents play Minecraft no they don’t I’m kidding okay are you are you ready I’m ready what are we doing okay so we’re in this amazing new Minecraft world yes you can see all these cool trees and everything that’s yeah what are these flowers trees er this is a special mod pack it was a special about it it’s my favorite one that’s why it’s special okay so we have all of these if you look in your inventory we’ve got a huh these hot bark got a soul chunk claimer and world domination with open blocks and yeah delving into the darkness and then this crystal bull well what are we doing with it um well I’d like you to hold on stay right there okay I’m gonna run over here oh dear so right-click it uh uh-huh okay are you male or female female and you answer your questions Oh which do you prefer like what I it for its first certain mod just kinda questions well do I prefer for what uh the person of interest that you would like Oh for a romantic partner okay part does what’s my name Insula525 that’s my name yeah oh my god there’s magic happening yeah I’m concerned oh you very happened well my crystal ball is gone yeah did yours go away no I still have mine okay I’ll try mine why do you one can see what I’m doing why did you run away it’s weird I don’t even know what’s happening oh nothing opening out here okay okay Oh what oh what you’re here but you’re in okay that’s fine what you just fazed through wall your stance stand over here oh I have a book on my back yeah all right oh that’s so goofy what nothing’s happening you can’t see it but I can am i walking around right now yeah okay I am a female and a man I’m gonna capitalize see cuz that it was always bugged me Hey look lava can I jump in it um please don’t die all right all right again what what I’m gonna live in a village all right ready you might want to run run why cuz this ah are you dying no are you dying no I should have a dirt why should I be dying what is happening hey Mike alright go aside my side but uh wow it’s a village Hey look it’s kind of sword yeah why no there there well hello Clement bye but we’ve got all these people now oh look a little person yes a child Oh right so the child now got more people he’s covered in blood oh that’s lovely concerning we’ve got all these guards walking around and then more people oh god he’s even more covered in blood Oh what happened here is there murders what sure why did he have a chicken on his head it’s cuz it’s a hat oh they have two little child’s yep good for them Todd the church that’s your title Todd the child yeah wow that’s a fantastic title and then we get a graveyard Oh sad um oh hey Zach yeah he’s bloody no no where’d you go okay so what are we supposed to do here um so this is just a village with people in it yeah there’s this not really I mean if you want to like live and be romantic the people you can but I just wanted to give us a place to live first oh all right and to spawn in some NPCs because it’s always this looks like a beehive is it mmm oh it’s closed down I can’t oh that yeah that’s that’s closed room not a beehive you know okay so the thing that I want to do is I want to get us beds and tools and things so the thing that everyone always has to do in Minecraft yep it’s the number one thing yeah what is it you know it now die no I mean yes but you know that’s not the first thing you always do stay inside a night I’m not it’s a punch a tree punch a tree did she well that was my next guess

these trees look cool they have like you know around nice textures and I look like actual trees it’s getting dark already yeah oh it has a little progress bar at the top of her hitting it you know when it’s almost done oh there’s some other things that I’ll show you once we get inside these people gonna be mad I’m taking their trees dang in the trees bah yeah well go ahead and start punching these sheep and killing them what all right fine I can’t get to them they’re up there to punch this dirt cheap punching seems like a pretty violent way to kill these sheep yeah all right I got raw mutton so you know that’s food I know that’s food these flowers glow yeah achievement time to strike I can’t find any more sheep that’s okay I like that one I only have one wool I’m gonna do I need Oh meat three for bed I hear sheep okay I’ve gotten you a sword is there monsters here yes oh okay I won’t wander into the woods at night I think there is your now there is come on coming back okay there you go come on how’d you get that already I just made it cuz I’m a wizard oh I’m my wizard uh you can’t be I’m stuck on a door okay so that’s there Hugh you can have that one all right I’ll give you a sort oak well thanks um it’ll make a mine out here later yeah okay yeah oh yeah okay sorry Hey I didn’t make love that I see like hey hey guess what what how’d you do that how did you do that oh my god tell me out okay um at the bottom of your keyboard there house X uh-huh so push X you can do this you go f5 and you’ll be able to see yourself I’m sitting down yeah I’m laying down my egg how do I lay down z try Z um yes and then X is sitting uh-huh and then C is layin extra is crowded why do I want to live this way no this is crawling that you’re being stealthy see but I can’t move you shipped Oh me sneaking around hey camel what floor is lava okay um V try be V oh yeah my Hut I’m gonna give you a hug I can’t my arms gonna fucking you okay my arms gonna wake up there there okay adilyn looks like we’re trying to strangle each other and the dance see I figured that one not okay B I’m dancin Wow right I’m really bad dancer see isn’t that cool yes and then you can push all the other buttons uh-huh and uh a lot of them have their own things Oh if you push H I know it brings up the Hat menu but we don’t have any so ah okay that’s a little sad so now what we’re just wait um push another button humming oh oh no I didn’t okay come here okay where are you I’m behind you bye oh I should probably love that I heard a zombie I should probably turn on sound okay so push it escape uh-huh and then at the bottom of the screen there should be something called a tails editor uh okay now this is weird yeah you can you can do all kinds of things like that I just wanted to show that off to you okay I’ll pass that’s a little weird for me then there’s also the twelve button yeah can zombies get in our yard mmm is there a fence yeah maybe we should be fine okay well let me check and make sure it’s just it’s like I’ll completely leave more torches though any more torches okay so twelve button does kind of the same thing except you have more options ah I can edit my head but they’re they’re not as cleared models I can put on a beard yeah have fun all right now no that’s a little weird yeah hold on huh a scam is snapped no no okay turn it back on

let’s lay off here we go okay now what do we do we just okay there’s a bump can I kill it can I fight it is it a zombie yeah fight say die yeah it’s the normal old-fashioned fighting way okay so I can actually win yeah you can spin but if I think which way oh no – got what hey look there’s an emerald in here can I steal it yeah oh yeah I forgot to mention the villagers poop emeralds wait that was poop yeah wait I don’t want it how do I spit it out you have to keep it forever now what I don’t want to keep build your poop Oh trust me it’ll be helpful later so I can just go into their houses and see if anyone made any emeralds yeah did it is it really like poop or does it just like Davis pop it I would every now and then it’s not actually okay I found another sheep okay go ahead and kill it with your sword it’s running away hey I didn’t oh Claire yeah this is it I got a hot topic for you what I just got the achievement hot topic oh okay and I got three wolves now do you need any more there’s a bunch more sheep here ye if you want to do you do you need more yeah we need three six six yeah how many do you have I have zero okay do you have all of it okay there’s a black sheep is that okay Oh me me I probably die it just pick up and five I just need one more I can’t see anything it’s dark yeah it’s really dark I can’t find the shape there we go come on meet Guinness so okay I got six now I can’t find the village never mind I’ve had it oh yeah we have wood waste waypoints I can’t button I assigned to it though oh they have like windows in their house so it’s easier to see if have any magnetic it take I just feeding from them I don’t know where our houses oh oh here monsters here monsters who are they oh you know you have a map in the corner right well yes but there’s like a hundred thousand things on it okay so oh I’m coming to save you I don’t need to be saved I found already you left the door open someone could have just come in here and robbed us yes we totally have the things to rub I can’t spit stuff out with cute oh yeah you have to go into your inventory and then throw it like that Oh fine thank you hey do you need any of this wood oh yeah that’s annoying yeah okay I’m keeping all the money oh wow that’s a lot of wood yeah I killed the tree I killed two trees okay I’m gonna go fight that zombie I can’t go in there and always killing the people yeah kill him I’m trying he’s kind of a meanie you almost killed this villager lady we got to protect them I did I just killed the zombie good job two guards and one lady in here do they each have their own houses or do they gotta go wherever they teleport to their own house oh well this zombies wearing a hat Oh kill him you’ll get the Hat but it’s a weird hat I don’t want it hey you do I do yes how do I want it you want all the hats I can’t get it it disappeared yeah it’s now in your hat inventory now where all the doors opens it’s not me these other people keep doing it it’s a sheep right here in the village let’s guys bed this bed is like touching the door oh what’s happening here can they look strange things we’re coming to you over here oh yeah that happens I mean some zombie beds is flying around yeah and now he’s just talking the fence oh man these these villagers are just as dumb as the other one yeah okay so what I I do whenever I spawn one of these villages is I break

these fences immediately cuz they continue to get stuck ah cuz they’re dumb they are not that smart Oh leave that one okay it adds statistic oh that’s the aesthetic right we wouldn’t want to hurt the aesthetic so okay now we need to do something like what oh hey this one has a hat – yeah don’t kill him don’t kill him don’t kill the villagers Zach I’m a butcher but he look like a zombie what do you mean he bit me oh no he’s been infected I guess they’re all my stuff out am I gonna die no hey sure follow me Zach’s candle am I gonna die no you’re fine okay I was just throwing all my stuff out in the house come here jack come here boy oh there’s a small one Kendal’s Mogami a small zombie human Oh No ah stay here hey it’s lime look gonna kill it gonna kill it oh yeah kill the slime hey yeah umm it was a small one can you make them grow bigger or do they just say the same size until you get them in this line oh yeah yeah this lime status let’s say okay I’m quarantine what happens if they bite you oh nothing happens to us oh we just get weakness for a while but if they bite the people then the people turn into zombies you know a zombie epidemic is horrible ah yes that usually doesn’t end well I can’t remember how to onion affect them but there isn’t way to do it okay so we’ll just leave them in there yeah okay um we need to get a farm going because we’re gonna die of hunger okay we farm who are you I’m right here okay all you all I need you to do is break all the brass oh you get to break all the policies you can okay I’ll just break all of it with this zombie brain good job I am gonna go huh should I should figure out and remember which keys I need when is it not that one it’s definitely not that one nope not that one either nope nope ah what its water attacking me okay I broke the grass by the water this weird pond that’s being held up by nothing oh and the grass was holding it up I guess so now all the water is everywhere so there’s a flood in the village and it’s my fault good plotting abilities how much craft me oh okay here click Jay Jay Jay you should have a whole map oh hey that’s actually helpful yeah now I can find you we come to the village uh-huh and then push Kate yeah and then you can set a waypoint got it and no matter where you go you’re gonna see the waveone okay how much deeds do I need uh how many do you have not that many Wow I’ve been punching a lot of grass one flaxseed three Mandrake seeds five cotton seeds and too far we eat okay I know I’ve been punching all the grass and there’s like no seeds you see how much a for plain seeds so that should know planes how do you get plain seeds not yeah I know how do you get normal wheat we just got some garlic garlic can’t eat it but it’s not a vampire my vampire no but there are vampires can I be a vampire yes you can be and there’s also witches and werewolves cool yeah in vampire hunters so wait which is better to be though I’d say that vampires yeah are good but I personally like the werewolves werewolves yeah alright we’re gonna set up a farm right I’m getting ah if you guys want to be

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Lecture 6: Reorienting the Left: New Democrats, New Labour, and Europe’s Social Democrats

– I started the lecture last Thursday by playing a clip of Michael Foot making fun of Sir Keith Joseph who had been the intellectual architect of Thatcherism With his conjurer’s trick, and said at the end of the day that the joke was on Michael Foot, because he thought Thatcher would be a flash in the pan, and she went on to be Prime Minister for 11 1/2 years and went on fundamentally to restructure the British economy and political landscape as we saw I want to start today with a clip from his, his comrade in arms Tony Benn, who had been his staunchest supporter on the left of the Labor Party throughout the 1980s And actually ran for the deputy leadership when Michael Foot became leader In 1981 and lost narrowly to Healy But this is Tony Benn on the day after Thatcher has announced she was stepping down, evaluating the Thatcher legacy – [Tony] Despite the fact we’ve been told we’re an entrepreneurial society, this is a country today that has an utter contempt for skill You talk to people who dig coal, run trains, doctors, nurses, dentists, toolmakers, nobody in Britain is interested in them The whole of the so-called entrepreneurial society has focused on the city news we get in every bulletin telling us what’s happened to the pound sterling to three points of decimals against a basket of European currency Skill is what built this country, strength and it is treated with contempt I must confess the auctioning off of public assets, particularly the latest disgusting Frankenstein advertisements which told me more about the mentality of the Minister who devised the scheme than it did about the sale itself, these are assets built up by the labor of those who worked in electricity and by the taxpayer who put the equipment in, now to be auctioned off at half their price to make a profit from the tax cut for the rich before the next election comes If these were local councilors they would be before the courts for wilful misconduct, and because they are ministers and then some of them later go on the boards of the company’s they privatized, they are treated as businessmen who know better how to handle it as members of the board of directors than allegedly they did as ministers responsible The undermining of the trade unions with less rights in Britain than they have in Eastern Europe The tax cuts for the rich and benefit cuts for the poor, the censorship of the media, the abuse by security services the restriction of civil liberties And when we look back in the 1980s we will see many victims of market forces I do not share the general view that market forces are the basis for political liberty, every time I see a person in a cardboard box in London I say that person is a victim of market forces Every time I see a pensioner who can’t manage a victim of market forces The sick who are waiting for medical treatment that they could accelerate by private insurance, they are the victims of market forces And with the disappearance of the Prime Minister who’s a great ideologue, I mean her strength was that she understood a certain view of life, and when she goes, and she’s gone, there will be a great ideological vacuum It’s no good saying we will run the market forces better than she did, because her whole philosophy was that you measured the price of everything and the value of nothing And I had one experience the other day which confirmed me in my view that she hasn’t really changed the thinking or culture of the British people I don’t know how many people as I do travel on trains, but I go regularly on the trains and I see all the little businessmen with their calculators working out their cash flow frowning at people, looking and glaring at each other Thatcherite trains, the train of the competitive society Coming back from Chesterfield the other day the train broke down and it wholly changed, somebody came in and said have a cup of tea from my Thermos Then people looked after each other’s children and a young couple talked to me

and I said after about half an hour, “How long have you been married?” “We met on the train”, they said And a woman said, “Will you get off at Derby “and ring my son in Swansea because he’ll be worried.” By the time we got to London we were a socialist train Because you can’t change human nature There is good and bad in everybody, and for 10 years it is the bad And the good that has been denounced as lunatic, out of touch, cloud cuckoo land, extremist and militant And that’s what the party opposite have done, they don’t quite yet know, they think it’s the retirement of a popular headmistress under circumstances some might regret Actually, they killed the source of their own philosophy and opened the way for quite different ideas – So there you have again a leader of the Labor Party, deputy leader of the Labor Party who’s extremely eloquent, but in contrast to Foot a decade earlier, very bitter about the legacy of Thatcherism And more important for our purposes today, despite his story about the socialist train and human nature, he was actually in denial, because Michael Foot and Tony Benn continued to believe that this ghastly interregnum was now over and there would be a resurgence of the traditional left, a traditional Labor Party By then of course Labor had been in the wilderness since 1979 and it would actually continue to be in the wilderness for the next several elections and not come back into power until 1997 And when they did finally come back into the power it was under the leadership of a very different Prime Minister with very different priorities and views about the nature of the Labor Party and how it could govern – Across the nation, across class, across political boundaries the Labor Party is once again able to represent all the British people We are the mainstream voice in politics today A believe in society, working together, solidarity, cooperation, partnership These are our words, this is my socialism (audience applauds) It’s not the socialism of Marx or state control, it is rooted in a straightforward view of society In the understanding that the individual does best in a strong and decent community of people with principles and standards and common aims and values A new politics, a politics of courage and honesty and trust Now it means telling it as it is, it means not opposing everything every other party does for the sake of it Politicians are looked to by the people for leadership, and leadership is about having the courage to say no as well as yes Now even this week I heard people say that a Labor government must repeal all the Tory trade union laws Now there’s not a single person in this country who believes that we shall actually do it, no one believes strike balance should be abandoned So why do we say it? We shouldn’t, and I won’t I have said and I mean I am committed to the goal of full employment we will develop the plans to achieve it But I won’t ever pretend that I can deliver it overnight It requires a modern constitution, that says what we are in terms the public cannot misunderstand and the Tories cannot misrepresent (audience applauds) The next election will offer us the chance to change our country Not just to promise change, but to achieve it, the historic goal of another Labor government, our party New Labour, our mission new Britain, New Labour, new Britain (audience applauds) – So that was Tony Blair speaking to the Labor Party Conference in 1995 And the reason that was such an important speech, once that was the speech in which, when he speaks about the new Constitution for the Labor Party, he’s talking about getting rid of clause four of the Labor Party’s Constitution which called for the nationalization of the means of production, distribution and exchange, and it hearkened back to the original founding of the Labor Party in the early part of the 20th century as a Marxist Socialist party And there had been a battle for the soul of the Labor Party that had gone on since Thatcher’s years,

actually it was before Blair, it was Neil Kinnock, and after Kinnock it was John Smith, but Blair finally won this battle, he got rid of clause four and reoriented the Labor Party to become a party that they thought could be competitive in the new world that I was describing to you last time Now similar things were going on elsewhere, including back here The Democrats felt that they had been pulled to the left too much in the decade since the McGovern Frazier reforms of the Democratic Party which had greatly empowered the grass roots I’ll talk more about that later, and had produced candlelight dates like George McGovern or subjected Jimmy Carter to a debilitating primary challenge from Jimmy Carter which many thought had contributed to his defeat by Ronald Reagan in 1980 And there was a similar sense within the Labor Party, within the Democrats that just as something like New Labour which Tony Blair was bringing into existence needed to happen in the US as well to the Democratic Party, and there was something formed called the Democratic Leadership Council and Bill Clinton was one of its first leaders And the agenda of the Democratic leadership Council was very much similar to the agenda of New Labour, just to give you a flavor, this is Bill Clinton actually speaking in 1988, before he ran for the nomination four years later – Take this fight about civil rights, the Republicans have set up so that if you’re for the civil rights bill you’ve got to be for quotas, so that if you’re not for quotas we have to say you’re for discrimination It’s a bogus debate, and the White House ought to be ashamed of itself for breaking up the honest (audience applauds) For breaking up the honest attempt of the Business Roundtable and the civil rights groups in this country to have a new choice you can have economic growth, small-business vitality, you don’t wake up every day being scared to death of a lawsuit, but we protect women and minorities and people who deserve it from unfair discrimination on the job, which we all know still exists in this country (audience applauds) Take the debate about poor children, the way the Republican’s set the debate up, they say the Democrats are for throwing more money at these problems and we know you can’t throw money at them We just said that And we are family values Let me tell you something, family values won’t feed a hungry child, but you can’t raise that hungry child very well without them We need both Do you really believe that if we permit these conditions to go on for 10, 20 or 30 years And we permit national politics to continue in its present relevant track for 10 or 20 or 30 years, that America will lead the world we have made, that you can keep the American dream alive for the next generation of Americans? I want my child to grow up in the America I did, I don’t want her to be part of the first generation of Americans to do worse than their parents did I don’t want her to be a part of the country that’s coming apart instead of coming together Over 25 years ago I had a professor of Western civilization who told me our country was the greatest country in human history because our people had always believed in two simple things, one is that the present doesn’t have to be as good as the future, the future can always be better And two, that every one of us has a personal moral responsibility to make it so That is what the new choice is all about, that is what we are here in Cleveland to do, we’re not here to save the Democratic Party, we’re here to save the United states of America Thank you very much and God bless you (audience applauds) – So there was Bill Clinton on the cusp of his leadership role in the Democratic Party and he would subsequently go on to become President And so today’s agenda is to understand this reorientation of the parties of the left and then think about their place in the broader scheme that we are developing as the course goes a long Our agenda is gonna have three parts to it,

I’m gonna start by revisiting the comments I made about distributive politics or the psychology of distributive politics in a little more depth than I did last time And the reason is I’ve had a number of questions about it, and it’s really important It’s gonna be important later in the course and it’s gonna be important for today’s lecture So I’m gonna reprise what I said about that and extend it a little bit Then we’re gonna come to the heart of the matter and talk about unions, left of center parties and the median voter as they played out in this period And then finally we’re gonna talk more generally about distributive politics in two-party systems such as Britain and the US, versus multi-party systems as prevail in much of Europe So let’s go back to the comments I made about absolute and relative gains I said to you that absolute gains are self-referential, as in the Ronald Reagan video that I put up saying ask yourself and I better off than I was four years ago Relative gains are the sorts of things that Margaret Thatcher was lambasting in her speech in the House of Commons when she was saying that the left would rather that the poor will be poorer so long as the rich were less rich So just for people who like diagrams, some people like diagrams and some don’t, and there’s nothing I’m gonna do with a diagram that you can’t explain without a diagram But for those who like diagrams, imagine you’re gonna ask yourself which is better for me from the point of view of you representing the red dot And we’re thinking about my income on the vertical axis, and her income on the horizontal axis So just to be clear about what we’re saying, with absolute gains anything above that line is better I will be better off than I was four years ago if I can move above that line When we’re talking about relative gains, or other referential comparisons, then anything to the north-east of that, to the left side of that blue dotted line, I will be better off relative to her And so we can think about four quadrants here, we can think about up here I’m better off either way, over here I’m worse off either way, here I am absolutely better off but relatively worse off, and here I’m relatively better off and absolutely worse off So this is the difference Now economists like to think in terms of absolute gains because they think in terms of win-win So this is a close cousin of the Pareto principle, those that have taken Econ 101 will know, if we move from the status quo up here both people are better off, so that’s the realm of market transactions, they’ll go there voluntarily If we move from here, maybe to here, maybe because the government taxes both of us and sends the money to a country we both despise then we’re worse off And these two quadrants are where one person gets better off and the other person gets worse off And much of economic theory is about welfare economics is about whether and under what conditions we can say that the one who gains gains more or less than the one who loses So the reason economists tend not to like relative comparisons is that there’s no win-win with relative, there is no circumstance with relative comparisons where both people can be better off And so I think that’s a lot of the reason for the distaste for relative comparisons among neoclassical economists But, this is not a course in neoclassical economics this is a course about power and politics in today’s world And when we think about power and politics we have to recognize that

although economists tend to prefer absolute gains, relative gains are often much more potent in politics, people make relative comparisons whether our models tell us a good idea or not But they don’t just make any relative comparisons and this was the point about many people not caring what multimillionaires make Local reference groups, people relatively similar to me are the sorts of people to whom I tend to compare myself, that was the upshot of the capuchin monkey story and why I said that the experimenter misinterpreted his own results The example I gave is a college professor will be much more upset to learn that his salary is $10,000 less than a similar professor down the hallway than to learn that it’s half $1 million less than the attorney who lives next door So people tend to make relatively local comparisons But a corollary of that that I didn’t emphasize enough is that these local comparisons can be either invidious or solidaristic So when we talk about the majority rule, divide a dollar game, I said if people agree upon a conception of fairness for example, that everybody should get an equal share because it’s fair, that might breed solidarity among them to vote together if they’re all below the median income But the difficulty with that is that it’s vulnerable to that very logic of the divide a dollar game that I talked about, namely that you can split people off of the coalition by offering them some other benefit, unless there is some institution to actually hold together and reinforce that solidarity among a particular group, it’s gonna be too easy to pick it apart, and we will in fact see in four-part harmony on Thursday that efforts to pick apart a distributive coalition in accordance with the divide a dollar game when we talk about the anti-tax movement And so the reason we got to talking about unions was that the thought was that unions might be an instrument for supplying some if you like institutional backbone to the solidarity of people below the median income And I’m gonna spend a lot more time on that topic today when we’re thinking about the reorientation of left parties But before I do that I wanted to make one more point about the psychology of distribution and the way that it plays out in politics And I want you to engage with me in a thought experiment Let’s say that Steve gets a phone call one day and he’s told that he’s won the lottery He’s won the lottery and he’s gonna get $2 million The next day however, he gets a follow-up phone call and they say well actually the news is good but it’s not quite that good, we didn’t know there was a second ticket that had been sold, so actually you’re not getting $2 million but you’re getting $1 million Still, it’s $1 million Steve didn’t have $1 million before he had been called Now Art on the other hand, he gets a phone call and he says, “Art you’ve won the lottery, “you’ve won half $1 million congratulations.” And he’s delighted But the next day he gets another call and he says, “The reason we told you “that you had won half $1 million “we thought there was another ticket sold “but it turns out there wasn’t another ticket sold “So actually Art there is even better news, “You’ve won $1 million.” Now notice that both Art and Steve are $1 million richer than they were two days ago But who’s happier? Who’s happier? Why? Pardon? (people mutter off microphone)

Art, you tell us why are you happy? Yeah, so what you’re all saying is exactly right, that Steve somehow thinks he’s lost something And this is the concept of loss aversion which economists sometime refer to as the endowment effect This is the idea that if you have something taken away from you it bothers you more than you become happier if something is given to you And this is the idea for which Danny Kahneman won a Nobel prize, it should really have gone to him and Amos Tersky, but they don’t give it to dead people and Tersky had died And again for people who like diagrams this is the diagram they called it Prospect Theory and the idea is the curve is always the shape The idea is to capture this notion that the prospect of a gain does not bring as much happiness as the prospect of an equivalent loss brings unhappiness And so this is why if you want to motivate people to do something it’s better to talk to them about undoing a loss or avoiding a loss then the prospect of a gain So we will come back to this idea in the last part of the course because I think it has a lot to do With the psychology behind the politics of populism that we’ll be talking about later So this is the notion of loss aversion Now some people wonder about well why is it? Because at some level it’s irrational to weigh potential loss more heavily in terms of futility than weighing a potential gain, particularly if the things are equivalent, the endowment effect idea is if you own something you won’t take the price you would take if you didn’t own it to give it up Again just this idea that it’s mine, I don’t want to give it up is so important And there’s speculation about why people are like this One of the leading theories is that for so long in human history people lived so close to the survival that even a small loss might have been catastrophic from the point of view of survival and so people have built in this idea of avoiding losses as being more consequential than getting gains It’s one theory, there are others So we’re just keeping all that in our analytical bag of tricks as we work our way through the rest of today’s lecture and some of the other materials in the course So, the basic challenge for left of center parties in this new world, is that unions as institutions that can reinforce solidaristic ideals among voters below the median income are becoming less effective This is the basic challenge And the reason is why? Because unions are becoming, unions protect their members and are becoming smaller and weaker And that means two things, they’re gonna be less effective at protecting their members, and the externalities of protecting their members when they do, the spin-offs are gonna be less, less dissent So that’s what we are gonna be exploring, and I put this picture up last time, when we were talking about the right to make the point that in the US people think about the decline of the unions since the 70s, but really the high point of union membership in the American economy was in the 1950s, and it’s been falling ever since So the UK is a comparable story, just later You can see here union membership in Britain peaks at around 1980, ironically just as Michael Foot

is becoming leader of the Labor Party and we’ll have more to say about that when we talk about parties later And it’s been going down ever since, so if you look here at trade union density, that means the proportion of a sector of the economy that is unionized Since 1995 in the whole economy that’s the blue line, it’s gone from about 33% to about 25% And if you look at the private sector, which is increasingly important because the public sector is shrinking, it’s gone from above 20% down to about 15% So not as extreme as story as here, but nonetheless the size of the unionized sectors of the economy has been falling Now the upshot of this is that unions are decreasingly effective institutions to enforce solidarity below median income voters And this requires quite a bit of unpacking The reason is that where unions remain powerful within left of center parties they will pull them away from the median voter So you saw this for example in the 1970s and 80s in the UK Where unions were very powerful within the Labor Party, they controlled the leadership selection process for example, that’s how Michael Foot became leader in 1980 And the TUC, the trade union organization, had, it has less now, but it had at that time enormous power in setting Labor policy But if you think about union membership declining, that means that if they support unions they are gonna be pulling the Labor Party away from the median voter most of whom are not unionized And indeed one way of talking about this story of British politics in the 1970s and 80s, certainly until Thatcher in the late 60s and 70s is this divergence of interest So both Conservative and Labor governments alike used to have things that they called incomes policies And incomes policies were basically agreements that they worked out, it sometimes went under the name of liberal corporatism among academics You might think liberal corporatism is a contradiction in terms, when we say corporatism we think of Italian fascism The idea of liberal corporatism was the idea that the government would negotiate a deal among business and the unions, and then turn it into law and enforce it And so the Heath government, the Wilson, Heath was a Conservative, the Wilson and Callaghan Labor governments were always trying to negotiate these incomes policies with the unions And they would agree that wage increases are gonna be capped at 6% And then what they would find was that the unions say in the steel industry or the coal industry figure that they could actually negotiate a higher settlement with their employers, and would bust the agreement Even under Labor governments, Wilson and Callaghan would call in the union leadership and say, why are you doing this, you agreed to hold the line on wage increases, as part of our incomes policy And the answer was we are here to represent our members, we are not here to run the British economy And our first obligation is to our members and if we are in a position where we can negotiate better raises for our members why should we not do that? They are the ones who pay our dues they are the ones who are for us So to the degree that unions controlled the Labor Party, they’re gonna pull the interests of the party in the direction of the unions And so this was a reason why we had such hectic politics in Britain in the 1970s many strikes I lived there in those years, three day week, garbage in the streets

Eventually who governs Britain became the slogan in the 1979 election, which Thatcher won Who governs Britain the unions or the government? Governments both Conservative and Labor had been unable to govern effectively If you think about another pretty extreme case, in South Africa we have an extremely powerful union movement The reasons for its power will concern us in a subsequent lecture, they trace all the way back to the transition in the 1970s, but it was extremely powerful union movement That is part and parcel of the governing African National Congress Alliance And so unions protect their members and so would you have by African standards high wages in the formal sector of the economy which is protected by the unions, but you have 30% unemployment and 50% almost youth unemployment, third highest in the world and the rest of the economy You have a circumstance in which textile jobs are hemorrhaging to Lesotho, and even at one point they were hemorrhaging to China So unions if they can will protect their members, but that may come at the price of employment in the rest of the economy At the other end of the continuum, a system that prevailed in Germany particularly in the 1980s And still prevails in some sectors today, the system in Germany was that if the unions negotiate a bargaining agreement in a particular sector of the economy, even the non-unionized plants or companies would abide by that agreement So that’s a system where unions, the interests of unions and the interests of all workers, become much closer to aligning If even people in the non-unionized sectors are getting the same deal as the unions the big unions negotiating with the powerful companies are negotiating for their members, then you can see that unions can function better as a spine behind the solidaristic commitments of voters below the median incomes So to the extent that the economy is more like the German economy in the 1980s and less like the British economy in the 1980s or the South African economy today, unions can in the German kind of case be a source of policy that’s gonna be appealing to the median voter, or more likely to be appealing to the median voter And so one of the things that we have to think our way through is that without reinforcing institutions solidaristic ideals among people below the median voter will be very hard to sustain So this leads to the logic of what we call sometimes triangulation So just to give you a couple of examples here – They’re a new generation of Democrats, Bill Clinton and Al Gore And they don’t think the way the old Democratic Party did, they’ve called for an end to welfare as we know it, so welfare can be a second chance, not a way of life They have sent a strong signal to criminals by supporting the death penalty, and they rejected the old tax and spend policies Clinton has balanced 12 budgets and they have proposed a new plan investing in people detailing $140 billion in spending cuts they would make right now Clinton Gore, for people, for a change – So there you see the Clinton campaign moving very far to the right To capture the middle ground because they no longer think that they can get the solidaristic support of people on the left And indeed, Clinton felt that he actually had to attack the left of the Democratic Party to get his bona fides as someone

who could one in this new world And this is his famous speech about Sista Souljah – You had a rap singer here last night named Sista Souljah, I defend her right to express herself through music but her comments before and after Los Angeles were filled with a kind of hatred that you do not honor today and tonight Just listen to this, what she said She told the Washington Post about a month ago, and I quote, if black people kill black people every day, why not have a week and kill white people So you’re a gang member and you normally kill somebody, why not kill a white person? Last year she said you can’t call me or any black person anywhere in the world a racist, we don’t have the power to do to white people what white people have done to us, and even if we did, we don’t have that low-down dirty nature If they are any good white people, I haven’t met them, where are they? Right here in this room (audience applauds) That’s where they are I know she is a young person but she has a big influence on a lot of people And when people say that, if you took the words white and black and you reversed them you might think David Duke was giving that speech – So that was very dishonest in its presentation, because she had not actually said that, she had talked about a rap singer singing that It wasn’t her music, she was talking about a rap song that made those claims and was talking about the claim She wasn’t herself taking those views But it didn’t matter, this went viral, or the 1992 equivalent of viral Because it was Clinton distancing himself from the African-American affirmative active agenda as it was portrayed by his critics as a way to try and move to the center And so the thought here is, the motivating thought is in a two-party system if you move to the middle, the people on your flank have no place to go So when Trump was running in 2016 and he said to African-Americans, vote for me, what have you got to lose? He was exactly saying that they don’t get any attention on the left of the Democratic Party, so the Democratic Party can take them for granted and ignored them And so this becomes the argument for the politics of triangulation, which I’ll have more to say about on Thursday But the idea is that you move to the middle to peel off support from the other side, and enough support to win And you might depress turnout a little bit on the left of your own party if you’re a Democrat who is triangulating, but at the end of the day they have no place to go, and so it seems like a winning strategy And so this idea of triangulation that was dreamt up by people like James Carville and others and very much also informed Tony Blair’s approach in Britain So there the race issue is not salient in the way it is here, but as you saw when he was talking at the 1995 Labor Party Conference, he said, we are not gonna undo the Thatcher changes to labor laws and in fact he did not undo the Thatcher privatizations, actually they went into additional privatizations, and the did not bring back regulation And indeed, part of the bitterness against Blair on the left of the Labor Party would turn out to be that they thought he was more Thatcherite than Thatcher And so if you have this situation where the traditional source of solidarity on the left of a left party has now dissipated because of unions are too weak to supply it, or they are too segmented in their agenda is that they are gonna follow The path of least resistance from the point of view of getting elected would be to move to the center, try and peel off support from the other side, and know that the people who are on the left of your party might be angry, but at the end of the day, they have no place to go So that is in a nutshell the story

about why in two-party systems we saw this logic of triangulation most dramatically with Clinton and Tony Blair And you can understand why the desire to win on the actions would drive politicians to do that But what about multi-party systems? Multi-party systems are different in their basic functioning and in their basic logic So the conventional wisdom about multi-party systems is the following Multi-party systems, people like them, they say they are more representative They are more representative because in a two-party system we see the parties are heading for the median voter But what if you’re not the median voter, you feel unrepresented So in a multi-party system, the Greens have their people in parliament, the anti-immigrant crowd have their people in parliament, the Free Democrats in Germany, the libertarian people have their people in parliament Everybody has a seat at the table, and so that seems much more representative how many people think it’s more representative? How many people think it’s not? So the more representative have it for the moment This is a topic we’re gonna revisit in considerable depth later in the course Because the argument on the other side is it’s more representative at the electoral stage, but that doesn’t mean it’s more representative at the governing stage when governments have to be formed and coalition governments have to be put together So we’ll come back to that whole subject But for a long time the conventional wisdom was that, it’s put up here, Bingham Powell’s book, “Elections as Instruments of Democracy” But the conventional wisdom was that multi-party systems over time the produce policies that are more responsive to the median voter, and that therefore they are more distributive So if we go back to what we were talking about, the median voter theorem a couple of lectures ago, the claim was, and the evidence seemed to support the proposition that multi-party systems are more redistributive because of what you would expect if you think that the people below the median voter would want more redistribution As you can see, Bingham Powell’s book was published in 2000 And that means that most of his data is at least several decades old now, it’s all from the last century But this picture of inequality that I showed you a while ago captures that intuition and that inequality went, this is the gilded age, this is today, we all know about the U-shaped curve that we went to much less inequality in the middle part of the century, and then since the 1970s it’s been climbing But then if you look by national, by country you can see that the U-shaped curve is flat in Germany and France than in the US and in the UK So that’s consistent with the suggestion that these systems are less inegalitarian, or less susceptible to inegalitarian outcomes then the two-party systems like Britain and the US Of course for me to say that this graph supports that idea would be to commit to selecting on a dependent variable that I was talking about last time, so I’m not making a causal argument here But this is just describing what was the conventional wisdom And that’s indeed why many people on the left prefer the European systems, they think that they are more likely to be egalitarian, more likely to be redistributive So is it the case? And the thing that we have to start thinking about is that, Unions have also been declining in those systems Now why might that matter? I put up a lot of graphs that would be too small to see, but basically you can see them when I post them In virtually every single major European economy

union membership has been declining in the last several decades, just as it has been declining in Britain and the US Some at different rates There are a couple of outliers, I mentioned Finland Even in Finland in the last five years, union membership has fallen by 5% And another outlier is Iceland, Iceland is a very tiny economy and it’s not exactly clear why they have such high rates of unionization, but even in Iceland there’s been a kind of backlash in one of the biggest unions just in the last couple of years, actually there’s been a insurgency to take over control of the union because they feel it’s too much of a company union, too close to the interests of the company’s So in any case, Iceland and Finland to one side, there’s decline of unions everywhere for the reasons that we’ve talked about before Namely, globalization of capital, that makes it easier for capital to move around The exit costs for capital are low, the exit costs for labor are high, the Hershman story And of course increasing, increasing jobs going to technology, that indeed may be more important than globalization going forward A McDonald’s restaurant that used to have 20 people working in it that you now see eight people working in it, five or eight years from now may have one person working in watching a robot making burgers So we’ve seen this long term decline of union membership that’s been going on everywhere pretty much And that has two implications that I want to now dig into a little more deeply The one implication is that left of center parties are gonna be less effective in protecting employed workers So why might this be the case? I said unions protect their members But the fewer members there are in an industry the less leverage the union has in negotiating settlements You see this is going on right now, this isn’t in a multi-party system, but you see this right now going on in Detroit Why are those workers on strike, they are on strike or threatening to go on strike because the GM cannot compete with the foreign car makers working in southern states of the US, the so-called right to work states that are not unionized that are paying 30 bucks an hour, whereas the union agreement is more like 40 bucks an hour So these unions are less powerful in negotiating with employers, GM could choose not to produce electric cars in Detroit and start producing them elsewhere And so you would expect unions would be less able to negotiate strong deals Whether or not it’s part of the corporatist arrangement subsequently enforced by the government So Germany, I said Germany was in the 80s was the heyday of what political economists were calling liberal corporatism, these big deals done between the big unions and big business and governments would get behind them But in the early part of this century, interestingly when Gerhard Schroder as the last social Democratic chancellor was in a governing alliance with who? The Greens Not a grand alliance with the CDU, but with the Green party They implemented the so-called Hartz reforms, and the Hartz reforms were not that different from what was done by New Labour in the UK, and not that different from what was done under the Democrats in the US The new Democrats under the US, there were market friendly reforms designed to reduce unemployment, to protect unemployment, reduce unemployment rather than protect workers wages More market flexibility Hartz, the author of the Hartz reforms had been head of Volkswagen,

eventually actually resigned in disgrace a couple of years later for unrelated reasons, but he had designed these very business friendly reforms that were implemented over the first few years There were four stages of them In Germany their form of moving to the middle, so that the Social Democrats even when their only alliance partner was the Greens couldn’t resist this tide They were no longer in a position to force more generous settlements to their workers as they had been in the past And by the way, even though Schroder implemented the Hartz reforms, it still didn’t stop him from losing to Angela Merkel in the 2005 election, and she’s been Chancellor of Germany ever since So the move to the center, even in a multi-party system with a labor oriented party was in the driver’s seat of the government was unable to do any better because of the declining power of the unions And the other implication is that to the extent you can protect unionized workers, that may impose costs on others below the median income Service sector workers who were notoriously difficult to organize even though these economies are all increasingly becoming service second economies, and the long-term unemployed Because if you think about the union it’s going to protect the short-term unemployed, namely their members who might recently have become unemployed and might be going back into the workforce, but they don’t have an interest in protecting the long-term unemployed On the contrary, there may be a trade-off between creating employment for the long-term unemployed and protecting the wages of unionized workers So it’s not surprising that even in multi-party systems you might think that unionized workers as represented by traditional left of center parties Are going to be less well protected and less effective as instruments of solidarity Among others whose income is below the median voter So, how might this play out in a multi-party system? In a two-party system as I’ve said, the path of least resistance is to head for the middle and let the people on the flanks of your party stew Multi-party systems are different because there are plenty of people to form coalitions with And so this is, I should say that the slides that I’m gonna show you now are very much from work in progress that I’m doing with Francis Rosenberg and some economists, postdocs, that is somewhat tentative but there are some pretty dramatic conclusions I think on some matters So you can see on here, this is from 1960 to 2020 26 OECD countries, the vast majority of them multi-party systems The number of parties represented in the legislature, the number of parties differs from the number of different effective partners, only in that effective parties weight them by their size But what you can see is the number of parties in the legislature has gone up We see fragmentation of political parties And if you look at the left parties in these 26 OECD countries, what you can see is that while the voting share, which is the black line is pretty much flat, it’s gone down a little bit since 2010 The number of parties has gone up dramatically Why might that be? Why might we think, given what I’ve been talking about here, why would one think that

we would start to see more parties, fragmentation just means more parties? Yeah, you’re gonna have to yell, we forgot to get the microphone today You’ll have to scream – [Man] If you move to the center then somebody can move to the left and take your left flank? – Bingo, that’s exactly right So just to give an example, the Social Democrats moved somewhat to the center And alienated people on their left and those people then were up for grabs by other parties It’s not the case that they have no place to go And so one possible cause of this is just another way of saying, what was said at the back of the room, that as industrial jobs have gone down We can see here industrial jobs falling over this period quite dramatically, the number of parties has gone up And so as these parties become weaker and represent fewer workers and therefore move in search of new coalition partners, other parties are gonna emerge because they can get some seats and they can get a place in the legislature And it’s interesting that if you look at fragmentation of right-wing parties there’s no systematic shape, at least not since 1990s If you try to draw a line through that it would be pretty much flat So it’s really more fragmentation on the left And if you look here, where has the SPD’s vote gone to? It’s gone all over the place So this is comparing, this is the 2013 election, the 2017 election in Germany And you can see they have lost votes to the Alternative for Deutschland, they’ve lost votes to the Free Democrats, they’ve lost votes to the Greens, and they’ve also lost votes to people who stopped voting down here So as the effects of the Hartz reforms and this move in the neoliberal direction in the SPD has accelerated, by 2013, by the way they were in a governing grand coalition with the CDU So it was a very different kind of government And many of their traditional supporters indeed thought that they had been selling out, giving away too much to Merkel to be in the coalition And as I said to you in the very first lecture of the class, that in 2017 when they got hammered, they said we’re not going back into another grand coalition because all we do is erode our base because of the agreements we have to make to be in a grand coalition with the CDU And it was only after seven months of Merkel failing to make other coalition arrangements while the AFD was increasing its popularity in the polls, frightening everybody at the prospect of another election that the SPD finally went back into a grand coalition It didn’t help by the way, I mentioned to you in that lecture that the following year in the regional elections in Hesse and Bavaria that both the SPD and the CDU continued hemorrhaging support Mostly the SPD to the Greens and mostly the CDU to the Alternative for Deutschland Since then we’ve had local elections where the AFD has again cleaned up So that is not gonna abate any time soon So just again to, I don’t want to talk about a lot of this but this again preliminary results One of the things you see in that circle is that what might be, again this is not causally established, but what we’re observing in this data What might be the case that when left governments are in power as part of coalitions, unemployment actually has not gone up in these 26 OECD countries by about a percent So again, this is not a causal argument, but it’s consistent with the thought that these left parties are less able to protect the people below the median voter

That they’re protecting a shrinking labor aristocracy less and less effectively and with fewer and fewer positive spin-offs for people around and close to them in the income distribution So the upshot of this is that unions in multi-party systems are protecting shrinking groups of industrial workers less well than they used to do And party fragmentation makes solidaristic ideologies among voters below the median voter more difficult to sustain And this is why we see the hemorrhaging of all of these voters on the slide I put up earlier So just to finish out the German story, what happens is that as the SPD starts to lose voters, Merkel thinks oh, I could pick up some of these voters, so she also moved toward the middle That then opened up space on her flank for the emergence of the Alternative for Deutschland party, and so to some extent fragmentation on the left will produce fragmentation on the right in response to that And make it more difficult for parties on the right also to form predictable compilations And so the sorts of outcomes we have been seeing in European elections in the last few years are not that surprising Namely you get inconclusive results in many of these elections, or you get situations where you need three or four parties to form a government And the traditional in Germany since we we’re talking about Germany, traditionally in Germany the two biggest parties were the CDU and the SPD, and they were, it wasn’t that different from a two-party system, it was very predictable that they were gonna dominate center-left and then center right, and then center-left were gonna dominate coalitions over time, so they operated more or less like two-party systems Now all bets are off as to who will be in that coalition next time Mostly because of the decline of center-left parties And you can look in country after country after country where the left of center party traditionally always would come in first or second It doesn’t matter if it’s Germany, it doesn’t matter if it’s Holland, it doesn’t matter if it’s Israel The Labor Party in Israel always came in first or second Now these parties come in fourth or fifth reflecting their much weakened state as representatives of organized labor within the electorate So party fragmentation means that to the extent unions and the political parties that are answerable to unions are sources of solidarity of voters below the median voter, that has really gone away And that means that even though it’s a sort of commonly repeated mantra that PR systems are more redistributive, PR systems are more responsive to the median voter, the truth in today’s world is that PR systems are simply vastly less predictable than they used to be, because of the proliferation of parties, nobody has any idea who is gonna be forming the government And sometimes, so we have a grand coalition in Germany right now, but it could be parties from the two extremes as happened in the Greek elections of 2015 When you have a far left Populist party making a coalition with the far right populist party What they shared in common was their antipathy for Europe, but very different alternatives to your membership being envisaged by them if they will actually in the position to implement their policies So the traditional advantages of PR, which produces multi-party systems seems very much in question So the last implication of this discussion is that the proliferation of far right parties in these systems is worrying,

we talked about this in the very first lecture, but at the end of the day it’s not that surprising because it’s been driven by the logic of competitive politics in this new world that has emerged since the Cold War Next we will talk about shifting the goalposts, the anti-tax movement in the United States See you on Thursday (gentle music)

Another Sight stream – 11 – Meowing at Goons Simulator

All right Get this game up… and, uh get back to our previous task of… evading Edison’s guards [chuckles] Hopefully we’ll do better this time than it took us to figure it out last time >> GUARD: Gotcha! [laughs] What—?! Uh… apparently not [laughs softly] >> KIT: I hope they won’t see me here Okay, so to get him out of the way… is weird I mean, I can go up there and activate the device And that puts him like, right here Which means he has to be super nearsighted to not, uh, see me And he probably is, but Oof. I dunno [Hodge meows] >> GUARD: She must be over there! [Hodge meowing] Yeah, c’mere Get in there, how about that? >> KIT: Hey, Hodge! [Hodge meows] Hodge! [Hodge meows] Hodge… listen! [Hodge meows] Hey! Hodge! [Hodge meows] Hodge! Listen! [Hodge meows] >> GUARD: Sorry, I ain’t got no food for you! I like that, uh… [chuckles] She can yell at the cat, in a stage whisper All right, so come up here all the way up here [Hodge meowing] Too far >> GUARD: Watch it! I’ve got a weapon! Yeah, c’mere Yeah! [Hodge meowing] The noise came from over here Maybe it was just my stomach rumbling [Hodge meowing] Let’s check it out [laughs softly] C’mon [Hodge meows] Get out of here! Tryin’ to get outta here! All right, so No, not that! [engine running] >> KIT: What a racket! Perhaps it will attract the guards I don’t want to attract the guards! Will they see her down there? I hope not I hope they don’t see her up there C’mere, c’mere, c’mere, c’mere, c’mere! [Hodge meows] >> GUARD: Come quietly! Whoever you are [Hodge meowing] You again? Don’t test my patience [Hodge meows] What’re you after now? C’mere! [chuckles] [Hodge meows] Careful! You might get a nasty surprise So, if, if he I guess if he gets close enough to see me clearly, [Hodge meowing] he’ll see that I’m a cat and stop coming And start taunting me Come here and be done with it! [Hodge meowing] And this might be the end of his range, so What’s going on? I can’t take much more of this >> KIT: Hodge! [Hodge meows] Hey, Hodge! [Hodge meows] Hodge! Hodge! [Hodge meowing] Oh no, they can see me! Hey, Hodge! [Hodge meows] Ugh Ugh They got her Oh! Well, I start here, but she doesn’t She’s still up there getting caught by the other guy, right? Oh [laughs] Only but I guess not, ’cause that wouldn’t be fair [Hodge meowing] >> GUARD: She must be over there Okay, um Nah. [chuckles] All right, so let him keep meowing [Hodge meows] Let’s check it out >> KIT: Hey! Occupy the dude Hey, Hodge! [Hodge meows] >> GUARD: Shoo! Whoa! >> KIT: Hodge? [Hodge meowing] Oh no! Keep going! Hodge! Listen! Hey, Hodge! [Hodge meowing]

Hodge! Listen! [Hodge meows] >> GUARD: Stay where you are! Okay. All right Such a mess. [chuckles] All right [Hodge meowing] The noise came from over here Get over here. Come on [Hodge meows] Sorry. I ain’t got no food for you! Go go go. We’ll get on that, uh No, not gonna touch that We’re gonna go down [Kit grunts] I don’t think they can see me there So, let’s get Hodge distracting the other guy Woo! How invisible she is. [scoffs] All right, so I guess I’m hiding behind these guys And you… where are you? Oh, you’re all the way over here! That’s wonderful. Stay here [Hodge meowing] You again? Don’t test my patience >> KIT: Hodge! Hodge? Hodge! Hodge! Hey! Hodge! Listen! [Hodge meowing] [scoffs] I’d better not get caught Hodge! Listen! [Hodge meowing] Yeah, that’s what I say All right, so were there any other places? >> GUARD: What was that noise? There’s still one more place for her to hide. Um Psst! Hey! Get out of here! [Hodge meowing] I may want him on this side before I get that close…? Oh yeah, definitely [sighing] All right We wait. [laughs] So terrible Buzz off! Hush. C’mere [Hodge meows] Here, human human human! [laughs softly] [Hodge meows] [Hodge meowing] What are you after now? Okay >> KIT: Hey, Hodge! [Hodge meows] [Hodge meowing] Okay, I can stop there, but I don’t know where she has to hide next That looks like a big open stretch, but It also looks like there’s nobody patrolling it I could probably hide in that crevice there >> GUARD: Buzz off! Need you over here. C’mere [Hodge meowing] C’mere! Careful! You might get a nasty surprise! Yeah. C’mere and give me yer nasty surprise. [laughs softly] [Hodge meowing] [Hodge meowing] What are you up to? I’m being a distraction, that’s what I’m up to Whoa— >> KIT: Hodge? Hodge! Oop How far away can the Node be? Hodge, listen Okay, let me get this spot, ’cause I’m I’m taking a big risk here Yup I have no idea where the next guard is. [chuckles] All right. Oh, he’s right there! Oh Hello! Okay, so I’ll need to hide behind that, uh, also, pillar? How far do you come? Can I get you over here? [Hodge meows] >> GUARD: Who goes there? [imitating Mario] It’s-a me! [Hodge meows] Stay where you are! [Hodge meows] Whew, I’m knackered Whew [Hodge meowing] Walking around— Get out of here! [Hodge meowing] C’mere Go catch some mice, eh? [laughs softly] No. Come here. Come— come off the bridge [Hodge meowing] She must be over there Can’t you see I’m busy? Leave me alone Hngh… okay, where else can we distract him? Or does he just sit on the bridge? Huff Agonizingly slowly… we walk

through here Okay, back to there? [Hodge meowing] Watch it! I’ve got a weapon! [Hodge meowing] Shoo! No, there’s no way that’s good >> KIT: Hodge? Hodge! [Hodge meowing] >> GUARD: Let’s check it out! The noise came from over here! Maybe it was just my stomach rumbling! Awwh. [chuckles] Edison’s gotta keep his boys fed! [Hodge meowing] All right Meow. Meow. Meow Sorry, I ain’t got no food for you! I don’t need food, I just need attention Come here, give me attention [Hodge meows] She must be over there! Yeah, she must be. Look at that Where are you off to, furball? [Hodge meows] Get out of here! [Hodge meowing] Come just a little closer Watch it! I’ve got a weapon! [Hodge meowing] Can’t you see I’m busy? Leave me alone! >> KIT: Hey, Hodge! [Hodge meows] >> GUARD: Where are you off to, furball? There’s no way this is safe Get out of here! [Kit sighs] No. It’s not Okay, so she definitely has to be— please tell me I don’t have to do that all over again Okay, good. [laughs] Where are you off to, furball? Get out of here Hide! Can’t you see I’m busy? Leave me alone [laughs] [imitating] ‘Leave me alone!’ [chuckles] C’mere [Hodge meowing] Oh, you do keep going [Hodge meows] Get out of here! [Hodge meows] Do you? Shoo! [message notification sound] Oop. Mute some things [laughs softly] All right. Come down here be a distraction at the bottom of the bridge. If that works [chuckles] [Hodge meowing] Yes? Let’s check it out Yes. Check it out. Come here [Hodge meowing] Go catch some mice, eh? [Hodge meows] >> KIT: Hodge! [Hodge meows] Hey, Hodge! [Hodge meows] >> GUARD: Sorry. I ain’t got no food for you Okay. There is zero reason why that should have worked and the other way shouldn’t have All right I’m knackered Walking around all day Take a nap, have a nice snack Give up working for Edison [chuckles] [Hodge meows] Who goes there? [Hodge meows] >> KIT: Hodge! Hodge, Listen! Hey, Hodge! Ugh. A leap in the dark Just what I needed Hodge? Hodge! Okay, c’mere >> GUARD: Where are you off to, furball? Get out of here! All right, here we are Opa, hup! Whoa— Opa, hup [Hodge meows] >> KIT: Hey! [Hodge meows] All right. With the cat’s meow, we can see better Hodge? [Hodge meows] Noo! As long as we don’t die [laughs softly] Hodge! [Hodge meows] Hup! Hodge… Listen [Hodge meows] Hup! Noo! [Hodge meows] Hup! Okay. All right, now that… was a checkpoint Does that mean there’s no more guards past here?

That’d be nice Ooh! No, good heck [Hodge meows] >> GUARD: Let’s check it out C’mere [Hodge meows] Get out of here No. C’mere. You get out! [Hodge meowing] Where are you off to, furball? Get out of here [scoffs] [Hodge meowing] She must be over there [Hodge meows] Go and catch some mice, eh? [Hodge meowing] Sorry. I ain’t got no food for you Well, I can’t let him keep going that way Who goes there? Shoo [Hodge meows] Come here! [sighs] Let’s check it out Can’t you see I’m busy? Leave me alone! [scoffs] [Hodge meowing] No, don’t get farther away Get closer! Watch it! I’ve got a weapon! Okay. Again, I just have to be far enough away [Hodge meowing] that he doesn’t notice that I’m a cat >> KIT: Who sent these men? Uncle Thomas? [Hodge meowing] >> GUARD: Who goes there? Uh… if she’s in there, there’s no way I can get him… what? Sorry, I ain’t got no food for you The next spot is here Ugh. [chuckles] [Hodge meows] She must be over there Eh, she must be [Hodge meows] Stay where you are! [Hodge meowing] Can you hear me from up here? No Oh, she wants to play hide and seek, does she? [chuckles] No, she doesn’t! She just wants to get past you guys [Hodge meowing] Who goes there? Whoa! There’s a thing >> KIT: Hey, Hodge! Hodge? Hodge! Hodge? [Hodge meowing] Hey, Hodge! Hodge, listen! [Hodge meows] Whoa… that was close Also, can I get that…? No, only she can get that I think we determined that last time All right [Hodge meows] Slow progress, but it’s happening Hey, Billy! >> GUARD: Where are you off to, furball? [chuckles] [Hodge meowing] Get out of here >> KIT: Hodge! Hey, Hodge! Listen. Hey! Hodge! Hodge? Hodge! Listen! Hey, Hodge! Can I go down this? Okay, good. Ooh Whew Okay Does that mean we’re clear? Where’s the next guard? I don’t know where I’m going! Ngeh! Oh. Oh dear [stone grinding] Wait, does that Oh, that closes the door Oh, terrible Oh Getting this one is awful [chuckles] Uh Yes. All right, we’re not gonna do that right now, [Hodge meows] we still need to get her moving onward Please tell me there are no guards down here, I’m not ready for that [chuckles] [Kit screams] Wasn’t ready for that either Wait, what? Oh, no, I’m still back at the jump, okay [Hodge meowing] >> GUARD: She must be over there Great. I get to do this again >> KIT: Hey, Hodge? Hey, Hodge! [chuckles] All right. Hide in there… wait, no Hodge, listen! [Hodge meows] Is he still distracted? Oh, he’s He’s gone [sighs]

I don’t know if I I don’t know where she needed to go from down there Did I just need to meow at her so she could see? Oh No, she can’t jump that far Eh, we’ll take a look, I guess [sighs] [Hodge meowing] [Hodge meowing] >> GUARD: The noise came Get out of here! [Hodge meowing] Yes, be distracted >> KIT: Hodge. Hodge? [Hodge meowing] Hey, Hodge! Hey, Hodge! [Hodge meowing] Move quickly… hide Hodge… listen [Hodge meowing] Okay >> GUARD: Sorry. I ain’t got no food for you Give me all the food! [chuckles] All right Get him over this way Don’t fall over any blind cliffs But that’s totally a mess, how do I get in there? [Hodge meowing] >> GUARD: Let’s check it out The noise came from over here Go, go! Okay, so it looks like it does want us to go here [Kit grunting] Oh! Okay But not go down Going to the right >> KIT: I can think of better ways of getting exercise Don’t see me! [Hodge meows] >> GUARD: Who goes there? [scoffs] [Hodge meows] Stay where you are! Oh. Okay, I get it So that’s why I need the, uh… close this So that who’s-his-bucket can’t see me when I run in there Okay Can’t go up yet [Kit grunts] Right, is this the way up, then? [Kit grunts] Where are we…? [stone grinding] Man. Just give the whole thing an outcropping of rock so I can’t climb up, why don’t you

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Whoo—hoo—hoo! (Gulls squawking) (Tires screech) (Man) Hey! Move out of the way, you crazy turtle! (Continues shouting in Spanish) (Sammy) Humans Heh. Seems to me like they’re always in a hurry But they have nowhere to go That was my old buddy Ray back there He almost got himself run over. Heh We were born on this very same beach some 50 years ago And we’ve been buddies ever since Today’s a special day We’re both gonna be grandads Imagine that It could take a while before the little ones hatch, though, so let me take you back in time and tell you about our first encounter with the humans There was a time when this beach was practically deserted Nothing out here but us turtles and the sound of those beautiful waves (Grunting) (Gulls squawking) (Spits) (Squawking continues) Hey! Come on! You need to hustle a flipper I can’t get out Let’s go! To the water! Time’s a—wasting! See ya in 30 years! Or not! (Grunting) (Sighs) (Spits) (Sighs) Hello? Hello? Is anybody up there? (Sammy) / was only five minutes old, and already I had the sinking feeling that l was not going to make it (Squawks) Aah! Aah! Aah! (Sammy screaming) Help! Let me go! (Spits) Aaaah! Aah! Aah! Aaah! Aaaaaah! Hi there — Watch out! — Aah! Aaaaah! Aaaaaah! Whoo!

That was pretty cool with with those birds, huh? It was like we like we were flying! You know, you don’t look too good (Groans) Ohh — Can you move? – Ow We have to get going We’ve got some good waves coming in now Come on! You gotta go, Shelly! Birds are everywhere! Wait, we have to help him! Come on! Shelly, there’s nothing you can do for him Shelly? (Grunting) (Sighs) Come on, don’t give up! You can still make it. You have to try! Get up! I’ll help you! (Squawks) No! Let go! — Help me! Help! Help! – Shelly? Shelly?! (Sighs) Uhh! (Sighs) (Sammy) And so it began for me – a little nudge to start me off Nonetheless, I was on my way J‘ We could let this love be a fading sky J‘ Or we can drift all night J‘ To the new sunrise J‘ And we 7/ be free J‘ I know, you know you’re J‘ Free J‘ Feels so good to be J‘ Free J‘ Mm-mm, baby J‘ Free J‘ There ’s nothin’ J‘ In between J‘ What we are J‘ And what we see J‘ What we are J‘ We are just J‘ Free J‘ Free J‘ Free Uhh! J‘ Free Uhh! J‘ Free J‘ I know, you know you’re J‘ Free J‘ Feels so good to be J‘ Free Uhh! J‘ Mm-mm, baby J‘ Free J‘ Hi there. New to the current? Uh, yesterday Awful young to be all alone out here It can get pretty scary! – Scary? — It’s a big pond out here, in case you haven’t noticed Lots of creatures out to get ya! You’ll find out soon enough Find out what? Where do | start? How about…barracudas! Barra—what? And you got your great white White? Very, very fast fish they are And big teeth, too! Uhh, never mind them Just go with your instincts, and you’ll be fine You have no reason to be scared I’m not scared Well, you should be! You’re not even a snack for most creatures out here! Ha—ha—ha! Just follow your instincts And good luck on yourjourney What am I supposed to be looking for? When you find out, let us know! And watch out for the nets! If they get ya, you’re turtle soup! Ha—ha—ha—ha! And don’t eat the plastic! Seaweed good, plastic bad! (Laughter) Ouch! What did you do that for? Do I look like food to you? (Sighs) Crazy fish What a way to start the journey (Grunting)

(Coughs) How’s it goin’, guys? Lookin’ mighty cozy up here Shove off, you big oaf! (All) Yeah! Who put a dent in your shell? He’s gonna eat all our food (All) Yeah! Get out of here! Yeah, go! — We don’t need some eating machine — Go away! Scram! I wouldn’t ride on your stupid whatever if you were the last turtles in the ocean! Good! Go away! Hi, guys Hey, hey, hey! Don’t even think about it! Beat it! Oh, right. I’m not one of your kind You got that right Hey, watch out! Ow! Man, this is not my day Now, why’d you whack me upside my head? But I Lucky I didn’t pass out! Look at that! Got a bump the size of a barnacle Probably get bigger, take over my whole head |… I don’t think it’ll You ever seen them barnacles? You let them hitch a ride with you, they never leave A bunch of freeloaders Hello? Oh Goodbye What is that thing you’re on anyway? You make it? Oh, I fell on it It’s a long story How’s your bump? Ah, no worries Us Leathers got heads like rocks The name’s Ray Sammy. Pleased to meet you — How long you been on the journey? – Just one day Me, too! Caught the drift up north So did I! Say, we have a lot in common, you and me — Wanna hop on? — Nah, I’m okay Oh. Okay It was a joke! You know, seeing that we’re supposed to be floating around until we grow up and all this little raft of yours could come in handy This ain’t bad Now, are you sure about this? I don’t want to get all friendly—like, and then you go wacky on me one day, or want to kick me off I wouldn’t do that. Besides, we were hatched on the same day probably on the same beach We’re practically brothers Brothers. I like that Ahh. The sun feels good, don’t it? I like laying out in the sun Good for my skin ‘Cause, you know, when a turtle gets all dried up and everything, it gets all flaky and ugly I don’t like that (Sammy) And that’s howl met Ray He was definitely a character – always fun, and never at a loss for words For ten years or so, our life in the open sea consisted of mainly floating and waiting You should try some It’s good You’ve got to be kidding My taste buds are a little bit more refined Ha—ha! That’s what you call refined? Ooh, I love ’em! (Burps) They do give me gas, though (Laughs) J‘ I’m feeling happy J‘ And warm all over J‘ I hold you in my arms J‘ And you spill over J‘ 80, come on J‘ We ’re having a good time J‘ We ’re happy people J‘ We ’re having the best time J‘ Ever J‘ We ’re happy people J‘ Ohh, ohh J‘ Ohh, ohh, ohh J‘ Ohh, oh, oh, oh J‘ Ohh, oh, oh, oh J‘ I know your trouble… J‘ (Sammy) You know, despite all the stories I heard, the ocean didn’t seem like a scary place after all

J‘ The way you should J‘ 80, come on J‘ We ’re having a good time J‘ We ’re happy people J‘ We ’re having the best time ever Ah! J‘ We ’re happy people J‘ Ohh, ohh J‘ Ohh, ohh, ohh J‘ Ohh, oh, oh, oh (Loud honking) (Both laughing) J‘ Take a look all around you J‘ I’m feeling happy J‘ Take a look around you J‘ And warm all over J‘ Take a look all around J‘ I hold you in my arms J‘ Why won’t you take a look around? J‘ And you spill over… J‘ (Sammy) It was a pretty great life out here Time just seemed to fly by Before we knew it, we had well, we ’d grown up Well, almost grown up, that is (lndistinct chatter) This is the life, buddy! No gas problems today, Ray? Mm—mm. Feelin’ pretty good! By the way, did you notice those two cuties leaving when we were coming in? No, didn’t see ’em — Hey, they were checking you out — No, they weren’t Oh, yeah Hey, do you think we’ll be pals forever? For sure, forever and ever — Don’t you? – Definitely! But at some point n—now, I’m not saying now, but sometime in the future, well, we’re gonna have to choose a mate, right? Sure. Right I guess Mmm. So what’s your type? — I don’t know – Come on! Everybody’s got a type For me, she’s gotta have a good laugh and, of course, share my love ofjellies (Sammy) Of course (Ray) You still haven’t told me what your type is (Sammy) Actually, I met someone once that I think could be my type (Ray) Oh, really? Come on, come on, this is major You’ve gotta tell me You’re gonna make more of it than it really is You already made more of it! Okay Her name’s Shelly Ha! She was She was kind of funny Mm—hm? Where’d you meet her? She was, um, an important part of my early life What? We met a day after you hatched, been together ever since, and she’s a big part of your life? — Well, she is – Mm-hm – Was — Mm—hm Yeah, okay I want all the juicy details There are no juicy details Start talking, or I don’t stop bugging you Okay, okay, fine Come on, I’m listening Wow, that was some story You saved her life It was more of an accident The birds collided You spit sand in that bird’s face! You saved her life! I don’t even know if she made it Well, hey, you never know It’s a small ocean out there Maybe someday you and I will run into her Maybe Ha—ha! Whoo! Is this great or what?! Better than great! (Sammy) Ray was truly the best friend I could have hoped for He was fun, always good-humored, and always looking for new adventure One thing, though, / could have done without his stinky jellyfish (Yawns) (Shelly) Come on, don’t give up! You can still make it! You have to try! Get up!

(Ray) Get up! Come on, Sammy, get up! It’s about time you woke up, sleepy-head What? Oh Uh, what have you been doing? Exploring! Made friends with a cool old octopus You gotta check him out Have you eaten yet? I’ll get something on the way Picky, picky, picky Where are you taking me to? You’ll see. We’re almost there Hiya, Slim! Well, howdy! Grab on, boys! Come on, Sammy! You’re not scared, are you? No, of course not Come on, then! It’s gonna be fantastic! Yeah, boy! Come on! J‘ Everybody’s gonna love today Hold on to what’s yours! Fasten your seat belts! It’s gonna be a bumpy ride! Whoo—hoo! We’re gonna crank it up now! Yee—haw! Ha ha! J‘ I’ve been crying for so long J‘ Fighting tears just to carry on J‘ But now J‘ But now it’s gone away J‘ So, was that fun or what? My head is still spinning Hey, where’s everybody going? Oh, we got a situation here What’s going on? (Slim) Don’t know. But it don’t look good Smells bad, too What is this stuff? It’s all around us We’d better take cover Well, we’ll be safe in here I think (Ray) You ever seen anything like this, Slim? (Slim) Not like this Once, a ship out of the north hung up on some rocks, and dropped a whole bunch of bananas These ain’t no bananas Heh. You ain’t kidding Eww! Boy, howdy, that is nasty! Well, I bet you that ship back there is full of it You boys should head out — Not safe stayin’ around here — What about you, Slim? Oh, I’ll be fine I like staying put A nester, you know Besides, I got a lot of cleanin’ up to do — Good luck on your travels — Take care of yourself! This looks horrible It was so beautiful here Why would anybody do this to us? I don’t know It doesn’t make any sense at all (Sammy) Humans were strange creatures Some made a mess, while others cleaned it up That was our first contact with humans It wouldn’t be our last Over the years, I learned many things would change But one thing was always a constant – people would affect our lives more and more (Snoring) (Explosion) Whoa! What was that?! (Sammy) That hurt my ears (Ray) Oh, look at that! (Sammy) What is it? Some kind of aliens? (Sammy) No. Humans They’re everywhere (Ray) I think we need to get out of here This is a little too close for comfort Hey, what did you do that for?

There’s no room on here, especially for your stinky jellyfish What are you talking about? We can’t even move on here anymore Maybe I should just take myjellies and hit the slipstream myself Then you can stretch out and have all the space to yourself I wasn’t saying — (Thud) — Ooh! Well, there you go I guess we don’t have to worry about being crowded anymore, now, will we? Look, Ray, l Wh… What’s the rush, guys? Whoa! Ray! The nets! It’s got me! Hold on! I’ll get you out of there! Don’t panic! l’ll tear this thing up! I already tried! It’s too hard! I can’t bite through it! — Aah! — Ray! — Sammy! — Wait for me here! I’ll find a way out! I’ll be right here, Sammy, you hear?! Right here! Aaah! They got me! (Gulls squawking) (Ray) Sammy! Ray! We’ll get out of this! (Sammy) That was the first time I saw real fear on Ray’s face l was pretty scared myself (Ray) Sammy! Uhh! Uhh! (Grunting) Aah! (Sighs) (Grunting) Ray (Sammy) This was one of those times / could have used a little luck – one of those little nudges I had the feeling l was never going to see Ray again (Man) Gotta be 80 degrees out here! ngm Whatcha got over there? It’s a little greenback (Echoing) Think we should make soup? Ha-ha-ha-ha! That little guy’s overcooked already! Chuck him! Ha—ha—ha—ha! (Splash) (Dolphin clicking) J‘ If you ever find yourself stuck in the middle of the sea J‘ l’ll sail the world J‘ To find you J‘ If you ever find yourself J‘ Lost in the dark and you can’t see J‘ I’ll be the light J‘ To guide you J‘ Find out what we’re made of J‘ When we are called to help our friends in need J‘ YOU can count on me — J‘ Like one, two, three – (Gasping) J‘ I’ll be there J‘ And I know when I need it J‘ I can count on you J‘ Like four, three, two J‘ You’ll be there J‘ ‘Cause that’s what friends are s’posed to do J‘ Oh, yeah J‘ Ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh J‘ Ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh J‘ lsn’t he a cute little turtle? See turtle, Fluffy? See?

He looks so scared, doesn’t he? Well, we’ll get him some food, and we’ll take real good care of him Okay? Fluffy, turtle eat food! And it’s time for your dinner, too (French accent) Okay, let’s get one thing straight, little turtle These are my humans I didn’t ask to be here Your humans brought me here If I may suggest, you should plan on getting your little shell out of here as soon as possible, unless you prefer to end up like my ex—ami the chicken — Chicken? — Absolument And whose pen do you think this was? They eat animals? But she seems so nice Do not let the hippie—dippie attitude fool you She will stuff you like a goose Then, it is… Crrrrr! Pate for everyone Shh. Here she comes now Here you go, little guy You are so skinny We need to fatten you up, don’t we? Come here, don’t be afraid Do not forget You have been warned Bon appetit “‘You have a strange way, Ralph, “‘of proving that the world has grown smaller “‘So, because you can go round it in three months…’ “‘In 80 days,’ interrupted Phileas Fogg “‘That is true, gentlemen,’ added John Sullivan “‘Only 80 days, now that the section “‘between Rothal and Allahabad “‘on the Great Indian Peninsula Railway has been opened.”‘ So, have you given any more thought to your escape? You are starting to look like the fat goose more and more every day The day will come It’s a sure thing You and your chicken stories Is it true? Can you really go around the world? Oh, but of course you can I myself have traveled all over with my humans, since they rescued me from the Seine in Paris back in May ’68 It has been magnifique So, wait there are other oceans out there? (Sammy) One day, Snow found a female turtle I think she wanted us to Mate?! She’s gotta be kidding I guess she wants more turtles I know what mating is That is so not happening — And who’s your hairy friend? — That’s Fluffy These are his humans Exactement You just stay away from my humans, sister Oh, you can keep your humans, as far as I’m concerned Bunch of wack—a—doodle—doo creatures The farther away from them I am, the better Tell me, sugar, how long they been holding you prisoner? I’m not a prisoner Really? Then why are you still here? This is the same question l have been asking for weeks Back off, Whiskers Let me break it down for you Where I come from, this here fence looks a lot like a prison But, okay, believe what you will if it makes you feel better (Woman) Fluffy! Dinner calls. A bientbt l’m Sammy Vera. Speaking of dinner, lam…starving! Do theyjust feed Hairball, or us, too? When the sun goes down Beautiful Don’t make any sudden moves on me Go ahead and give us a wake—up call when it’s time to eat, will ya? (Yawns) (On sitar: J‘ Jingle Bells) There you go You’ll be our little peace ambassador Merry Christmas, little guy Hey, what did she paint on my shell? Turn around. Let me see It is that, stupid. The sign What can I say? l have told you — you are marked, mon ami Oh, there you go again, with the chicken and the funny words routine Never mind him, Sammy It looks cute on you Why do you think they dress up like that, with those silly hats? lncroyable You don’t get it? Because it’s Christmas, you get presents Hey. Maybe this mark is Snow’s present to me Doubtful. In any event, don’t get any ideas, Monsieur Hardshell She is only being nice because it’s Christmas J‘ Jingle bells, jingle bells… J‘ (Sammy) / didn’t know if Fluffy’s chicken story was true or not I wanted to believe Snow was a kind human and wouldn’t do that to me But you never knew

when it came to humans It didn’t take long before the hippies realized Vera and I weren’t going to mate They said we had different karmas, or auras… whatever they were (Fluffy) That should be you out there I thought you liked Vera Vera is too old and too tough for turtle soup — But you — Oh! I’d say you were just about right Vera! None of you kids belong on this beach! I want all of you off this beach now! Snow! They’re taking Sunshine away! The cops! The Army! They’re shipping him out to Vietnam! You with the love beads — start that bus up! Vite! Vite! Go! Go! Go! What’s going on? Hey, you’re coming with us This is it. It is chicken time You have to hide now They did the same thing before they Well, you know what I mean Stay put, and don’t move You do not want to end up a fricassee, do you? (Cop) All right, let’s take ’em away! Come on, get out of here! We have rights! (Snow) Wait, where’s the little guy? Has anybody seen him? I can’t find him Quiet (Cop) Everybody! Grab all your belongings! Nobody’s staying on this beach! Now, move it! Have a good life, little turtle Peace (Sammy) The whole time I was with the humans, Fluffy wanted to get rid of me But in the end, it was them who left I never quite understood what happened J‘ All the leaves are brown J‘ All the leaves are brown J‘ And the sky is gray J‘ And the sky is gray J‘ I’ve been for a walk J‘ I’ve been for a walk — (Sighs) – J‘ On a winter’s day J‘ On a winter’s day J‘ I’d be safe and warm J‘ I’d be safe and warm (Grunting) J‘lflwas in LA J‘lflwas in LA J‘ California dreamin’ J‘ California dreamin’ J‘ On such a winter’s day J‘ Stopped into a church J‘ I passed along the way J‘ Well, I got down on my knees J‘ Got down on my knees J‘ And | pretend to pray J‘ l pretend to pray J‘ You know the preacher likes the cold J‘ Preacher likes the cold J‘ He knows I’m gonna stay J‘ Knows I’m gonna stay J‘ California dreamin’ J‘ California dreamin’ J‘ On such a winter’s day… J‘ Hey, excuse me You wouldn’t You wouldn’t know where I could find some food? Seaweeds? At that point, I thought maybe I wasn’t meant to go on this journey Maybe I had spent too much time with the humans But there was no turning back now Ohh! (Grunting) (Grunting) Uhh! Well, well, well Look what the trash brought in Vera! | see you escaped one prison and got yourself all tangled up in another I’m really glad to see you Yeah, a lot of garbage out here Gotta be careful What brings you here? — Food — Oh, yeah! Follow me! What did I tell ya? This is just what I needed (Female voice) Aah! Oh, no! Hold on a sec. What’s that noise? I didn’t hear anything Yeah, this is tasty — (Female voice) Aaah! — Shh! Aaah! Shark! Help! Aah! Uhh! Are you hurt? lt bit me pretty hard, but I’m fine He’s coming back. Quick, this way! Hurry! He’s gaining on us!

(Screaming) Keep going! Over there! Uhh! — That was close — Too close — Aah! — Go away! Leave us alone! Hey, you! Big—teeth! That’s right, hotshot I got your scaly butt on my radar You picked the wrong turtle to be messing with Hey! You want some of this? Is that all you got? I’m gonna call you the Great Wimp — not Great White – Aah! — Oh, no! Vera! Hey! You think that hurts? What?! Please That’s all you got? Oh, yeah, I’m gonna make churn out of you, pal Look at you I got one tough shell, fish—breath You heard me! And don’t make me swim after you Whoo! That felt good! No need to worry about Mr. Shark anymore You were incredible! Are you two related? No, we’re just friends Well, sort of Well, gotta go. Feed the boy ‘Cause a fat turtle is a happy turtle Take care, you two You know, you don’t look too good Are you okay? (Shelly) Don ’t give up! You can still make it! You have to try! Hey…wait! You… You’re Shelly! How do you know my name? Is this a dream? No. I don’t think so Are you the same “Fell out of a bird’s beak when you were hatched” Shelly? Wait a second I knew you looked familiar, too! You saved my life! Twice! What? No, the first time was an accident That was no accident That was fate You know, I don’t even know your name Sammy Well, Sammy…this is incredible! It is, isn’t it? — How’s your shell? – It’s just a scratch Are you as hungry as I am? Hungrier! (Sammy) Life was strange Just when you thought the going was pretty tough, out of the blue, things happened, and everything was suddenly great again Hey, Shel, you ever get bored just drifting, going around in circles? (Shelly) It’s what we do (Sammy) I know. But wouldn’t it be great to travel around the world? What do you mean? This is our world I think there’s a lot more than these waters (Shelly) For instance? Well, the humans talk about ice oceans and strange islands — I want to see them —Hmm You’re definitely a different kind of turtle I guess that’s why I like you You like me? What’s not to like? So, just how exactly do you plan on seeing the world? Have you ever heard about a secret passage? — You really think one exists? – I do The humans again? Maybe they made up that whole thing (Sammy) Maybe, but I want to do something no one else has done I want to see the world — ice oceans So, you want to come along with a weirdo turtle like me? Is this a proposition, Sammy? Yeah…| guess it is — I’d love to go with you – Really?! It’s not every day you get a chance to see the world, right? How do we find this secret passage? I’m not sure Let’s head south We’ll ask around (Sammy) Everything had suddenly fallen into place Yeah! I had a purpose, a journey, and best of all, someone to share it with Whoo—hoo! Ha—ha—ha—ha! J‘ Destiny is a funny thing J‘ We hear people say things are meant to be… J‘ All I know is | see a lot of ships headed that way But secret passage? That I couldn’t tell you | stay as far away from them humans as possible That must be the way. I feel it | feel it, too Good luck! J‘ ..never defeat love J‘ And you will see J‘ That nothing at all J‘ ls impossible J‘ ’Cause love will find a way… J‘ There sure are a lot of boats I don’t see any secret passage Let’s move on Of course he’s not crazy We have a plan We want to see the world Thanks anyway

Oh, this is not as easy as I thought Wait! Over there! J‘ Because mountains and valleys J‘ May come between us J‘ But time nor space J‘ Will ever defeat love J‘ And you will see J‘ That nothing at all is impossible J‘ ’Cause love will find a way… J‘ This is not the secret passage All this nasty stuff around? This can’t be it I think you’re right Taste the water lt’s sweet Wait. I remember the humans mentioned something about sweet water flowing through the secret passage Do you think we’re close? Yeah, this must be it Let’s check it out It’s so beautiful here, and different That’s for sure (Bird squawks) Wow, did you see that? Birds are everywhere! We’ve got to be careful (Shelly) Look at that. I’ve never seen a snake that big in the ocean (Sammy) Maybe he’s the guardian of the secret passage (Shelly) He’s getting a little too close for comfort (Sammy) Come on, let’s keep going That is one strange—looking beast A real monster, if you ask me — Did you see that? – What? I’m not sure | feel like we’re being followed — (Gasps) — Look! Uh, Sammy? I don’t think it’s anything to worry about They’re not that big Ow! Uhh! True, unless you count the fact that they have a whole lot of nasty teeth, and, uh, there seem to be quite a lot of them – (Growls) — (Bird squawks) See? I told you they — Aah! Aah! Aaah! – Sammy! Let me go! Aaaaah! Aaaaaah! Uhh! Why did you bring me up here? — (Chirping) — Ow! Hey! Stop that! Ow! Cut it out! Come on! Stop! Ow! Hey! Ow! Ow! Ow! (Chainsaw buzzing) (Squawks) Great Now how do | get down? (Chainsaw buzzing) Uhh! Aaaah! Aah! Aaaah! Aaaaaah! Uhh! Sammy! l was so frightened! — I thought I lost you forever — Duck! Maybe looking for the secret passage is a bad idea I think I know where it is When I was up in that tree, I saw all these big ships heading toward a place in the distance I think we’re close, really close We made it! You were right! Getting through is gonna be another story Sammy! You’re too close!

(Grunting) Follow me! We have to get ahead of the ship! Maybe we should go back They already closed the door behind us! We’ve come this far We can make it! Huh! Sammy! Shelly! Oh! I can’t hold on to the rope! Hang tight! I’m coming to help you! Come on, hurry! (Grunting) Hurry! Aah! Shelly! No! Uhh! Shelly! Where are you?! Shelly! (Grunting) Shelly (Sammy) Losing Shel/y was all my fault – my big idea to see the world And now, here it was J‘ Ain’t no sunshine when she’s gone J‘ It’s not warm when she’s away J‘ Ain’t no sunshine when she’s gone J‘ And she’s always gone too long J‘ Any time she goes away… J‘ Yo, what’s up with you? Nothing You lost? I guess lam J‘ ..where she’s gone J‘ Wonder if she’s gone to stay J‘ Ain’t no sunshine when she’s gone J‘ And this house just ain’t no home J‘ Any time she goes away J‘ Any time she goes away J‘ Mm—mm—mm—mm—mm J‘ No, no, no, no, no J‘ No, no, no, no, no… J‘ Well, hello there, young turtle Hi What’s that funny—looking mark on your shell? — Humans painted it on me – Oh, you poor thing No, it’s not what you think You’re the second turtle we met with a strange mark on its shell Shark bite — I think that’s what she said it was Yes, I think you’re right, dear Oh, she was a lovely female, too A bit strange, though Sure was Told us some crazy story about going through a secret passage, heading for the ice oceans You sure she said “secret passageway”? Heard her plain as day Indeed we did She was going on and on about sweet water, giant ships That’s Shelly! Why, I do believe that was her name Shelly’s alive! She’s alive! Thank you! Thank you! You just made me the happiest turtle in the ocean! Thank you! Good luck, my dear! We truly hope you find your mate Ohh, to be young and in love again (Sammy) / searched everywhere I talked to anyone who would listen For a long time, Shel/y seemed to have vanished without a trace But once in a while, I would come across turtles who had seen her They gave me hope – fleeting as it was – because every time I was close to finding her, I’d lose all trace of her again If only she knew I was looking for her J‘ I’ve been searching J‘ Across the lonely water J‘ Arms wide open to take you J‘ Seems like forever J‘ Since we last were laughing J‘ Do you remember it the way I do?

J‘ Just know you never are alone (Grunting) J‘ We just need to find our way back home J‘ You’re not alone J‘ We just need to find our way… J‘ Hey there, turtle! Ah—ha—ha! What’s that crazy doohickey on your shell there? It’s a human marking — a peace sign Peace sign? Where have I heard that before? Thinking, thinking Oh, ho—ho—ho! That’s what she called it! Who? Oh, a cute little greenback like you Big talker, she was — going on about sweet water and a secret passage and propellers! You saw Shelly! I sure did! She had to get to the ice ocean Makes no sense to me but, then again, what do I know? I’m just a bird. You’re a turtle I’ve got to get there, fast! Hold on, it’s mighty cold there Please, just tell me howl get there This current you’re on will get you there in no time Wouldn’t stay there too long, though Frozen stiff ain’t too attractive, if you know what I mean! Ah—ha—ha—ha! Gotta fly! Got a date with a pelican! Ah—ha—ha—ha—ha! (Sammy) Funny how things had a way of repeating themselves I guess it was all a matter of circumstance and how you looked at it This time around, I was sure happy to see a bird (Shivering) (Chirping) Hey there, little guy What’s that you’re riding on? (Shivering) Don’t know The humans threw it away I think it’s some kind of boat Looks pretty seaworthy What brings you to these waters? You’re a long way from where you should be I know. I’m freezing M—Maybe you can help me I’m looking for… Look out! Duck! Uhh! (Men shouting) (Man on megaphone) Put down your weapons! You cannot do this! You are in violation of the law! (Grunting) The world is watching! Hey, look at that It’s a green turtle Give me a hand Pull him up here (Man) You found another one? Yeah. You believe it? What are they doing in this part of the world? I know the climate’s changing, but turtles in Antarctica? That’s pretty crazy Shelly (Barking) (Chirping) (Chirping) (Honking) (Man) Vital signs are good (Second man) She’s made a remarkable recovery We’ll give her one last check—up once we get to Monterey Then we’ll tag her, and she’ll be good to go

Yeah l was right It is you I’ve gotta get out of here! (Grunting) Come on! Open! Uhh! Shelly! Whoa Shelly! (All squawking and barking) Sammy? (Barking) Shelly? Shelly? Shelly? (Squawking) (All squawking) Hey, easy You’re gonna hurt yourself if you fall off there All right, all right, everybody Shush! Shelly? Is that you? — (Spanish accent) Not today — Sorry I thought you were someone else Do you know what’s going to happen to us? I heard the humans talking about this place They’re gonna take good care of us, put some kind of tag on us and release us back into the ocean I say we relax and enjoy the food, ’cause I heard they got cuchifritos, man, and that stuff is good Okay? Sacrebleu! Well, look who it is You are so fat, mon ami Is that you, Fluffy? But of course it’s me Don’t I look just as fantastic as ever? I should be mad at you for tricking me that day on the beach Oh, yes, the chicken story Well, you got me there I made it all up l was a little more insecure back then You’re not going to hold a grudge, are you? No. It’s good to see you, Fluffy You, too, mon frere So, how did you end up in here? l practically got myself frozen in the ice ocean Really? So, you did it You went and saw the world after all? Yeah But you do not sound too happy about it Pourquoi? It’s a long story Oh, mon dieu Speaking of stories, l have to admit, I did miss you whenever Snow started reading her books to me Snow is here? Mais oui. Somewhere – Shelly! — Who’s Shelly? Never mind You have to help me get out of here Now! Okay, okay. For being so slow, you turtles are always in a hurry Fluffy! What do you want me to do? I need you to get this door open Got it What are you doing in there bothering the animals, Fluffy? (Gasps) I don’t believe it Fluffy! You recognized him? Aww. It’s our little peace ambassador Look at you, little guy — all grown up What happened to you? How did you get here? l was afraid you wouldn’t make it after I abandoned you on the beach It is so good to see you I know, I know You’re in a hurry to get back into the sea, aren’t you? Well, we’re gonna get you out there soon enough First we have to tag you I need to get some more from the other building It is so good to see the little guy, isn’t it, Fluffy? I’ll be back really soon Fluffy, hurry! All right, stand back I will get the door open Hey, stop that Come on, Fluffy. Go outside and play Leave these animals be Sorry, buddy Okay, here we go You find a mate, little guy, and you stay away from the cold water, okay? Bye—bye (Sammy) For a sea turtle, the odds of sun/iving in the ocean are pretty slim Shelly and / made it through some tough situations with, at times, a little help from the humans But somehow, no matter how hard we tried, fate was determined to keep us apart (Female voice) Hurry! Ohh! You have to help us! — What’s wrong? — He’s trapped! He’s gonna fall over! — Who? — Hurry, follow us!

We brought someone to help you! Good. ‘Cause this thing’s about to go! Oh, hold on Is that all you could find? You might as well have brought me a shrimp! He’s too small! What’s he gonna do? How can he help me, huh? Stop moving. You’re gonna send yourself over the edge and then you’re done for! Wait a second You sound familiar Come here Come on. Come closer Let me get a better look at you Well, twist my shell, ’cause I can’t believe this Sammy?! Sammy, is that you?! Ray! I thought you were Go ahead. Go on, say it Turtle soup, huh? Ha—ha—ha! How did you ever get away? Oh, it takes a lot more to stop old Ray here You know that Can you two stop blubbering for a moment? They found me, tossed me in the bait bucket. Whoo—hoo! Good thing, too, ’cause I was starving! After I ate all the bait, I jumped overboard By then, we were miles away from each other I blame myself for us getting separated No,Ray” — (Rumbl’ In – Ohh! g) He’s gonna fall over if you don’t get him out of there! I can do this How did you end up in this thing anyway? Okay, let me tell you about it, right? It was full of frozen squid when I found it It was gonna be an easy in—and—out But it slipped, and I got trapped So, I just started to eat ’em one by one, ’cause they thawed out real slow, but as l was eating them, I started getting full, then I started moving slow, then I couldn’t move And you know me — I got the itis — So, I started to take a nap — Okay, no more talking It’s time to get you out of there (Grunting) No, no, no! Easy, Sammy. Easy, Sammy Don’t move, Ray Stay still — (Rumbling) — No! Ray! Oh, no! Sammy! Get me out of here! Get me out of here! Uhh! Aaah! (Grunting) Whoo! I knew you had my shell all the time, brother Ladies my heartfelt gratitude goes out to you Your bravery is only exceeded by your collective beauty – (Kissing) — (Giggling) – Thank you — Good line, Ray Thanks Aside from the obvious reason, it’s really good to see you, Sammy It’s been a long time — So, what are you doing out here all alone? — It’s a long story — Now, where have I heard that before? — I need your help, Ray Hey, we’re practically brothers What do you need? l have to find someone, someone very special to me The trick is to know where to look And this time of year, there’s only one place she would be headed — and that would be the magical place Look at this It shines like this all day You never want to leave This is amazing If you’re looking for a mate, this is where you want to be There’s Rita! Baby boo! Rita! I’m back! Say what? Oh! Oh, Ray! What took you so long? Oh, shnookums H was entangled, so to speak, okay? And then I swam into my very old friend Honey? Sugar pie? This is Sammy Sammy? For real? — The one and only — Hi, Rita Very pleased to meet you I thought you were dead I mean, Ray always thought I know, turtle soup I’m glad you finally tamed his wandering ways Ha—ha! He’s cute Hey, hey, hey. Relax, girls He’s got a mate already Well, where is she? I’d love to meet her Well, lwish I knew That’s why we’re here See, we need to find her They were separated quite a while ago Aww, you poor dear They’ve been looking for each other ever since Oh, how romantic

She’s got a shark bite on her shell Anybody seen her? Oh, I believe I did What’s her name? – Shelly — Yes! That’s her Where did you see her? Where did she go? I’m pretty sure she went in there What are you waiting for, buddy? Let’s go find her! Oh, no, you don’t Oh, but, sugar, baby You stay right here (Ray) Sammy needs me You brought him here Now it’s up to him (Sighs) Okay, then I’ll be right here if you need me You’ll find her, Sammy Love always finds a way J‘ I know you’re somewhere out there J‘ Somewhere far away J‘ I want you back J‘ I want you back J‘ My neighbors think I’m crazy J‘ But they don’t understand J‘ You’re all l have J‘ You’re all l have J‘ At night, when the stars J‘ Light up my room J‘ I sit by myself J‘ Talking to the moon J‘ Trying to get to you J‘ In hopes you’re on the other side J‘ Talking to me, too J‘ Or am | a fool J‘ Who sits alone J‘ Talking to the moon? J‘ Ohh, ohh, ohh, ohh J‘ I’m feeling like I’m famous J‘ The talk of the town J‘ They say I’ve gone mad J‘ Yeah, I’ve gone mad J‘ But they don’t know what I know J‘ ‘Cause when the sun goes down… J‘ Shelly! Shelly! Shelly What’s wrong? You didn’t find her? She’s here, all right But she’s got a mate — Are you sure? — l’m positive I saw them together behind the ship Oh, no I’m really sorry, Sammy What are you gonna do now? l—l know… I know you’re probably not thinking this way, but there are lots of other turtles out there, you know? Stop it, Ray That’s not what he wants to hear right now Hey, Ray, you’re back How’s it going? Could be better Ooh, hi there, Rita Robbie, Clara’s been looking for you Yeah, well, that figures With all the good—looking gals out here, she doesn’t want me to be wandering around too much (Giggling) Well, I’d better get goin’ See you all later You two, manana. (Clicks tongue) Know what I’m talkin’ about? — Who’s Clara? — Robbie’s mate I thought Shelly and Robbie were Mates? Ha—ha—ha—ha! Yeah That’s the way it looked to me That’s why Clara keeps him on a tight leash That… Heh-heh! would be Robbie I should do the same with you Me on a leash? Oh, sugar! You know you’re my baby boo Then this means Shelly may not have a mate after all — You might be right – What do I do? I wouldn’t be waitin’ around here if I were you What if she doesn’t Doesn’t what? Uh…want him as her mate Okay, hold on, hold on Whoo—hoo—hoo—hoo! I got it! I got an idea! Listen to me This is what you’re gonna have to do You’re gonna need to make a big entrance, Sammy ls Albert still hanging around? He is What crazy idea are you trying to pull off this time?

Trust me (Gasps) Aaah! Oh, thank you That was so brave of you I guess I was finally in the right place at the right time Sammy? How did you find me? Look out! Behind you! It’s okay He’s a friend What’s What’s going on? I knew this was a bad idea Oh, I get it After what happened at the secret passage, I wasn’t sure if If what? If you and l were meant to be Come here, you J‘ Whoa—oh—oh—oh J‘ Oh—ee—oh J‘ Whoa—oh—oh—oh J‘ Oh—ee—oh J‘ Whoa—oh—oh—oh J‘ Oh—ee—oh J‘ Whoa—oh—oh—oh J‘ l was born by a mother J‘ At the school of understanding J‘ And raised by a sister J‘ Who taught me I could be standing J‘ At the age of seven J‘ I fell in love with Blackie J‘ And nothing could come in my way J‘ When women go smiling J‘ | start running J‘ When women go talking J‘ | start blushing J‘ When women start asking J‘ Why I keep on falling J‘ Why I keep on falling J‘ I can’t stop running away J‘ They call me Little Love Child J‘ With a thorn in my side J‘ You shouldn’t be talking to me J‘ They call me Little Love Child J‘ With a thorn in my side J‘ You shouldn’t be talking to me J‘ Whoa—oh—oh—oh J‘ Oh—ee—oh J‘ Whoa—oh—oh—oh J‘ I soon turned eleven J‘ l was lost and separated J‘ It was head over heels J‘ That got me stimulated J‘ Like John McEnroe J‘ My sky kept on falling J‘ I knew I had something to say… J‘ (Crying) Look at me I’m getting all blubbery and soft—shelled It’s okay, honey Next thing you know, I’m gonna put a little pink pom—pom on my tail I’m so sensitive (Sammy) The day l was born, the odds were I wasn’t going to make it, and I didn’t have a clue as to what I was supposed to do Ray showed me how to have fun, and the meaning of true friendship And then I met Shelly She makes me complete, gives my life meaning, and that, by any measure, is pretty great As for the humans, I must admit, we ’re going to need their help more and more, to protect us and keep our oceans alive and beautiful Looks like the little ones made it out pretty good this time Yeah, sure looks that way So, where did we say we were supposed to meet the women again? Tristan da Cunha Tristan da—what? — It’s in the middle of nowhere – Any humans? What can I say? You know they’re everywhere (Child’s voice) Hello? I’ve got this one Go for it Hello? Hello? Is anybody up there? Hi there Hi. I can’t get out Could you help me? I know exactly how you feel Let me give you a little nudge to get you started The first steps are always the hardest What exactly am I supposed to do? Just put one flipper in front of the other and you’ll be all right J‘ Ooh, ooh, ooh

J‘ Ooh, ooh, ooh J‘ Sometimes I get J‘ My head in a dilly J‘ Feeling so lost J‘ Ticking you off J‘ Now, boy, you know me well J‘ I’m that kind of feeling J‘ That kind of soft J‘ That kind of silly J‘ But when I’m in doubt J‘ | open my mouth J‘ And words come out J‘ Words come out, like J‘ Baby, there’s a shark in the water J‘ Water J‘ There’s something underneath my bed J‘ Oh, please believe, I said J‘ Baby, there’s a shark in the water J‘ Water J‘ I caught them barking at the moon J‘ Better be soon J‘ High in the sky J‘ The song that I’m singing J‘ A sweet little lie J‘ I cry wolf, cry J‘ Rabbit out the hat J‘ Yes, that’s what I’m bringing J‘ Some tricks up my sleeve J‘ For noticing me J‘ Oh, yeah J‘ I wouldn’t cause you any harm J‘ ljust want you in my arms J‘ I can’t help, I can’t help myself J‘ Baby, there’s a shark in the water J‘ Water J‘ There’s something underneath my bed J‘ Oh, please believe, I said J‘ Baby, there’s a shark in the water J‘ Water J‘ I caught them barking at the moon J‘ Better be soon J‘ Better be soon J‘ Right is right, rules are rules J‘ This is more like April Fools’ J‘ Ooh, I’m just winding you up J‘Ohh… J‘

Dinosaur Adventure Showdown. Train Ride & Egg Hunts with Giant Dinosaurs – Chase and Cole Adventures

– Watch what I can do – Watch what I can do – [Dad] Look at you guys with these Top Wing toys Oh no what happened to Swift? (doorbell rings) Hey what’s that noise? (doorbell rings) Is that the doorbell? – Yes – [Dad] Who could be here? – I don’t know – You guys stay here and you play with your Top Wing toys daddy’s gonna go check out and see who’s at the door – Is it the Easter Bunny? – [Dad] I don’t know Who is at the door? Hey it’s James the T-Rex What are you doing here buddy? (roars) You and all your dinosaur friends wanna take Chase and Cole to the Easter train and meet the Easter Bunny? (roars) Of course Chase and Cole can go with you to the Easter Bunny Train Let me go tell ’em (upbeat music) – **Welcome to Chase and Cole Adventures! Chase man, Cole man, James the T-Rex is outside with all of your dinosaur friends They wanna know if you wanna go on the magical Easter Bunny train? – What, are dinosaurs our friends? – [Dad] They are your friends Do you wanna go on the Easter Bunny train? – Yeah, Dad dinosaurs wanna go on the Easter Bunny train with us – [Dad] They do Chase man do you wanna go on the Easter bunny train? – The dinosaurs will be so happy if the conductor says all aboard and he will make the train go Then the Easter Bunny conductor would blow the hoot, hoot – [Dad] Well, let’s go get changed then let’s go, let’s go, let’s go! – Chase, look who’s out there – [Dad] Are you guys ready to go to the Easter train with all your dinosaur friends? – Yeah – Yeah – [Dad] All right, let’s go – Let’s go – [Dad] Let’s go guys, let’s get on this train You guys ready? Let’s get going (dinosaur roars) You guys ready to go on the Easter Bunny Train? Chase man, Cole man, you guys ready to go on the Easter Bunny Train? – Yeah, look behind you (roars) – [Dad] Can the dinos come on or are they too big? – They’re too big – [Dad] They’re too big, they can follow us right? – Yeah (upbeat music) – [Dad] Go, go, go, go (roars) Chase man, Cole man are we on the Easter Bunny Train? – Yeah – [Dad] Wha, I see the T-Rex, what’s he doing out there? What we gonna go see? – Easter Bunny – [Dad] We gonna go see the Easter Bunny? Chase man where do you think this train’s taking us? (upbeat music) – Look – Look at that train! – [Mom] Whoa! – [Dad] Wow, look at those trains Whoa, look at them, that’s so cool! – [Mom] Guys, look at those (upbeat music) – These are cool – Say thank you – Thank you so much – There you go, you’re welcome – [Dad] Chase man, Cole man show us what you got? Oh you got pink bunnies for Easter! (upbeat music) Chase man, Cole man who’s here? Who’s here? – Easter Bunny – [Dad] Say Happy Easter! Wow, look at that guys! We’re 200 feet up in the air Whoa! Is Elmo here? – Elmo! – [Dad] Elmo – Give a high five, say hi Bye – That was cool [Dad] Cole man you wanna see if there’s any toy trains?

Chase man you wanna see if there’s toy trains? Alright let’s go check it out (chattering) (dinosaur roars) Wow, look at this train! – Whoa! – [Dad] Chase man, how cool is this? Whoa, look at this train Look at daddy! (camera clicks) (roars) Hi Chase man! – Hi friends! – [Dad] Hi Cole Man! – Hi friends – [Dad] Hello everyone, welcome to Chase and Cole Adventures Today, we have a new and fun episode of Ryan’s World Surprise Egg Adventures Chase and Cole got awesome new Ryan World surprise eggs from our good friend Princess T – This is the best surprise egg I’ve ever seen! – [Dad] It’s the best surprise egg you’ve ever seen? – Yes – [Dad] How about this guys, why don’t we bring those eggs upstairs and then we’re gonna open em’ up (footsteps booming) What’s that noise? Whoa, what’s that noise? (footsteps booming) I hear big giant footsteps I hear big giant footsteps guys! Whoa! It’s a giant T-Rex! – Whoa, a giant T-Rex! – [Dad] What is he doing here guys? – He’s here to take our eggs – [Dad] No way Mr T-Rex, you’re not taking Chase and Cole’s Ryan World eggs, these were a gift! We wanna open em up! – Get away from the eggs giant T-Rex – [Dad] Yeah, giant T-Rex get away from these Oh no, he’s using his lasers! [dinosaur laser firing] T-Rex has magic lasers! Oh no guys, the T-Rex made our Ryan World disappear It’s walking away now guys what we gonna do? – We’re gonna go outside and get our dino trucks and find the dinosaurs and the dino eggs – Okay, Dad. We’re gonna go outside play with our dino trucks and find the the missing eggs – [Dad] We’re gonna go outside We gonna drive our dino trucks around We gonna find those dinos and find our eggs! – Yes – Daddy, who’s gonna catch it? Oh, it’s going to be the T-Rex’s baby dino – [Dad] No, we can’t let that happen! – Yeah, there’s some Ryan World prizes in there – [Dad] That’s right, there’s a lot of Ryan World prizes in there We want those prizes they’re not for the dinosaurs – Yeah, no Ryan World eggs, not for the baby egg – Let’s teleport outta here! – [Dad] You wanna teleport out of here? – Yeah – [Dad] Well if you wanna teleport out of here you gotta say the super-power words! – Super Adventures! – [Dad] There you go guys lets go and find your Ryan Eggs Chase man, Cole man you guys ready to go find your Ryan Eggs? (dinosaur roars) You guys gonna be able to get through all these dinosaurs that are walking around? Alright, lets go, lets go, lets go find ’em! – I picked up the T-Rex – [Dad] Is that a T-Rex behind you? Alright go go go! Hurry up guys, look at all those dinos! How we ever gonna find our dino eggs? (roars) Cole man watch out for that T- Rex! Chase man, did you find the egg yet? – No – [Dad] Where is it? – Maybe he went that way! – [Dad] Come on guys we gotta find these eggs! We gotta find the eggs (roars) (laser zaps) Chase man, Cole man the giant T-Rex hid the first egg We have to zap him back to the dino farm if we wanna find it On the count of three, use your super power lasers from your Jurassic Park trucks! one, two, three! (lasers zapping) Keep going. Get em’ guys, get em! (dinosaur roars) He’s gone, good job! Alright, go, go, go! Come on guys we gotta go on foot we gotta find these eggs! Come on, come on Chase man, is it there? What do you see? See it? – No – [Dad] Chase man is it there? – Nah – [Dad] Where do you think it is? – Someone’s tree – [Dad] You think it’s behind a tree somewhere? – Yes – [Dad] Coleman what about you, where do you think it is? – Smoky don’t see it – Smoky don’t see it? – Dad there’s a trail – [Dad] It’s a trail, is it somewhere there? Look, do you guys see it anywhere? Do you guys see the Ryan World egg anywhere? (pterodactyl screeches) Be careful Coleman, a pterodactyl just flew over your head Guys, I see the first egg but there is a giant T-Rex guarding it We have to sneak up on him We grab that egg, we get out of here Let’s go hide, hide behind the crate, go, go, go Go, go Coleman go, get down, get down

Chase man, Cole man that T- Rex is close do you think we can get by him? Chase man peak out, you see there? – Yes! – [Dad] You sure? How big is he? – Giant! – [Dad] He’s a giant T-Rex? – Smoky say yes – [Dad] We gotta be very quiet, I want you guys to run over there and I want you to grab the Ryan egg and run back to this hiding spot Okay Chase man, Cole man Be really quiet but be really fast Go get the egg go, go, go (dinosaur roars) Come on guys, you’re doing it Run back now, go, go, go come on Come on, hurry up Cole man, did you get it? You guys got it. That was so cool Chase man were you scared? – No – [Dad] No. because you’re a big boy right? Cole man, were you scared? – No – [Dad] You guys were so fast Did anything happen to it? – No, Smoky said anything didn’t happen to it – [Dad] OK, lets go walk it back come on Put it in your jeep – This thing is heavy – [Dad] It is heavy – Come on egg, let’s bring you home – [Dad] Bring it home Good job buddy. Let’s go find that other egg now Come on Chase Man, lets go find that other egg Go, go, go, go. Come on Chase man (roars) I don’t know how we’re gonna find these eggs guys There are so many dinosaurs here, what we gonna do? – Almost there [Dad] Yeah, look at that giant Ryan World egg! That is so cool! – Ryan World egg is going for a ride – [Dad] Okay (roars) (laser zaps) Guys, I think I know where the other egg is We gotta go find it, it’s up in a trail Chase man, Cole man, I think I know where the other egg is It’s in the secret trail And I think the Indominus-Rex is protecting it You guys think we can sneak up there? – Yeah – Yeah – [Dad] And get it without the Indominus-Rex seeing us? – Yeah – [Dad] You sure? Okay, lets go let’s go let go – It’s over here! – [Dad] Go, go, go, go. Come on guys – Big hill Mama – I think I gotta be careful – [Dad] That’s right you gotta be careful Someone’s gotta tell mommy that the Indominus-Rex can hear her Hide behind the giant tree log Come on buddy, you can do it! You can do it, go, go get behind there Chase man, Cole man do you see the Indominus-Rex? – Yeah – Yeah – [Dad] You think we can get that egg? You Sure? Right guys listen, when I say go you’re gonna run up there as quietly and fast as you can You’re gonna grab that egg and you’re gonna run back behind this tree log – Okay – [Dad] OK? – Chase, I’m gonna put the dino egg in your Jurassic Park car – [Dad] Okay guys, go, go, go, go Go guys, go. Go come, on hurry up! He’s not seeing it. He didn’t see you, go, go Get back here, go, go Chase man did you get it? – Yeah! – [Dad] You got it. You got the Ryan World Egg Cole man, you guys did it! – Okay, now let’s take this egg and put it in Chase’s Jurassic Park car – [Dad] You wanna put this egg in Chase’s Jurassic Park car and bring it home? – Okay, give it to me Chase, I’m gonna put it in the car [Dad] Aright, go, go, go, go (upbeat music) go, go, go, go Get up come on, get out of here before the Indominus-Rex notices us! Go, go, go, go Okay, we got Ryan World Egg one, we got Ryan World Egg two – Wait (wheels crunching) – [Dad] Oh no guys, how we going to get past this Indominus-Rex? Okay Chase man, Cole man let’s zap that Indominus-Rex with our Jurassic Park trucks and send em’ back to the dino farm On a count of three one, two, three! (clicking) What’s going on? You guys out of lasers? What do we do? I think those Ryan World Eggs have super powers in em’ Let’s use our Ryan World Super Power Eggs and let’s zap this Indominus-Rex back to the dino farm Go go go go! Those Ryan eggs are ready to zap this dino On the count of three one, two, three! (zaps loudly) Wow, those super powers are awesome! Let’s go, let’s go, let’s go – Dino’s have ended – [Dad] Let’s get these eggs home so we can open em’ up – I can’t wait for what’s going to be inside – [Dad] I know, I can’t wait, let’s go! This is gonna be so much fun! – Let’s get out – [Dad] Alright, let’s go open these eggs up,

let’s go, let’s go, let’s go! Go, go, go! – Do you have both eggs? – [Dad] Go, go, go! (roars) Hi Chase man! – Hi friends! – [Dad] Hi Cole man! – Hi friends! – [Dad] Hey everyone welcome to Chase and Cole Adventures Today we have another fun episode of Puppy Dog Pal Adventures We’re gonna take our puppy dog pals out of their crates We’re gonna have a ton of fun today We gonna play a lot of games We’re gonna play fetch We’re gonna play ball We’re gonna do all kinds of fun stuff with our puppies Chase man, Cole man, you guys ready to play with Roley and Bingo? – Let’s do it! – [Dad] Hi Roley – Hi daddy – [Dad] Hi Bingo – Hi daddy You guys wanna play with Bingo and Roley? Alright let’s get em’ out of those crates Come on Bingo, come on Roley! What are you doing Bingo? – Woof, woof, ruff Bingo and Roley are chewing their bones – [Dad] They’re chewing their bones? – Woof, woof, ruff, ruff – [Dad] Chase man are you combing Roley? Wow, does he like that? You guys got food You got combs, you got food, you have bones We have these awesome puppy dog pet crates Guys we’re gonna have so much fun with Bingo and Roley today This is so cool Ah Chase man, Cole man look at Bingo and Roley Wait, what’s that noise? (dinosaur roar) Guys, that sounds like a dino Is that a dinosaur? That sounds like a Pterodactyl (loud squeaks) It’s a pterodactyl Oh, no, guys what happened to Bingo and Roley? – The Pterodactyl got him daddy – [Dad] The Pterodactyl did get him guys! He took em right out your hands what we gonna do? – We’ll please have our laser blaster time – [Dad] You think we need to get our laser blasters and then use our laser blasters to send the dinos back to the dinosaur farm? – Yeah – Let’s get Bingo and Roley back – [Dad] Where are our laser blasters? Let’s get em Huh, there they are! Do they work? They’re not working? You gotta charge em’ up! Whoa! – It’s total laser time! – [Dad] You guys ready to find the first dino? – Yeah – [Dad] Let’s go find em Chase man, Cole man, check out that dino! I can’t believe there’s a T-REX down here in the house We got to use our lasers to send this dino back to the dino farm so we can find Bingo and Roley Okay, Chase man, Cole man, let’s send this T-Rex back to the dino farm so we can find Bingo and Roley On the count of three three! Get em! (lasers zapping) (roars) Get em’, You’re doing it You’re doing it! You got em’! Good job guys! – We need to find Pterodactyl – [Dad] We gotta find the Pterodactyl He’s got Bingo and Roley right? – Yeah – [Dad] Cole man where do we have to go to find the next dinosaur? – Maybe we have to find the dinosaur on top of his friend – [Dad] We gotta go find the Indominus-Rex? – Yeah – [Dad] Where is he? – It’s the indominus, it’s pterodactyl and his friend indominus rex, pterodactyl is friends with T-Rex – [Dad] Chase man where do we have to go to find the next dino? – At the park – [Dad] At the park, we can’t go outside it’s too cold The dinos have to be somewhere inside the house Where do we go? – This way! – [Dad] This way? Cole man do you concur? – Yeah – [Dad] Let’s go, let’s go. let’s go – Okay – [Dad] Let’s do it guys, let’s go find Bingo and Roley Okay Chase man, Cole man you guys found the T-Rex and you sent them back to the dino farm Now we have to go find the Indominus-Rex and send him back to the dino farm so we can find Bingo and Roley You got your laser blasters? Let’s go, let’s go, let’s go! Where’s the dino? Where is he? Cole man are you okay? – Yeah – [Dad] You sure? – Dad, dad, I don’t want the dinosaurs to be late Where’s the Indominus-Rex? Where? Chase man where is the Indominus-Rex? I don’t know (roar) Okay Chase man, Cole man we found the Indominus-Rex Let’s grab our super blasters and lets send this Indominus-Rex back to the dinosaur farm Okay Chase man, Cole man let’s use those blasters to send this dino back to the dinosaur farm, go! (lasers zapping) Good job, guys, get him! You got him Good job Chase man and Cole man – Okay, ladies and gentlemen, put your seat belts on and let’s fly! – [Dad] Here we go! We’re going so fast! Here we go through the speed tunnel! Whoa! Wow Chase man, Cole man that was awesome! Cole man, good job flying that spaceship You guys still got your laser blasters? You ready to go find another dino? I think there is one dino left

Let’s find him. Let’s go, let’s go, let’s go! – I don’t know – [Dad] We gotta run, we gotta find em’ We gotta be quick! Come on, come on We gotta be quick – There they are – [Dad] Where? I don’t see em’ I don’t see a dino outside? Where you guys think he could be? – I don’t know – [Dad] Cole man where do you think he could be? – Maybe the pterodactyl ate they were very, very, really, really cold – [Dad] He’s been very cold I don’t think he’s where it’s very cold Chase man where do you think the next dino is? – He’s in dino land? – [Dad] What! He’s in dino land – Yeah – [Dad] All right, let’s go to dino land then Let’s go find him, come on Let’s go, let’s go! (roars) Okay, guys, I found the other dino. It’s another T-Rex We gotta send this T-Rex back to the dino farm so we can find Bingo ang Roley There’s the giant T-Rex Let’s get him! Get em’! Get em’! Get em’! (loud roar) (laser zaps) Go, go, go! You got him! Cole man, we stopped the T-Rex, we sent him back to the dino farm I think he left a clue, where is it? What? What is it? – I found a clue – [Dad] What’s the clue? – There it is, can you grab it for me? – Bone! – [Dad] Whose bone is that? – Roleys! – [Dad] It’s Roley’s bone? Guys that means we are getting closer Where do you think they are? – I don’t know – [Dad] Come on. let’s go find em I hear em barking! (barking) Do you hear him? Do you hear them barking? – Here’s your laser gun – [Dad] I hear Bingo and Roley barking Let’s go, grab those lasers let’s go – Ruff, ruff – [Dad] Come on, where could they be? – Ruff, ruff He’s not in here – [Dad] Where? He’s not in there? You sure? – Look, no – [Dad] Bingo, Roley? Where are you? Where did the Pterodactyl take em? Are they in here? You see em’ anywhere? Guys you see em’ anywhere? Cole man, Chase man – How bout’ if Chase goes look down here and I’ll go look here? – [Dad] Okay what do you see? What do you see Cole man? – I see no Bingo and Roley – [Dad] You see no Bingo and Roley Are they on the table? Are they at the table? Do you see em Chase man, Cole man? I hear em I can hear them barking They gotta be somewhere where the Pterodactyl is Woah there goes the Pterodactyl guys! (pterodactyl squeak) He left something behind It looks like two eggs guys Let’s go check these out! – The baby pterodactyl eggs! – [Dad] They’re Pterodactyl eggs, baby Pterodactyl eggs? But guys I hear dogs barking (dog barks) You hear them barking? – They are barking in one of those eggs – [Dad] But dinosaurs don’t bark What do you think is in there? – Bingo and Roley – [Dad] You think Bingo and Roley somehow got inside of a dino egg? No! Wow! (barking) – Wait, wait – [Dad] I hear, do you hear that? – Why’s it so big? – [Dad] I don’t know, what do you think’s in there? – It’s a big, maybe it’s gonna be a dragon one inside – [Dad] Let’s open those up guys, what’s in there? Bingo and Roley! (crowd cheering) That’s where the Pterodactyl put em to keep them safe – Bingo! – [Dad] Bingo, let me see Bingo! Hey Roley! Wow Look it guys, you found em’ You got all their stuff – What about Bingo’s door – [Dad] Where is everything guys? Good job guys you saved Bingo and Roley from the dinosaurs We sent all the dinos back to the dinosaur farm Now Bingo and Roley wanna play (humming) (barking) What’s Roley doing? Bingo, what are you doing? (joyfully playing) – Hi friends, welcome to our next video – Hi friends, come to our next video – [Dad] Say, watch our next video! – Watch our next video! – [Dad] Thanks for watching everybody! Tap that little box below to watch our next video!